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Monday, June 17, 2013

[REVIEW] Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint in #Janet

Hi guys! I actually wanted to post another review but since this is already in draft post, so I decided to go on with this. You may already read the previous post for this lip tint that I've done for the other colors in this collection here. I said I'm loving this so I bought another color which is this,#Janet. It's a deep red in color and I really wish this would go well on me since I never bought a red lipstick before.

 The details are so fancy :)

I used the cushion provided to dab on the swatch and it gives a hint of pink undertone to it.

The above picture is the full lip swatch without dabbed with the cushion and the bottom picture, the lip tint is only applied to the center and the rest is dabbed with the cushion to give it a feathery look.

Just another angle of my lip swatch. 

Honestly, I never thought this would looks good on me. I think this is my first time wearing such a bold color on my lip. I love both swatches(full lip and gradient lip) because it gives a feeling of difference on how I look with certain makeup technique.

The color itself is very pigmented and it stays long too. The full lip swatch and the gradient lip shows a different in the hue color. The full lip shows a bold red color while the gradient lip show a hint of pink undertone to it :)

The tint dries matte and it'll gives a beautiful kissable lip color to your lip :D
It doesn't fade for the whole unless you drink or eat. However, if you do, the color will fade reasonably and gives a final tint color.

There is a lovely smell in this lip tint and I just realize that every color got their own smell and unlike #April and #Blondie which got a candy-like smell, this tint got a rose smell! I couldn't tell it at first because I don't know smells much but this rose smell is really familiar :D

Other than that, the formula feels lighter on lip and almost like I'm wearing nothing. It is travels friendly and I love the 2 in 1 thing because I can create two different lip color with it :)

Overall, I really really love this! I wish I can have all the colors..haha XD
Thank you for reading, in case you missed my previous post about this lip tint, click here.


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