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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

[REVIEW] Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Hi guys! Remember the haul that I did with Althea? This green tea seed serum is one of my purchase with them because I've been wanting this for so long but always distracted by something else..XD

I knew Innisfree released the limited version of this (bigger size) but it was sold out on testerkorea and I'm not sure if it will be available. If it does, I'm definitely going to buy the bigger version next!

I love how round and cute the bottle is :)

It suppose to be a very light green in color but it doesn't show up on my yellow skin. 

This bottle is the 60ml in volume and personally I think it was too little for me!haha
Because once I love everything about a product, I became a bit greedy in applying. The amount that I put on was a little bit over the top but that's how I like it.

I would say that this serum smells heavenly. It wasn't too much like too fragrance-y but it was quite refreshing.The liquid is not really watery in my opinion, a bit jelly like but not too much. I could say about 1 jelly : 9 water.

The serum is not sticky and it absorbed pretty fast once applied and it leave the skin moisturize and soft. Usually I would apply this serum after I wash my face or after I wear a long day makeup because I tend to broke out quite easy. 

I know that I will broke out if my face feels itchy even after double-cleansing and I would apply a generous amount of this serum on the spot and it totally saves me because I haven't seen any acne or pimples popping up on the next day :)

I don't have much to say about this but if you have any questions, do let me know.
Overall, it's a great serum that you should have in your skincare stash :D

I rate this :

Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, August 30, 2015

[REVIEW] Missha Velour Flat Pen Tint

Hi guys~ I'm on short holiday for the Malaysia Independence Day (31 Aug) but sadly I will be back to college tomorrow T_T But before I going back, maybe I'll try to post some reviews for you guys :)

About this product, I bought it on my previous previous haul (lol) and this has been sitting in the draft section for sometime. Missha released this pen tint about the same time they released Missha Painting Rouge which is a great product and I have reviewed two of the colors HERE.

The tip is flat and a bit wide like a flat marker than pen.

According to my laptop screen, this swatch is the exact color. "Lovely berry" is the shade I'm reviewing.

Do you know when there is a time when marker tint is quite popular? Some companies still produce that type of marker like Peripera etc. but for me I think the trend has slow down a bit. I never tried any marker pen myself but I do tested out some from Peripera. It wasn't to my liking because it didn't moisturize at all so I didn't buy them until now.

You could say that I bought this pen tint from Missha as a blind buying since I did not notice at all that this pen type can be categorized the same as those tint markers. It quite surprised me when it arrives and I just found out about it then and probably the reason why this review is postpone until today XD

As I expected, this tint does not moisturize at all. I guess it can be considered just like the water tint but with the easier applicator. The applicator is the only thing great of this product because it allows me to do specific lining according to my lip shape.

There's another downside other than it's not moisturizing such as the tint is easily dries up on the applicator. It quite bothers me since I can't shake it or do anything to make sure the liquid soak the applicator. 

Originally the tint is quite red but it gradually turn a bit more pinkish-red until this time around and I don't even use this regularly. The color last about 2-3 hours but it will disappear easier when eat or drink.

Since I said so many bad things about this, I will list some good things too. This pen tint is really slim like a pen and it is easy to bring anywhere, the color is buildable and it won't make the lips looks patchy even if I irregularly applying the colors. 

 I would recommend this pen tint to those who love natural color on the lip, doesn't have pigmented lips as well as having a plump lip. Others, you might have to reconsider.

I never wear any green hijab nor kurung before so I look so weird here lol
Anyway, I'm wearing the pen tint on my lip in this picture.

I rate this;

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance EXPERT

Avène Cleanance - in order of skincare steps.

I’ve been given a chance by Avene to try out the Avène Cleanance EXPERT emulsion from the TAP program by Seeties.
In order to experience a full result, I was also given complimentary size products of the Avène Cleanance cleansing water, cleansing gel, toner, lotion and mask.

Its benefits:

- Cleanses and removes make-up: its surfactants gently and effectively eliminate impurities from the skin.
- Regulates sebum: Glyceryl laurate (patent pending) regulates the hyper-production of sebum.
- Purifies: cetrimonium bromide purifies the skin.
- Soothing: rich in Avène Thermal Spring Water, it contains all its soothing and softening properties.

Review: This cleansing water is amazing! I usually clean my makeup by using the oil cleanser and have been using this afterwards and it leaves my skin super moisturise and smooth. My pores are totally tight. I’m not sure why the order of cleansing that this came first before the gel cleanser but I usually used it after the gel cleanser because I didn’t want to wash it(it’s no-rinse by the way)

Its benefits:

- Purifying: Its gentle, soapless base cleanses your skin gently and leaves it feeling refreshed.
- Regulating: Glyceryl laurate regulates excess sebum. Mattifies your skin.
- Soothing: Avène Thermal Spring Water, soothing, softening, provides instant soothing to your skin.
- Easy to use: Easy to use dispenser cap measures the right amount.

Review: This gel cleanser produce bubbles easy when you lather it up. What I like about it is that it is not hard to remove like normal face wash because it was soapless. It felt nice on the skin and it doesn’t strip out the moisture from my skin. Added with the Thermal Spring Water, I really feel that it does lots of goodness to the skin. The full-sized product is amounted at 200ml per bottle. And it came with a dispenser cap to ease the use.

Its benefits:

- Purifying: Thanks to the purifying actives included in its transparent phase, your skin becomes clean and clear.
- Matifying: Glyceryl laurate, combined with absorbent powders, reduces excess sebum. Your skin has a long-lasting, shine-free effect.
- Soothing: Avène Thermal Spring Water is soothing and anti-irritating and gives your skin an instant feeling of calm.

Review: This toner is definitely mattifying my skin. It’s watery in texture and absorb pretty fast into the skin. This is a good prep toner before I apply the Cleanance EXPERT cream. It’s important the shake the bottle before using because the after a while, the two substance will separate.

Its benefits:

- Anti-blemishes: DiolénylTM*, a patented innovation developed by Pierre Fabre Research, with a selective triple action to limit the risk of bacterial proliferation (clinically in vitro proven on P. acnes), reduce redness and help eliminate spots.
- Exfoliating: X-PressinTM* helps reduce blackheads and smoothes the skin's texture.
- Mattifying: Monolaurin* regulates the hyperproduction of sebum.
- Cleanance EXPERT is a light emulsion that is easy to apply. Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and mattified. It makes a good make-up base.

Review: Avène Cleanance EXPERT is an acne treatment that you should try. It’s a lightweight emulsion and it came in a white opaque colour but spread clear. Usually the emulsion for blemishes skin wouldn’t be so moisturising but it differs with this emulsion. I felt that it moisturise my skin very well until the next day I woke up from bed. In two weeks of trying, I can see that it really makes difference on my skin. I didn’t encounter any new breakout while using this. Though it as recommended if you combine it with another pimple/acne medicine treatment  but I feel like the emulsion alone manage to prevent any new breakout on my skin.

Its benefits:

- Regulating: Regulates sebum production thanks to its new active ingredient, glyceryl laurate.
- Mattifying: Its microcapsules absorb excess sebum for an instant shine-free effect.
- Soothing: Avène Thermal Spring Water, is soothing and anti-irritating and gives your skin a soft feeling.

Review: The full-tube is 40ml and this is only the sample size (6ml). The lotion is semi-opaque and spread clear. It almost felt watery and a bit cool to touch when spreading this cream onto my face. As a compliment to the Cleanance EXPERT, I think both combinations are so good in terms of supplying moisture. It mattify but gives a good amount of moisture to the skin.

Its benefits:

- Deep cleansing: When used as a scrub, it gently eliminates skin imperfections with its AHA and BHA complex combined with exfoliating particles. Your skin tone becomes clearer. Your skin becomes smoother.
- Mattifying: The soft clay absorbs the excess sebum. Combined with Glyceryl laurate which regulates the hyper-production of sebum, it leaves your skin shine-free.
- Soothing: with its rich content of the naturally soothing and anti-irritating Avène Thermal Spring Water.

Review: The mask is in opaque white with bits. It works great for both scrubbing and masking. Just apply it onto the face and scrub for a minute or so and leave it for a few minutes. Then you can either wash it or gently wipe it. The bits are gentle enough for blemishes skin and it doesn’t hurt my sensitive skin. My skin feels a lot better and my pores felt tight after use and I usually use this like 2 times per week since my skin kind of collected dirt pretty soon.

Look on how amazing it is on reducing the redness on my face! As I previously said, this whole skincare just prevent me from having breakout and it also reduces the redness on my face. Probably because the ingredient is gentle on the skin that it didn’t damage any further of my tissues compared to what I use during normal cleansing.

Overall, I’m so in love with Avène Cleanance! It’s a great skincare for those who have blemishes or oily skin like me because it prevents the acne from popping up as well as providing enough moisture to the skin and at the same time keep the face less oily all day. You should definitely try this out and see what it does to your skin :)

Eau Thermale Avène FACEBOOK
Eau Thermale Avène WEBSITE

Monday, August 24, 2015

[REVIEW & GIVEAWAY] Nutra Choice CollASTA Jelly

Hi guys! Today I'll be reviewing this collagen stick from Nutra Choice and stay with me until the end of the post because there is a GIVEAWAY for you!

I'm always been a huge fan of collagen and I have consumed various collagen from many brands myself in order to look young. People always said that I look older than my age and so when I hit my 20s, all I was thinking of is not to age faster than I should. So last time when I ran out of my collagen stock, a representative from Nutra Choice contacted me if I want to try their new collagen jelly and I thought why not? I might just give it a shot :D

This CollASTA jelly is not like the other collagen that I've tried. It is a collagen in a jelly stick! How fancy is that? The main ingredient is Collactive which composed of marine collagen and elastin peptides which is used to increase the skin moisture and firmness as well as minimize the fine lines & wrinkles. Second main ingredient is the AstaREAL (astaxanthin) which function as the internal sun block for UV protection, decreasing age spot & pigmentation and improvement of oil control.

Other ingredients including Seaweed (Sea Bird Nest), Royal Jelly, Pine Bark Extract and Acerola Extract & Citrus Bioflavonoids.

This collagen has zero fat, no sugar added and no preservatives.
It is priced at RM61.33 per box!

A box contain 10 sticks of collagen jelly.

The jelly stick is in bright orange in color and it taste a bit tangy and sweet probably because of the concentrated natural fruit juice. One tip, it taste a whole lot better when refrigerated! I love love them when it is cold because somehow it taste sweeter :) I usually take them when I crave for snacks at night..haha so by having this to replace my late snacks feels a lot better :D

I tested the collagen in the middle of Aidilfitri celebration. It is because the food consumed during Hari Raya contains lot of fats, cholesterol and so much more so I usually will broke out during that period for having so much junk consumed.

I didn't realize it at first that I had no breakouts at all during Hari Raya! It was later when I saw my selfie pictures that I finally realize it. I did stop consuming the rest of the sticks until last week and omgosh, so much breakouts though I did my skincare routine like usual. So I'm resuming the rest of the sticks now and no more breakouts until today :)

Guess how old I am? haha..I hope I didn't look that old ;)

andddd, here is the giveaway!

I will be selecting TWO winners from Malaysia, sorry it is not international ;(
Each winner will received 10 sticks equivalent to a box which cost RM61.33!!
All you have to do is just fill in the Rafflecopter form to get chances to win this.
**Also don't forget to leave your e-mail address on the comment section**

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Much love xoxo

Sunday, August 23, 2015

[REVIEW] TheFaceShop Lovely Me:ex Pastel Cushion Blusher X Collab with Q-Depot

Hey guys! How are you? It's been sometime! I've been so busy these days plus I just got my camera back last week and I finally free this time so I did what I can.

Today I'll review this cute blusher sent to me by Q-Depot. Weeks previously, Q-Depot sent me an e-mail for collaboration and I said yes because they have been so kind to me! If you didn't know, Q-Depot is one of the online Korean beauty shopping that sells various Korean beauty products. Last time they did a major sales on the Banila co products including the bestseller, Banila co Clean It Zero and I think they still do! You can visit their website by clicking HERE or the sidebar picture of my blog :D

  •   Free shipping worldwide for orders above USD 69.00
  •   Any order below 69.00 will have a very low flat rate starting at 2.99
  •   Over thousand products and 25+ brands
  •   Free worldwide shipping and 30 days free returns
  •   Genuine and fresh products directly shipped from our warehouse in Korea
  •   Carrying Cruelty Free brands include Etude House, Laneige , Mamonde, Sulwhasoo, IOPE, Hera, Innisfree, NoTs
  •  They are committed to donate 3% of their net profit for social causes and donations, as social responsibility is one of the core value of q-depot.
Since I'm an international business student, I know how important it is for a company to do CSR because no matter what you give back, it did a huge favor to the society :D

Without further rambles, let's go to the review :)

It came in a cute round paper box packaging which you open the lid completely to see the inside.

The definitely sent me a newly production product since this will be expired in 2018!

It has a tiny tiny glitter to it which isn't visible when put on face.

I got the color 05 Peach Cushion and as you might see, the color is suppose to be pastel-like and it is very very sheer when applied to the face. So in order for the blush to show up on my warm tone skin, I had to re-apply it for a few times.

The blush itself doesn't have any fragrance and what amaze me is that, although I had to re-apply it, the blush doesn't turns cakey on me and it stays on pretty well though I sweat a lot!haha

I'm not sure what a "cushion" term has to do with this blusher because it is only a normal powder blush but maybe I think it has to do with the puff. The puff is really soft and I think it might do well to apply blush to those who might prefer a very light color on cheek. Perhaps it will do great on pale skin tone.

Overall, I think it's s nice blusher if you just want to add a slight color on the cheek :)

I haven't wear orange for so long! Did it look weird on me? Also, did you notice something different with my eyes? haha, I did wear contacts! I do have a few before but all of them were so uncomfortable and it was an expensive ones too! This new one that I bought were so comfortable that it surprised me! hmm maybe I'll try another color next time :)


Thank you for reading!
Much love xoxo