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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My 2013

Hi there guys,

Well, it's not gonna be another beauty review post today although I actually planned to post one today but to think that this post means a lot to me all this year along, so I decided to go with this today. Sorry, it would be about me and me..haha

So, as you guys already know, my blog is basically a beauty blog. Although I hope to expand more to food and lifestyle, I know that I'm so bad at these so I didn't post any..haha
I received a lot of sponsors this year and I'm very thankful to all who kindly sponsored me and bear with all my late post. Honestly, sometimes I stressed out because I'm afraid I can fulfill all these sponsors requirement but I received no complain till this date so hopefully I did my best :)

This year also remarks of my first time being contacted by various company to work together but sadly, I decline almost all of them. Truthfully, I don't live in a big city (specifically Kuala Lumpur) so it is hard for me to meet up and having a proper discussion. Having no proper transport also making it harder for me to go back and forth from my place to the designated place. Of course I'm not making it as a reason, but my family is also not so supportive of me in this blogging world especially my mother. She preferred of me to focus on studying first before doing all of these related to blog. What she said is true, I'm still young and still studying to add. Who knows there's gonna be more chance in the future? :D

I also would like to thank to all my readers who visited my blog. Even if it is just a visit, it's already made me so happy. I ain't pretty to begin with and my blog is all only about review and beauty so it's actually boring to visit my crappy blog. Plus my English is not good too because I originally started this blog to improve my English and I'm still learning until now. I'm really glad that there's no one actually bashed me for my bad grammar even though I know there might be some of you that want to auto correct

Special to Yue Rain from Great Skin&Life because being one my closest blogger friend. We never met in real but she is so kind to me as she had given numerous advice regarding do and don't for my face.Sometimes we even chat,but mostly she's the one who started it since I'm so shy to initiate Other than that, I'm so happy to know more of my fellow bloggers through blogging this year like SampleHime, Beauty-Junkie's Bethany, Rini from Rinicesillia, Winter's Blossom Laura Leia and more! I can't describe how awesome these people and their blog is.

Lastly, thanks you so much to all of you again.
Blogging has been a part of my dream and thank you for making it real for me :)
Love you guys!

Happy New Year! Good luck to all of you this year too :)


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