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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House So Lovely Allover Spray(Summer Limited Edition)

I browsed ebay a month ago or so to purchase something that I might like to use.
So, I found this cute spray which is for Etude House Summer Limited Edition 2011.I know that it was last year but I still want this because it's

So,I finally purchase this from a seller with nick "f21plus"
Please search the name on ebay.I'm pretty sure they have few bottles left.

I tried to make some efforts for the pics but sure it looks even awful..haha

The pump~

The tag!They include this tag along with the bottle and I would say it actually complete the look~

So last 3 weeks,this item arrived at my house and I almost forgot to review it because it was perfectly sit on my overload make-up table which I don't even know that it was there..xD

I cleaned up the mess few days ago and I suddenly remember that I haven't post anything about this baby yet :D

So basically,this spray can be used for body, room & fabric, shoes and bags.
It has a fruity floral smell which I really love about!It smells so good and always calm my stress mind with the smell ^_^

The packaging rate would be 10 out of 10!It was so cute,pinky-red color with a lovely smell..Everything's perfect!

The smell would not last longer and it was like the other home spray so i would say that it's natural.
I also like the fact this can be spray to the body and it absorb pretty quickly without leaving any uneasiness on body~The smell disperse quickly too and I just need few pumps for the whole room~

I think the price was a bit expensive for a 150ml spray but I take it as Limited Edition
As I remember, it would be around RM36+ or something.

Thank you for reading~Stay tuned for the next review~

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Tips] Shed The Dirt Away!

How often do you wash your face a day?Twice,more or less?
I'm sure most of you would wash your face at least twice a day since it is necessary to shed the dirt of the whole day.

I'm a sort of person who are really care about those little things about washing face because my skin is very sensitive and prone to pop out pimples for a little dirt.

I guess some of you did have the same problem and you don't even know the reason why..
Then let me ask you, did you sure that you actually wash using the right technique?
Because blood circulation also one the thing that effects your skin.

The Correct Ways to Wash Your Face

pic credit to : theeigarmethod
(excuse me for the scary picture(a bit)

The picture above shows the correct ways on how I always do to wash my skin.From no.1(on the side of your forehead) until the no.10(on your neck).This should be done using the right method.

As you see,there are circular arrows, straight arrows and dotted arrows.
Circular arrows means that you should wash your face in circular motions.People usually wash their face in straight motion which it could stretched your skin and cause wrinkles.
Okay now,go take your mirror or sit in front of a mirror.Put two of your fingers on your side of your forehead(make sure you wash your hand first!).Do the circular motion above your eyebrow.Did you see that when you do the circular motion, at the same time you stretch your skin and put it back to normal in a circular?Yes,that's why you should use circular motion!It is actually prevents your skin from forming wrinkles! The circular motion should be used on no.1,2,3,4,6,7,8 and 9. 

For the no.5,the arrow shows you some dashed/dotted lines and that's mean that you have to dab your fingers.Yes,dabbing motion.It is because eyes is the most delicate skin on your face and it should be the first place where your skin shows some aging.If you see most of the commercials on TV,they did not wash the eyes part.Do you know how important of washing your eyes carefully?

A cosmetics user like me should know that our eyes especially at the end of the eyes,where the upper and lower lashes meet,the skin on that part is darker than any part of the face.It is because the water is hardly past them because of the narrow line and people avoid it because afraid the soap solution or water will get into your eyes.So here is my tip, take a q-tip and soak it into the soap solution(face wash+water).Then dabbed it on the narrow part.You should do this carefully and don't be too harsh on dabbing because it may hurt your skin.Dabbed it only for a few seconds until you are sure that the dirt is shed away. This should apply on the corner of your eyes too.
p/s : be careful!

The last one should be No.10.
Your neck can't be avoid from not having lines but you can prevent it by washing your face in a straight motion under your chin to your upper chest.This could be the easiest from all three steps.

You can repeat the steps until you're satisfied.Just note that you can't pressed hard your face while massaging coz it'll block to blood circulation and before it would be great if you can use warm water before washing your face and finished with cool water because warm water open up your pores and cool water closed your pores.

Finally, pat your face with a clean towel.Don't mix your body towel with face towel.It actually transfer the bacteria if you do so.You can use right after that to cover up your pores more and to prevent the dirt from entering the pores again.

Thank you for reading~!
Written by Mia Lia
Korea Cosmetics Official Blogger

If you have any questions, just leave a comment or send me email to

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil #BR401

I've been accepted to be one of Korea Cosmetics blogger which means they'll send my products to be reviewed by me based on my preference and skin types =)

I actually been slacking off for two whole weeks since I suppose to posts about tips and be active as an  affiliate blogger.I would like to apologize to them since I always been so busy..

I'll make sure I'll post up the posts soon since I've many things to share aside from reviews..hihi :D

Anyway, I will review the Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil in #BR401
I intentionally post up this picture first since I know my camera wouldn't be so good to capture the shimmers and color very well. So there you'll see that I'm choosing the middle one. The #BR402 is in darker brown,I've tested it in the store but it's too dark from the brown color that I'm looking for and fyi,it doesn't have shimmer like the other color in the catalog.

So tadaaa..there it is..

The bottom one is one swatch,the middle one is three times swatches and the top on is four times swatches.It doesn't seem to have any difference in picture but they do in real.

I tried rubbing it with water.
Waterproof approved!

I try to remove it with oil remover and it disappear.Not oil proof and the product doesn't stated that either.

I also try remove it with face wash(I used Etude House Baking Powder Cleansing Foam)
and rubbed it.At first I thought it was soap-proof then I cleaned it with water,it actually disappear but not fully.

See?You can still see the residue marks.

The tip is originally narrow when I first buy it and I've used this many times so it became flat.
Uniquely,this eyeliner is included with sharpener!Wow,I was amaze by

This is the sharpener which is attached at the bottom of the cute~~!

After sharpened.I personally didn't like to sharpen the eyeliner coz I think it waste the product too much >_<

Swatch on my eyes..The color is more clearer in real tho..

Almost didn't see the eyeliner..T^T
The actual colors is the eyeliner shows the color very well and the shimmer too.
But you won't notice the shimmer if you don't zoom in to see your
(sorry for the sleepy eyes.I took this right away after I came back from class)

So onto my thoughts :
I love the colors so much!It's not too dark and just the right color that I'm looking for ^_^
Like I said previously,I'm not really an eyeliner person..and this is one of the 3-4 eyeliners that I have.I think black eyeliner is too intense on my eye so I rarely used it.So that's why when I saw Ekimura(a Japanese blogger) used almost brown in her make-up and I thought to myself that I should try that color. To my surprise that it actually did suit me!Brown is more to softer look and I prefer that way and since I bought this,I've been using this almost every day~

The eyeliner is waterproof and you can see it yourself in the picture above.I've done several tests to show you~
For the shimmer,some maybe don't like shimmers in eyeliner but this is just okay for me.The shimmer is not too much and you won't notice it much.

I personally think that aside eyeliner,this also can be eye shadow.Why?
Because the texture is matte and not glossy nor too creamy.Plus,it stays on very well =D and perfect for smudging(If you would like too).It doesn't smudge if you just wear it as eyeliner.Don't be confuse of the statement.

But the only downside for this eyeliner is the color won't stay all day without fading.
I notice that the color fades after 5 hours and above but that should be enough right?

Overall,I'm loving this eyeliner and wish to get more of the colors.
How about you?

Thank you for reading~

[REVIEW]Etude House LUCIDarling Fantastic 3 Eyes #10MillionPixelPink

I nearly got a new camera which then is sold out at the moment I arrived at the store..T^T
So I'm still sticking to the existing crappy camera for pictures.

I wanted to have more colors for my eye shadows which the only eye shadows color I have at the moment are nude and brown..okay..and pink.

So last time I drop by at Etude House, I saw this on the counter which they make clearance.This should be nearly expired by the date since they have clearance.

But since the price is so cheap and the color is pretty attractive to me,so I got one of the three set of colors.

Included with a brush.This should be around RM40+ for the original price, I think.

 See?The bright colors is the thing that attract me the most plus the champagne color!
According to the sales assistant,this could be eyeliner + cream shadows.You can use it either one function.

The cute little brush.Blame the camera for the blurry capture.
It is the same brush as their Code-B Cream Liner brush.

I know that they may nearly dried out or not functions much so I didn't it for that.
The yellow and pink especially shows the sign of dryness while the champagne color stays great!

Yellow and pink is a bit hard to blend since they're nearly expired.

I forgot to take the picture for the swatches so here another crappy pic from my phone..eheh =.=
It's champagne,bright pink and yellow.

The champagne swatch looks white in pic but it's a dupe to Stila Smudge Pot - Kitten.

Very similar in color!

I tried this product for a few times and I would that it was good!
The champagne color is very easy to blend!I love to use it as a base before using the 2 remaining colors and it makes the colors stays on better through the day ^_^
Should I put on some eye drops to the pink and yellow?
I heard that it's good to restore the moist but I didn't get a chance to try..

The color stays on all the day on my eyelid and I was very pleased.My eyelid will get oily at the end of the day and it doesn't even budge this liner.

One thing that I'm not sure I'm happy or not that this liner is quite hard to remove..haha..
I use both face wash doesn't budge this even a little and even oil remover needs a bit of work to remove

Overall,I'm satisfied with this 2 in 1 palette and wish there are more palette like this that Etude House will release in the future :D

So have you try this?

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Hey guys!It seems that the holiday is over and Monday is back again T^T

I actually been thinking about this matter for sometime..I mean,most of the time lol
I wanted to have a new blog layout and new header..everything new.

But, I actually pretty bad at designing,decorating etc..
I've done once with my older blog but it's too tiring and I spent almost 2-3 weeks in just
doing the layout design.

So I would like to ask if any of you can actually design and re-layout my blog.
That's of course came with payment as an exchange.If you're Malaysian,then I just transfer the money with bank transfer and if you aren't,I'll pay you through Paypal.

The reasons why I wanted to have this new blog layout is my blog anniversary is near and I wanted to have few changes for my 2nd year of blogging(since I've done nothing before).
Second,I wanted to have a new blog name coz I think my blog name is too childish.
Do you actually know why I choose Marvelika?
"Marvel"/ "Marble" - that super-heroes comics/Rainbow marbles color.
Don't ask me why coz idk either of why was that?Why was that again?

So I decided a new blog name , "Mizumics"
Why Mizumics?
First,because everybody actually calls me Mizu which came from my initial name and my father initials. This nick is given by one of my friend =) 
Mics stands for mimics since I think I mimic water much?invalid
Second, "Mizu" means water in Japanese language.
I think that water relates to me so much.I drink lots of mineral water and you would be surprise if you actually saw my collection of mineral water in my room.It was a LOT.
Third, I love water so much and I usually the one who will raise the water bill.LOL

email me if you're good at this.

Because I talked about blog anniversary,of course it'll relates to GIVEAWAY.
I'm actually serious this time.Although I said it a lot already but I really haven't got chance to do one internationally.

I would like to thanks to all of you who voted for the poll that I put in the sidebar.That actually helps me to decide which one did you really interested in getting.You can change that coz I'll still open the poll until the giveaway starts.

As for now,Korea Cosmetics is winning the poll and it was general.I mean it is cosmetics and there are a lot of cosmetics out there.I wanted to know if you're interested in what?
I mean BB Creams?Eyeliner?Mascara?Lipstick?Eyshadows? or all?
If you select ALL,please list from the top picks to the least pick.
Comment below so I'll see the lists of your favorites!

Would want to hear from you!Thank you~

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Etude House Sales Haul~♥

I still in the mood of holiday and it's hard to do anything else besides relax..relax and relax..
and I really thought I don't have anymore money to spend on cosmetics in this 2-3 months but I lost in temptation(I actually saving the money for something else..ehemm..concert..ehemm..)

This all started when my relatives always ask me where did I buy my cosmetics..what did I they can use make-up like me..etc..etc..(and I almost be their make-up artist on the first day of Raya since all of them asked me to do their make-up)

My sister wanted to buy eye shadow for Raya so she asked me to recommend her pretty colors that suit her skin and so we went to Etude House,coz I tell her that I EH got sales at the moment..

The worst thing,I did go along with her and of course I did grab some for me too!..But the best thing is that I can control myself from buying too

So here are the item I spent my money on
I only bought 3 items.The rest are the samples.

I don't know if this item is still in production or they've discontinued this but I only get this for RM10.Cheap~!
 The color is in "10 Million Pixel Pink" which have pink,yellow and champagne colors in one.

 The 2 eyeliner colors that I wanted to have so bad.
I'm so into brown color right now becoz of Ekimura..^_^
and I actually wanted to get the Nyx one for the white color but haven't got chance to do so.

The Proof 10 Auto Pencil is expensive!I think it is just the same with other eyeliner just it is attached with sharpener and that makes this eyeliner expensive.I really thought the price was around RM29+ when I took it but when the counter shows RM39+..but thank god the color is so nice and this is easy to handle with~

These are the samples..
For the milk talk samples,they actually gave a kit of that body wash with a cute pinky box but my sister wanted to have it so I took one from the kit since I love the choco scent.

Thank you for reading~Have a nice day~

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy Eid Mubarak~!

Finally I get a chance to online today...
I've been so busy since the past week for Eidulfitri preparation and I just bought my Raya clothes 2 days ago..fufu~

I'm baking cookies and cakes for this Raya..what about you?

Anyway,I'm wishing Happy Eid Mubarak to all muslims friends and readers~
Selamat Hari Raya
Maaf Zahir & Batin

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bloggers Giveaway~

I found a new blog again!and it was really cute!!
She having a giveaway~Please join~
Click here~

Sigma brushes set anyone?I love them!
Dream makeup

Friday, August 10, 2012

Today's Make-up : Sweet Girly Look!

My morning class turns out to be cancelled..and I just know it when I arrived in my class..
So not to waste all the hard work I put for today's make-up,I decided to post it

I did change the original make-up which I put on fake lashes and more eyeliner in this picture..of course I don't look like this at my college or I'll get too much attention from people..hahaxD

Products used ;

Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer #2
Holika Holika Pore Magic Cover BB Pact
Etude House Face Color Corset #4 Pink Lady Blusher

Dolly Wink Black Liquid Eyeliner
Dolly Wink No.2 Sweet Girly Lash
Etude House Lash Perm Proof Mascara
Etude House Drawing Eye Brow #Grey
Urban Decay Naked Palette ( Creep & Virgin)

Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss #2

Basically I focus more on eyes..I never wear any fake lashes before(ok,previously I do just for a review) so it's a bit awkward
For the bottom lashes,if you notice,I draw the lashes using my eyeliner..
hell yea..i never think it will look so good!

Surprisingly I don't wear any BB Cream because the concealer and the pact already a great combi!

I contour my nose and cheekbones( just for the sake of

I think that's all.
This make-up is pretty easy to do and I personally think it doesn't look too much if you wanna wear this look.
Just maybe I think it doesn't suit for classes..

Thank you for reading~
xoxo Mia

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

[Live Streaming] Etude House 2012 PINK Play Concert~

Are you excited for the Etude House PINK Play Concert?
I can't wait!Thankfully this year Etude House do live streaming for the overseas fans!Yeay~
Make sure you don't miss it today~!

Date : 8th August 2012
Time : 7.00pm - 10pm(KST - Korea Standard Time)
: 6.00pm - 9.00pm(Malaysia Time)
Performing artists : 2NE1, SHINee, Teen Top, Ailee, ULALA Session and TOXIC
Link :

Wait!There is more!

Etude House Global has an event for you!

Watch the live streaming and capture the best scene of your favorite star performing and upload it to Etude House Global facebook!

5 winners will win ETUDE Summer Kit!

Isn't that gorgeous?!I would love to have it pleasee!!
Please stay tune for the live broadcast!

Monday, August 6, 2012

I've been tagged, Liebster Blog Award~

(cr :

* Post 11 facts about yourself
* Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and then create 11 questions for the bloggers you have nominated to answer
* Choose 11 people if you can (with less than 200 followers) to give this award to and link them in your post
* Go to their page and tell them
* Remember.. no tag backs!

My facts
1 - I do love biting my nail cuticles/dead skin. Almost all the time I do this and I don't even realize it..=.= ok i know #i'mforeveralone T^T
2 - I always play with my eyelashes..idk why ^_^"
3 - I'm not an animal lovers but I do take care of fishes once when i was young..(oh yeah)
4 - I rather spends hours on internet rather than playing sports..p/s : i hate sports!But I'll support my country in big tournament such as Olympic..hahaxD
5 - I'm not good at games but I do love cheering for people who played games.My brother knows that very well.( He used to it
6 - Sewing is one of the thing that I wanted to do the most at the moment. >3<
7 - I'm not good at taking pictures especially myself so that's why you rare seeing my photos here T^T
8 - I'm very sensitive to smell.That's why when I smelled something stinks,I can't be able to hold them up coz my reactions shows too much..hihi:D
9 - I really wants to wear shoes sometimes but I don't think it suits me(my friend always wear cooler shoes!)
10 - I have several blogs before but this is my first time I've been so active.
11 - I love make-up and kpop. That is obvious!lol

What do I say?
♦ If you could live in a different era which one would you choose?
- Showa/Samurai maybe?Since I read a lot of manga,Samurai really looks era has their own uniqueness..this is just the era that I thought at the moment.

♦ Do you have a special talent? And if so, what is it?
- Karaoke?I never been to one but I do love my singing..#punchface

♦ Square or rounded nails?
- Rounded nails~

♦ Would you rather like to see yourself in the past or a glimpse of you in the future?

- I would love to see myself in the future!I wonder how I look!

♦ How many continents have you been on?
Hmm..I never been overseas though..#sad

♦ If you could never use one type of make up again what would you choose?
- Eyebrow color?I don't really like coloring brows/hair..

♦ What is your favorite cosmetics brand?
- Etude House

♦ What is the last movie you saw or what is is the last video game you played?
I don't remember much the movie but last video game that I played is The Sims 3!lol..Please don't mind me again to that game or else I won't stop playing that >3<

♦ Heels or flats?
- Love both but I have majority of flats

♦ Which website is set as your homepage?
- What that should mean?
I'll consider it as Google.Correct me if I misunderstood this question.

♦ How many language do you speak?
- At this time,I can speak Malay and English.
I've learn Arabian but I already forgot most of it and I can read Korean but can't speak the language..

♦ What type of dessert you enjoy the most? 
- Ice cream!yummy~
Wanted to try Patbingsu so bad =( 

My questions to you~
  • Do you prefer shopping or eating?
  • Write down one thing you would want to get now.Only one~!
  • Horror or romance movie?
  • Do you prefer math or essay?
  • Describe your dreamy workplace.
  • State one of cartoon/anime that you ever watch and you remember till now.
  • Do you sit or laying down while surfing internet?
  • Actor or actress that you want to meet so much~!?
  • Do you wear slipper in your house?
  • Choose one : Salon,sauna or hot spring?and why?
  • Why do you blog?
***Sorry if my questions kinda weird..It's hard to think any spontaneous questions though..hehe :D

So I tag :

Danitza Galvez from Nutricion UNISON
Kim Rara from A Typical Me
Ayumi Yoshida from Me: The One and Only
Miss Sunshine Kelly from Miss Sunshine

Other bloggers are invited to join too!Sorry for not be able to tag everybody~I would love to hear from you too~Link me if you do!

Thank you~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Skin Shop Love Gifts~

Happy weekend to all of you~!
(although it's kinda late already.. =.=")

Do you remember the post I blogged about The Skin Shop event with 2AM?
FYI,they already announced the winners last 2 weeks and luckily I was one of them!

The company sent the gifts last weeks and I received them by last Friday~~
Of course I'm really excited when something arrives from Korea!

I opened the box and it was a full set of IRIS Derma Whitening Set which is The Skin Shop new launching products!

The set contains Cleansing Foam,Serum,Day Cream(SPF 50 PA++),Night Cream and Eye Cream!

They're really generous and I'm really thankful!I can't wait to try them all!Please give me at least 3 weeks to one month to wrote the reviews~ ^_^

Lastly, thank you to The Skin Shop for this fabulous gifts!I'm sure to love them~!


Missed the opportunity?
Now you have a second chance to win another giveaway from The Skin Shop!

Visit The Skin Shop facebook

and leave a message on why do you want to use the Skin Editor V Sense/Rhythm
and what are the results that you expect from using the item.
[Note : The message should be at least 3 sentence for the message and 3 sentence for the results you expect.]

Lastly,share the event on facebook or blog and post the url of your shared link at the end of the message above.

6 participants will win a set of Skin Editor V Sense/Rhythm make-up puff vibrator!!
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