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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Malaysian Version : Annoying Mandarin!

Much cried from the last 'Sek Fan' post??Now,I'm gonna show you a funny-chinese-malaysian way for Annoying Orange for Chinese New Year!lol..

I thought its's Annoying Orange,but this is Annoying Mandarin!They do it the best!Almost the closet too!

I'm having fun laughing at this and won't you try too???hahahahaXD(What's even funny in this sentence? =_=)

LOL-ed again!

P/S : I've posted about Annoying Orange before,read it here if you haven't!

'Sek Fan' Chinese New Year Ads~

Do you like to watch local ads especially for holidays like Hari Raya Aidilfitri,Chinese New Year and Deepavali?Well,if you aren't,then I am!Ads for holidays are the most anticipated ads of me since it shows more of Malaysian way and how we live our lives~

I'm living in boarding school when I was in high school and then go ahead continue my study to my university so I have so many ads that I missed(If you say that we got holidays when this ads were broadcast,then my reason would be,I'm not at home the entire time,so watching TV was almost impossible)

Recently,there is an ads for the recent Chinese New Year,showing the love the love of the family and how 'Sek Fan' reunited the family back!If you're wondering what Sek Fan means,then watch this video!(with English subtitle)

Back then,Petronas ads were really popular but after the death of Allahyarham Yasmin Ahmad,Petronas weren't create my ads videos anymore..Sad,I was a big fan...

Anyway,there are way lots of ads for holidays out there,share with me if you got something!

Thank you!

YGeShop Batch and New Big Bang 2012 Album!

Evening peeps!Today was so tiring for me,how about you?Plus it's getting hotter in Malaysia and I'm a little bit lucky since my university is like in the forest so every morning and night,the trees will support the

Oh,if you didn't know,I'm a die-hard-fan of Kpop and I'm also a Kpop Merchandise seller..hmm...I start this business quite long already because of unexpected reasons.Once I asked my fb friends,whoever want to order new Big Bang album in the year 2011 with me because combine shipping made the merchandise more cheaper so I got like tons of requests that time and that turn into my personal business till now(of course to support my financing for make-ups,clothes,etc..)Although I took PTPTN but I didn't really used that money on my personal  likes becoz my father tends to take half of them every semester to keep it in bank..hehe :D ..So I only have half left for my study expenditure plus food.(thank god,I'm a lazy eater which means,if there are no food,then I wouldn't eat either..)Its become a habit since my high school years becoz I tend to live in boarding school and every time breakfast,lunch or dinner,I became superly tired and I straight way go to dormitory ..sleep is better than in the food expenses,I saved a lot there..kkk

So this time I'm going to have another batch to order new Big Bang album or any merchandise that available in Ygeshop.One of my current customer is from Iran and she really bought a lot every time I got batch to order..Seriously,like last time she spent like RM2000 to buy some DVD and goods from Ygeshop.I was quite shocked too since I never receive such a large amount of money in batches..btw,she was really nice and easy to talk too since she don't have so much problem in paying.(I envy her for having lots of money because I never bought that much although I'm a representative seller..T^T)

This time she ordered something again and already paid it..oho..she was so fast her 10000x...
Big Bang album didn't released yet but I think I'm gonna have such a large orders again this time..hmm..limit per batch is only 5 albums,I think I may separate this to few batches then..

and to those who've bought with me before,thank you for your cooperation and sorry if I have lacks in replying all those emails plus fb msgs that almost made my inbox so full..kkk..If anyone interested in joining this batch,you're very welcome!Anything in Ygeshop in this batch will be cheaper than usual price since I bought in bulk!Thank you!

This was some of the batch arrivals that I made to take pictures of..there are lots more but I didn't manage to take all of those pictures..:(

Oh btw,my blog for this shop is,"Moonstruck Kpop".However for new stuff I didn't yet update in the blog since few months already becoz i upload it in my facebook,So search Kaerra Lewn on facebook!It mine although it was absolutely my 'mengada' name..hohoho..

Fairy Tail #115 read it right..Tail of Fairy ..haha..Its Fairy Tail,a title for a popular manga and anime from Japan..
I didn't really read the whole manga but I fan their anime though,because I was too lazy to read manga..hmm..especially this was really a long series then I become more lazy la..

Last week,they released the episode 115..but I didn't sure if Japan got the more latest episode..I'm just following the roll of fansubs though..

Most probably girls would prefer to have Happy,the blue cat but my favorite character was absolutely Natsu and Happy!!haha..because these two were very funny though!!Although Natsu were less handsome than Gray or Loke,but then becoz of his personality plus his strong determination,thats enough for me to fall in love with him!♥♥♥ 

This series is totally addicting!Although there were a lot of fights,but the way they express the fights was in funny way that you can't even expect of..Sorry if you weren't an anime fan like me but I just wanted to share what I do like..oh yes..#i'mintheworldofnoboyfriend ..they were my bf then..I'm waiting for the episode this Friday!Can't wait!Plus we're having a holiday again!That was superrbbb!!

Ja ne~

[REVIEW]Urban Decay Naked Palette

Good day everyone~!!This is my first time writing a blog post in the morning!haha..
Actually my class got cancelled this morning and I have to drive back home..pffft..Seriously,I was really in a bad mood just now because my motorcycle won't start!Yes,you heard it right,my motorcycle not my car..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ..Oh well,becoz I can't afford to have a car plus my rent house wasn't too far away from my college..hehe..I manage to rent to the nearest,how lucky~~

I was really tired though plus the class was already about to start..I think I will be so late and I said,if this motorcycle won't start,I'm surely 'ponteng' la for sure,then oh gosh..that thing heard me and it start! I drive to my college and I receive a call from my classmate a.k.a my housemate that the class was cancelled!!


Then I wouldn't curse much to my motorcycle plus didn't have to be angry to my father either becoz I'm a really   
a hot tempered daughter..forgive me dad..~~~~~~Everything happens and I blame my parents..I don't know why I'm like this..maybe I'm too spoiled..Lately,I've been praying to God to make this 'weird' side of me went away becoz every time that happens,I will regret it after I'm doing it..Seriously,I wanted to be a good daughter,that's why I'm trying to change myself..well,that was really a honest confession of me..

Oh,back to the title,I'm going to show you my Naked Palette!!hooorayyy~~Finally I manage to save my money this semester for this palette!Yes,you may know that this palette is in my wishlist for so long already but I didn't manage to get it becoz of money..haha..I spent a lot on Dolly Wink though..Although Naked Palette 2 came out exact in time when I bought this,I still wanted this number 1 version becoz I heard the Naked Palette 2 wasn't in too much instead of buying something I'm not very sure of,its better I bought this one that I really want~~

This is Youtube Gurus fault!haha..If not becoz of them,I think I wouldn't be crazier for this stuff too~~kk..
I'm not gonna swatch this since there are tons of blogspot and review out there for this palette..

This picture is taken from my phone,Samsung Galaxy Young using FxCamera application!!I'm totally love this app!!The result came out so pretty for things but not face..I rather used the normal camera for face picture because I look like a zombie when used this

I used a lot of Half-Baked and Smog and Virgin though..keke..and this was totally was my expectation!Love this palette.I used this almost everyday~Anyway,thanks for reading and thanks to my new followers as well!Nice to meet ya!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

This is really an annoying Orange!

Oh hyep guys!Yes,another blogpost from me!I don't know why but when I visit here,there are so much to talk about and to share but I didn't realize this before and taking a lot of time thinking for a new post!yayayaya...

but I didn't want to rumble too much this late night..hoho..just wanna share with you a YT channel that i discovered today from my friend's tweet..I don't usually watch what people share esp on YT since I always got a sucky line connection and too busy looking at something else..but this were just exactly in time when my connection speed suddenly went high up and i don't really have much to do..

First..this is so annoying!n that's why the name is Annoying Orange.I know maybe some of you known this like centuries ago and I was like a funny hag just excited want to share something that i just know to the whole world =_= oh my ;;;

This starts when my friend tweet the Nyan nyan cat video and I was like eh??what was this annoying video?and it turns out i ter-click on the related videos which the thing that i ever wanted to do(cheat la 4 sure)..coz I'm just too curious of  #5wife1husband questions are running in front of my eyes..

I've watch a lot of their videos and still,there are too many to finished it right now T^T..for sure someone who low-leveled English users like me who can't really understand all those annoying words they're trying to relate to but thanks to me,i do friend a lot with American and some of them did the same thing too..

and hell yeah..some of it were totally funny and so out of mind and made me really pissed off on what in the world was this Orange is so freakkkking annoying!haha..#notjustthefruiti'mpissedofftoo read that!

Don't blame me if this really annoying you..Click on their channel to watch more!

Friday, January 27, 2012

[Self-Experience]Acne and Pimples,It's All Gone for ME!

Hey guys!We meet again this week~!Haha..Usually I'm not this diligent in writing post but I got some extraordinary feeling this week and that relates to blog!haha...I just missed how I started this blog with full of spirit that actually got lost a bit after 2 years of blogging..sorry for that~I'm activating myself again!Fighting!

Today,I'm gonna share with you about my skin my last post,I speak a little bit of my skin problem and what I used to cure now,I'm going to explain a little bit more longer so that this can be used for those who might have skin problems like me and to those who prefer cheaper way of treatment since I'm a student and can't afford to meet skin professionalist and having a spa-like treatment like laser and whatsover treatment that exist in this world that used lots of money.

I actually do have my 'before' skin photo in my collection as my mom asked me to keep that for future comparison whether the medicine given by the pharmacist is actually worked or not..but the photo is a bit too revealing for me who wears hijab..but maybe I'll cut of some parts in the picture later so you can see it..I'll try but not promised...

Actually my skin problems starts when I was around 18 years old(I'm 20 years this year) which I starts to wear make-ups.I'm actually a girl without a skin problem before turn into a girl who got a lot of pimples and turn to acne.It is all because I'm wearing BB Cream that time and that 'thing' blocks my pores.It is said that when a person used BB Cream,normal cleansing is not enough to clean your place deep down to your pores and I was a newbie and I didn't know that.I just cleanse my face like usual because I think it is enough to clean my face but I was wrong,bit by bit the pimples went out onto my face and this newbie(me) thought that it was only a normal pre-hormon before my period every month.Having pimples before period is usual for me..

Later then,the pimples went out a lot but then it disappear some and went out again..I continued using BB Cream until last year(like September I think)..I read about the cleansing oil and I realize that my method was wrong..and the time when I realize that,my face already got into trouble because I'm someone who can't stand to see any pimples on my face and I pop it out...then it turn to be acne because of that..

P/S : Pimples and acne is different.Pimples is a normal one that went out onto your face and will disappear after some time if you have good cleansing skills.Acne is the pimples that went out onto your face and leave a 'hole-like' onto your skin when it disappear.

Then,I immediately stop wearing BB Cream until now(yeah,i still got a lot of BB Cream in my drawer,so should I sell them?haha xD).My mom who was the one that complains so much after seeing my skin became bad day by day..and I myself try to treat my skin as possible as I can.I EVEN BOUGHT A FULL SKINCARE COST LIKE RM500+ for this!It is too expensive right???That doesn't include the previous one that I bought..and all of them DOESN'T EVEN WORK!That was the thing that pissed me off..It's because some of the users already shows some positive sides and my face doesn't show any improvement at I gave up..all this thing was too tiring..

I myself also tried to covered all those unperfectness on my face by wearing the powder foundation replacing the BB Cream...and that was also a BIG MISTAKE that I ever done!That powder foundation works in covering but my face are getting more awful..till my aunties also realized this and my friend also noticed everytime I look into the mirror,I will be really sad...(oh yes..this was true though,I'm not creating any fake stories okay!In fact this is my true advertisement in this post!)

So last month or end of the November I think,my mom decide to bring me to pharmacy to buy medicine to cure this..and the pharmacist gave me a medicine named 'Topicil' because she said,your pimples is not too bad..( yea because mine wasn't like have nanah(pus) all over becoz once it appears,then it will be flat after the pus gone..)..I used the Topicil medicine about nearly 3 weeks I think and that doesn't took an effect either.Topicil is like a bit strong medicine to cure pimples.So you can only get this at pharmacy if recommended by the pharmacist.

So my mom brought me again to another pharmacy.I think the name is Pharmacy Valley and there are always 2 pharmacist in the pharmacy to keep watching the store.So my mom thinks this could be better than the previous one since the previous one is-no-like pharmacist at all...sorry doctor..hahaXD

The pharmacist then look at my face and  she also said the same thing,my problem is not too bad..(I was like really??but I think it is bad already)..She then recommended a face wash(from her pharmacy),a day cream(from Italy named Acnelia to prevent 'newborn' pimples.A bottle of acne preventing pills(from her pharmacy too) and a peeling off cream(from her pharmacy that must be used at night to remove the skin cells that infected with the acne/pimples.The total is like RM150+ I think and I only pay half and my mother sponsored me half...hehe :DDDD

I used all of that about less than 3 weeks.For the first time,the peeling off cream was really hurt on my skin..part of my face become red though because it peels off my skin(the part that i applied) when I was sleeping..but I think no one realize that since no one tell the difference on my face..kkk~Mostly my pimples were on cheeks and T-zone..whether my forehead got nothing..So the medicine is only for the part that infected.Then when this cream is combined with their face wash,my face feels really tight!Like something pulled my skin! first it feels weird but not hurt but then I liked

The pharmacist said to meet her again after one month but the medicine running out so fast..maybe I was too excited though..haha..and I don't have any holidays too so I went again to the pharmacy last week..and that time,the pimples were already gone and so was acne too..because after the medicine run out,I still got new pimples on my face so I thought this thing will be never disappear but it changed after 2 weeks coz i can see my face getting better even though the medicine ran out already..

and the last thing remains was the the pharmacy gave me the face wash once again and a scar treatment gel named Strivace that was produce locally.Now,its already in my second  week using that along with Acnelia that I mention before for the day cream used to prevent 'newborn' more thing about Acnelia,this is very good in preventing pimples!This is really true!Because after my medicine ran out,the only thing that remains was Acnelia and I applied this onto my newborn pimples and it is gone on the next day!(Maybe it wasn't completely gone but the pimples can't develop to more bad appearance)..

I can see so much improvement on my face now because it is getting cleaner and I was happy too!I always lacks confident when I have pimples on my face but now its not anymore!In fact,I only used a normal compact powder when I went out!No more thing need to cover.!hehe..and yeah..there was some 'hole-like' thing remains too because my fault : I pop out the pimples before..I just wish the pharmacy could give something that can make it disappear though...haha..

So yeah..I think this is a cheaper way to treat your skin than spending lots of time and money trying some skincare and trying out another skincare that works or might not works for your skin!So total healing period for my skin was about 2 months..It was a lot better..believe me~~~

So choose the best for you because I was only recommend this since it works for me.For the medicine,you can only got it at pharmacy but I recommend you to ask to the pharmacist further more since he or she might recommend something else that works a lot more for you based on your skin condition.These medicine was dangerous if you just bought it without proper consultation and maybe it will cause a lot more trouble for you so let the pharmacist do their work..

Now,I didn't used any foundation nor BB Cream anymore..hehe..I'm more prefer compact powder/loose powder..since it is more natural..maybe for make-up,I only focus on my eye make-up and lips~~

So good luck!I'm happy that I finally can share this based on my experience!I just wish i can show you my pictures but then I wasn't prepared when I wrote this post.kkk...So yeah..maybe that's it..

Update!The picture!

See you later on my next post!Thank you for reading and you absolutely can share this!kkkk~~


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Late Night Post : Tsubasa New Dolly Wink Otona Collection

Hai candies!I'm pretty sure you got excited based on title..oh yeah..its Dolly Wink new collection!!!Yeay!buuuuuuuuut~~~I haven't laid my hands yet to those cuties~~~~ahahaha...sorryy~~~

Since it was new,I know you girls are wanting this collection so bad..isn't you??hoho...I myself trying to collect some money to buy it..the new collection has arrived here in Malaysia and you can get it at stores which Dolly Wink are available!!So grab it now you Tsubasa's die-hard-fan...hahaha!

Ahhh..I didn't posted my Dolly Wink eye shadows right from the first collection?? is already got the second the collection and I still didn't post it yet...that was so long time ago and now I'm thinking to post late of me...but should I include tutorial too??my tutorial shouldn't be the same as Tsubasa right??I guess I should prepared that first...hehe :D

For the new collection,Tsuabasa create eyebrow mascara,eyebrow powder,eyebrow pencil,eyelash glue and etc...She concentrate more to the eyebrows for this second can check Koji-honpo page for the pictures..

but here are some of the pictures that I got from Koji-honpo Malaysia fb page!!!!I know coz I'm among those girls who loves Tsubasa's collection since I love gyaru!!!ahhhh....can someone actually sponsor me for this???erghhh..I wish I already work right now T^T..Being a student at this time is really sucks!

I also didn't bought any make up for these few months!!Can you imagine someone like me who loves make up so much didn't bought anything??Its not like I lose interest or what but I'm focusing to my skin more~~(but I cheat that,I bought a Naked Palette last month,but only that T^T)

Owh..I just wanna tell that my skin is actually improving!!No more pimples and acne!!Yeay!!It's simple,you don't need to spend your money having expensive skin treatment..I just went to local pharmacist and they recommend me some medicine and it was actually works!(After all,pharmacists are better than doctors)
So yeah,go to your nearest pharmacy and tell them your problem..
The first pharmacy I went,I don't know if she really the 'pharmacist' of the pharmacy but she said..'ahh..your face is not too bad larr'..and she gave me Topicil and it didn't work..Seriously,if Topicil didn't work then my problem is actually worse!

So I went to the other pharmacy and they give me a special face wash,a cream(sorta of peeling off your skin when you sleep,it hurts at first but you get used to it after a week),a day cream( to prevent 'newborn' pimples) and a bottle of acne preventing pills.

Seriously all of this medicine 'wash away' all my pimples and acne and you can say only the acne scar is left and I went again to the pharmacy and they give me a scar healing gel..I only used it for a week now and yea..i can see the improvement becoz some of the scar were already disappear!So big clap to these saved my life!!!hahaha..

Ok..enough of this late night rumbling..(oh noo..its actually morning already!) and don't forget to grab your new Dolly Wink collection!!yeayyy~~~

See the reviews from my favorite blogger here,apparently she is Japanese so her mom bought that for her and send to her lucky! ^_^ Click!

Ok...bubbye~~~~see yaaaa~~~~chuu~

Sunday, January 22, 2012

[REVIEW]Luview Crystal Mineral Pact and Glossy Kiss Lipgloss

Hola readers!Oho..I know it's been quite sometimes since I update something(yea,almost the same sentence that came from me too..kk)

I do visit my blog daily but whenever I see the post,i goes blank..didn't know where to start

but anyway,I'm going to show you guys of what I've won for the latest Luview giveaway!You can see from the previous post,I already mention about this and the results came out that i'm the one of the winners!Jealous much??haha..please don't..there will be more giveaways from Luview soon!Keep updated with them at their facebook!

My super sweet fellow blogger,Tan Kim chooses me from all those Malaysian competitors and I'll send you my gratitude for that~..Arigato!

Oh,before that..the photos aren't good looking as the first time I got these honeys coz I already used it several times!So sorry...I forgot to take pictures before that...

 This is the compact powder,one of Luview's make-up that I personally choose instead of BB Cream since I'm no longer a BB Cream user because of some reasons..

The powder itself got two-tier which the first tier is the powder and second tier is the super smooth sponge applicator..urmm...maybe not sponge-like,its more fur-like..i like the applicator coz it is smooth but the only thing that bothers me is the line between the sponge,its hurting my face whenever it cross my face..X(

The lips gloss is good..non-sticky on lips and stays longer too!and for sure the color are nice!You can get a nude pink lip,a hot pink lip and a sweet pink lip too!it based on how much you applied each color onto your lips!Creativity gals!I know you can do it right!

Oh well,as for my pictures..ohoh..i haven't took any so maybe I'll put in in my next post!

That's all for now!See ya~~~tutu~

P/S : I got new phone and the pictures is taken from there,,not bad though..kk

Friday, January 6, 2012

What's into Kpop These Days?

Hyep!I actually have a lot of things I wanna do right now but since I drop by here,I'm going to post something today..

If you were a Kpop fans..(yeah like me!) you sure know the latest group that debut right??

Okay,let list some of them..CHAOS,FIX,..and will later debut EXO and etc..etc..

I do LOVE new groups debut but when the trend,I referred to their age,and most of them are teens!13,14..15 years old,,,for is just young!These companies do REALLY have to give them more training than rushing to debut long they actually trained??do when they're even babies?it was so different from the sunbaes..some of them spending like 6-7 years to train and debut!

and I would say that LOOKS is important in becoming idols(I agree,who doesn't love to see a freaking handsome guy wink at you?) I wasn't implementing that looks are important but they're singers!and shouldn't their vocal are better?? Also,I love DANCE but again,they're singers!It's good to have multiple talents but I really wanted the vocals are given more concerns..

I know KPOP is now international,global and because of that,people are wanting something more good and better from day to day..

A Korean friend of mine expressed her worries by stating that she worries,this trends by these greedy companies will effect the future of KPOP industry..yes...that concerns me too or maybe other foreign fans..I LOVE KPOP and I WANT THIS MUSIC WILL BE ALIVE UNTIL FOREVER.

So please..directors,CEO or whatever,doesn't you actually have to be more concern about this??Think bout' it~

Oh..there was a lot of new comebacks recently too!So I wanna share some of videos that was eye catching to me!

Teen Top - Going Crazy >>> Teen Top never disappoint me from their first debut..Although they were that young but as I said,having multiple talents is good..from their music to MV, everything is 5 star!Also check their first track,Teen Top in this album!

T-Ara & Davichi - We Were In Love >>>Another new song in T-Ara's Funky Town album.I choose this song over Lovey Dovey because I preferred this song more.Its so lovely and definitely good!Lovey Dovey reminds me much of Roly Poly and Bo Peep Bo Peep and actually it becoming a rhyme from these songs..I really want them to change to other music sometimes..

Fat Cat - Is Being Pretty Everything >>I love this song because of the lyrics..and we know that was true though.Check out the uploader channel for her full MV with sub!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Bang 2012 Gmarket Greetings and One month earlier comeback!

As you know(maybe?),I'm a Big Bang fans since 6 years ago...hohoho..It's been sometimes since I post about them and their latest new was YG Ent said there will be one month earlier next album released this year as they said it will be on March before..damn wasn't too far from now and I need to save my MONEY!!haha..They're going to released re-packaged too..(I know,that was Korean style though) but I'm happy that Big Bang are way more different than other idols as they include few new songs in the re-packaged album..not just remixes or only one new song...hohoho..

That was first!Second, Gmarket released their New Year Greeting video as Big Bang(yes,the whole group!) now is the ambassador for Gmarket!!Oh yeah!!Although there was some rumor speculating that Gmarket will drop GD from their ambassador artists but NO!THEY TOOK THE WHOLE GROUP AS AMBASSADOR!You mad haters?! YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING GMARKET FOR HAVING ALL OF THEM!After all,the freaking goooooood ads song was composed by GD!No other composers will be better than him when it is about Electronic Dance music!!He was the best ads song composer!!Even Lollipop song(LG phone) is TOPPING ALL CHARTS even though it was only an ads song!

ahh..this is the greetings video..don't freaking blame me if you dead after watching this..
(can't put the video since it was unlisted but just click the link to watch,it is included eng subs by fans)

and this is the Gmarket song that GD'll agree with me that it was catchy even though it was only an ad song...

Ok..thanks for offends..I'm just a big fan of them..tehee

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Hey fabulous readers!It's been some times since I updates this blog..LOL..

I'm not exactly busy but I have no idea what to post aside from makeup reviews..kekekeke..

Anyway,just a quick post for today,I'm gonna show you a collage picture that I took from last night new year celebration.

Actually this is my first time celebrating New Year outdoor coz my entire life,I'm gonna sit in front of TV watching countdown especially on TV3..LOL

Me and my family went to i-City to celebrate and every time I visit this city of lights,I was very fascinated by the beautiful lights colors..although there isn't so much to see aside of that..haha.. xD

There are so much improvement there such as the double Merry-Go-Round and the some kind of manual car drive along the lane up there(err...what should I say?)

i'm quite satisfied with this pictures I took..lolololol..

and final..

this is me,the one who wears the black hijab..teheeee~~

Happy New Year~!(again)