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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear My Blooming Cheek #PK001

What's up guys!
Although I know tomorrow will gonna be another busy day but I can't wait to post the next review~

Ohh..and also shout out to my friend who are reading this.I really don't know that you read my blog! *embarrassed* Thank you so much~ hehe :DD

Onto the review,it is gonna be pictures and pictures..haha..
I have no more to

The color is #PK001.
Also available in four types of colors!Check it out on Etude House website!

I don't understand much but the font used is so cute!

*Beware of broken neck*
I didn't realize that I photograph the description like this..haha..mian..

My intention in this picture is too show the Cinderella's carriage design on the cover but I guess the light is too bright T^T

* authentic*

The bright pink is the blusher and the light pink is the added highlighter.You can just swatch it together or using a different technique where you put the bright pink onto the apples of your cheeks and brush the light pink onto the upper cheek(under your eyes)

The swatch.The colors should look more pigmented in real~

I really wanted to show you how the colors turn onto my cheeks but currently I'm having a terrible breakout..sorry >_<

My verdicts :
Overall the color is so sweet!I mean it is really sweet~haha
However, I'm tanned(yellow skin) so putting this onto my skin may results my face looks like a clown. It is because the highlighter is very light!
So I'm suiting myself with these blusher by wearing it on different swatch. Means that I will put the  bright pink first and then the highlighter on my under eyes..
It would look better one me =)

For the colors lasting,I think it can survive about 4 hours.(My face is oily so that's why)

Overall, it is a worth trying~
Have you tried this?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[REVIEW & SWATCHES] Shiseido : Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes Fall 2012 Limited Edition #77

 Finally~It's a Japanese cosmetic review~
The very last piece I bought from Japanese cosmetic is the Kiss Me Heroine Volume and Curl Mascara but I did not review the mascara since I forgot and I already gave it to my,it's my favorite while I'm still using it)

So I said in the previous post that I'm getting boring to brown eye shadows and I wanted to have some color for my eye shadows. I actually had been keeping an eye for the Majolica Majorca products so I think why wouldn't I try their brand?I went to four Watsons/Guardian is different states and the color I want(pink/purple) is sold out T^T
Even online shop also didn't have the color..

I'm a loyal ebay-ers so I tried to search any Majolica Majorca eye shadows and coincidentally I found this 2012 fall limited edition!The color combination is pretty amazing and me, without much thinking, bought one from the two types of palette available =)

The price is quite expensive but I didn't hesitate a
About RM60@20USD included the shipping cost.

Well..still not good at taking pictures...haha..
I really need to practice more using the new camera :D

The palette itself is exactly the same size with other Majolica Majorca Jeweling Eyes.

The seller is from Hong Kong and I believe that this is the original one~
Look, there are Japanese writing and I don't even understand anything.

I choose #77.
For the #66 palette, they combined the sheer green color with purple.
I actually didn't expect that it was the green color(I thought it is silver--based on the seller's picture)
Now I regret for not buying the #66 along..huhu T^T

Open the box and tadaaa..isn't it cute??
Kinda remember me to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu..haha :D
(google that and you'll know who is she)

The pearl details to the palette is perfect!It makes the plastic cover looks like an expensive
diamond-like palette..kk..(ok, I'm

The color!I love the color combination so much especially the red color!

Closer look.
Every color had a very tiny tiny shimmer to it and it doesn't really sparkle like a disco ball..just a nice soft shimmer ~

I know I'm very bad at swatch-ing the colors..
but this at least can give you some ideas for the color right?

For the cream color, I don't know why it looks so yellow in the picture but in reality when I put it onto my eyes, it is very sheer like a highlighter~

The red in color is especially the most pigmented.
Both cream and pink had a sheer in color and the brown is not really dark.It's a soft brown in color.

I previously post this picture in my Lash Perm mascara review but I don't want to do the double work so I just combine the look in the same picture.

I put the brown shadow before lining my eyes with the black eyeliner but I guess I lined my eyes too thick and the picture almost didn't show the brown color..gomen..

Followed the instruction at the back of the palette box(well, I think it is a basic way to apply eye shadows)

But for the pink color, I guess it didn't show much in the picture unless I put it a bit more
and the cream color shadow really do a good job!I didn't expect that it would turn great..haha xD
p/s : I only dabbed a bit of the shadows onto my lids.If i put too much,it might looks too red..haha

Furthermore, this eye shadow really last long on my oily eye lid!
I didn't even put on the eye primer here and color didn't even crease!*oh yeah*

Plus mark, this is really easy to be remove just with cool water.

Overall, I really love this palette.I love the colors and wish to buy the #66 palette!
I bought this palette from this seller(she is so nice and her service is great!)

Would you try?

Monday, September 17, 2012

[PHOTO & REVIEW] The Skin Shop : IRIS Derma Solution Whitening Plus+ (featuring 2AM)

Hey guys!
It's time for another review.Sorry,because this review got delayed for a while.

This is my promised review to you and also to The Skin Shop as my thankfulness becoz they gave this new set away to me for their anniversary event!

Previously The Skin Shop hold an event for their latest released whitening skincare that is IRIS Derma Solution Whitening Plus+ and I'm chosen as one of the winner of the event and I promised them to make a review on the product after one month of trying. So finally I'm here for the product review and overall, I really love this skincare!

I used to neglect proper skincare before because most of them did not suit my taste or either too much for my oily skin to handle. Some of them are very sticky and the worst nightmare would be melt and crack up my make-up T^T

So I give this a try since I think I really need to find a great skincare [since I'm in the age(20)] which can help my skin from tanning even more under the hot sun~

First, let me start off with the cleansing foam. 
I'm very picky about cleansing foam and usually I choose the one that not really makes my skin feels tight after washing and the one that has anti-acne solution. Basically, this whole skincare is about whitening so maybe I couldn't find any anti-acne solution here.

The texture of this cleansing foam is thick and I only had to use about 1cm because this lather up very well but not producing much foam. The cleanser also had a red colored small granule and it really helps to improve the cleaning process. I really love this cleanser because not only the tube is large but also it has moisturizing properties! Almost similar to Hada Labo cleanser or maybe greater than that!I was surprised since I never thought that this could be so moisturizing and doesn't left my skin dry (It's because anti-acne products tends to make my skin drier after cleansing and oilier in the middle of the day). This cleanser cleanse very well like I wanted my face to be ^_^

This is the serum which I used after cleansing my face. Unlike other serum, this is so light and leave my skin with hydration. It absorbs pretty fast and not sticky at all. I almost felt wearing  nothing!haha xD ~ and of course with my sensitive skin, I have zero break out from this!Worth trying!

I also noticed that this serum helps my skin become brighter with just only using this without other steps.
That is another plus mark from me~ ^_^

A month ago when I started using this skincare, honestly, I skip this Step..
Maybe I actually set my mind that this gonna make me had a terrible break out because one reason that this is a cream and it could be heavy in texture than the serum and like in the middle of month, I tell myself that I have to try this at least so yes,I do.

My first impression of this cream "Nah,it isn't too heavy like I thought"
So I proceed by spreading it off on my face but I would like to comment on the cream color. Honestly, I don't think this is a bad cream to begin with since the texture is far to my expectation but the only thing that bothers me is the white cast that the cream leaves on my face. 
I'm tanned(Sand Beige in color if you need reference) and the white color really looks like I'm putting on tons of white powder or even like wearing a wrong foundation color. You know what I mean but the color will disappear after the cream is fully dried. Like on me,the cream dried like 1 hour or so.

But anything else, I didn't experience any break out or any zits whatsoever.
I'm glad that it didn't cause me any problem on that.

For this night cream, I also used the same steps that is cleansing and serum then I put on this cream. I had no trouble for putting night cream since I'll head to sleep afterwards and I don't have any worry for it to melt so I tried this cream from the first try.

To my surprised, it is so light!oh yes!Like I'm putting on the serum!It feels so different from the day cream because this feels so much light and absorbs really fast!I love this so much like the serum and I used this almost everyday~ I notice the next day my skin looks brighter and less oily. It  more feels like my skin got enough hydration when I sleeping. It's because I used to have a very oily skin after I woke up but this doesn't only feels sticky but also looks hydrated!The very next day, I feel so excited and put this a lot onto my face..hehe :D

I experience zero breakout from this too!yeayy~ =D

Since my first eye cream last year, I looking for more and more eye cream. I used to have a lot of eye creams but I never blogged any of them because it will be used up in short time..haha
I don't even had time to take the picture of them coz I used eye creams like 4-5 times a day..
but then, my dark circles is still not disappearing(I mean at least lessen than before)..*sigh*

Eye creams is known for their super expensive price even just for a mere local brand.
So recently I think I should spent a bit more for eye cream but I still didn't found any cream that could recover my dark circles and wrinkles under my eyes(which I had since I'm young).

and just in the moment of needy, The Skin Shop gave me this eye cream which is for Whitening/Brightening properties *oh yes!*

I tried this and the texture and the color is the same like the serum.
I don't know why I keep comparing these with the serum.I guess I love it too much..haha
It absorbs fast and leaves my eyes with hydration.(Hey,I think they should add hydration as the main properties to this line since all of them do the same!)
I notice that my dark circles have a little bit of changes which is a bit lighter than before but it's not doing much(maybe because I just using it for a month?I think so..coz recovering takes time about 2-3 months). I could imagine that this eye cream could do more improvement to my dark circles in the coming month!(Can't wait! ^_^v)

Overall, I love the hydration and non-sticky part~ ^_^

This skincare is worth the try!I always had this set of mind about full skincare set but now I think I can loosen it up ~ ^_^ 
One more thing that I like about this skincare is all of them have this type of tube..

This review is 100% my opinion and the main party(The Skin Shop), did not effect any of my statement. I'm doing the review based on what I feel and see.

Oh, just recently I've heard of CC Cream. Do you ever heard of it before?
I never do but once I do, research coming along. Basically CC Cream is more amazing than BB Cream because it has the same properties as BB Cream and also added with Color Correction(CC) properties. Sounds awesome right? Yea,it amazed me too..hihi :D
I actually waiting any of the Korean Company will do one of the CC Cream since I put a lot of trust to them about producing foundation type cream...and 
The Skin Shop actually had their own CC Cream!!I was like...OMG!
I found the cream on their website since I'm searching for information that I could used for this review and's in the IRIS line! *woot*
Seriously CC Cream started to be highly raved so don't miss this chance to try one yourself and of course I will!

CLICK HERE to buy.They ship WORLDWIDE~

You also can find the IRIS BB Cream in the website and you also can buy the full set of IRIS Derma Solution Whitening Plus+ is the website and not forget, their popular Snail Cream!Yeah~

The Skin Shop is expanding their shop outlets to more country recently and the latest one is Hong Kong! You also can find it in Philippines and Singapore at the moment.They wish to add more countries in the list so please wait for their products~

The Skin Shop Facebook 
The Skin Shop Website 

Thank you for reading. I had so much fun writing this since I'm too excited for my first Skincare review..hehe :D

Sunday, September 16, 2012

[PHOTO & REVIEW] Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara

Finally I'm back with another review!
psst..pstt..It's a new camera in da house~hehehe :D

Etude House recently released a series of new products!Yes,again after the successful Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream~

The new theme is all about dolly look which you can see the promo posters featuring Sandara and SHINee act as a doll and not forget the real life barbie,Dakota Rose!

So, me as one of the mascara freak, immediately fall in love with their new Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara and very keen to get one of it!Finally, I got this as a gift!yeay~

If you would like to know, not only mascara for the series but they also include 3 types palettes and a unique BB combination that is BB for BB Dation anyone?(It's too expensive for me to buy the set..T^T)

Anyway, I took tons of pictures for this review and I spent 3 hours doing that!Can you imagine it?
It's super tiring but I'm satisfied with the result pictures..^_^

Let's head on to the review~

We start with Step 1 and the brush~

with make-up
without make-up

 Step 2 with the brush~

with make-up
without make-up

Step 3 with the brush~

with make-up
without make-up

Here is my suggestion of steps for you to have the super long lashes looking with extreme volume.

Coat your lashes from step 1,2 and 3.
It is because if you directly coat your lashes with Step 3, you can't really see the lengthening properties of the mascara and also the volume won't show up much either.So, to your preference, you can choose to wear Step 1 with Step2 or Step 1 with Step 3 or Step 1 to Step 3 because different ways shows different results.

Before I wrote my verdicts,i wanted to apologize if the photo lighting gradually became different.It's because I became too tired at the end of the photography and I actually lying on bed for the last xD

My verdicts :

Volume : 5 out of 5
As you can see, the mascara really gave enough volume to my eyes and I absolutely love it!

Lengthening : 10 out of 5
Super lengthening!I wish I can give more marks for this!
My lashes lengthen like I'm wearing false lashes!

Color : 5 out of 5
Definitely black and black!

Waterproof : 3 out of 5
I can really give this full mark since the mascara is not waterproof!
However, I have to use my fingers to remove it completely since it won't budge so maybe crying will do?

Curls10 out of 5
I love love love Lash Perm  Proof Mascara which I bought and reviewed previously because it holds onto my curls(and I don't even curls my lashes!) . I don't know what formula did they used in this Lash Perm series mascara but I can feel a bit wax(?) and this surely holds onto my lashes until the end of the day better than the Lash Perm Proof Mascara~!

Brush : 4 out of 5
Deducted one mark because the brush hurts my eye when I accidentally poke it onto my eyes..haha..^_^v

Clumpiness : 3 out of 5
I notice there are some clumps on my lashes and probably you also can see it in the picture but that's because I coat it too much. I suggest you only used step 1 and step 2 if you don't want to see the clump.

Moisture : 5 out of 5
Unlike a lot of mascara I've tried before this, this mascara keeps my lashes moist for the whole day. It is maybe because the wax(?) in the ingredients. You know that dry mascara can make your lashes fall?

Results : 10 out of 10
I actually like every single thing about this mascara..
The waterproof thing ? I can always coat the mascara with other waterproof mascara(although I never really do so). it's not really a big problem to me.
I really recommend this to all girlies out there no matter if you have long lashes or not coz this mascara do magic!

p/s : I change my blog name today!I'm Mizu from today onwards~

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's hauling again..~

Before I start, let me blow up the fire in my mouth first..woaarrrghhh~
lol..actually I just eat something very spicy =.=
Who the hell cook a dish using the bird's eye chillis?It is crazy..I can't even stand the heat..(that person is my
Although it was that spicy,I still continue eating it becoz..
1 - It was delicious
2 - I'm super hungry

The first thing I've done after finished eating,spreading nutella on my
coz I can't think where did I put the candies..haha
FYI,sweet things are good to relieve the spiciness..ehe :D

Oh..another thing, I'm a Korea Cosmetics Official Blogger starting 2 months ago.That's why I started to write my own beauty tips(although they didn't ask me to do that).
I'm telling this because there might be misunderstanding the future that I would like to avoid.
The products sent by them will be reviewed faithfully based on the results shown on my face.I'm not gonna lie becoz the reason that it was sponsored.It's people's skin and I don't want anyone to get harm.
At the moment,there is no products sent by them so all the products review before this post is truly mine :D which I bought them using my money unless I mentioned it was from a giveaway or etc.

Anyway,it's gonna be another crappy haul again..
I supposed to write a review today based on my schedule..haha
but I'm too lazy to take the pictures atm coz I just come back from a field trip work at the waterfall..
and I just got news from my mom that my dad bought a new camera today!oh yes,that was what I'm waiting for *_*
Please be prepare for the new high quality pictures next time..err..few months later since the camera is with my dad and I'm not going to be home in 2 months since I'll be having my final exams.

Ok,enough of the long is the pictures for eye candy~

It's Lioele Glittering Jewel Eyeliner~kk..
It's my first time buying something from Lioele.
Swatched the eyeliner and it was great..waterproof!

 10 pieces of Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Masks!I got this with supeeerrrr cheap price!

The samples sent by the Lioele eyeliner seller.
I thought the tint as sample is weird..or it's just me?hahaxD

Anyway,I'm sure will be posting review..hmm..tomorrow?I'll try ;)
Thank you for reading this crappy post..
I'm just an excited silly girl..hihi :DD

See you next time~

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Super love haul ヾ(^∇^) #3stepvolumecara #wonderpore #majolicamajorca

Hellooo guys~! 
I missed my blog so much~~Sorry for no updates for the last few days.
I've been too stress and I need sleep coz I got a terrible panda eyes because all of the assignments and tests *sigh*

I got sometime to write a post today coz I still have few tests left for this week
*i'm zombified*

Anyway,I'm pretty excited for this haul because my last week order had arrived.Maybe not all of them yet but I'm too excited that I can't wait for the next parcel..haha

 tadaaa~~excited to see the details~?

 I finally bought the Wonder Pore Freshner in smaller size(250ml).Full size(500ml) is too expensive but I just want try this first and I'll buy the full size if this satisfies me~

and for the Etude House AC Clinic Cleanser,I bought this last month but the parcel was missing and idk where it went since I had no tracking number for that but the seller did refund me..hehe..I re-buy this cleanser with another seller last week and it safely arrive with 3 nice samples(the samples are not in picture,already forgot about that..haha)

Finally the new released Etude House Lash Perm 3 Step Volumecara arrives!!yeayyy~~
Can't wait to use and review it!This gonna be awesome!

Look how petite it was!I was so confuse on how to use this =.=
I guess I better ask Etude House..

and the last one is the eyeshadow palette from Majolica Majorca Fall 2012 Limited Edition Collection! *fuh,twisted tongue*

I wanted to have more colors for my eyeshadows and I went to Guardian store to look for Majolica Majorca palette but the colors I wanted to have are sold out!I don't know why they didn't restock it and almost all Guardian store I drop by,the same palette color is sold out *pissed off*

So I go to ebay to find the palette and coincidentally I found this new limited edition palette.I didn't saw anyone post about this yet but I can't wait for others review since the colors is so nice and I fell in love.The palette itself is very expensive but I can't think no more and bought this palette.Total price of this palette include shipping is about RM63+ O.O

I think that's all and I don't know how much I've spent for all of this..
There gonna be an exciting news for the next post!Guess what?hehe :DD

Thanks for reading!It seems that I've added more products in the long waiting list for reviews *le sigh* I don't know when I'll finish all reviews..