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Friday, April 29, 2016

[REVIEW] 3CE Glossing Waterful Foundation, Creamy Cheek Stick, Back to Baby BB and Duo Color Face Blush

I barely hold up my excitement since this is the first time I got so much 3CE in once! Thank you so much to SEPHORA for making this happen. I'm just happy by looking at it :D

You may know that Sephora carries cosmetics largely from the West but do you know that they carries Korean brands as well? Well you now know, Sephora carries 3CE makeup brand in their store! and good news is 3CE brand is now available in! 3CE brand might be hard to get in Malaysia but now, you can easily get it at Sephora Official Store and Sephora Online.

Visit SEPHORA to purchase all these gorgeous products!

Sorry for the mess, it's just hard to hold the dropper on the left and camera on the right hand XD

  • Ingredients : Water, titanium dioxide, Cyclopentasiloxane, phenyl Trimethicone, butylene glycol, hydrogenated Polydecene, glycerin, dimethicone, hexyl laurate, ethylhexyl olivate, niacinamide, Disteardimonium Hectorite, magnesium sulfate, mica, zinc oxide, alcohol, talc, camellia/moringa seed oil, adansonia seed extract, arvense extract, cranberry fruit extract, olive leaf extract, japonica flower extract, fructan, lauroyl lysine, hexarosinate, tribehenin, Sorbitan isostearate, calcium stearate, hydrogen dimethicone, lecithin, iron oxides.
  • There are 4 shades in total for this foundation namely Soft Beige, Natural Ivory, Milk Ivory and Nude Beige.
  • It contains SPF 15 sunblock level for UV protection.
  • The price is RM121.00 and weighted 40g.
  • The first thing that I saw the tube, I knew it's gonna be a little light for me and it turns out that it is light but not up to my ghostly expectation. Unexpectedly, it blended quite well to my skin and it brighten it up as it doesn't looks ghostly on me.
  • A partial reason is because the liquid itself is very thin and it is really easy to blend into the skin probably because the amount of oil in it. You can see how it looks glowy after I blended the liquid on my hand.
  • It doesn't have fragrance in it nor that I smell any.
  • The first time I tried to apply the liquid using the foundation brush and it looks really nice but at the same time it gives so little coverage. The second time I tried using my fingers but it turns out to settle in my pores. I think it's best if you can use the makeup sponge or air puff for better application.
  • Although the coverage is very minimal, I could say that it is buildable since it wouldn't look cakey because the amount of oil it has.
  • For oily skin like mine, I could say that it doesn't feel oily at all and I was very pleased on how it look on me. I would add up more liquid on the spots that I need to cover up.
  • One downside for anybody who had a nose just like mine where the foundation will disappear most of time, this might be not good for that.
  • Overall, I would wear this on day where my skin is all cleared up and when I don't want something heavy on face. It certainly will make anyone looks awake.

  • There are 5 duo blush sets of colors namely Peach Crush, Miss Flower, Retro Drive, Make Me Blush and Creme de Violette.
  • Peach Crush consist of two colors, bright orange and pastel pink.
  • Price : RM97.00
  • There is no scent identified.
  • I would say that the blush itself is very pigmented in color especially the orange. The above swatch is only one swatch and it clearly shown the color well on my fingers.
  • The blush is easy to work with and I usually mixed them altogether so the orange won't look to bright on me but just keep in mind not too swipe too much as the colors might turn really bright on the skin.
  • In regards to the color or depending on your use, for me the blush would last very long since I don't need much to achieve the color I wanted.
  • Overall, I like it because it doesn't make my makeup cakey and it doesn't build up with excessive powders.

  • Consist of 5 shades namely Pink Factory, Love Craft, Sweet Apricot, Candy Shop and Marry You.
  • Price ; RM97.00
  • The texture is creamy and easy to work with because it came in a stick type. This would come in handy since bringing a brush to touch up is so not like me..haha
  • The Candy Shop color is so pretty! Unlike the duo color blush, this looks more like pinky coral rather than orange.
  • It might look a little bright on the stick however after it was blended out, it turns more like pastel in color.
  • The cream itself is very easy to blend in it make me looks like I'm blushing which is nice!
  • Again, no fragrance detected or possibly a little bit but it wasn't that strong since I just identified them when I'm bringing the stick close to my nose.
  • Overall, I really love this and would recommend this to try :D

  • Ingredients : Water, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Butylene Glycol, Black 2, Yellow 5, Red 33, Laureth-21, Blue 1, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Diethylhexyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Natto Gum, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, denatured Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Dehydroacetate.
  • Came in two colors, Black and Brown.
  • Amount is about 0.9ml.
  • Have a super slim brush tip that allows thin liner application.
  • Honestly I already reviewed this eyeliner before however, there's a little thing that I didn't notice previously but I do know.
  • The liner itself is leaving a tint behind after I washed up. I thought it was just me but I'm already using my oil cleanser and the tint still remains. So like normally I do is that I double cleansed and the tint is gone. 
  • I like it that the brush tip is really thin because I don't usually do thick lines so this is perfect for me.
  • Plus the color is not as pigmented on the first application-but you can always build it up and darken the line.
  • The downside this eyeliner for me is that it transfer to on top of my lid when I look up. I wish it doesn't transfer because it was a nice eyeliner since it doesn't smudge and quite waterproof too.
  • Overall, I still like the brush and the color but the color transfer is a no-no.

  • Doesn't have any shades choices so this is the only color.
  • Net weight : 30ml and priced at RM76.00
  • There is a fragrance to this BB cream and it reminds me so much of BB cream since most of them have this smell and I haven't use any BB cream for so long!
  • Unlike the foundation, this BB cream have better coverage but it is less glowy than the foundation. It is more like half-matte to me but it doesn't feel like it was drying. It covers up most of my redness in one application but I may need a little bit for dark spots.
  • Since the BB cream is on the thick side, it is a little hard to blend with fingers but I suggest using a puff instead.
  • It doesn't irritate my skin if I wear it for longer hours.
  • The good thing is that it won't disappear on my nose as fast as the foundation would be..yeayyy!
  • Feels a little heavy on the skin compared to the foundation however it's not like I feel like I was putting kilos of makeup on my skin. It just felt like "I've put something on"
  • The finish is rather ghostly for me since the color is too light for my skin. I guess I need to wait for days that my skin might look a little lighter then..
  • Overall, it has a nice coverage but it would be good if they can release more darker shades.

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

[REVIEW] Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Brightening with Global Interpark

Hey guys! It's been so long!

Today I'll be reviewing this cushion from Sulwhasoo which is the "Brightening" type. 
This item is sponsored by GLOBAL INTERPARK, a Korean-based online shop that offers variety of Korean products ranging from Kbeauty, Korean Food, Korean Fashion, Kpop & Kdrama merchandise and so much more!

Global Interpark is new to me as I never heard of it before but it excites me that they offers FREE SHIPPING!! How amazing is that? Without further ado, let me describe a little bit about them.

Interpark started its bussiness in 1996 and they are the first e-commerce company in Korea! Interpark is came from the word "Internet" and "theme park" which implies the joy of a theme part of the internet for the users. In 2014, they started to provide international service through the Global Interpark.

The homepage usually will appear in Chinese when you click the link from Google however there's a button on top that will let you change to language and currency. So far they offered English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese for the languages and USD, CNY, EUR and JPY for currency.

 The site offers Credit Card, Paypal, Alipay, Tenpay and more payment channels for the users to make their payment and they provide EMS and e-Post shipping services to over 220 countries! Starting from 2015, the users can also used the site on mobile :D

I know the introduction will not be enough without a discount code! You'll get 10% discount by using my code "EBL-MIZU-10" without minimum purchase!!yeayyy~

Just enter the code according to the above picture and it will automatically deduct your payment on the page. As the representative let me did all the purchase myself, I can tell you that their website is so easy to use and navigate around. It doesn't even took me 5 minutes to complete my order.

and by the way, FREE SHIPPING on another website is always refer to the non-track able Korean shipping service but the free shipping offered by Global Interpark is definitely a shipping service that you can track! They'll put a button on your order page for you to be able to track your parcel after it was sent. With that, happy shopping!


Enough with the introduction, so here's the review for this amazing cushion from Sulwhasoo~

There's definitely a 3D geometrical design on top but my camera not be able to capture the glittery, dreamy parts of it T_T

Sorry, it's kind of dirty...teheee..

This is in the shade of No.23

Brown puff!

Such an unflattering swatch..haha

 I received this cushion in a well packaged Global Interpark box and it's huge at that! Never thought that the inside there is a little cute box that could only fit the cushion in XD

The cushion supposedly have more shades range however on the site, they only offers up to No.23 which is a little bit light on my side. The No.23 is like it can be a little light or darker for me since my skin tone changes a lot. I just recently noticed that because the difference is not that obvious but I could tell since I looked into the mirror quite frequent..haha...But overall, it doesn't looks that obvious since most of the time it looks great on me.

I really don't want to but I still want to compare this cushion with my favourite Laneige Pore Control Cushion. The texture is definitely a bit different since this Sulwhasoo cushion is a bit brighter looking with a little glow to it whereas Laniege Pore Control lies more on the half-matte finish.

The oil control for this cushion? I guess its amazing. Just look at the bottom picture, I took that after 4 hours with sweat and all that and it still looks amazing. Whilst Laneige Pore Control cushion will developed a little product accumulation around my side of the nose after that amount of time, this cushion produces a very minimal of that which is less obvious. Btw, I didn't retouch since first application because I don't think it deserves retouching though I can be considered quite sweaty after 4 hours added with the El-Nino thing.

The coverage is medium. Applying more layers wouldn't help to add more coverage because this is considered quite light on the skin as I didn't feel like I was actually makeup on my face. However, it does cover my redness and minimal blemishes covering.

Overall, I really love this cushion and I could say that this rival my favourite Laniege cushion which places on top of my favourite cushion list!

I rate this:

Thank you for reading!