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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[REVIEW] KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER & KATE Lasting Base for COVER

Sorry that I haven't posted much in these few weeks because I'm too busy with 
assignment plus a new hobby of

Last two weeks I managed to drop by Watson to restock some products because I ran out most of those needy items. I saw KATE shelves and I remembered that they had a new collection launch last year and I've been targeting the products since then. Initially, I thought it wasn't available since KATE Malaysia facebook said I can't get the new products there. To my surprise, the new collection are there on the shelves so I just grab them on!

My first experience with KATE is when I won SaSa giveaway for KATE products and since then, I've been their fan because I really love every products that I've tried especially their base and foundation combi!
In this collection, it was said that the foundation finish is powdery and it absolutely captured me becoz I love powdery finish because it won't be too dry like matte.

Along with the foundation, I also grabbed their new base product. It was a tad smaller than I imagined compared to the ads photos. So I was in between whether to grab it or not but then after trying the tester on shelves, it was pretty good though..

Note that the base only available in one color.

quite small version..

sorry coz it's a bit dirty with my fingerprints..haha

the size are about the same and almost the same size as my palm.

the foundation almost turns to powder!

i mix both of the colors :D

(click picture for larger view)

I used my Dolly Wink eyeliner in black and brown to show to the different before and after used. The base is very very sheer and the foundation coverage is sheer to medium. It didn't cover up my redness fully but improved my skin color the most and conceals minor flaws. This almost looks like tinted moisturizer but with powdery finish.

I usually layer up the base first and then I follow up with the foundation. The base is a bit moist so it does a good job balancing with the powdery finish of the foundation. Sometimes my skin can be too dry after I wash my face so I usually mix up the foundation with my Hada Labo lotion because too avoid the foundation ended up being cakey.

After 1 week of trying both of this combination, I would say that both of them really did a great job and I personally love the base because it gives color to my dull skin. However, it is not waterproof and it doesn't hold my face make-up to stay longer. I could say that it lengthen the time for my make-up to stay better than wearing the foundation alone so this means that wearing both is a must or at least another base that you likes may make your make-up to stay.

For the foundation, I could say that it stays about 2-3 hours on my face with the help of the base. I rarely wear the foundation alone so it could be the base extended the time about 1 hour or so. However, I dislike one thing about this foundation is the thing that it settles into the fine lines. I used to laugh a lot and when my face is at rest, I could see the laughing lines of the foundation. It could be that my skin is oily and it became like that because I notice that it didn't happen every time but only on the day where I feels my skin is too oily.

The finish of the base is not powdery but a bit moist and the foundation finish is powdery like KATE cosmetics said. It turns powdery in 15 seconds according to them and yes, it is true. In fact I didn't have to use any powder to set my make-up because it is already does that part.

There are about 6 shades available to choose if I'm not mistaken and this OC-D is really the perfect color for my skin. I usually having a hard time choosing the right color of foundation because when I test them out, some colors might looks okay but sometimes it can be too dark or too white compared to my skin. I do not want to look like I'm wearing much make-up for my everyday looks and this foundation really helps me to achieve that way.

Overall, both of them are definitely a good try to those who didn't want heavy foundation on skin because they're very light and I feels like I'm not wearing make-up at all.
Currently Watson are having sales and most of KATE products do have 10% off for their old and new products so grab them fast! You also can visit KATE Malaysia facebook to get a RM10 coupon to purchase this new collection from KATE! Lucky you because I don't even know this coupon exist before I bought these cuties :D

Thanks for reading~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

[REVIEW & PHOTOS] 'The Skin Shop' Skin Editor V Rhythm presented by 2AM

Feels like greeting you in Korean :D

So yeah, last 2-3 months, I joined a contest by The Skin Shop, though it's my second time, and I did won for the second time!oho..It's just they aren't too many contestant entered plus I did gave my all into the blog posts I made for the contest! Thanks to The Skin Shop for giving me an opportunity to try your latest inventions!

I felt so guilty because I delay this post for too long since they asked the winners to review the prizes in their blog(although if they didn't ask, I'll still make one for sure). I'm not sure about other winners' prizes since I only saw my photos posted on their facebook page but BijinBlair did a review on this before :)

Basically this auto vibration make up puff is a helper to apply BB cream or foundation on your face.I don't want to introduce the brand and product again as I did so for two times here and here. You can click the link to know more :D

Placed properly in the box!

Egg-shape! Personally I did asked for this type instead the V Sense since this is so cute! <3

It may looks big here but it is about palm in size and really light!

Very soft puff!

Just take off the puff if you wanna change it :D

The battery~

 Extra puffs <3 <3 <3

The vibrator and puffs comes in a set so you can change the puffs anytime. I'm happy
 because they gave quite a lot of quantity of puffs instead of just two. 

I received this about 2-3 months ago and since that, I've been using this for every single day. 
I know that some might says that using puffs/sponge consume a lot of foundation/bb cream than using fingers and brushes but hey, it's worth it because the application is far more better! Besides, this type of puff doesn't consume lots of the cream like other puffs available outside.

Watched the video? She is showing the difference using this vibrator puff with other method. Clearly the BB cream applied using this auto vibrator looks clean and better than the other two options.

Do you know that fingers application actually exaggerate pores? It is because fingers can't penetrate your pores, leaving the heavy cream and uneven application on skin :(
It is different for this auto vibrator because the puff vibrate onto your skin and makes the foundation/ bb cream cover your pores for even application.

The results might not very clear in picture but if you can see it, the fingers application almost looks cakey compared to the auto vibrator puff application which looks more cleaner :D

I'm sorry that I'm not be able to post the full photos of my face because I see no difference in pictures no matter which angle I took because of lighting I think(?). So this is the best shot I can give.

I also test it out on my hands and the results shown are very similar when I test it out on my face.

Overall, I really love this vibrator which gives great application result for my make-up and it is so easy to use. I don't have to use my fingers anymore to apply my foundation :D

I love this because it gives even application, it is so easy to use and the vibration puff is really light.
Besides, it prevents my foundation from being cakey and it makes the finish looks clean with dewy finish :D

Test it out yourselves and you'll see the difference :)

Like The Skin Shop facebook page and for more information regarding this great invention~
Thanks for reading loves! <3

Friday, January 18, 2013

[REVIEW] ReCell 1 & 2 Softening Face Serum

Hello guys!
Sorry that I haven't blog for the past week. The assignments and tests are 
tiring me off so I didn't got chance to write a new post. 
This serum was sent to me by Korea Cosmetics on 
November last year for review purpose..
Sorry coz I delayed this for too long!
Before I head on to the review, let's know a bit information of this 
company that originally from Korea.
Company : TeraEco
FeaturesWe produce anti-aging skincare products such as Collagen Fluid, Vitamin Fluid, SPF30, and Special Balm, doubling an aromatherapy products distribution and trade company. The merit of our products is the use of herbal constituents in vegetables as the main ingredient. 
It does not irritate skin, and also is very effective on atopic dermatitis, regeneration after laser peeling, acne ridden skin etc. It leaves your skin PH balanced, eliminating the need to use additional skin softner, lotions, nutrition creams, etc, which makes it convenient to use. As well, the fact that our products can be used by anyone, regardless of gender or age, discriminates them from other products.


This amazing serum gives your skin an younger-looking glow and leaves it feeling incredibly silky. Collagen Fluid care serum is the refreshing. Phytogel type of essence E.G.F in ReCell which is made from pure and natural extracts. It keeps your skin fresh and clear. Collagen Fluid Care Serum highly concentrated levels of active and nutritional to your skin, seals in the maximum daily required as well as strengthen the skin by naturally stimulating collagen production. This helps repair skin imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles while protecting the skin from the aging effects of the environment. Non-irritating. Great for all skin types. 


It helps removing wrinkles and whitening your face by deeply absorbing and keeps moisturized on the skin. This essence uses pure phyto collagen only.

Main Ingredients

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, Adenosine, Human Oligopeptide-1, Cabomer, Allantoin, Disodium EDTAPEG-60 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Acacia Senegal Flower/Stem Extract, Triethanolamine, Hamamelis Virniniana(Witch Hazel) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylparaben, Perfume.


After Cleansing, gently smooth over face and neck, apply ReCell II 2 drops. Afterwards, apply ReCell II and Special Foundation to keep your skin's clarity and radiance.

This ReCell 1 is more light and watery in texture. It absorb really fast and dried fast too. 
This serum leaves my skin smooth and supple and I think it has a lovely lemon-y scent?
It really smells amazing but it doesn't last long so no worries for the non-fragrance lover.


ReCell II has been scientifically developed and tested, and shown to be effective in fading away the dark spots left by acne, as well as discoloration caused by sun damage and the environment. It has been tested on volunteers and the results achieved show a dramatic improvement.

This amazing serum is pure and natural fruit extract. E.G.F in ReCell that contains fruit acid to help protect and against damaging your skin from UV. Vitamin Fluid Care Serum prevents premature signs of aging and helps stimulate your skin's metabolism. Highly recommended to improve your skin's clarity and radiance. Non-irritating. Great for all skin types.

Virtues High functional essence inspiring vigor on skin. Essence containing rich vitamins and kiwi extracts helps to keep more vital and brilliant skin.


High functional essence inspiring vigor on skin. Essence containing rich vitamins and kiwi extracts helps to keep more vital and brilliant skin.

Main Ingredients

Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Ethanol, Arbutin, Human Oligopeptide-1, Cabomer, Allantoin, Disodium EDTAPEG-60 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Niacinamide, Triethanolamine, Hamamelis Virniniana(Witch Hazel) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Methylparaben, Perfume.

 After Cleansing, gently smooth over face and neck, apply ReCell II 2 drops. Afterwards, apply ReCell II and SPF30 Protect Sunblock to keep your skin's clarity and radiance.

Basically ReCell 2 is the improvement version of ReCell 1 with more concentrated vitamin serum and jelly-like texture. It really moisturize my face for the whole night until I woke up on the next day because I always used this serum before I went to sleep. This version doesn't had much fragrance smell to it but still it has a very very slight lovely smell :D

This is my picture for after a month of using the serum. I didn't used a complete one sachet every night and I divided it to half because one sachet of the sample serum contain a lot. I don't wanna waste it so I used the other half for the next night. :D ( just maybe you know, I loveee serum!)

You can see that my major redness is decreasing! Although it not completely heals all the redness, but I can see great results there! My face looks better than before and it is more moisturize too!
I really really like this serum! I know that if I continued using this, maybe I can on much more results shown.

Just to note that I wear the ReCell 1 and ReCell 2 in turns. Both doesn't break me out and leave my face moisturize really well and it doesn't feels oily or sticky.

Although I didn't get the real bottle of serum but I can see from the picture that the serum bottle looks really sleek and chic in addition to the black and white colors used for the packaging :D

So overall, both of the serums are really good. It suits all skin types and it doesn't irritate my skin nor exaggerate my acne problems. It works very well with my acne-prone  and oily skin.

You can buy this serum through this site;

Like Korea Cosmetics facebook page.

Disclaimer : This products is sent by Korea Cosmetics.
However, it didn't affect my personal opinion and experience towards the products.

Friday, January 11, 2013

[HAUL] Etude House Princess Etoinette Part.2 + Leader's Insolution Masks~ isn't exactly the part.2 of the actually the second box I received due to the missing items which I wrote it here.

I don't wanna say contacting the seller again was easy since I got their replies after 2 days. After I replied they back, I received their reply the next day saying that they'll sent me again the items.

After a week, I didn't received any updates nor messages from them about the parcel status and I even contact them again to ask for the status. However, I received no replies. Then today, I thought I'm gonna drop by the college office checking any new parcel that might be for me and yes, there are! I mean there are two parcels and I never thought that one of the parcel was my Etoinette Collection!I only realized that when I saw the sender name :)

The box was kinda large I tell you..because they re-sent the Etoinette Brush Collection too!hmm..I think you might not understand so take a look at this picture ;

Yes, I got two sets of Brush Collection, two Rose Brush, two lipsticks..
the Rose brush and the lipstick are sent the other day and I clearly told them that I received the brush collection and they sent that again!Poor them.. coz that Brush collection is a lot of $$$??!!

I don't know if I'm actually lucky or something..( and actually this kinda makes me happy, I'll settle that with the seller soon( if they replied me..hahaxD)

one sad news : Sandara Park is no longer Etude House female endorser..I'm so sad but I'll still continue buying Etude products but I won't be enjoying watching their ads anymore as much as I love every Sandara ads for her cheekiness :(

This is my most favorite face wash ever for acne..It controls the growth of the acne and don't let me break out..tehee :D This is my second tube. I've tried three travel size tube too.. :)

I bought these Leader's Insolution masks from qoo10 on December 4th..I don't know why it took so long to arrive and the seller doesn't even reply me when I ask them about the parcel. Thankfully it arrives this week and I don't have to worry about contacting them again.. Both energy masks are kinda cheap but the rest of them priced as okay because the masks is kinda level up from the energy mask..

I leave you with this picture..hehe..~

that white thing isn't exactly that 'creepy' thing..
it's a girl and she's walking in front while I'm taking

My college got contest for an event and they're doing China theme for my block.
The most countries seen are Korea(I expect this for sure, and there is a block do the Oppa Style - guys, Japanese( they're doing yakuza styles - guys again), Arab and India.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

[REVIEW]Lioele Glittering Jewel Eyeliner #Aqua Green & #Matte Black

Hey guys~
First of all, I wanna give some love to my new followers~arigato!
So yes, onto the review :D

I saw these eyeliner 2 months ago in qoo10 website when they had pretty cheap promotion for this so I bought two of the colors which is Aqua Green and Matte Black. These two colors is the newest one in this collection. They had another black color which has glitter with it.

I actually kept the photos for a long time and when I organized my folder, I realize that I forgot about them..haha XD  .I had a pretty little quantity of eyeliner and I would say that this is my first black and green pencil eyeliner.

The model of the brand, Lioele is Tia from Chocolat, a Korean idol group. She's mix and very pretty right?You could not believe if I said that she is 16 years old..that was crazy young..haha

Something wrong with the description..Did they know what they are talking about?

First they said that it is long lasting waterproof eyeliner keeps your eye without smudging even in sweat or sebum and then they said it possibly removed by sebum.Oh my..

Ah sorry for the Aqua Green, the pencil broke when I tried to swatch them.The Aqua Green is very creamy so maybe I was too harsh.. but I just the Aqua Green used to be blue?bad lighting is looks like turquoise in real.

Under the running water.Yup,did not budget even a bit..
Sorry, bad lighting is bad..too bad..

Smudge using fingers with water..looks like the black is disappearing cleanly and the aqua green smudges really should not wear the aqua green in parties..haha

On the day which my sister graduate, I wore the black eyeliner in the whole hot day and the black eyeliner didn't even budget despite my oily eyelid and sweat..but it's a bit hard to remove so you need make-up remover to remove them completely. 

I initially wanna show the pictures on how it looks like but after so long and I just intend to wear this, the aqua green color is froze!!It became so rough and it hurts although I just wanted to swatch it on I know why it is so cheap =.=

Although the aqua green shows that side, the black one stays soft though..I'm not sure why..(?) 
So the thing that I can predict is the aqua green contains those glitters but the black is a matte one so it stays like it was..maybe(?)

But when I first purchased this, both eyeliners glide beautifully without any problems and the aqua green is more soft than the black one(I know coz I mistakenly dirtied up my shirt with the aqua green color coz it clashes with my hands..and it kinda reverse in state after few

I should say that the colors is really pretty and I love the aqua green almost looks like turquoise and match my cardigan..haha but it's sad that now it can't be used anymore. For the black, the color is enough for me :D

Another things that makes me dislikes this 'pencil' type is they need to be sharpen. Because the eyeliner are soft, so it used to be dull after each use and need the sharpener again. Thank god I bought the Etude House sharpener last time and it works great on sharpening these soft eyeliners.

Colors : 5/5
Long lasting : 4/5
Texture : 2/5(for aqua green), 3/5(for matte black)
Smudge : 3/5

Thank you for reading :DD