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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

[REVIEW] Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates in my blog. I always had not enough time to do a post(I always said that too,haha!) . Anyway, just a quick review for this and p/s, there is going a giveaway soon!Well, not much but I'm sure you'll love the prize ..hehe

So, onto the review,
I bought this eye cream about 2-3 months ago or maybe 4(?) when this brand got a pretty cheap sale price and I ran out of my eye cream too. I heard that Mizon's snail line was pretty popular and works great so I thought I want to try it on myself.

The size of this eye cream is bigger than usual eye cream and I was very happy with it..
who don't love extra size right?haha

Sorry, the case kinda attract dust so it became really visible in pictures..haha

The texture is very smooth and light!

The box write down almost all description in English which is good to us who doesn't understand Korean and even do me less work to Google all the information. haha

Anyway, I simply doesn't have the before and after pictures because I stop using it halfway.
Though I love the texture and it is super light just like I always wanted but too bad, it doesn't work as great as I hope to.

I thought it is pretty moisturizing at first but I realize that it doesn't last long. My under eyes will turn to the super dry mode just after an hour making all the fine lines even worse looking. I've tried it for 3 weeks and it still does the same thing but I still love the moment that it moisturize my under eyes in that one hour..haha

Since I said that it doesn't actually works good on me, the properties of the snail filtrate also did not help me in any way. Although I only used it for three weeks, there should be a little bit of improvement so that I can know that the product that I used works for me. But this doesn't do anything and I don't see anything either.

Just to remind you again, there are some people that used this works for them. It's just maybe this doesn't suit me well. Instead of throwing this out, I used them on my lips for instant moisture..haha

I don't have much regret buying this lol because it is selling cheap at that time(but it's not expired)
I still experimenting some of the products that I bought in my previous haul last time and I saw that a lot of them works great on me and of course I'll review them later :D

Thank you for reading. Just keep an eye to this blog coz I'll be posting the giveaway anytime!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Massive Haul from Missha, TheFaceShop and Etude House

I almost ran out of title..haha
Anyway, hey guys!Finally it is one of the post that I really wanted to do so much :D
Almost all of the products are skincare which is not from Etude House for sure. Sorry to disappoint all the Etude's fan readers..haha

I'm not sure why I did spent a lot on skincare this time which I never really did before but I guess maybe it's because I've been through weeks on which I don't have much time to put on make-up or simply I don't even have any intention to do so - this sentence doesn't really makes sense so I simplify it for you = it means that I'm lazy.That's all.

In those weeks, I thought my face looks dull and a lot of pimples are popping up because of the stress so when those weeks finally end, I actually bought these skincare with much thought suit to my face problem.

So here are the photos that I took last night. There are supposed to be more products that I ordered but the parcel hasn't arrive yet ;(
Below every products pictures, I included the shop name and price listing.

 Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream Set
Shop :
Price : 38USD @ RM124.64

 Missha Near Skin Firming Peptide Repair Eye Cream
Shop :
Price : 17.44USD @ RM57.20

 Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence (50% off sale)
Shop : Hotdeals In Korea @ facebook
Price : 30USD @ RM98.40

 Missha Green Tea Powder Wash with Baking Powder
Shop :
Price : 6.30USD @ RM20.67

 Missha Professional Eyelash Curler
Shop :
Price : 3.84USD @ RM12.60

 Kinohimitsu Japan Collagen Diamond 5300 Drink
Shop : NattaCosme
Price : RM130

 Dr.Tony AC Control White Emulsion
Shop :
Price : 11.20USD @ RM36.74

 Innisfree Jejubija Anti-trouble Facial Foam
Shop :
Price : 4.80USD @ RM15.74

 TheFaceShop Face It Velvet Skin Primer
Shop :
Price : RM38.30

 Biore Cleansing Oil - Guardian Malaysia (RM19.46)
Etude House Cotton Puff - Etude House Malaysia *Buy 1 Free 1 (RM5.90)

 Vaseline Total Moisture Cocoa Glow Nourishing Lotion - Guardian Malaysia (RM17.48)
Johnson's Body Lotion - Guardian Malaysia (RM0.98)

Samples from Holika Holika, SU:M37 and History of Whoo

Sorry for all these lousy photos. I delayed taking these up until last night..I'm sure will regret this later but it is better than nothing right?

There are few things that are not in the photos too like TheFaceShop Clean Face Cleansing Foam and Essence, Herbalife Shake Drink (RM84.50) and Multivitamin(RM37.90). I already used up TheFaceShop Clean Face Essence and the review for both cleansing foam and essence will be coming up.Sorry that I forgot how much of these two products

If you ask, Herbalife? Yeah, I start taking them since 2 weeks ago but irregularly. I initially just wanted to test it up on how it would affect my daily life as well as my weight but since I'm not serious, so I don't see any major changes yet..haha..Maybe I will try again.

Okay, maybe some reviews of these shops ; - I knew this seller from ebay called Rubyrusbyshop(please don't say I'm wrong XD)
and started trying them out by only bought a cleanser + emulsion at first because they always had the whole year filled with sales. Their price is quite cheap but I don't like how the shipping fee increased based on the quantities. Plus, they did not gave out samples too..*sigh*

#Hotdeals In Korea - I know the facebook page from Popup Wired which she always promote her giveaway in the International Beauty Bloggers group. So last time she hold an event which I saw the Missha Treatment Essence being so cheap and I can't resist myself to They had an online shop too called which I think their price is equal to TwoFaceMall a.k.a expensive!.. - Always been my favorite place to shop all the time!So many sellers yet so many Korean Cosmetics with cheap price!The new collections from any brand can be seen 2 weeks after the released in who don't love it? But the only thing that I don't like is when I wanted to choose registered mail, the parcels can't be combine to only one big parcel like Gmarket. So the shipping fee had to be paid separately according to each seller. Not really a big deal for me coz I used free shipping anyway.Just to a certain products I choose registered mail for safer arrival.

Though in the picture it might not like much but roughly this cost me about RM708 @ 216USD and that doesn't include the shipping fee and the rest of the products. I admit that I don't plan to buy all these products at first and I did lose my concious a bit when adding these to cart..hehe (and you smell a giveaway coming for almost 500 followers in my blog?! XD)

Lastly,Thank for reading! I think that's all to share?hehe :D
If you have any questions, let me know in the comment down below :D

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wonderbox Malaysia July Edition

Hey guys! Sorry coz I'm again neglecting this blog..not that I want to but there is so much to do this Raya celebration and I became a little bit busy..haha

Anyway, previously I receive an e-mail from Jerine Lay from Million Dollar Beauty. She said that I won her 1 year anniversary giveaway which is the new Wonderbox July edition! I was so excited and happy coz this would be my second time receiving a subscription box!Well my first one is of course the theLilacBox - review here.

So just right before Raya a.k.a before the post office went for holiday, I received this super pretty box!
I just like the packaging! The black ribbon suit the transparent flowery details on it - but you can't see it very well in this photos, I apologize.

 an information card on the back 

 Sorry, I'm no professional at taking photos..haha -.-

 the first product that I noticed is this Jade eye roller! It smells so damn good *_*

 I haven't try this yet because b.liv is really expensive so I felt like wanna keep this forever..haha

 It is Le Scenteur not Enchanteur..haha..
but this smells really good just like enchanteur :D

 Some NuTeen products! I only ever tried their Blackhead Away Gel which I bought in Watson previously..
but this stuff really compliments me as I think this box is actually targeting for me and

 Ma Cherie' shampoo and conditioner! I actually have tried the samples which I got from their facebook page - Ma Cherie' Malaysia.

I actually haven't tried most of the product except for the hand lotion and Jade eye roller.
Most of the product smells really good..
Can't wait to try them!

I think it's enough for a short post. Many have been requesting me to do my haul post but the thing is the products that I ordered still did not arrive because the post office are closed during this holiday and probably around this week, the first parcel would arrive. :) and don't worry, this time I would share the stores that I shop with included with the price list as you requested!

If you would like to see more of my updates, head on to my facebook page.
I'm mostly active there which I share a lot of discounted awesome products, new collection, new stuff for future reviews and the stuff that I've been aiming - it's because too many asked me for this so I do share a lot there for you!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

[REVIEW] Maybelline the Magnum Volum' Express Cat Eyes

Hi ~
It's finally the start of the holiday which I will celebrating Eidulfitri next week as other Muslims all over the world! The tradition will be a bit different depends on where we live and I already prepared new clothes and baked some cookies for Hari Raya!yeayy~ 

Anyway today I'll be reviewing the latest Maybelline mascara which is Cat Eyes. I've seen some good reviews on this mascara and decided to try it out :D ( psst..I bought this at the same with my shockara mascara hehe)

I skipped the product information part because it seems like everyone do know Maybelline right?haha

Sorry for the sparkly things on my eyes, that's actually my e.l.f eye primer.

 The mascara gave enough length and volume just as the promotions says!
I love the thing that I don't have to coat my lashes for a few times to get an amazing results(save my time!)

It is waterproof! Who doesn't like waterproof mascara except if you need to perform an ablution.
But that doesn't matter to me as I bring along my make-up remover whenever I go. Just don't bring the full sized bottle, a small bottle would be enough :)

I like the bending brush as it applies a lot better than normal straight brush because it can reach to the end of the corner of my eyes :D

The price for this mascara is reasonable. I don't think it was too expensive nor too cheap.

First impression of this mascara is, the packaging is a bit plain ?? 
Yes, I do appreciate their effort to put on the leopard design but it is actually not enough considering how bomb the promotion was held here.

It feels a bit drying? You know I'm looking for the best mascara that would not cause my lashes to dry out throughout the day.

The dry mascara liquid would cause flaking which it will cause a mess to my make-up but this doesn't apply to anyone who apply a reasonable amount of the mascara to your lashes. It's just I liked heavier looking lashes on me so I tend to apply a lot more.

The mascara would cause clumping if applied too much coat as can be seen in the photos above. I usually used my other mascara brush to separate the lashes but too lazy to do it in the pics above..hehe

This would be my best mascara when I'm in a hurry or late to
Though there are some few negatives that I don't like, it still perform good in terms on lengthening and volumizing my lashes :D

I rate this as ;

Thank you for reading :D More posts coming soon!