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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

[REVIEW] HiShop Fairy Beauty - Fairy Whitez

Hey there guys!
I'm really sorry that I only have time to blog on weekend ;(
(this post is excluded because I already done it for sometime!haha)
I will work hard to spend more time on blog!Wish me luck :)

Today, I'll be reviewing this supplements from Fairy Beauty which is sent to me by :D

Before that, I would like to apologize for the unseemly looking box. There are a few bottles broke during the delivery to my box and I was sent with three boxes to try and I could say that every box is damaged and the total bottles that broke are 8 and that means almost a box. I did contact their representative but oh well, I didn't heard anything until today :( . It's okay though, at least I got to try them :D

I took 2 bottles a day on the first two weeks and a single bottle on week 3.It doesn't matter on how much bottles you took a day but for me, the reason I took 2 bottles per day because I want to see the results immediately :)

Product Info ;

Name : Fairy Whitez
Type : Beauty Drink
Production : Made in Malaysia
Halal Certificate : Yes

Some nice listed benefits!

This is a beauty drink so don't get confused..hehe

The box is properly cleaned by me :D

I really wanted to try this Fairy Whitez for sometime and I'm really glad that HiShop sent me three boxes to try them out! Much excited when the parcel arrives but blame the delivery that caused a few bottles to broke and I can't continue to consume them in the fourth week :(

I tried the Fairy Blossom previously and I could tell that they tasted almost the same. Probably because both contain the same berry ingredient :) The texture is thick and the 22ml bottle can easily gone in a few seconds..haha

Flavour is okay, I don't particularly have problem with that coz it tasted like smashed berries..:D

For the results, I actually did not see much improvements in the first week but I did saw that my face looks brighter in the second week!I used to have dull skin and even whitening products alone can't easily improve them for a long term.

My favourite part would be the effect of the supplement on my pimples and acne! My face can easily breaking out(that's for sure) and I think by taking this supplement, I hardly get any noticeable pimples or acne and the scars also ligthten especially on my cheeks. I don't have a proof picture to show but it really works for me!

As per improving wrinkles, I actually don't have much noticeable wrinkles on my face yet but there are fine lines especially on my under eye and forehead. I could tell that it does nothing on my forehead but since my face looks like it contains enough water, the under eye fine lines did improve slightly along with the dark circles. The reason why it can't improve so much is maybe because I don't have a proper sleeping time and a lot of time are spent in front of my laptop screen so that also can be one of the factor.
Sorry for different lighting. I just want to show how my under eyes looks like before using this Fairy Whitez and after using it for three weeks. 
Note : I put on serum for the after picture so it might affect the result a little bit.

A little precaution for you :)

Thank you for reading!

*HiShop is currently doing sales for Fairy Beauty products on their website!Check them out!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Play Color Eyes #SoChic Palette

Hi there guys!
How have you been?Hopefully all of you are fine.

It's a middle of the night and I just got a message saying that my wifi limit reached 0.0
Just about I'm going to post this but never mind that, I could purchase a new one tomorrow.

So today, I'm going to review this limited edition palette from Etude House. I actually did not plan to buy this at all but earlier this year, Etude House Korea did an amazing sales which this palette got 30% off from the total price and it made the  price went down so much that I couldn't resist..haha

Another reason probably because I read a review for the palette before and the colors looks so much prettier than the promo pictures. I was pleased with the previous &Rose palette that I reviewed here and I believe that this palette won't disappoint me either.

Product Info :
Name : Etude House Play Color Eyes (So Chic)
Production : Made in Korea
Price : RM48+/- (sales price)

Every colors has its own name :D

The swatches turns out so nice except for the No.9(Sparkling Wine). It actually looks different than the one in the palette. I could say that it almost looks purple to me when applied on eyes but still have a hint of pink.

As you can see, No.2,3,7,8,9 are glittery eyeshadows. It causes fall outs so I really recommend you to apply eyeshadows first because applying your bb cream or foundation. No.1 and 6 are not matte in color, they're not sparkly either but you can see a bit of shine there and as for No.4,5 and 10, they're totally matte in colors.

I could say that most of the colors are very pigmented and buttery in texture. It makes the application so much easier. Just like &Rose palette, this one also had the sheer-matte colors as well. It is the No.4(French Kiss) and No.5(Misty Rose) and these colors are also much similar with the previous palette including No.6(Diva).It took me a few swatches to achieve the No.4&5 because the colors didn't show up well.

No.10 looks black in the picture, and I'm so sorry for that. It is actually a very dark brown in color and very pigmented. It is one of the color that I like in the palette because I don't have to keep re-apply to get the desired intensity.

For No.7(Glam Forest), there's something unique about this color. Because of the flash, the color on palette above shows that it really looks a bit greener than silver but in real (natural light), you can't actually see the green color. As for applying on the eyes, it does came out in a bit green in color.

Based on the swatches picture, except for No.9(Sparkling Wine) and No.10(Leopard Brown), all the colors totally looks the same when applied on the eyes. As I said about the lighting mistake that the No.10 turns a bit darker than it should be but No.9(Sparkling Wine) is really different when I swatch it. It looks like it's not really dark in color but it is actually looks a bit purple with a hint of pink when applied. A bit disappointed because it doesn't looks as in the palette but I'm quite like the color when it comes to burgundy-romantic make up. I did one below but the colors didn't show up well because of the lighting problem. Sorry for that ;(

Overall, this palette is really gorgeous. I still have to figure out on how to suit the No.8(Midnight Star) with other colors though..haha

(sorry for the bad quality, these are taken from my phone)

Update : Some have been asking of what I used for my makeup. I'm not good really, but I'll share anyway :)

Eyes ; 
French Kiss (as the base)
Misty Rose (along my 1/2 eyelid)
Leopard Brown (on the crease)
Diva (Mix with the Leopard Brown on the crease)
Sparkling Wine (on the center on my eyelid filling up until the inner corner)
Coco Brown(on my under eye near to the end of the eye corner)
Pop champagne (at the lower lash line)
Brown pencil liner from EH &Rose to line up my eye.
EH Shocking mascara

Face :
KATE foundation
Brown eyeshadows (to contour my nose and cheekbone)

Lips :
EH Rosy Tint in Tea Rose.
(Note : the tea rose colour is mix up with the after blossom so it shows a bit of red on lips)

Let me know if you don't understand them!haha

I rate the palette ;

Thank you for reading! 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014 is looking for beauty bloggers!

Hi there guys!

So today, I wanted to share a beauty program launched by recently. As the title says, they're looking for 10 beauty bloggers to be a part of their community and review any products you choose on their website! Well, that sounds awesome right? And of course, I also wanted to be a part of the community! 

So these are the criteria that you have to sent to apply in this program.

Marxie, which is one of their current beauty reviewer did the post which you can get more info about the program. Click here to see her post!

I also put a sidebar picture if you can't find the link.

Good luck everyone!

my e-mail : , if you have questions! (Just don't send the application to me, haha)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

[REVIEW] theSkinTopic Evolu Purifying Mask

Hi there!
I've been sick for the past few days so I don't get chances to post a review. So today I'm a bit okay now but still having my flu, which is frustrating..T_T

Anyway, Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my readers whom celebrated the Lunar New Year!

Today, I'll be reviewing a product from TheSkinTopic which recently launched a new brand, e v o l u .
Their representative contact me again to try their new product and she suggest me this Purifying Mask from evolu to try out based on my skin condition. You may read my other review for their products here.

A little bit about e v o l u ;
The evolu line is founded by Kati Kasza based on her personal conviction that the key to lasting beauty is natural balance. She believe in the power of equilibrium to promote healthy skin, and this simple principle has guided her in creating evolu, an uncomplicated yet potent botanical system, custom-designed to assist your skin's own natural mechanisms.

The basis formula for evolu products are the pure botanicals and New Zealand spring water.
All their products are cruelty free (means that it is not tested on animals), contains no paraben, petrochemicals, minerals, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colours or fragrances and no animal products other than beeswax and lanolin.

About e v o l u Purifying Mask ;
This mask is a kaolin-based natural cleanser designed to balance the skin's sebum activity. It contains plant actives including fennel, hops, balm mint and mistletoe, specifically chosen for their purifying, detoxifying and refreshing benefits. These are complemented with additional hydrating extracts of sweet orange, lavender, chamomile and kiwifruit seed oil. A natural antioxidant rich in Vitamin C, kiwifruit is an active ingredient in all evolu moisturisers.
Product Information :
Name : Evolu Purifying Mask
Production : Made in New Zealand
Volume : 75ml/2.6 fl.oz
Retail Price : RM189
Skin Types : Suit all skin types

The packaging is simple and it is easy to get the information you wanted because it's written on every part of the tube.

Well, who doesn't like this?

Hooray for no harsh chemicals!

Ooops, sorry for the weird position of the tube. It looks like the mask is flying up..haha

I'm impressed that the texture of the mask is very light and smooth and not like other clay products which is heavy in texture and some of them are gritty.

How to use :
1. Clean up your face with face wash and moisturize your skin.
2. Squeeze the mask from the tube and apply it evenly onto your skin. Avoid eyes area.
3. Wait until 10-15 minutes or until the mask dry.
4. Take a wet towel and soak it into the warm water.
5. Gently remove the mask from your face.
My tips :
1. Moisturize your face is important before applying mask because to maintain hydrated skin. Some says if you don't moisturize your face before wearing a mask, the effect of the mask is reduced.
2. Don't apply on eye areas. Since the mask will eventually dry and your eye area is pretty fragile so it's better don't.
3. Use microfibre towel instead of the normal ones. The mask sticks better onto the microfibre towel and it makes it easy to remove and requires no tugging.
4. Warm water is the best option. It open up your pores and while you're cleaning the mask, the dirty pores will go along with the mask removal.
5. Moisturize your face again after cleansing the mask. This is important as you want to close your pores again.

Active Ingredients ;

LAVENDER balancing, regenerative

SWEET ORANGE rejuvenating, renewing


purifying, detoxifying, refreshing
I've tried it for more than a month, basically about 1-2 times a week. I could say that I seriously love this mask! It does clean up my face and make it smoother!

The left picture is when the mask almost dry and the right one is after I washed my face and put serum on.
You can probably see that my skin is glowy and cleaned.

You could see that the mask looks pretty white when I first applied it but after it dries, some of the part turn almost invisible! At first I wondered if I ever wear it wrong or maybe I mistakenly read a cream as a mask but it's true.

Unlike the other clay mask I've tried, most of them are pretty thick which I could barely stand to wear it for too long coz I'm afraid of break out because my pores can't breath but with this mask, it feels so light and thin in texture which is easily applied and does not clog my pores. It is also so easy to remove but it depends on how many layer of the mask did you put on. The thicker you layered, it will took a bit of time to remove but no worries with warm water and microfibre towel. Both of them are really helpful :D

The packaging is simple and easy. It's a tube so I don't have to scoop it with a spoon like the most of clay mask. I get annoyed much with something that came in a jar provided with a spoon coz I don't bother to use the spoon which also will result in unhygienic because whenever I used the spoon, I'll have to scoop for another round and that is no different than using clean fingers.

No particular disturbing smell but there is a slight natural smell onto it which I consider is not a big deal. The product is botanic and made with pure ingredients so I have no worries.

I rate this mask ;
You can visit TheSkinTopic outlets here ;

·          Pavilion KL: Level  5, P5.12.00, Tel: 03-2142 9988
·          Subang Parade: Lower Ground Floor, Lot LGC01, Tel: 03-5638 2988
·          Hartamas Shopping Centre: PF3 First Floor, Tel: 03-6205 8828
·          The Curve: K-G8-W, Ground Floor, Mutiara Damansara, Tel: 03-7722 2213
·          Avenue K: C-16A, 156 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur , Tel: 03-2166 9988
Visit theSkintopic facebook and website for more information about this brand and promotions!
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