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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[REVIEW]Lioele Glittering Jewel Eyeliner #Aqua Green & #Matte Black

Hey guys~
First of all, I wanna give some love to my new followers~arigato!
So yes, onto the review :D

I saw these eyeliner 2 months ago in qoo10 website when they had pretty cheap promotion for this so I bought two of the colors which is Aqua Green and Matte Black. These two colors is the newest one in this collection. They had another black color which has glitter with it.

I actually kept the photos for a long time and when I organized my folder, I realize that I forgot about them..haha XD  .I had a pretty little quantity of eyeliner and I would say that this is my first black and green pencil eyeliner.

The model of the brand, Lioele is Tia from Chocolat, a Korean idol group. She's mix and very pretty right?You could not believe if I said that she is 16 years old..that was crazy young..haha

Something wrong with the description..Did they know what they are talking about?

First they said that it is long lasting waterproof eyeliner keeps your eye without smudging even in sweat or sebum and then they said it possibly removed by sebum.Oh my..

Ah sorry for the Aqua Green, the pencil broke when I tried to swatch them.The Aqua Green is very creamy so maybe I was too harsh.. but I just the Aqua Green used to be blue?bad lighting is looks like turquoise in real.

Under the running water.Yup,did not budget even a bit..
Sorry, bad lighting is bad..too bad..

Smudge using fingers with water..looks like the black is disappearing cleanly and the aqua green smudges really should not wear the aqua green in parties..haha

On the day which my sister graduate, I wore the black eyeliner in the whole hot day and the black eyeliner didn't even budget despite my oily eyelid and sweat..but it's a bit hard to remove so you need make-up remover to remove them completely. 

I initially wanna show the pictures on how it looks like but after so long and I just intend to wear this, the aqua green color is froze!!It became so rough and it hurts although I just wanted to swatch it on I know why it is so cheap =.=

Although the aqua green shows that side, the black one stays soft though..I'm not sure why..(?) 
So the thing that I can predict is the aqua green contains those glitters but the black is a matte one so it stays like it was..maybe(?)

But when I first purchased this, both eyeliners glide beautifully without any problems and the aqua green is more soft than the black one(I know coz I mistakenly dirtied up my shirt with the aqua green color coz it clashes with my hands..and it kinda reverse in state after few

I should say that the colors is really pretty and I love the aqua green almost looks like turquoise and match my cardigan..haha but it's sad that now it can't be used anymore. For the black, the color is enough for me :D

Another things that makes me dislikes this 'pencil' type is they need to be sharpen. Because the eyeliner are soft, so it used to be dull after each use and need the sharpener again. Thank god I bought the Etude House sharpener last time and it works great on sharpening these soft eyeliners.

Colors : 5/5
Long lasting : 4/5
Texture : 2/5(for aqua green), 3/5(for matte black)
Smudge : 3/5

Thank you for reading :DD


Blair said...

Tia looks so different in those two pictures~

I abhor pencil liners because they need to be sharpened (I'm lazy hahaha). 08 Aqua Green is so pretty though!

Mizu said... too..too lazy to sharpen the pencil...

Bethany said...

It's a shame the green doesn't have a better texture. Super pretty!

Mizu said... would be great if it does :)

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