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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

I've been quiet?Why?Party Tonight by 2NE1?

Ehem..yea..kinda..quiet..becoz my SIS didn't return my camera yet..urghhhh!I wanted to took those pictures..I've been shopping a lot lately and there's a lot of reviews came up but then she destroyed it all..gosh..hope she return it to me ASAP..

By the way,to filled my much time..I played Party Tonight at
A game under YG Entertainment..I started to play this game few months ago since it was
Proudly,I'm the senior in the game..huahuah!The game is very interesting at first but it change to bore you can wait..then its no prob..I used to score first place at first but then because now I can't really play it because of time matter(shopping,watching dramas,reading mangas) I only played this game once a day..yea..haha..but still..I'm at the top!hahah..jk..jk..
Look the these pictures..maybe you're interested to play it?

 Its not like SIM coz you only have to click which one do you wanna do?
 This is the success box will appear when you do leisure..Nowdays I never failed maybe because my level is high and I have the most friends here?lol

 This is your closet..I almost have all clothes except the one that used real money(cash).I never used my cash and all cash items that I have were given by my partner here..He is so kind for giving me that coz it used real money you know!The cash are pretty expensive when using USD and I hated that..

 This is the will have higher job(like'm having the highest job now,Design director)..There are few jobs to choose but to have highest position,you need to level up your friendship with other player and at least 5 friends to make this up to the sounds a small amount right?But to have 5 friends were the hardest thing to do..*sigh* but I managed to have it!yeay!

 This is the leisure..there are many leisures you have to complete in order to go to the next level by using leisure points..
 This is the have to battle with your friend in order to get gold..(in leisure,you also will got gold)
the higher friend you have,the high the chance for you to win but (this doesn't apply to those who battle win players who have 100+friends..coz I have about 575 friends(which was the highest and sometimes I will lose to 100+ friends players..damn..not fair..

 This is the shopping mall..They will update the new items sometimes..yea..I love the hanbok much and used cash(again) but it was given by my partner(so sweeeeeet!)

This is the contest..look,,I'm number 3!haha..I used to be on top 1 but because of my exams and time matter..haha..I dropped and other players was so scary you know!Entire my life playing this game,I never chat with anybody to ask for votes!But they was like giving me damn much messages and SPAM my wall asking for votes,that's why they always on top(So desperate,OMG)this was just only a
and me,why I'm no.3 although I didn't do that?Maybe because I have the most friends and I were very kind to my friends coz i used to giving them gifts..If total up my money,it would be more that hundreds on millions already but I didn't keep it myself coz I always spend my old to buy gifts for*how proud*

haha..that was a bit about it..I didn't thought I'll be reviewing
Anyway,content in this post to be advise..Rated 19++ coz it may hurts!hahah..
I'm just intention to hurt anyone!It just for fun!
Play this game!I recommend!hehe..

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lipgloss Love Affair : The Most Popular Beauty Products In Japan + HUGE Giveaway!

Hey guys,this time I have another giveaway to be post.If you're a HUGE fans of Japanese Cosmetics,then I;m sure you didn't want to miss this right?She is giving away a lot of Dolly Wink/Candy Doll products which the rated as the best by Japanese girls is Popteen magazine..

So here is the picture of what she will be giving away..

Tempted much?So join here!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Why I Love Korea

Hello candies!I missed few days of blogging due to some reasons..I'm so sorry..
Firstly,I re-watching some of old K-Dramas few days ago and missed the time to was tempting to watch it till end..T_T
Second,my camera now is taken away by my sister and sadly I did not copy the pictures before I lend it to mistakes..

But then,just a short post from me since I miss my blog..I thought want to change to new templates by blogspot but then the new templates missed a lot of sidebar features like google follow,chatbox n twitter follow bar..that was am important thing to blogger i guess since saw a lot of people following you without doing a giveaway(yea its me)was very thankful and i want to give something special to my followers especially when I do my giveaway soon..

Btw,I got nothing to review today because of that problems so I edit my layout today and love this new background..hehe..I'm gonna learn more about html and so on since I got lots of times at home since it was my semester break now!

Anyway,I just come across this video a little while ago and somehow it touches me..and why?Because the animators use Big Bang - Haru Haru as her background music..and her awesome animation!!Watch this!

Its awesome right??hehe..I wish I was this creative too!
and my title today is about that video that I seriously wanna share!~Have fun!Bye2xD

Sunday, October 9, 2011

[REVIEW]Nature Republic Ice Yogurt Peeling

Hey there!As promised,I'll be blogging everyday since I have lots of time(actually not really,my mom always drag me to shop everyday since I came back last Friday,lol).Since my parents is living alone,(yeah,my siblings live in their universities) so they feel like nobody is going to accompany them when it goes to shopping..Now,I started my holiday and my mom said this is the only chance to go out with her daughter lol..

Anyway,today I'll reviewing the Nature Republic Ice Yogurt Peeling that I bought last 2 weeks.This is my first time shopping in Nature Republic and I would say that the store in Berjaya Times Square is very spacey and big!!So you don't have to push over people when you're passing through a counter to a counter..lolxD
There are even sitting places and tables(looks like restaurants though!)..Love it!

Actually my only intention is to buy the Nature Republic Aloe but then the salesgirl said this one and another BB Cream got discount after I bought the's clever!So finally I grabbed this face scrub!There is another 3 items in the similar container..the one that have pink in color is sleeping mask.I thought I'm gonna grab those but then I choose the scrub..haha..

I've tried this scrub many times already and it was good!I love the cooling sensation when you put on the scrub onto your face and its about similar to yogurt as well!
and plus,the container was very cute!haha..One of the reason why I bought this for sure!lol
Actually it is in ice cream cup design..Sorry,I'm not a pro photographer..

The lid that covers the scrub!

The scrub..err..I'm sorry,I used this a lot and you should seen the new open scrub,not this!

I put a bit of the scrub onto my hand!It was very tiny and it almost looks like ice cream in texture!

I swirl the scrub on my hand.Sorry for the orange color..My camera is always a problem to me..

The scrub is very tiny so I think this suits sensitive skin or to those people who didn't like harsh scrub on face..This feels very light when apply onto skin and will transform to bubblish foam when you wash it with water..

It has a nice yogurt smell but then when you put the scrub onto your face,it wouldn't smell..coz the smell is too light..

The thing that I may don't like with this is the first time I want to scoop the scrub with my is so hard like it was frozen!It tooks me some time to take a small amount..
Actually,because of the scrub is more like too damp so it will harden in the container but then,it wouldn't be much problem if you wet a little bit on the surface then it would be easy to take some amount out..

So far,I'm liking this scrub coz it has cooling effects and smells nice!

Thanks for reading!See you in the next post!

P/S : Nature Republic is from Korea in you didn't know ^_^ but I'm pretty sure you all are clever enough~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Haul and Gifts of the day~~~~!

Hi guys!~Sorry for the lack of updates!Since I just started my semester holiday,so I have a lot of times to updates and most probably I'll be posting one reviews on each day so please anticipate it!~
I also will make a poll about which brands that you like to make me made my mind on which brand to giveaway on my upcoming blog giveaway!

I go to shop today and yeah,actually bought a lot of stuff but then I'm gonna post the thing related to beauty only..hehe..
Anyway,most if this stuff is my upcoming reviews..and some of it were the items sent by some bloggers because I won their giveaway!!Yeay!!Thanks so much!I'll tag the bloggers in the reviews soon!Enjoy the pics~!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[REVIEW]Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Face Wash and Hada Labo SHA Moisturizing Cleansing Oil.

Hey guys!I'm so sorry for the late post! >_< I'm currently having an exams now so I can't spare my time too much for blogging plus I'm going to move to new rented house..It's been a havoc to pack up all my items..
(It was a lot!Believe me T_T)
So tonight..ahh...not really 'night' here since it is 4.29am in the morning already..this is becoz of my friend..she ask me to watch some stupid videos on youtube and we laugh really hard in the middle of night till morning..yeah..I know it is a very long time but I do spare a little bit of my time for online Korean classes..hehe..^_^
Anyway,move on to the reviews..Sorry if this picture is a bit bad from my previous post since I took this in a hurry..and I missed a single photo for the cleansing oil and how my skin become after that..I might added that photo later..sorry for that peeps..
As for today, I'm going to review these two products from Hada Labo..the face wash is not from the new product lists but the cleansing oil is the latest product from Hada Labo.I've been looking for a cleansing oil just becoz I think this may be needed if I wanted to wear kinda thick make-up for special occasion..but then cleansing oil tends to be expensive like 0.0 but then,I visit Hada Labo MY fb and I saw this product!Wohoo..just perfect in time coz they also have a SALE for this new item along with other cleansing wash..and finally I got this from Guardian MY!
but sorryyyyy!!I didn't remember the exact price but I think the face wash is about RM20+ and the cleansing oil was about RM40+..That was cheaper than Shu Uemura!Oh yeah!So I decided to give it a try!

The closed up picture..

 The large tube hole!!!OMG..I like it.!

 The texture but it is not like what you're thinking!It is not creamier at all and instead it is forming a large amount of foam when you rub the cleansing wash!!

I mix this with water and rubbed it onto my hands..It supposed to form a superbly bubble there but then it must be because my hands is so dry so the bubble didn't show up and the water is not enough too..I may take again the picture later..
[UPDATE]Here is the single picture I promised..Sorry for different background..

 Ahhh..this is the cleansing oil..Sorry for no single shot coz I forgot..mian...but then here I wanna show you that the bottle has this clip which it prevent you to pump when you didn't want to so I think this clip is good for travel or storage if you just want to throw the bottle or anything then it wouldn't be pumped by itself becoz of the clip..

 Here is the cleansing is transparent in color although you saw it is like yellow-orangey color in the bottle..the texture was easily glide..^_^

Normally people will think..ahh..this must be another cleansing 'oil' which people will imagine the texture is oily-type but then you're wrong with this cleansing oil when I think it was NOT OILY at all!It feels just like a  cleansing wash!and look at the picture..It forms a subtle foam then when mix with water and that's means it emulsify very well!Cleansing oil normally will leave the greasy feel and makes you to double cleanse it with a cleanser but then this works on its own...You don't have to double cleanse since this do both very well..It will forms a great amounts of tiny little foams..hehe..which I like it very much!

But one thing that I dislike with this cleansing oil is it didn't remove waterproof is I'm very disappointed with that..but then its ok..I still got my make-up remover...

More infos about Hada Labo Cleansing Oil :
1 - Have super hyaluronic acid which means it has great ability to keep your skin moisturize!(Applies to all Hada Labo products!)
2 - High purity of Olive Oil which is good for anti-aging!
3 - Free of fragrances,mineral oil,alcohol and colorant!This applies to all Hada Labo products!Thumbs up!
4 - Skin pH balanced and low irritation!Yeay!!

1 - Very moisturizing!!I love it!
2 - Cleanse my make-up very well.
3 -  Produce a very large amount of foam!Wohoooo!
4 - Very easy to damp with water..not creamy/thick.
5 - Large tube.


1 - Cleanse my thick make-up very well!
2 - Not oily at all instead it feels just like my face wash!
3 - No need to double cleanse.
4 - Non-greasy feel.
5 - Reasonable price.
6 - Moisturizing feel!Thumbs up!

1 - Doesn't remove my waterproof mascara =(

Overall,Hada Labo products were very good in moisturizing function!These were a good try and why don't you try too?

Thanks for reading!