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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Buon giorno~
Today, I'll be reviewing this auto brow pencil I got from Korea Cosmetics 
as to introduced the brand  to public.Before I start reviewing, 
let me introduced you to the Catalina Geo brand~

About Catalina Geo ;
Catalina was an Italian beauty and Geo meaning 'from nature'.
Renowned for quality, affordability and excellence, Catalina Geo products are made from premium non-allergic ingredients and have an outstanding results with problem skin types. Catalina Geo products contain Titanium Dioxide, a natural sunscreen which deflects UV light rays and protects your skin. Products are not tested on animals.

I really like the fact that this brand cared a lot of their customer preference 
and problems also the fact that this brand isn't tested on animals.

In this post, I'll be reviewing the auto brow pencil and here is some information and tips 
on how to achieve great eyebrows with this product.

About Catalina Geo Auto Eyebrow Pencil ; The triangular pencil creates clean and beautiful eye brows. It minimizes simulation with smooth touches and subtle colors and has an outstanding temperature resistance to maintain adequate hardness to apply smoothly yet resist breaking. The balance of pigments and base creates natural and sophisticated expression. The pencil is durable and will not break easily.
Color :  G1-Grey Brown. Suitable for anyone who has brown to black hair who has been using dark color brown color for eyebrows. Great for natural looking makeup. 

Dual function.

Refill pencil.

You just have to pull out the black thing to change the refill.

The swatch on my hand.

The left side is with this Catalina Geo Auto Brow Pencil and the right side is without any product.
You can see the a big difference in using the eyebrow pencil and without using it.
My eyebrows looks so neat and stay in place for the whole day.

I used this eyebrow pencil for quite few times already and I would say that I really like this product. Even with just few swatch, the colors show up very well without have to re-do the coloring. The color is very subtle and match my eyebrows very well without too overwhelming.

The brush works really great and it makes my eyebrows neat and stays in place for the whole day. My eyebrows tends to get messed up because it was pretty thick and I'm not good in trimming it to be perfect. Thankfully this eyebrow pencil helps me in concealing all those problem by making it looks neat and pretty.

The pencil itself is very easy to use and it is thicker and oval in shape. Because of the thick shape, the pencil is hardly broke if I pushed it too much while coloring my eyebrows. So, I can rest easy while using this eyebrow pencil. Aside that, the retracted function makes the use so simple and doesn't need sharpening, a very good function especially when you're in hurry~ :D

Overall, the product is really a good try and I love it so much. 
No problem in use and they even gave the refill along in the box as a set.
This could last longer for me :D

Company : LAMY Cosmetics ( a.k.a Lafine Cosmetics )
Official website : CATALINAGEO / Lafine Cosmetics

Any questions?

Disclaimer : The product is sponsored by Korea Cosmetics. However, it doesn't effect my personal opinion towards the product itself since I wrote anything that is relevant with me.


rhea said...

woww..its nicee :D

Mizu said...

thank you hun :D

Blair said...

Ahhhh, now I know why you and your blog look so familiar! Hello, my fellow KC blogger *teehee*

Thank you for the through review!

Mizu said...

I change the layout/title last month so maybe you wouldn't recognize much..hehe :D
Anyway, thank you! I delayed this post for quite so long..

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