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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Just nak mengada-ngada jap..

Salam,rasanya macam dah lama sgt je x buat post baru..coz reason : tgh final exam.In fact,mmg tgh pun..haha..disebabkan rasa kekosongan apabila tidak membuat blog post so x dpt nak menahan perasaan nak buat jugak a new post but bukan review la..hehe...just recently,Mia dpat barang kosmetik rasa happy sangat n x sabar nak buat mmg dpn lah coz mgg ni sibuk dengan exam(haaa..tipu..)..
Eh ye lah..betul lah..nanti lama2 sgt dpn lappy ni rasa bersalah pulak x baca buku.Anyway,antara brand yg baru sampai mmg ni is of course lah Etude House!haha..dah try pakai dah pun..and my wish list item that is Koji Doly Wink!!!! pun dah try pakai..mmg bagus..lepas ni tanak  pakai gel eyeliner dah but nak tukar tu liquid liner..more easier and simple.huhu..Mia x sempat pulak nak tangkap nantilah..jap agy ker(baik buat sekarang!)hehe..jap ye..nanti Mia update n upload gambar mereka2 ini...ok itu je la content post yg menagada ni...huhu

okay..rasa macam dah tau ape items tu kan???haha..

So my next review will be about these items and more items to go coz some of it did not arrive yet.So see ya next time~!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

SPECIAL ENTRY : Which one?Missha or Skin Food?

Hi there~!I thought I wasn't going to do any recent reviews but since I enter one of the events by Korea Cosmetics,so I think I would do another review.I haven't posted this before so keep on reading~!

This time I will show you my Missha Signature Complete Real BB Cream SPF25 PA++(Natural Beige) and Skin Food Aloe BB Cream SPF20 PA+ #02
I bought this two BB Cream nearly at the same time but Missha's one arrive first and Skin Food was later than that.I didn't bought the real size of Missha BB Cream coz I wrongly choose the BB Cream.I mean I mistook the trial size one)

Okay,let us see the comparison of this two BB Cream.(Sorry for the blur pictures,I guess I need a camera)

Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream

Skin Food Aloe BB Cream
The color when seen on my skin
Sorry for the blurred picture.I hope you see the difference.It was clearly that Missha is clearly have the same tone with my skin but the Skin Food was a bit darker than my skin.

After a bit of blending,we can see that Missha BB Cream become more lighter and the Skin Food BB Cream color was changed to my skin tone.

And finally after I finish blending the BB Cream onto my skin,it was very clear than Missha BB Cream is too light for my skin and Skin Food BB Cream was blend to my skin very well!So,I would prefer to use my Skin Food Aloe BB Cream than Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream.

Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream.
Packaging : The packaging for 45g BB Cream is very beautiful but the 20g one is a bit dull.
Texture : Watery and easy to blend.
Color : Comes in 3 shades,I choose the darkest one(But it seems still too light for me)
Price : Reasonable for good quality BB Cream.
Oil control : Since I live in a hot country and my skin is oily,this BB Cream does not really help.
Sun protection : 25 PA++
Moisture/Hydrating : Yes,it is hydrating.
Coverage : Semi matte.
Scent : Nice scent.

Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream.
Packaging : Simple and a bit dull too.
Texture : Very thick so its a bit harder to blend.
Color : Comes in 2 shades and I choose the darkest one and it works well!
Price : Cheaper than Missha's BB Cream.
Oil Control : Controls oils for few hours/half day.
Sun protection : 20 PA+
Moisture/Hydrating : Yes,it is hydrating.
Coverage : Matte.
Scent : Very nice scent!I love it!

So,I want to say that  prefer more my Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream coz it is suitable for my sensitive skin coz I can see that my acne lessen a bit from the day I use this BB Cream.

My advice is to swatch the BB Cream and blend it to your skin before buying it as you can see the difference after blending coz doesn't mean the dark one didn't suit your skin.You only can see the change after that.

And one more,don't buy the BB Cream because it is popular, but the BB Cream that suit your skin.In that way,it can satisfy you more coz I have an experience before where I bought a popular BB Cream but it end up clogging my pores and make my skin looks awful and the color tone was too dark for me.

So choose your BB Cream well!That's all for today,need to continue studying~!

Love Mia xoxo.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[REVIEW] Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation,Eyeshadows and Free Kabuki Brush and Dual Ended Eye Shadow Brush.

Hello there~!As I promised,today I will do another review that is Avon Smooth Minerals Make-up!I start liking this after I read review from Puteri from SayaSukaMekap.I read her review and she mention the price along and it was inexpensive!I was surprised too!So last weekend I went out with my friend and luckily Avon was only besides the shop that we wanna go!Then,we went to Avon as my friend really loves Avon.haha..So we start with my review!

These are the things that I bought last time.Not the full collections since I have much blushers and I'm not a fan of lipstick..Still finding a good and reasonable lipstick to use.

The big one is foundation powder,the small one is eyeshadow and the white box is Kabuki brush n dual ended brush.

This is Avon Smooth Minerals Foundation Powder in Beige Orchre.The packaging is great but the Europe one is more great!
This is the Europe packaging,I was a bit..owh..their packaging is more nice!While our packaging looks like this


But anyway,it doesn't really matters...haha..the foundation comes with 4 shades that are Ivory Pink,Beige Orchre,Light Orchre and err..the other one.I forgot..sorry..
Just 4 shades while Europe Avon got 12 shades in total.
Europe shades.

Maybe because we are at different region so that's why the shades are different and lesser.

Overall the foundation powder is looks like loose powder to me.Great colors although I first look at the color,it seems darker.So if you went to Avon,you must test the color on your skin first co it may look darker from your eyes but it will be lighter when you apply it.I intend to buy the Ivory Pink one but I immersed with the testing colors and forgot about the Ivory Pink one..but the beige suits my skin well.

Another one that I buy is Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow in Rose Quartz
Looks like there are no different between the foundation powder right?.

The eyeshadow package looks like this..The color seems not too clear in this but here is the Europe shades

There are four shades for Asian too but I forgot the colors..I'll check the catalog again then I'll update this..

Overall for the eyeshadow,it is shimmery and great natural colors.I love it!However both of this products got large package but have a very low quantity.Like the foundation,it is so I was disappointed in that.They actually have to put more in the canister.

So go to the free gift with over RM30 of buying.

The Kabuki brush worth RM18.90.The brush is so smooth when I first touch it but when I use it on my face..oh my,the hair is falling off..gosh..the point of the brush is sharp too!I was like grrr...and one more,it does contain a smell..don't have how to say it but it is the brush smell,sometimes I was kinda like it but sometimes it really bothers me...=.= . So think first if you want to buy this brush.I do not recommend it at all..(thank god this was free)

The other one is Dual Ended Eyeshadow brush,it is so smooth and light.I really love it~!(That time the plastic don't even open yet..hahaxD)

Anyway,that's all for today.I hope you enjoy reading this.

P/S : Mia akan buat translations if ada readers yang nakkan review ni dalam Bahasa Melayu.bye2~

xoxoxox Mia

Monday, April 18, 2011

Change : Mari Ketahui Bestseller Cosmetic Brand in Korea dan sedikit sebanyak tentang saya~!

Sorry to international readers(if you does exist/reading this blog),I'm going to use my native language this time!Yehaaa!

(ABOUT ME DULU YE..Kalo tanak bace yg ni scroll bawah je..hehe)
Okay,hari ni Mia rase macam nak post dalam BM pulak..boleh merepek lebih-lebih(ye ke?)haha,...
Anyway,Mia banyak sangat blogwalking recently,lebih-lebih to my fellow Malaysian blogger yang suka sangat dengan Korean Make-ups!hihi..Mia tengok macam-macam cara blogging sis yg cool!

pic from Bagphelia(Etude House)

Anyway,secara permulaan,Mia nak bagi tau macam mana Mia boleh terjebak dengan segala make-ups ni..Mia memang truly peminat Korea so drama-drama semua Mia tengok.Dia keluar je Mia terus tengok sebab kalau nak tunggu 8tv lama sangat and diorg guna bahasa Cina..taknaklah...x best.Bukan racist cuma macam lain macam je kalau tengok.After Mia habis je exam SPM 2009,Mia cakap dengan emak,Mia nak pakai make-up before masuk university(adakah logik?)kononnye lepas tengok cerita You're Beautiful masa tu.Mia tau yang masa tu Park Shin Hye duta for Etude House and cara make-up dia dalam cerita tu memang cantik sangat!Looks natural and sweet akhirnya,after pujukan dan rayuan berkali-kali,mak Mia pun setuju.So first time pegi time tu mmg rembat  Etude House stuff mcm Etude House Magic BB Cream(Oily Skin),Etude House 66 Big Eye Vitcara Mascara,Etude House Lip Milk Screw(Cherry),Peach Tea Cleansing Foam and Green Tea Nose Patch.Total Mia punye tu dalam RM90.07.Kenapa Mia ingat?sbb Mia pernah buat post ni kat blog lain and sekarang still exist lagi..My First Etude House . err...kat situ mmg byk grammar error..excited la katakan..haha..anyway,Mia x beli ni secara membuta tuli that time but dah google tersangatlah banyak kali nak tau bestseller Etude House that time.Only yg membuta tuli is Cleansing Foam(ni sbb die sgt murah for big cleansing foam camni) n greea tea nose patch sbb..ntah?..So dengan ini bermulalah kisah saya dengan make-up!haha..Mula2,mmg gila sangat dengan Etude House ni tetapi akibat daripada terlalu banyak google so banyak la infos dapat and Etude House jatuh No.2..maafkan daku wahai Etude House!coz Skin Food berada di tempat teratas.Antara sbb2 Mia suka Skin Food sbb dorg ni x guna chemicals!Banyak guna naturals and bau pun lovely tp agak pricey dari Etude House and dorg pun jarang buat sales.Etude sgt rajin dlm buat sales ni..tu yg membuatkan Mia masih bila fikirkan balik,Mia lagi banyak barang Etude House dari Skin Food..perlu buat perkiraan lagi sekali kalau nak tgk review Mia for
Etude House :

Skin Food :

So after google lagi,Mia jumpa banyak and macam2 brand dari Korea yang Mia x tahu..terlalu banyak macam Missha,Tonly Moly,Baviphat,Skin79,Laneige,Dr.Jart,Holika Holika,Hanskin,Lioele,VOV,Clio,Innisfree,BRTC,Coreana,Nude Cosmetics,KB Cosmetics,Sulwhasoo,Hera,IOPE,Banila Co,Sorabee,Ohui,The Face Shop,Nature Republic,Danahan,History of Whoo,Kiehl and more..too much to list.

apakah perasaan anda bila lihat stores macam ni kat Malaysia?*Gambar dari google*

So stakat ni..Mia dah review some of Etude House,Missha,Skin79,Sulwhasoo,Skin Food and The Face Shop je x silap..hehe..

So go to most popular brand in Korea
Skin Care
1) Sulwhasoo
2) Hera
4) Ohui
5) History of Whoo or Kiehl
6) Laneige

BB Cream
1) Missha
2) Hanskin
3) Skin79
4) The Face Shop
5) Mamonde

Rated by Malaysian
1) Etude House
2) Skin Food
3) The Face Shop
4) Skin79
5) Missha
(this one may not be accurate coz this was based on what I've seen.The two above,I got it from a Korean site.)
Holika Holika ni sangat baru lagi.Tgk konsep dia mcm witch style kan?Nak try tapi tgk bajet dulu.Gambar dari google.

So sampai sini je la post Mia untuk kali ni..jika terus berlanjutan,alamatnya takkan habis sampai bila2 la..sbb byk sgt nak cakap.Nanti Mia tambah kat dalam post lain pulak ye..hehe

Disclaimer : Mia post ni bukan untuk menunjuk-nunjuk,just want to share my experience to others and give more infos of what I learn and know selama ni.So jangan salah anggap ye.If ada comment or cadangan or rasa macam x setuju je dengan list yang Mia tulis ni,silalah bagi nice comment so sama2 kita belajar dari kesilapan and menambahkan info for Korean Cosmetics.Okay?

Love Mia xoxo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : e.l.f Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition,e.l.f Studio Eyeshadow Primer and Glamlabel Foundation brush

Hello deary sweet sugar~!I would do another reviews for today!Sorry for not be able to post this reviews few days ago because of I'm busy with a lot of exams that never stop..haha...anyway,it completely finish now and what left is my final exams.Taking out some time didn't effect right?lol..Okay,let's get going to what I will review today.The two products was on my wish list that I tick right?It just arrived last Thursday and I'm really happy!Sorry for not taking the group photo as I was a little confuse just now.Individual pictures are okay right?

Glamlabel Foundation brush.

First of all,let I started with this foundation brush from Glamlabel.I bought this on ebay which the seller is having sales that time.(I think?)and yeah,it just arrived last Wednesday if I'm not mistaken.Although it takes a very long time to arrive(almost a month)but I didn't regret buying it since it was so smooth!The brush is big and easy to hold.I didn't have any foundation brush before so I think I wanted to buy this since I use BB creams everyday and to protect hygiene and prevent bacteria spreading to my face more(since I used my fingers before to apply the BB Cream),I thought this would be useful so I would rate this 4/5 stars.It is reasonable than any other brush so I really recommend this.

The box.

The front look.

Inside the palette.

Next,e.l.f Studio Endless Eyes Mini Eyeshadow Palette(Limited Edition).I really wanted e.l.f products so much after I read a lot of review about it!Surprisingly,the cosmetics under this brand is quite cheap!Last time there are having sales and most of the products is having 50% discount!Oh become more cheaper than ever!My friend said,yeah,they beat Avon for this!haha..because Avon is quite cheap here and imagine how this brand can be more cheaper than that?woaaa..Anyway,I didn't buy this from the sales but I bought this from a local online seller.They are having sales every month and I was lucky to have this!Yeay!Before we move on further,I would like to introduce e.l.f to you guys!(especially local readers who didn't know).e.l.f stands for eyes.lips.face which comes from UK if I'm not mistaken.(Please correct me if I'm wrong here.I'm new to this brand too since this is my first purchase).The e.l.f have many range of products which the best selling are their gorgeous palette,eyeshadow primer and HD powder and eye shadows.Okay,that's all for the intros.This palette that I bought is already sold out in their website and I don't know if they would re-stock this or not.This palette contains 32 different colors that range from matte to shimmer color.As I read from other review,the color is really pigmented!You only have to swatches a little and the result is great!I've used this palette few times already especially the natural colors.hehe..Can't wear the funky one to classes right??haha..hmm..the picture of me wearing the eye shadows?hmm..maybe I would post it on my Beeha Contest entry but I'll inform later.Here is the swatches picture that I took(Sorry for not be able to post up the high quality picture since I didn't have any camera on my hand now.So the color may be different on the real results.
First line of the shadows(Refer to the full palette)

Second line from the palette

 Third line from the palette


The last line from the palette(The smokey colors is nice right??)hehe..
I would give this palette 5/5 stars for the beautiful colors,cheapest palette from branded company and pigmented colors!

Next would be my last review for today that is e.l.f Studio Eyeshadow Primer.

This primer is one of the best selling at e.l.f and this one is sold out too that time.hehe..This primer is used before using eye shadows to make it last last longer and stay at my eye lid.I've tried this few times too as before I'm using the e.l.f palette.It works well with me!I always have an oily eyelid so this is really helpful!The glossy type primer really makes eye shadows is easy to use and blend too.So 5/5 for this!
Take a look at the swatches( I'm swatches for the BB cream)

Slight swatch.

Blend to my skin.

and tadaaa..It disappears..

This is how the brush looks alike.Its like lip gloss brush isn't it?Easy to use and easy to apply too!So I recommended this!

That's all for this time reviews!I would do a lot of review in the future!Read my last reviews too!Hope you enjoy this!Thanks for reading~

Love xoxoxox.. Mia

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Random Hauls : Nano White Refining Treatment Toner and Mud Mask *Strawberry

Hello guys,as I said in the chat box,I'll be doing a review again..hehe..just a random stuff that I pass by and want to try it before but I just remembered it today.

Must be most of you said if it is okay if I go and get some random stuff and try every different products everyday?I'm wondering the same things too.Its because I don't have a complete line for some line or products,so I have to mix up the things that I used but don't worry,now I try to organize back so I only use some products that I wanted first then after finishing up or not loving it,I'll try others then..hehe..

Okay,back to my review this time,today I went to a market to go and get some food stocks,yea I'm lovin that..haha..and as usual,if there is a store and the nearer shop must be beauty I drop by this beauty shop and take a look at some products but aha,,if you see something that unfamiliar with your eyes and the packaging is quite sweet,won't you holding it??haha..that's I saw some products there..There are salt?for feet..a powder-like shower bath?omo..really I never saw this..hehe..but I didn't buy that since I have to use a lot of my money to pay for ebay bid I pick the mud mask and the nano white one is from the market(coz every market would have beauty section right) =)

Left : Nano White Refining Treatment Toner(200 ml)
Right : Mud Mask(Strawberry)(20g)

I write this post while wearing the mask.hehe..its quite good too!Although the color is not actually pink but red.The smell was ok...The thing that great about this mask that it doesn't sticky at all.Of course I would apply this using my had right?But it doesn't feel anything at all!I just spread the residue wit my fingers and it disappear like that!Great thing!

For nano white,

I actually don't have toner at all so I buy this since I want to try this before.Nano White,a brand from Japan that quite famous here.So i'm trying this new products and I would say that the smell is really good! good!The bottle is quite big too and the price is okay for me about RM19.90.I wear this few times already today as after I finish washing my face.Before this I've tried other toner,yea..I stole my mom's and sister's...but I just try it a little bit.It does hurting my skin.I don't know why and thats why I didn't wear toner maybe?coz it hurts.With this toner,it doesn't hurting at all!I was surprised too!I think I want to try the whole line after this like cleansing foam,refining mask and others..seems like a promising one~!

I think that's all,I need to wash this mask off..hehe..thanks for reading!Love you..
xoxo Mia

Friday, April 8, 2011

ebay haul : Missha Super Aqua Spot Gel Corrector and I won a small giveaway(FOX Cosmetics)

I guess this my second review for the day!~
This time I would like to review about Missha Super Aqua Spot Gel Corrector!(Because I have pimples nowadays and SA for Missha did tell me that this one relieves your pimples in 24 hours!Wow..thats impressive!They ask me online to buy with them but you know,its so expensive!No way I will spend my money for that expensive while ebay sell the more cheaper than they are!So here it is!It arrives so fast than I expected!Wow..impressive with the seller!Sorry,I can't remember the seller and if you want to know,maybe I could find it for you,just leave a comment here.

So here it is,sorry,no swatches this time as I for got to take the pic.I used one time already but it is only a few minutes!I forgot that I used this and just simply cleaning my face with cleansing foam..haha..but I will tell you the results soon!This gel really smells good!Hmm..its like the smell like a powder!It comes with handy pump so its hygiene,don't worry.I still like this coz it dry so fast!So thats why I forgot that I'm using this at that time..haha..

and yeah,I won a small giveaway from Pink Princess from Silent Moment!It may not be the grand prize but I got a voucher!errr.the pic?it wasn't successful from bluetooth-ing but I'll edit this back!She even give me a cute purple lollipop..haha...xD

[UPDATE]Sorry for late update,I really forgot about this post,here the snap for the voucher..hehe..she even included a small pink note there~!I wish the best for her blog!Thanks a lot~!

Love xoxoxoxox Mia

ebay hauls,review : Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit and DIY Facial Hair Removing Tool

Hi there!~Just for another reviews~!I may not post up too much about it since my laptop yeah..had a problems again with the bluetooth thing but I will tomorrow..I'm using my sulwhasoo now and  would like to see the results tomorrow morning..hehe..still waiting for my another ebay hauls..haishh..they really taking lots of time to arrive.can't wait anymore~`~!!!

I will edit this after my blue tooth is working well back.

[UPDATE]Yup,its working now and its time for another review!

Okay,I don't know where I put this single picture for DIY Hair Face Remover Tool.But anyway,I've tried it..errmm..I don't know if my facial hair is too small or not but this is not useful..thank god it is cheap..

This is Sulwhasoo Renewing Kit . So basically,its just a sample that I bought .
 To buy the real one - TOO EXPENSIVE THAN EVER!One bottle would cost around RM200++..omo...cried T_T..but along with the priciest products,this brand under Amore Pacific,had so many compliments!I never read any bad reviews about this brand!Anybody who have tried this must be so satisfied.How about me?First day I'm using this,I can't see any changes yet.Maybe have to try few times..I'll tell you if its works or not.
I would tell you that this products have strong ginger smell!To those who didn't like ginger smell, have to bear with it to become me..haha..I have to bear the smell too.However,the smell disappear as it absorbed to your skin.

This is the freshner,dark brown in color..have ginger smell and does not sticky.It absorb well to your skin and moisturizing it!I've tried this along with the cream and it works!I don't know how to say in which way that this set works for me but aha!I wrinkles are lessen!I know that I'm still young and may not have any wrinkles but still everyone got some lines on your face right??So,it makes my skin looks clear~!I'm so happy!

This is firming soft and easy to apply.
This cream is so thick!I only need to use this a little coz small amounts of this can cover face my face because of the texture!It does moisturize and yeah,a perfect set along with the freshner..Wow..i'm so surprised by the results and thinking to buy the original set but I have to keep some money first because this products is really expensive!However,it is worth it to become prettier!Thanks Sulwhasoo!

I think that's all for know..bye..bye..

Love Mia xoxo

Read my other reviews okay~!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today,maybe not another reviews since 8-9 items that  bought from ebay didn't arrive yet.But yeah..most of my time today is spent on doing lab report and.......surveying all Korean make-ups,types,brand,the use..OMGesssshhhh..I'm drooling to see some of it got sales and cheap!!!!*faint*
I've spent hundreds already in past months..not actually a month since I start to buy at the middle of March..gosh...please save me and my money...haha..I can't look at those super wanted make-ups anymore or else I'm truly BUY it!I need to save coz I want to attend a fan meet next two months!There are a lot of things to prepare before going and I just realize that I haven't prepared any gifts!!OMGessshhhhhhh!hahahaha..Okay..thats all from ridiculous me today coz I'm so stressed out doing this stupid lab report.See you on the next review!Anyway,visit Midori-Love-Etude blog coz she have ons of Etude House products in her blog..*envy*..*envy* You may find the blog on sweet honey column!tata~

My Beauty Care ~ Original Honey and BeautyMate Mask Review

Hello guys!This is my third review for today and maybe the last one for today~!heheee..Anyway,I ask my rental house owner which I call him grandpa to buy me original honey!Yes 100% original!Not the one who we can find on stores which has been added with outside chemical.It is a bit expensive though but not too much for overseas.hehe...come here in Malaysia and you will find this original honey with cheaper price!(Coz your money is higher that us..)

Anyway,here is a snap of it!

Large bottle right??hehe..anyway,i've taking a sip of it and it does have a great taste than the non-original one!Wanna do mask with this!Yeay!I'll review that tonight maybe?hehe

Here is the BeautyMate Mask.I found this on local ordinary market.I buy this mask because I've seen someone sell it online and I want to give it a try and would buy more if I'm satisfied.
and the result is......
waaaaa..really can't believe this!I fogot to take a pic of myself before and after but before wearing this,I have large red pimples and its about to pop out and after I used the mask,the redness is reduced and the pimples is smaller!Seriously!!OMG!really can't believe this!I have combination to oily skin and this doesn't give you moisture but reduce your oilyness.So if you want to moisture your skin,there are various mask from this brand!This one suits oily to acne-prone skin type and I really love it!Would re-purchase!

Hehe..thats all for now~!Till then~

REVIEW AND SWATCHES : Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF 20 PA+ #Natural Beige and DIY mask tools!

Hello babes!Finally my long waiting for my Skin Food BB Cream is arrived!!!Yeay,been wanting this for so long!Here,read my opinion about them!

Fianlly after two weeks++ waiting for tis thing to arrived,I got it yesterday!Yipeee!So happy!I fall in love with this products when I visit Skin Food last time.The smell is awesome!!and the coverage is great too~I didn't buy this from my last visit to local Skin Food stores co local price is so expensive!!waaaa...Double price you know!It bought this on ebay with the last same seller that cheat my Skin79 Rose Moisture Mask . This time she send me the new one.Noo..she didn't reply my last report that she sent me the use one.I'm still mad coz at least she should reply!!Whatever it takes..I won't ask for returns or my money back though..I'm a nice buyer..Look here,she sent a note on every purchase.She want her buyer to give her maximum stars or contact her before give negative feedback but why won't she reply me after a week?That is impossible if she didn't online in a week..gosh..still mad about this.So if you want to buy from her RubyRuby76,make sure to be careful.

Here is the note that she give..L.I.A.R(She should reply me to ask for forgiveness.)

This is my swatches.Its not too watery..just medium..

When I spread it on my hand..

Blend it to my skin!Tadaaaaa!!!It suits me perfectly!!!Superb!I love it!This BB Cream is bestselling in Skin Food and most of buyers like it!A MUST BUY product!

This is my second stuff that arrived yesterday.Its DIY mask tools!Yeay!So cheappp and the shipping is free!I want the pink one but I guess it is sold out.So I take the orange one.hehe..anyway,its prefect one!

Look,there are mask brush,spoon and cute bowl..hehe...cute isn't it!Buy it!I didn't remember this ebay seller but please find DIY mask tools on ebay.I'm sure you will found various sellers for this product!Find the most cheaper one okay!hehe..

I think that's all for now..Read my last review here REVIEW AND SWATCHES : AVON.