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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

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Monday, January 27, 2014

[REVIEW] Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum

Hi there!
I'm pretty excited for my first post after some time. It's not like I want to be in hiatus, it's just my college wifi took so much time to be functioned properly. Anyway, it's better now and today I'll be reviewing the Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum. If you've read my winter haul post, you must be already know that I purchased this. I originally planned to wait for a month to review this but since it has already shown some positive effects and I can't continue to use this in the meantime because of my face treatment so I decided to review it now.

Product Information ;
Name : Skinfood Black Sugar Perfect First Serum
Production : Made in Korea
Volume : 120ml
Price : 7350 won (after 30% discount)

I was given a free box of the cotton. :D

The serum is transparent in color.

If you notice, the cotton had two sides, the one with the lines and the other side with the hole-like design. Both functioned differently as the hole side is used to remove dead skin and you'll used the other side to dab the rest of the serum in the cotton onto the face.

Sorry for the pictures spam. I love lots of pictures..hehe :D

The bottle really reminds me of the very classic cafe so I decided to put a sepia-like picture for the header. 
It turns out pretty..haha (at least for me XD)

When the first time Skinfood released this product a while back, I thought why black sugar can be benefited to the skin? Isn't it just a brown sugar? That's what I really thought back then coz I never heard about the black sugar before so I just assume that it is a brown sugar. 

For your information, black and brown sugar are two different things, basically Black sugar is more popular in countries like Taiwan and Japan. The black sugar is said to be more healthier than brown sugar because it contain so many minerals and the people in those countries used them as the period pain reliever. You can read more here.

Regarding the above statement that I said I had to stop using this serum for a while because of the skin treatment I did, it is because the doctor advice me not to use any kind of product which had an acid ingredient (it is not the acid that could burn your skin).

Right after Skinfood released this serum, it has be the most best selling product of their product. I saw a few reviews of this product before but many of them is not in depth review so I decided to try it out myself.

The above picture is not edited except adding on some words on the picture and cropped the eye part for better view (sorry for the moist looking face coz I wore my cream in both pictures..haha)

I was surprise after using this for a week, I can see that my face is a lot glowy and brighter looking. I always had a dull skin after a long day because it's hot here and I wore make up to class. This serum really helps to improve my skin and I also noticed that it lessen my oily face especially when I wore my make up for a long time. 

I experience a bit of itchiness for my first time with this serum but it doesn't happen after the second time.I guess maybe I over scrubbed my face before that so that's why it feels like that.

The cotton that came with the serum really a lot of help. I think it is a great invention coz I used both sides to apply the serum. The hole sides really helps removing the dead skin especially when I'm too lazy to use the face brush while cleansing my face.

There is a pleasant smell of this serum which disappeared after a while. Not sure if it is the black sugar smell or other ingredients.

Other than that, the serum is non sticky, moisturising enough for me and absorbs really fast! I'm loving this overall.

I rate this for ;
for all the goodness and cheap price!

Thank you for reading!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[REVIEW] A'pieu Magic Pore Cover Balm

Hello dearies,
 It's really closed until I entered a new semester and that's means there is going lesser postings. But no worries, I'll make sure my blog will still be alive coz I planned to post one blog post every 3 days. Just pray that I would make it..hehe

Today I'll be reviewing this pore cover balm from A'pieu which also can be known as primer or base make up. You can use this before applying your bb/cc/ foundation.

Product Info ;

Name : A'pieu Magic Pore Cover Balm (for oily skin)
Production : Made in Korea
Capacity : 25g

Since they did not provide an English description so I got this from testerkorea.

Sorry for the different background color. I'm also not sure why it

Sponge is given and the balm is covered with a transparent lid.

Too bad the balm is dust-catcher.

I bought this balm after reading so many good review about it. This balm looks small but this gonna last for a long time since I don't have to use a lot for each applies. For people who had dry skin, there is another Magic Pore Pore Cover Balm in pink case.

I like how they include a sponge along with the balm and fit in this little case. The first time I opened the lid, the smell already lingers and it smells really good. I do smelled this somewhere but I don't remember what it is.

The balm looks slightly green in the case but it is transparent in colour once applied onto my face. My first experience with this is not good because I'm too excited to try so I applied too much on face making it slightly greasy..but I learnt my lesson so I only applied enough amount on my face now. It amazes me on how much smooth and light it feels on face. When I touch my face, it feels really smooth and almost powdery.It even covers my pores flawlessly.By the way, I don't experience any breakout from using this

One thing that it kinda brings this down probably the ability to control oil. My face doesn't feel much different even after I applied this because I still can see that my face is as oily as much as they do. Other than that, I also dislikes the fact that the balm itself is a dust-catcher. You could probably see it in the above picture that there is some dust on the balm.

Overall, I love the thing that this balm covers my pores and it makes the application of my make up smoother and cleaner. Too bad that it doesn't perform much on controlling oil. I would have rated this as perfect if it does perform on oily skin. Anyway,this is only my opinion. Different product works on different people.

Update : I know I have to say this but this balm does works sometimes! Not sure why but these days when I used this as a base, I can see my oily face is lessen and if the oil does came out, it feels powdery on face. Seriously, I really do love this sometimes!

Thank you for reading.

I rate this ;

Thursday, January 2, 2014

[REVIEW] Innisfree Eye Primer

Happy New Year everyone.

Sorry, it's kinda late for a post today coz I'm in between whether to put example on how this looks plus with eye shadows on my eyes or not but I ended up doing none. Let me know if any of you would like to see it, I'll try to update this and do it tomorrow.

Basically I ran out of my e.l.f cosmetics eye primer which I love so much but I never reviewed them because I always forgot to review tiny things. Innisfree is kind of rare for me coz I only ever tried their anti trouble cleansing foam and no sebum mineral powder. I still used the cleansing foam sometimes and it's has a unique  cold sensation after applying but sometimes it's kinda stings the eyes. Anyway, onto the review;

Product Information ;

Name : Innisfree Eye Primer
Production : Made in Korea
Weight : 7g
Testerkorea Price : 6,000 won
Testerkorea Sale Price : 4,200 won

The packaging is so simple.

Production date.

Urmm..sorry for the different lighting o.o''
Note : I used the EH &Rose Flowering Eyes in Blossom eye shadow.

I put these color under a running tap water. Honestly, this picture had too much light with it so it looks like it fades a lot but that's not actually the case. The color is very pigmented to begin with but it slightly fade especially the one without the primer.

I had love and hate relationship with this eye primer. It is very good in showing the true colour of the eye shadow but the texture that make it kinda bad. It takes sometime to blend the primer which I believe is the same with Etude House Eye Primer. However after the liquid dries and I put on some eye shadows on the top of it, it feels like tugging which making the application a bit harder especially with hand. If I don't properly blend it, the eye shadows looks like it is not properly applied because some place it might be a bit too much and some none. You probably could see from my swatches picture, the center looks like it had more colour that other place although I applied it the same.

Another thing, this primer would totally be fine to lightly applied eye shadows rather than too many colours on top because if I put on too much colours, then it will easily crease like you put on no primer. Well, I think it's a bit inconvenient because after all, I at least will use two or three colours for eye shadows.

The good side is this primer is useful when your eyes is wet because the color is hardly fade. It's amazing to see that the colour stays on like nothing even if I rubbed it.

I used the Etude House &Rose Flowering Eyes in 'Blossom' for the swatches on top. If you had this palette(not sure if it is only myself) but whenever I put on this colour and blended it out, it looks like I got punch or something because after blending, it looks dull and bruise-like. So after using this primer, the color doesn't change like the one in palette! I was so happy because I really wanted the same colour on the palette to be on my eyes.

Lasting hours is just so-so. As I said, I would at least used 2-3 colours in a time but this easily creased. Not really a good sight to see.

Overall, this eye primer is okay but I love my e.l.f eye primer more because it stays on longer and easily blend.

I rate this;

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2013

Hi there guys,

Well, it's not gonna be another beauty review post today although I actually planned to post one today but to think that this post means a lot to me all this year along, so I decided to go with this today. Sorry, it would be about me and me..haha

So, as you guys already know, my blog is basically a beauty blog. Although I hope to expand more to food and lifestyle, I know that I'm so bad at these so I didn't post any..haha
I received a lot of sponsors this year and I'm very thankful to all who kindly sponsored me and bear with all my late post. Honestly, sometimes I stressed out because I'm afraid I can fulfill all these sponsors requirement but I received no complain till this date so hopefully I did my best :)

This year also remarks of my first time being contacted by various company to work together but sadly, I decline almost all of them. Truthfully, I don't live in a big city (specifically Kuala Lumpur) so it is hard for me to meet up and having a proper discussion. Having no proper transport also making it harder for me to go back and forth from my place to the designated place. Of course I'm not making it as a reason, but my family is also not so supportive of me in this blogging world especially my mother. She preferred of me to focus on studying first before doing all of these related to blog. What she said is true, I'm still young and still studying to add. Who knows there's gonna be more chance in the future? :D

I also would like to thank to all my readers who visited my blog. Even if it is just a visit, it's already made me so happy. I ain't pretty to begin with and my blog is all only about review and beauty so it's actually boring to visit my crappy blog. Plus my English is not good too because I originally started this blog to improve my English and I'm still learning until now. I'm really glad that there's no one actually bashed me for my bad grammar even though I know there might be some of you that want to auto correct

Special to Yue Rain from Great Skin&Life because being one my closest blogger friend. We never met in real but she is so kind to me as she had given numerous advice regarding do and don't for my face.Sometimes we even chat,but mostly she's the one who started it since I'm so shy to initiate Other than that, I'm so happy to know more of my fellow bloggers through blogging this year like SampleHime, Beauty-Junkie's Bethany, Rini from Rinicesillia, Winter's Blossom Laura Leia and more! I can't describe how awesome these people and their blog is.

Lastly, thanks you so much to all of you again.
Blogging has been a part of my dream and thank you for making it real for me :)
Love you guys!

Happy New Year! Good luck to all of you this year too :)