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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Etude House Value Deal

Hi peeps!This is just a quick post from me..I usually did not post any deals or advertisement in my post but I'm too excited for this...

Starting 1st August till 31st August,Etude House Malaysia will be selling Petit Darling Eyes - 3 pieces for only RM5!That was super cheap!The original price I think was RM12 each..but this was 3 pieces --> RM5!! or about 2.5USD!hahah..OMG!I wanted to buy this but I'm too far away from EH now!Anybody can help me buying those??

photo courtesy of Etude House

Anyway,last time when I went to buy Etude House Two Two Kiss at Berjaya Times Square@KL, I saw a bunch of lipstick at the counter and I ask the sales assistant about that and she said the lipstick was on sale too!
There was a lot of lipstick from Code:B,VIPgirl,Petit Darling Lip and more lines from Etude House!I wanted to buy a lipstick too but unfortunately the shade that I want was sold out and the last person who bought the shade was my sister!I thought I'm going to borrow her lipstick for review,but I forgot to take the pictures..omo...
Anyway,don't miss this chance!This was super cheap!!Believe me,you won't get those price again after this!!~~

P/S : Lippies is my latest addictions.I used to dislike lipstick coz most of lipstick have matte in finish but my lips was super dry...T_T..but now I found some lipstick that moisturizing!Yeay~!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Dolly Wink,Candy Doll and Innisfree Haul~

Howdy folks!Actually I'm a bit busy right now but gonna take a bit of my time to do this post coz I'm so happy!
My Japanese make-up haul arrived last Saturday and my Korean make-up haul arrived last week which both of it arrived at my rental house and I just take a look of it today coz I'm back again at my rental house...

There are masks and contact lens which still didn't arrived because there are problems encounter with it and I don't know what it is..but it's okay if it is delay coz I actually did not wear lens that much..(only one time actually) but I have 3 contact lens in my collection..<--for that review,I'm gonna post it up later since it will gonna need a lot of photos taken...weeexD

This is only the haul post and I'll be doing the review after this..

tadaaaa!!My Tsubasa's make-up haul!!So excited!!

The eyeshadows!I've tried the sweet dolly already and it was great!I think I'm gonna collect all colors!

The closer look!

So sweet!I love the packaging so much!

These are Candy Doll's lipstick and lip gloss..

This one is given free by the seller,Yori.She's so nice...I ask her to send this first because I'm gonna use this for my event and thanks to her,she immediately send this!

This is Innisfree haul..I've been wanted to try this brand for so long and I bought these two hot selling products..

There are also free samples!loving it!

For the price :
Dolly Wink Eyeshadow - RM65 each = I bought two so total is RM130
Candy Doll lipstick = RM50 each
Candy Doll lipgloss - RM50
Innisfree No Sebum powder = RM29
Innisfree Eco Real Color Lipstick = RM39

I bought the Dolly Wink and Candy Doll here Perfect Style Boutique . She added me on facebook and it was way cheaper than other shop and one more,she is so nice to me..haha.since I can't understand Chinese,she willing to translate it for me.

For the Innisfree haul, I bought those from Whimsical Needs . They are selling authentic cosmetics for cheaper price than local stores!That's why I love online shopping!hehehe..

WHAT'S HOT!( Holika Holika cosmetics order is open!I receive so many requests for this brand and please visit here for pictures!I will update the price soon!Malaysia Korea Cosmetics Shopping . You can find this on my sidebar too!

Thanks for reading!I'm going to review all of this soon!

P/S : Wanted to do a giveaway for my followers,still considering what I want to give but if you have something in mind,kindly tell me~

Bye..see you in the next post!

Friday, July 22, 2011

REVIEW & SWATCHES : Etude House Aloha Two Two Kiss

Finally,new post come up again..I've been lazy to do a new post recently because my japanese make-up haul didn't even arrived!grrr..*angry* I know the seller used ship to send the items from Hong Kong to Malaysia but at least she should expect more than one month to arrived then..don't make me feel anxious for the time that she expect...anyway,I feel better now after she said that the lens i ordered got broken and the mask is ??..not that i remember..yeah..i'm a short-term memory person..p/s ; it's not sickness,its just me..hehe..

and yeah..for the skin care post..i still didn't even upload the pics!1so sorry...i will..errm....the day will be inform later...keke..

Okay..enough for the mumbling and now I present you Aloha Two Two Kiss from Etude House!!weexD..
I've been wanting for this and yeah..I just bought it 2 days ago when I go shop in KL!(*I live far from Etude House shop...wuuuu.. T_T)

uwah..actually this picture did not look like this when in the camera but it turns nice in computer!i likeee!
(you know why the background is red?coz i have a satin red cloth to be used for stage decoration but i used it beforehand!hahah)
Look closely..

the back one..there are gloss and tint..

This is the gloss,it is in orange color..
You see the shape there? will found out why the shape become like that..

Another gloss picture..Sorry for the gold background?

The pinkish in color..

Another tint side picture..yea..its pink..but you will see the difference in color..

See the swatch?The orange was the gloss while the pink is the tint?
For me its kinda reverts?because usually the tint is more pigmented that the gloss but now the gloss is more pigmented that the tint?
and yeah..
for the questions : why the shape of the gloss become like that?
answer : because the gloss is too soft,i was strong enough to swatch it know what i mean??errr..

For the picture on lippies..maybe later..hehe..

Pros :
1 - Cute packaging
2 - Great for travel because of two sides..
3 - is!
4 - Lovely color..
5 - Comes is three choices of colors..
6 - Smell awesomely but too those who didn't like the smell,don't worry,it won't smell until you smell it..

Cons :
1 - Because the stick outer looks like plastic,i'm afraid it won't work out with sharpener but a blogger said it was easy to sharpen.
2 - I'm lazy to sharpen...
3 - Too soft,,if u drop the color then it will dented badly..
4 - Quite expensive for me..
5 - Will be cakey if applied on dry lips..

Overall rating :

I deduct one for sharpening...hehe..

Anyway,thanks for reading my reviews and maybe some of my engrish words..tata~

Saturday, July 9, 2011

REVIEW : My First Ever Skincare(Testimony 1)

Good day!(doesn't this sound as spammer email title?LOL)I'm in a very good mood today...but whatever happen yesterday was very frustrating.Me and my roommate(yes,we rent a house near our university here) realize that our room was invaded by the grandson of this house owner(we live with granpa n granma)..I realise when my bunny ears light was turn on.It was very unbelievable if the light is turn on without someone doing it right?..i really can't believe this!I don't want to talk more about this matter as me and my roommate is still investigating to see other things that may go missing..

Today I'm gonna make a post about my first skincare ever!I bought the skincare after noticing my skin becomes bad from day to day.Because of this skincare,I have to spend a large amount of money and I hope it will be satisfying.To be true,I never used full skincare before.I only have my cleansers and toner only..believe it?Believe me.I'm 19 years old and this was my guess it because the temperature change that makes my skin looks bad.

I'm an active member in a Lowyat forum(a forum for everybody especially Malaysian).So I always go look at the ladies stuff forum to see something that may interest me.I saw this thread about the skincare after the owner of the thread message me about the products.I go to her thread and saw some testimonial about the products and there are some pictures showing that their skin is healed and flawless.At first,I'm not going to believe it as there are many tricks for the sellers to trick the customers but at the end..I really got't misunderstood just yet,I mean that at the end I bought the full skincare after some products is recommended by the seller after she taking a lot of my skin information and she recommend some of it.

The brand is Caroline Paris(sorry,I actually never heard of this brand coz I'm not into skincare before).I got Purifying Cleanser,Skin Astringent, Refining Cream and Repair Cream.I thought this also will include dark circles cream but I think I didn't mention that to her..hehe..This skincare is said to used Chinese herbs as the main ingredients and I would said that it sounds so true since this smell like herbs!Total all of this is RM421.50.That is not all,she also give me 2 piece of 3D mask which is the best salon mask cost RM39 each and 2 bottle of ampoule cost RM? each? for free.Now I already used this for the third week already but I will only post my first opinion when I first used this.

When I first used the cleanser(she said to cleanse with this about 2 minutes) and I can feel the minty sensation and it was so cold and irritate my eyes at first because the mint was like absorbing into my eyes windily and after that I head on to skin astringent(which is also known as toner) after cleansing and it doubles the mint!After my skin is a bit relaxed,I used the refining cream for the day and skipped repair cream as she said to use it only at night.I can feel the beads in the refining cream and it was yellowish in color but didn't affect much(the color) as it absorbs fast and of course,it triple the mint!My first experience with this skincare is a bit uncomfortable as the minty scent irritate mostly my eyes.

After few times of applications,I realize that my eyes didn't irritate and almost zero.So maybe I think it is because the products wants to purify my skin and it becomes like that.I really feel easy when applied the skincare now although the mint is still there but it didn't irritate my eyes.

I will continue the next testimony in my next post!

P/S : I will upload pictures later.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I won Sigma fabulous!

                  Hai..hai..hai!!!I'm truly excited whenever I'm posting a new post or review..hehe..*sigh* but sadly I'm getting busier and busier..and I don't even have time to rest too!There are a lot of works to do..and I only went to shopping once and it was the last time too!!I missed shopping so much!Whatever it is..I still make myself strong to type this words and to review of what I've used because its my hobby!No..I love this..I love sharing on whatever I used because I do have a lot of fun when I'm blogging about cosmetics...
                 Anyway,about the must know what I'm going to tell...I WON A SIGMA BRUSH from Hercy!!!I'm so happy because I'm don't have too much luck when it is about giveaway..Thanks Hercy,you made my day.Oh by the way,she is too kind!She update me on every single thing she do with the brush(I mean ordering and sending)..hehe..and she said that she got her brush from Sigma about 3 weeks but I got the brush after a week!!Wow..that is fast..I didn't even thought that the brush will arrive yesterday!

Here is the front box picture..^_^

I was about to take the picture of the seal .hehe

Inside the box!Look... 

The congratulations card from Sigma..I didn't understand what the congratulations card for(maybe they give it on behalf Hercy?)..but anyway,thanks Sigma!(They wrote my first name there..hehe) 

After I took out the pamphlet,I saw this cutie red transparent bag with the brush inside!It was nicely package!

The brush.Sorry,I can't take the picture of the name of the brush because my phone camera can't capture it..but this is F80 - Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki Face Edition brush.The pamphlet also said that this is the new High Definition Sigmax brush!uwahhhhhh~

The closer look!Do you know that this brush was super smooth?!!!!I never use the softest brush like this before and this truly amaze me!!I love you more Sigma!

Let me tell you what is the use of this brush..
Taken from Sigma pamphlet - The F80 Flat Top Kabuki brush is perfect for applying and blending liquid,cream,and powder products onto the skin.The flat surface allows perfect buffing with flawless results.Synthetic Sigmax HD filament.

Perfect!In fact I love to use BB Creams and all and this does help me a lot with the large surface of the brush makes my daily make-up even easier!

Sigma is one of the brand that I saw most of bloggers as raving about it.But since the price was overly priced for me as a student,I can't afford to buy any single brush from them till now..and thanks to Hercy,I finally got a gift which is Sigma brush from her..thank you so much!

P/S : I'm not paid for this post.I honestly tell what I think about the item so please don't misunderstood.This gift is sponsored by Hercy as a present for her blog giveaway.