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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

[REVIEW] Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash-off

Hey guys! I promised on my facebook page that I will be posting a review tonight so here you go :) I got this sugar mask earlier this year  because I really wanted to try this aside of the rice mask wash-off which I never reviewed here. I love the rice mask wash-off version so I think I would like to try this black sugar mask because there are so many good reviews about it.

Flash on.

So here is how my face looks like in the middle of applying and after applying. I don't have the 'before' picture because I forgot to capture my skin before using the mask o.o 
I'm so sorry >_<

But just to tell you that I have some whiteheads and blackhead at the open pores you could see above for the 'before' picture.

The first thing that I would like to say about this wash-off mask is that I dislike the smell. True that there is a lemon-y smell to it but there are also a 'gamat oil'-like smell mix with the lemon according to
I don't know why people love the smell but I simply hate it just because I had to put it on face and have to bear with the smell for a few minutes. That's totally a no-no for me.

That's aside, the performance of this wash-off mask is quite good. The sugar bits are a bit large I guess and that's why my leftover acne/pimples looks redder than usual. The mask  works well removing my blackheads and whiteheads as you can see on the open pores above. The picture was taken right after I wash off the mask from my face.

One thing that I notice, the mask have a warm feels to it as some says that it provides self-heating. I guess it is to open the open the pores and clean all the dirt in it.

To look back at the name, I'm not sure why it is named as mask? Do I have to leave it for a few minutes after rubbing it or just let it stay on my face? The answer is you need to rub it for a few minutes and wash it off. I don't think 'mask' applies anything related to it as I won't leave it that long on my face because of the smell...haha but I'm okay with leaving the rice mask wash off on my face as it smell so good!

Overall, personally I think this is not bad in terms of cleaning away whitehead and blackhead and maybe it is just me who had problems with the smell as I read on other bloggers review, everyone do love it except for me. XD

Anyway, thank you for reading this short review!
I had an extra Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash-off to be sell as the seller I bought with sent me the wrong order :(
Anyone interested(especially Malaysian), please e-mail me at or leave a comment under this post :D

Thank you, xoxo

Saturday, July 27, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear Darling Tint #1 Berry Red

Hey guys, miss me? lol
Sorry that there are very little post on reviews but I still trying to make more >_<
Anyway, it would be a start of mid sem holiday next week and Raya holiday so I would posted lots of review in the 2 weeks!yeay~

So today I'll be reviewing this Dear Darling Tint which is not a new stuff from Etude because it's been around for quite some time. It's just my berry red craze isn't over yet until last month so I keep buying lip colors with a lot of same colors..haha

The packaging is exactly the same as Dear Darling Neon Tint.

The packaging is exactly the same as Dear Darling Neon Tint or should I say that the Dear Darling Neon Tint copying this Dear Darling Tint packaging because it was out later than this.

The texture of this tint is a bit jelly-like which glides smoothly on lips. However, because of the texture, the color looks uneven and makes some spots seems to bright while some parts looks like it's not even applied correctly.

There are 4 colors in this collection, berry red, real red, orange red and vampire red(the newest one which the one that I wanna buy instead of this but not available that time) and personally I think this Berry Red color really looks the same with Etude House Dear Girls Tint & Lip Balm which I reviewed last time.

The color pigmentation is quite good as it really shows a bright berry red with just a few swipes and it can even turns red if I swipes for a lot of times.

Since the texture is a bit jelly-like, I guess the tint is quite moisturising but not comparable with Etude House Fresh Cherry tint as it doesn't last long.

This tint last quite long for me and it disappear reasonably by hours and a few drinks or eating is okay but you have to re-apply to add the color pigmentation.

For the price, it is a very cheap tint I ever found. The quality is not that bad considering the price and I think I bought this about RM11 at that time.

Lastly, the tint is quite good on my side but I just don't like how it turns red when I apply more swipes.

Thank you for reading :D

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Warby Parker x Collaboration Collection + Charity

Warby Parker is not a foreign names for those who seeks for a comfortable eyewear with styles and to anyone like me who don't even wear glasses but love everything that looks good.

- Warby Parker was founded with a rebellious spirit and a Lofty objective : to create boutique-quality, classically crafted eyewear at a revolutionary price point. - Warby Parker.

Today is the launch of the new Warby Parker x sunglasses called GARDNER.
So what is 
- is a nonprofit organization that allows people like you to fund classroom projects across the America. 

So Warby Parker step up to help these student raising fund from everyone by purchasing their collaboration sunglasses, GARDNER.

A few of awesome features of this sunglasses,

- Vintage inspired design
- Custom acetate from a 150-year old, family owned Italian company.
- Anti-reflective, polycarbonate Rx lenses.
- Five barrel hinges with Teflon-coated screws.

For more information about the sunglasses, please go here.

Meet CHARLES BEST (left)


Actress, Ambassador

So here's the deal, 
Each pair of frames comes with a $30 gift card to fund the project of your choice.

and like always, for every pair of glasses sold, Warby Parker distributes a pair to someone in need.

Please support Warby Parker x project to help students in need in America for their studies and education projects.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

[REVIEW] Fairy Blossom by Fairy Beauty

Who doesn't love to be pretty? Everyone does though some shows it obviously(me!) and some just rather be secretive.

For the month of July, I was again selected as a ambassador to review one of the winner of Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty (女人我最大), Mina and ViVi magazines that is Fairy Beauty or specifically Fairy Blossom which one from two Fairy Beauty products - the other one named Fairy Whitez(mainly for skin).

Formulated with essential ingredients such as Mulberry & Ligonberry, Apple Stems Cells, Wild Yam, Soy Isoflavone and more - users have claimed to experience 89% firming in just four weeks. It's also helps relieve menstrual problems, menopause symptoms and provides nourishment from within.

Anyway, before I head on to full review,
here is the box that arrive to my home. I was pretty excited to see such a large box!hehe :)

They gave a month supply of the Fairy Blossom drink to me!
I'm glad that I'm choosen to try this brand :D

It is halal and they have safe certificate for those who are curious :)

Well, I don't have time to wait until four weeks because of the deadline post.

Underneath the sponge, there are 10 bottles arranged beautifully :)
I actually super excited to see them!haha

The bottles are made from glass :) but they're actually very light. I thought it would be smaller in size but this is quite medium in size.

On the right, did you see the cap? Basically you have to pull that off to see a rubber cap underneath it.
and just with the rubber on top, you just have to pop it with the straw given and drink.

How to drink ;
1 - Shake the bottle
2 - Open the cap
3 - Take the straw provided and pop the rubber cap
4 - Drink!

It's so easy right? 

I only got chance to try this for a week since my mom just sent the box on last week to me. ( I suppose to have tried it for 3 weeks according to the date that the product arrived to me )

My first impression of the packaging, they're absolutely gorgeous. That's what you wanted to see for a best beauty drink that won an award. :) The bottles are made from glass which I think is very elegant .

For the taste, I think it is not so tasty one because it taste a bit weird but later then I think the taste is about close to a date's taste( buah kurma ). I got no problem of vomiting or anything to the taste because it's not that bad. It's something that everyone could bear though..haha

I took this drink daily, means a bottle per day according to the recommendation I got from Fairy Beauty website. But if you took more, I think there's no harm in it because the product only used natural ingredients.

When I actually knows the product is mainly for breasts, I actually start to freak out o.o
I originally had large breasts myself (not that I wanted to brag). I'm not pretty happy with the size of my breasts because I'm a C cup. They makes me dislikes sports because I feel embarrassed >_<.
But I'm really glad that it does nothing on breast enlargement after 7 days of trying this beauty drink.All my bras still fits well on me but the thing that I notice is it became firmer than before. My breasts are large so it's heavy and when it's heavy, it will weigh down. I notice that without my bra, my bust still looks firm on its place. I supposed to show the before and after photos for this but to think that I'm a Muslim, it's a bit inappropriate because I don't know who's gonna read this anyway. I'm so sorry for that.
Updates : I'm not really sure but after trying this for weeks, I notice my breasts do enlarge after all? *sobs*sobs*..haha..or maybe my weight increase that cause my breasts plumper than usual..?

As for menstrual problems, I did not have mine yet until the end of the month so I can't tell if it helps or not. Just wanted to tell that I actually had menstrual pain 3 days before my period started. I'm sure will update this post again when I had mine at the end of this month as well as PMS too. I rarely had PMS but sometimes I do..haha
Updates : I already had my menstrual for the month and I could tell that there are nothing improve in terms of pain relieve coz I still had the same menstrual pain..

Do you know white vaginal discharge? Some even said that this could cause death if it is too worse but I'm not sure if it's true. I do have the problem but mine is not that bad. The white thing doesn't occur to me everyday but if it does, I only feel a bit of itchiness. Sometimes when I'm too tired, it will also came out.
So in these 7 days of taking this beauty drink, I actually realize that it doesn't came out at all. At first I don't really care about this but when I read the benefit of this drink, I realize that it actually helps me in that way.
Updates : On week 2, I saw that there is still white vaginal discharge so it does not improve this way either.. :(

Other than that, my sleep got better too. I always having a hard time to get into a deep sleep at night and I'm not sure why it was. That's why I always preferred sleeping late until the morning because only that time my eyes are feeling tired and I can get to bed easily. With this product, my sleeps improved as I don't need an hour to be in a deep sleep :)

A lot of coupons for my readers!
Code : POPPY10 (RM10 off)
Code : HS0713 ( RM20 off )
Code : MAD0713 (8% off)
Code : WH0713 (8% off)

All these code are valid until 31 July 2013 and only for purchase of RM100 and above except for and

Now a special promotion from Fairy Beauty,
Buy 2 boxes and get a FREE Gift Pack (containing 4 bottles worth RM35.40). Promo ends 31 July 2013.

  A contest is going on! Do buy Fairy Beauty products and stand a chance to win!

A sample photo of myself..tehee :D
Look how happy I

Concentrations up! I need to pop the rubber cap with the straw to drink it.

and drink! lol..I was actually feel very embarrassed to take these pictures. >_<

I was very satisfied in my first week of trying. I can see my sleep improve, my bust are firmer and my vaginal problems lessen. Thank you to Hishop and WhiteMy for giving me a chance to try Fairy Blossom. I experince good changes in these 7 days of taking this beauty drink.Hopefully I can try the Whitez next as I heard tons of good reviews of that beauty drink. 

Thank you for reading. Although I were sponsored to do this review, but it did not affect my opinion on the product. Everything is written based on my experience alone.

My rating :

You can get Fairy Blossom and Fairy Whitez HERE!

Visit HISHOP and type this code : TRYUSNOW to get RM20 rebate for purchase of RM99 and above.
Valid until 31 August 2013.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

[REVIEW] Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30 PA++

I seriously never thought I would make it to post any reviews this week either because my schedule is really pack and I'm still tired as the result of the orientation week on last week.

Plus, I'm kinda sick right now and everything feels really uncomfortable. This is the result of me bragging that I'm hardly fall sick entire my life and suddenly the fever streaks

There are a lot of posts that I've prepared since a month ago because I knew this day would come which I really don't have time for blogging.

Another thing, many have been asking me if I did my own blog design and the answer is no. I've posted  previously that I used a professional designer to do it for me and the recent addition by another designer that I hired. Of course, there will be a separate post for that.

Anyway, onto the review :)

I've bought this concealer for about a year now I guess but I rarely used it now because my skin is not that bad anymore. I don't know what to use this for anymore so it's always been in my drawer since then.haha

The red box shows the last ingredient from the left picture.

The packaging is really beautiful :)

 I took chances in the last last few weeks when I had a disorganized diet which I eat a lot of fats, oily things and prawns and this rashes appear on my face for a whole

Sorry if it grosses you out because I only wanted to show how amazing the concealer works in concealing all the imperfections on my face. Recently I always used the worser part of my skin for my reviews so that people who suffered the same thing as me can see of what are the things that I'm talking about instead of a plain review.

Although the concealer exist in two colors, 21(light) and 23(beige) --> I choose 23 but it still too light for me. So I always top it up with a darker foundation or powders to lessen the obvious color changing.

For the coverage, as you can see, it really covers all of rashes and pimples scars as well as the redness on my face.The texture is thick and I only need a very little amount of the concealer to cover my whole cheek.

The concealer does have a slight scent to it and I think it is almost similar to the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream. Topped with the sun protection properties, this concealer used to be my favorite 'foundation' once before my face turns better now.

If you asked did this works in concealing dark circles, my answer is yes but it won't works on wrinkly under eyes like me because it accentuate the fine lines :( 

Other than that, the concealer is waterproof and stays semi-matte on my face for the whole day. 
(My skin is very oily - just to note that again)

For the price tag, I guess it's a bit pricey on my side but it's worth it because it works good in concealing and the ingredients  are safe for a skin like me.

Overall, this is really a good choice of concealer if you need extra concealing for your special day :)

Thank you for reading :)