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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's hauling again..~

Before I start, let me blow up the fire in my mouth first..woaarrrghhh~
lol..actually I just eat something very spicy =.=
Who the hell cook a dish using the bird's eye chillis?It is crazy..I can't even stand the heat..(that person is my
Although it was that spicy,I still continue eating it becoz..
1 - It was delicious
2 - I'm super hungry

The first thing I've done after finished eating,spreading nutella on my
coz I can't think where did I put the candies..haha
FYI,sweet things are good to relieve the spiciness..ehe :D

Oh..another thing, I'm a Korea Cosmetics Official Blogger starting 2 months ago.That's why I started to write my own beauty tips(although they didn't ask me to do that).
I'm telling this because there might be misunderstanding the future that I would like to avoid.
The products sent by them will be reviewed faithfully based on the results shown on my face.I'm not gonna lie becoz the reason that it was sponsored.It's people's skin and I don't want anyone to get harm.
At the moment,there is no products sent by them so all the products review before this post is truly mine :D which I bought them using my money unless I mentioned it was from a giveaway or etc.

Anyway,it's gonna be another crappy haul again..
I supposed to write a review today based on my schedule..haha
but I'm too lazy to take the pictures atm coz I just come back from a field trip work at the waterfall..
and I just got news from my mom that my dad bought a new camera today!oh yes,that was what I'm waiting for *_*
Please be prepare for the new high quality pictures next time..err..few months later since the camera is with my dad and I'm not going to be home in 2 months since I'll be having my final exams.

Ok,enough of the long is the pictures for eye candy~

It's Lioele Glittering Jewel Eyeliner~kk..
It's my first time buying something from Lioele.
Swatched the eyeliner and it was great..waterproof!

 10 pieces of Nature Republic Whitening Collagen Masks!I got this with supeeerrrr cheap price!

The samples sent by the Lioele eyeliner seller.
I thought the tint as sample is weird..or it's just me?hahaxD

Anyway,I'm sure will be posting review..hmm..tomorrow?I'll try ;)
Thank you for reading this crappy post..
I'm just an excited silly girl..hihi :DD

See you next time~


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