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Friday, January 6, 2012

What's into Kpop These Days?

Hyep!I actually have a lot of things I wanna do right now but since I drop by here,I'm going to post something today..

If you were a Kpop fans..(yeah like me!) you sure know the latest group that debut right??

Okay,let list some of them..CHAOS,FIX,..and will later debut EXO and etc..etc..

I do LOVE new groups debut but when the trend,I referred to their age,and most of them are teens!13,14..15 years old,,,for is just young!These companies do REALLY have to give them more training than rushing to debut long they actually trained??do when they're even babies?it was so different from the sunbaes..some of them spending like 6-7 years to train and debut!

and I would say that LOOKS is important in becoming idols(I agree,who doesn't love to see a freaking handsome guy wink at you?) I wasn't implementing that looks are important but they're singers!and shouldn't their vocal are better?? Also,I love DANCE but again,they're singers!It's good to have multiple talents but I really wanted the vocals are given more concerns..

I know KPOP is now international,global and because of that,people are wanting something more good and better from day to day..

A Korean friend of mine expressed her worries by stating that she worries,this trends by these greedy companies will effect the future of KPOP industry..yes...that concerns me too or maybe other foreign fans..I LOVE KPOP and I WANT THIS MUSIC WILL BE ALIVE UNTIL FOREVER.

So please..directors,CEO or whatever,doesn't you actually have to be more concern about this??Think bout' it~

Oh..there was a lot of new comebacks recently too!So I wanna share some of videos that was eye catching to me!

Teen Top - Going Crazy >>> Teen Top never disappoint me from their first debut..Although they were that young but as I said,having multiple talents is good..from their music to MV, everything is 5 star!Also check their first track,Teen Top in this album!

T-Ara & Davichi - We Were In Love >>>Another new song in T-Ara's Funky Town album.I choose this song over Lovey Dovey because I preferred this song more.Its so lovely and definitely good!Lovey Dovey reminds me much of Roly Poly and Bo Peep Bo Peep and actually it becoming a rhyme from these songs..I really want them to change to other music sometimes..

Fat Cat - Is Being Pretty Everything >>I love this song because of the lyrics..and we know that was true though.Check out the uploader channel for her full MV with sub!


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