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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Etude House Global Present!

Finally!!My gift is arrived!!yeayyyyyy~! *jumping in joy*
The first thought looking at the box : It was super pink,cute and so princess-like!!*omg* died in

I am so careful not to tear off any parts of the box when opening it except the cellophane tape of course...:)

and tadaaaa!there are two lipsticks and one Kiss Note!! *zomg*
I know some of you have said this.."lor,you got one Kiss Note already and give this to me"
I know..I know...but how I'm supposed to let go this pinky pink item? >_<

I thought they only will give one lipstick but it was two and both are different shades from the shades that I bought!!oh yeayy!I didn't expect them to give this shades : OR204(orangey-pink) and BE101(nude)

and of course,this two shades review are coming soon~~*too many in the lists to review* #panic

I'll upload the full photos later and see the ribbon design on the box?!It was soooo cute!!!kyaaaaaa

Anyway,please wait for the review~and thanks to Etude House for the lovely gifts!

P/S : There are a group of international Etude House official reviewers and these people will get a box of cosmetics to be reviewed every month.They also called Pink Bird and the things is HOW DID THEY GOT THAT?I also want to be one!T_____T..So lucky~~

I tried new online editor today and it was awesome!Check now!

Byebye~See you later~~annyeong!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Etude House Party Haul & 50% Discount~!

As usual,my favorite place all the time is Etude House and this month,they're having their 4th Anniversary Sale in Malaysia so I won't missed this chance!!Most of the items got at least 30% discount!Their store always so banjjak banjjak from afar and how I supposed to resist them??kkk..

I was actually feel a bit frustrated because my Etude House Sun BB didn't arrive from 3 weeks ago!!arrgghh..the patience of waiting for the parcel is killing me T^T so I spent a lot in this Etude House haul!kekeke..

but anyway,to those who lived in Malaysia,I recommend you to go to Etude House now!The price are cso cheap and it would be a waste if you don't spend any *evil*..I'll temp you by the upcoming pictures in seconds!lol

ahhh..and for Indonesian who lived in Bali,go to the new opening Etude House and you'll get a free new Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream!!So lucky till I'm so jelly with you guys!!I wish I can fly right now to Bali!(I haven't laid my hand to the Bright Fit BB yet T^T..only touch and try it in the store..)

I went to Etude House store for two times last weekend but at different place..I just can't resist it >_<....haha and what's happier,I got two non-woven bad from EH!!They're so pretty and cute design!!hehe

What's in the bag?

 Play Etude~

 First bag items!
AC Clinic Gel Lotion,Surprise Concealer Stick and Black Volume Mascara!

 Second bag items!
AC Clinic Mask Sheet
Darling Sheet Mask(snail!!!)
Open Your Eyes Mask Sheet(for eyes!)
Drawing Eye Brown Pencil&Brush in Grey(I've finished my brown one and I love it!)
Eyelash curler(because my existing curler is so painful >_<)
A Skin Malgem(Smoother and Deep Moist) sample!(The first store didn't even bother to give me any sample T^T)

 AC Clinic Gel lotion is only RM20!Grab it fast!!!

Can't wait to try the mask sheet!!

I will review all of these soon!!Please waitt~~~byebye~~sweetie~

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Skin Shop Opening Event Contract with 2AM ♥

Hello guys!How are you doing?I'm so bored right now although I had some undone work now in the office but I think I'm gonna take a bit time to post this up!Actually it have been days that I should post this but I always forgot..forgive me..but it is never too late which the event lasts about few more days!

25th May should be the last day of entering!

If you wonder what I'm talking about,actually I'm referring to the The Skin Shop@fb new event after they signed a new contract with 2AM!Yeah,you heard me right!It's 2AM!!Their previous ambassador is JQT which I think their contract ended few weeks ago.If you are a KPOP fan,you would know whom 2AM is!4 boys with a sweet and harmonize vocal which their songs are nice to be heard in the morning!That's why they are called 2AM!Recently,their song hit the top of most charts in Korea with their song,너도 나처럼
(I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me) This was my favorite song from them since their lyrics and melody touches my heart.I really recommend the song for you to hear it!

2AM once came here in Malaysia on 21st May 2011!If you're one of their audience in the showcase,you would see how nice they was and how beautiful their skin is!I myself was a big fan of Korean Cosmetics and even Korean themselves love to take care of their skin including the guys too!For me,it isn't weird because guys needs to take care of their skin too and not just girls,right?

Ok next move on to The Skin Shop!I know some of you may be wondering which brand is The Skin Shop,right?Most of you maybe didn't familiar with this brand because they are just started to broaden their shop internationally recently!They're already popular in Korea since 2007!That was almost 6 years already and it's quite long from the date they established this brand!

Here I show you more information about this brand :


Natural Beauty Magician, THE SKIN SHOP
★ Brand Story ★
In the deep exquisite forest laden with the morning dew, Natural Beauty Magician, THE SKIN SHOP comes out in the world to present the magic of nature for you to have the healthiest skin and most natural beauty. Experience the magical effect of skin care & make-up given by The Skin Shop and fulfill your beauty dreams now.

★ Brand Slogan ★
Nature of the natural beauty cosmetics
Beauty magician, THE SKIN SHOP
THE SKIN SHOP says “FROM” & “TO” of your skin
The ultimate solution in artistic skin make-up by THE SKIN SHOP
Natural Beauty Creation of your beautiful skin story through THE SKIN SHOP

This brand theme is Natural Beauty Magician which is the magic comes from the nature!They're focusing on nature ingredients in every of their products to preserve beauty without using any chemical that would harm the skin!They had a range of products from head to toe that you can select from!

If you ask me what I would think when I saw The Skin Shop name ?
Absolutely their SNAIL Cream/SNAIL BB Cream which was very popular among the users because its ingredients,Snail Mucins!

Before you go any further because I said snail mucins,don't throw up just yet because snail mucins contains a lot of benefit which was very loved by Korea because it can heal your skin,treating the blemishes and pimples and makes it glowy,clean and fresh!Look what happen to most Korean,they are having the nicest skin right?And the answer to that is snail mucins!I also didn't know about the existence of snail mucins until I saw The Skin Shop snail products!

A blogger from Philippines which was selected as one of their blogger last time also said that the Snail BB Cream that The Skin Shop send her changed her skin so much since she had a few break outs from her allergies.See here Shimmerjjang Andhie.(Well,she's lucky to be selected right?coz she tries almost every The Skin Shop's products,I'm

and now onto the EVENT!I know you guys are super excited right and I know you are asking me to stop talking too much!lol

The first thing you should do is : LIKE THEIR FACEBOOK FANPAGE!CLICK HERE(the link will be open in a new page so don't hesitate to click it!

Second! : After you click 'LIKE' on their facebook,leave a minimum 3 sentences of a cheering message for The Skin Shop with 2AM!It could be anything as long as you give support messages or what makes you feel interest in them!Please shared,that would be great!(Read the third instruction before you posted your comment!)

Third! : You have to share this event on facebook or do a blog post like me and LEAVE THE POST URL at the end of the cheering message!If you don't want to such a long blog post like this,it would be enough if you just shared it on facebook!

You guys may have a chance to win FULL SET OF IRIS DERMA SOLUTION WHITENING PLUS+!!

Don't missed this!You'll even have a chance to get a nice skin like 2AM!Good luck and fighting!
This ends on 25th May 2012!

For more information about The Skin Shop,please visit their 

FACEBOOK : The Skin Shop
WEBSITE : The Skin Shop

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Maii Giveaway~

I joined a fellow blogger giveaway..she's s fan of gyaru/false lashes, check her blog up!

Grand prize

Second prize

Want to know details about prizes?
Check out it here!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[REVIEW] Skin Mal:gem / Skin Malgeum

Holla...holla ^_^
How are you guys?I finally can manage some time to post up this review!Most of readers are emailing me and sending messages on facebook to ask how good the Skin mal:gem was..Sorry for posting this so late already..

Some of you may be wondering what is Skin mal:gem?

[mal:gem] – The Korean word for cleanness, clarity and pureness. Skin Malgem hypoallergenic toners promote clean, clear and pore complexion with moisturizing and pore cleansing formulas. 
Etude House Skin [mal:gem] malgem Smoother: Exfoliation toner which contained fruits ingredients (lemon, orange, sugar maple, sugar cane, grapefruit) makes clear and soft skin. 
This product is free from Paraben, Artificial dye, Benzophenon, Mineral oil, Animal material!

Basically,it was only a toner.I bought the smoother type and it says that it is an exfoliation toner.I was wondering what they mean by exfoliation at first since the only thing that works for exfoliation is scrub and then maybe I would start to understand now of what they mean by that.I think they're referring to the cleaning of dirty pores something like that since toner also works on removing extra dirt on face after we wash our face.
There are six types of Skin mal:gem from the fresh to emulsion.I suggest you to buy according to your skin needs.If you think your skin are very oily,then the first one suits you the best.I have an oily skin too but I choose the smoother type because I think my face is super dry after washing and it makes me hard to put powder on because it will gets flaky so smoother is the best for me because I think the fresh type won't provide moisture although they said so...(but that's what I think,I never know)

(click to enlarge)

There are several types you can use your skin mal:gem. First is removing make up.Second is as a mist.Third is for moisture and fourth is using it for mask.

P/S : Sorry for the bad lighting.The toner is crystal clear in color.

To the readers who asked me whether this toner are able to remove BB cream and eyeliner or not,my answer would be NO.It is because BB cream is too thick and this won't be able to remove it because it doesn't have oil which clean deep down your pores or you may ended up having a break out >_<
and for eyeliner,it doesn't remove the waterproof type.So better stick to your make-up remover or cleansing oil.

At the moment I post up this review,I already used half of the bottle.I think it has been 2 to 3 weeks I used this and don't be surprise,it wasn't that small.The bottle is quite huge as the toner is 250ml per bottle.I myself think I used a lot everyday since I wash my face about 4 times a day.I know,you're going to say that can damage my skin right??I know it but feeling oily on face half day is sucks!I can't just used oil blotter coz i think the dirt is still there..I usually wash my face before going to work,then second is on the rest time about 1pm or so,then wash again after work when i'm taking bath and lastly before i went to sleep...>_<

I'll try to fix that habit...anyway onto my thoughts;

Pros :
1 - Provide a good moisture along the day or specifically I wore this only for few hours(till I wash my face).
2 - Doesn't break me out.
3 - My face looks like I'm having a good moisture..coz it was shiny?not that oily was a healthy shine.
4 - Free from "Paraben, Artificial dye, Benzophenon, Mineral oil, Animal material" that is unhealthy for skin.5 - Pretty reasonable for a big bottle,250ml and the price I bought is only RM60+ from Korea.
6 - Available locally but if you bought locally,the price is RM79.90 so that's pretty expensive.

Cons :
1 - It just only a toner with good moisture but no other function like whitening or anti-wrinkle.
2 - It can be sticky sometimes if you put too much.

That was it!If you have any more questions to ask,feel free to send it to or my

Thanks for reading!Byebye~!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Etude House Global Event Winner!

Hai!Do you remember in my last post when I said the new Etude House Global facebook is having an opening event?I saw a lot of entries after but I don't know if the girls were my blog readers or not..(and wth i'm freaking 'bajet' after all?lol)..Do you guys joined?or not?

Etude House Global : ♥SWEET EVENT♥ Gift SPREE to celebrate Global Facebook opening! 'Leave your favorite ETUDE HOUSE item' UNDER this post between the period of May 8th ~May 14th! Bring your friends to be part of this event! 10 Winners will win 'Dear my Lipstalk' lipstick! P.S. Please 'share' this with your Facebook friends!!

and here is my entry..I think most of them wrote such a long comment there..lmao..

Anyway,if you guys decide to join now,you are a bit late coz they announced the winner yesterday and I just know it today!

They also post this in the comment section,

and the winner areeee...

Congratulation to the winners!!And....waittttttt....Kaerra Lewn??That was my facebook name!!!!
OMG..I won...and how lucky was I???I still didn't believe that I could be this lucky...0.0..

I think they're going to sent us PK004,the most popular color in the range..
I really wish they sent me another color...pls..pls...*praying hard*

and I got another KISS NOTE book!!ehehehe..r u jelly??kkkk...don't be~~~
I think that's all..see you later!

P/S : If you haven't read my reviews about the lipstick,click here to read!
and don't forget to join my giveaway!Ends on 1/6/2012..hurry up!


Damn..I am so happy till I can't say anything!
The most left out country,Malaysia by Kpop Idols all the time..and now somebody saw us!!Yes,,they saw,they heard us!
and it was BIG BANG!My fucking love all the time!!!YUP..ALL THE TIME!!!

They're going to do their first WORLD TOUR this year and I did put a little hope that they'll will include us Malaysian in the list and damn,that tiny little hope came true last night as they wrote in schedule,my proudest country,Malaysia in it!!Yeah...they did...they DID!!

And what is the most shocking,is they announce MALAYSIA and PHILIPPINE first!!Wtf...the usual country that they have dropped like Thailand and Singapore didn't even make it into the list yet!What kind of turn this is??

There are no place,time and date set yet since they haven't announce all of it at the what can I say,BRING THE KINGS AND WE QUEENS ARE PREPARING THE ARMY HERE!!(And I don't know what that's mean..that was suddenly pop out in my dummy yeah..enough screaming..I need to collect money ;D

Those two edited photos are credited to Her Korean Things.Go check her fb and blog..she's quite a fan too..

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Past Week's Vain #F.O.S #Daiso #VOIR

Hey guys!I think I've been away for sometime and it wasn't my intention too T^T
I started my work( to be precise only for a month) since I don't want my days by sitting at home the whole day for two month  0.0

It's my first time working in 20
It's quite okay since I only do office works and sometimes I played the computer more than I
(now is currently my office time and I'm writing a blog post..hahaxD)
There isn't much people in the office since they always had outstation or out of office work so I usually alone..*smiling wide*

So,I'm not going to post review by today,coz I don't know where I put those picture I've taken..or I left it at home maybe?But anyway,Skin mal:gem reviews soon! and not forget the lip tints!yeayyy~

Here is some pictures that I took on past week which are the things that I bought not using my
I think this is the big shopping I ever done straight for four weeks since me and my family go shopping every that's why I don't even have chance to post up new blog post..lmao

A bag bought from pasar

Vivi Magazine May Issue!I got this in April but too bad my scanner broken!!!noo..there are also Mina Magazine...T^T

Pants bought from discount for this from RM130+++ to RM60+
but its a bit big for me..but its okay..

A shirt bought from F.O.S(guy's section!) lmao coz I hate curvy shirt..and the female shirt way too tight..dislikes!

2 long sleeves shirt..bought from night market too...kekeke...but the colors are cool!
A long sleeve shirt from Third Element.A Korean-style clothes store!
Check this out at Berjaya Times Square!
I never had orange before so this was really a good pick!

A 3-style container from Daiso!How convenient is that?

me wearing the shirt I bought and wearing Etude House Dear My Blooming Lip-talk in PK004
*I'm getting chubbier...*sigh*

A bouquet I sport from my new workplace!

Located in Aeon Jusco Bukit Tinggi!

Daiso again...a bit smaller than I've seen in Malacca or TS

I think Malaysia don't wear this..haha

cute mugs!!

to fake eyelashes fans!!got lots more than this!

More in Daiso..


Finally finished with a pizza was supposed to be the latest pizza in store but looks so UN-Delicious...because the main point,floss is finished??wtf...

So we had that plain meal without any offer for replacement..

End here...I suppose to finish up my reviews post!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Etude House Global!

Etude House is my first ever make-up collection I ever bought in my life and since then I've been their fans till today(and I think most of my review came from Etude House...kkk)

They have expanding their business overseas and still spreading to other countries!I hope to those who've been waiting for them to come,have faith..I know it won't be long from now ^_^

Anyway,I just want to tell you a good news..


They opened on March 13 but officially active starting April 14th!

So to those girls who haven't check out their fb page,please follow this link!

They held an event too!The lucky gal can win Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk!Yeay~~
( I also pretty excited although I have those

So join it!You won't regret anything..GOOD LUCK!

psst...i'm actually working now but i'm cheating for a while..hehe :p

Sunday, May 6, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk + Kiss Note feat SHINee and Sandara Park(2NE1)

Wassup guys!It's been sometime since I posted my last review..Sorry,I started my work last week and I've been delayed this post quite sometime.So I got free time today and I'll think I post this up!

It's the lipstick that I bought in my last haul~~
I'm quite happy with the lipstick at the moment and I wear this every single day~

I wouldn't say any further,so take a look at these pictures~!

Update : Read the #BE101 and #OR204 shades reviews HERE!

I bought 2 lipstick and the code is RD304 and PK004.There are 24 shades to choose from and I took such a long time to decide what colors I

The RD304 is a bit reddish and PK004 was bright pink!
It's because I think bright colors are cool for this spring!

You can see the colors on the photo.I basically pick the Dara No.2 and No.4 
without I realizing it!lol

But I would say that the colors shown are not 100% true because the RD304 is not that red.
It differs on what colors your lips are.

The lipstick packaging!Aren't they cute??!
With the small ribbon and princess-y style packaging!!They made me fell in love~~

Oh well,the Korean description.I don't understand them,sorry~~

But they do have some English description too!

The production date.
Many of us overseas have mistaken the date as the expiration date whereas Korean cosmetic 
always print the manufacturing date.
So don't be mistaken again next time!

Have the apps?So crop it!
You'll see more details about the products!

Look at the love-carriage?
It was damn cute! *falls*


Sorry for the blurred swatches.My camera can't do any better than this 
I think it's better because you can see a slight difference between the two colors.

As I said,the RD304 is not that red and it only had a slight difference between PK004.
The colors shown above may not look pigmented as in real because of the lighting problems and all.

So onto my thoughts :

Pros :
1. The colors are truly pigmented.
2. It glides easily without leaving your lips dried.However,I did recommend you to apply on some lip balms if your lips is originally dried.
3. Cute and pretty packaging which I think it can persuade any girls to buy~hihi
4. Small and handy.
5. Got a lot of shades to choose from!
6. Fruity to floral smell..I love it!
7. No shimmers~

Cons :
1. I'm having trouble to open the PK004 cap every time I want to use it.It was pretty tight T^T
2. Disappeared when you eat or drink.Well,this may applies to all lipstick out there..hehe :D

and now onto the KISS NOTE!
I saw a lot of fans have been asking about this book on the EH official page(Msia).
and here I show you the pictures!
Believe me,it was very girly!!~~~

It was pink!!!yeayyyY~~!!

How cute!!SHINee and Sandara!!

Did you watch the Kiss Note short film?
This was one of the scene!

*sigh* I got this pretty blur and I didn't realize it..gomen...
but this is Key's and Taemin's ver!

Sandara and Minho scene!
Very romantic scene and funny too coz Minho's leg is too long!lmao

The rest of the pages got this design! very cuteeee!!

The back book!

P/S : don't forget to enter my giveaway here!I may extend the date because I'm currently are super busy!
and I may add prizes too!