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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

[REVIEW& SWATCHES] NYX Round Lipsticks #B52 #TeaRose #Doll #Fig

Today I'll be reviewing few NYX lipsticks I bought before.
I'm so excited when I got them despite of cheap price and bold colors.
Although I'm not really a fan of bold colors but reading reviews from other bloggers made me bought

I got 4 lispticks in total.I actually bought 6 lipstick but two of them were the same colors which I personally select for my mom and sister since they always asking for my cutie lipstick..hahaxD
I think this is cheap,so why not bought one for them..

They had few colors in the line so it is hard for me to choose by seeing pictures by other bloggers..but I think I'm pretty good of selecting the colors that I might like..:D

pardon me but the lipstick broke..I don't know how to fix it(is by melting them affected in any way?)

So for the lips swatches :D

You can always click the picture or open in a new tab for larger views :)
I personally think that only Doll looks real in the picture while other looks not too pigmented while in real,it IS really

I'm pretty happy with this hand swatch because I think all of them really resemble the real colors of the lipsticks ^_^

oh no..the tissue is cheating you.While I think the colors may looks better on tissues but they aren't. The colors shown is 1000x times please ignore this swatch.It's pretty useless and misleading.

My verdict :

The lipstick is very bright,pigmented and moisturizing!I love these properties the best since my lips is always dry.

Because of the colors is too pigmented,I only dabbed the colors on my lips to show some colors. I might not wear the full bold one coz I'll looks older..kkk

Overall, the Tea Rose and B52 is really my expected colors while Fig and Doll turns out different from other bloggers reviews..*sigh*

The Doll is really dark red and I thought it is somehow dark-plum-red like..
which Fig is really bright in may looks weird on tan skin I think..

The downfall of this lipstick is they easily melt and you saw the first picture that the lipstick is broke right?Because of the weather here,the lipstick melt and broke..T^T
So the only solution is putting them in your refrigerator..haha

I bought these lipsticks here for RM12 each.
I think you would consider this a try :D

Saturday, October 20, 2012

KATE Cosmetics Japan I ❤ Sexy Lips Gift Set

Halooo..finally I'm home!tadaima~
Those dreadful weeks of exam have passed and I'm super free right now!
However, I didn't intend to do any part time jobs this semester

But the saddest thing is I can't online much as I used to back in my campus and also can't wake up late..T^T
I already used to my type of sleep time and I never used to reverse it back to forever(?)

My parents is so strict regarding the waking up time and also limited my time to sucks that I can't even online at night!gyaaaah!It would be better if my broadband can be used at times like this so that I can sneaked out in my room the whole night BUT the signal is not very strong and the broadband is useless..>_<

Anyway, I received some lovely gifts from different kind of places and here is the KATE Japan gift set I won from SaSa Malaysia ~hehe :D
My friend used to say that I'm always lucky regarding entering giveaways but actually the usual giveaways which I really wanted to win, I never won any but the one that I join just for fun,I did won that..oh lol..XD

The contest stated that RM50 gift set and RM10 voucher will be given away in set but after I saw the full gift set I got,I wonder if this is really RM50?I think if calculated from the SaSa store roughly,this set almost reached RM200! or more maybe(?)

There is the cute bag from KATE and the masks I bought from
The seller of the masks is here.

It's the masks from baviphat. I never tried this before but aren't they cute?
I got this for RM0.40@0.13USD per piece.Super cheap right?!
But sad the limited quantity to buy a day is 5 and the time they got sales,I only managed to get 10 of this..Of course with different brand and flavors(?)..because the usual price you'll see this mask in store is like multiples times of the price I stated..

Back to KATE again,they gave me almost the full make-up for face.
The first thing I saw in the bag is that palette!omg..I actually saw that palette a lot.
From youtube gurus and other Japan make-up lovers blog but never grab any of this on KATE stands in Watsons because it is too expensive *sob*sob*

For the KATE theme and products packaging,they are targeting this brand for mature young woman/glamorous type or working woman type.That is what I thought when I watched the CF..hehe.
Although some of the packaging looks really plain/dull but I think they wanted to show the purity and edgy style of the brand.

Just for a larger view?lol
They also gave me the nail set which is nail polish in pink-red color and nail color remover(such a big bottle)
Since it is wrong for me to use any of nail polishes,I intend to sell this..anyone interested?

Anyway,review coming up since I've tried most of these products!
Wanted to know what I'm saying?Please wait for next post~

and here is the samples I got from the seller(qoo10).Pretty a lot right? I don't even got this much when I bought few hundreds stuff with other seller.

Till next time..jaa~

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where to buy Korean/Japanese Cosmetics ≧◠◡◠≦✌

Hello hello~I thought I'm going to take a nap or so
 but it is too hot right now and probably it's because I took 4 sachets of coffee last night..hehe :D
I don't sleep for the whole night because my 2nd final paper this morning..*hello eyebags*

So you would probably know of what I'm going to blog this time~
I've been receiving a lot of emails and comments regarding where to buy Korean 
cosmetics with a cheaper price..I should really include that in my review post but 
always forgot to wrote that.Anyway, this entire blog post is about where to buy cosmetics 
with cheaper price or online shops that I usually bought from..

1 - Gmarket Malaysia a.k.a Qoo10

Payments channel : ipay88(bank transfer includes maybank,cimb bank,etc), credit card and paypal.

Just recently I found this website which sells a bit about everything. I found that most of the sellers are from Korea and Hong Kong. The website is basically more like ebay in my opinion but they had
coupons for grab everyday which you could get further discount in any products you choose to buy.
Most of the cosmetics sellers offers free shipping(yeay!) and their products is a lot cheaper than ebay or any local outlets. Since then I've been ordering almost all my make-up from this site.
But, you have to be clever in finding sellers. Choose the seller that have good review from the customers and those who clearly stated their price and shipping details. A lot of sellers(or maybe qoo10) usually listed the products as in sale but they actually hide the original price in the selection area so be careful okay~? 
You are not from Malaysia?Then don't worry,Qoo10 had global page too!Just click the link above and you'll see the country listed at the bottom and find your country.I believe those that are from western would had to choose Qoo10 Global.

2 -

Payments channel : paypal and credit card.

Before I found Qoo10, this is my most favorite website of all to buy Korea Cosmetics. Although they didn't have a large range of products at first but now you can see that they added a lot of brand and products. One reason why I love this website so much is they offer free shipping no matter how much you bought and they also giving free samples!(yeay! again). There is once which my parcel is no where to be found or maybe missing in delivery but I can't track it since the parcel is normal mail which no tracking number is given. The seller kindly refund me after that without much questions and reasons. Their price is cheaper compared to ebay and local outlets. So yeah, a plus point given! One more thing, keep watching the sales going on their website because I got my Kiss Note from them last time..hehe :D

3 - ebay

Payment channel : Paypal.

This is my first ever website I used to shop my make-up. That time there wasn't much online seller you can find that sells Korea Cosmetics so only by this site I can get my,my preferred seller would be RubyRubyshop, cosmetic-love(yes, they're ebay seller from the start but they open a website which customers can get their product without had to pay for paypal fees) and more. Rubyrubyshop always do sales and auction but after I found cosmetic-love website, I'm no longer purchase from them(RubyRubyshop) since although they do sales,sometimes the price is higher than the products without sales but there are always seller that sells cheaper than Qoo10 and cosmetic-love. You only have to be clever about this.Find trusted seller(which got good feedback and scores) and research the items that they sell(to prevent fakes)

4 - Japanese Cosmetics sellers
There are various seller I found so these are some of them which I 
bought my Japanese cosmetics previously.

Any questions?Leave a comment down below or email me here
I moderate and check it daily~!
Thank you for reading,hope this helps~Jaaa~

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Haul post / Korea Festival #missha #clio #peripera #etudehouse #thefaceshop #baviphat

As I promise yesterday, I'm going to do a haul post~
Also there are some pictures I took from the Korea booth festival@Fahrenheit88

Then, I started with my haul from Stardust booth which featuring Peripera, Clio Professional and Baviphat. Baviphat got 30% off and both Peripera and Clio with original price.

I wanted to buy make-up pouch for such a long time and been eyeing the pouch from Baviphat. They got some gorgeous dupe Benefit pouch ~kk

I bought these 3 items, Clamue pouch(30% off), Peripera Peri's Tint balm(Had cooling properties and tint too!) and Baviphat Apple Soft Lip balm(the smell is sooooo good!)

So next we drop by The Face Shop becoz my friend is a member and she wanted to redeem her birthday gift(so lucky..Etude House doesn't even had this kind of gifts T^T)
I'm not really a FaceShop fan becoz their products doesn't really attract me becoz of unattractive stores and packaging(I even had terrible experience with their samples previously)
but then these 2 items(The Face Shop Aqua Drop Pack Sleeping Mask and The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Wipes) caught me becoz the mask is so good when I tried it in the store and I need a cleansing wipes and this is cheap!lol
I got 30% off since my friend is using her birthday promo..huhu..
I think I should paid this myself since she not really bought much in the store while I'm contributing to her points(coz that sleeping mask is super expensive! *RM69.90*) and she got a free pretty tote bag..(I want the bag..T^T lol)

and this is what I got from Etude House. They had this event like booth of something at Sungei Wang Plaza and they gave lots of free gifts if you bought RM80+ and RM100+

We're not really enjoyed the event because we're in a hurry for Jung Il Woo fanmeet..but thanks to Etude House staffs which called upon us and gave this super cute SHINee handfan and gave few samples away..kkk..ureshii desu!

But later after the fanmeet, we decided to drop by Etude House@Berjaya Times Square since we had some time to shop more..Shockingly my friend did bought a
She even bought the Etude House Sun BB Cream which is about RM100+..darn super expensive!I bought that BB Cream online include shipping is just only for RM59!I told her about that but she insist on buying it so I got nothing to say..haha

Because she bought a lot then the kind EH staff gave us 2 EH bottles..yeay~~!
I love EH because they're so nice upon giving free gifts..I even asked for an extra bag during the payment since we combine our payments together..they're are pretty cool compared to The Face Shop staff which is very cold..they don't even ask me what i want to buy or even guide me in the smiles and all..that's why I dislikes going to TheFaceShop..maybe they looked down on us becoz they don't expect we Malays will spent hundreds in their store..

owh anyway,I bought the Sweet Cupcakes Eyeshadow in #Menu4(purple shades) and one pencil sharpener from Etude House. I'm not buying much since I already had most of their products..lolol

and here is some online shopping I've done..hehe..
I ran out of concealer so I got the Missha Signature Extreme Concealer SPF30++in #23.
It is pretty expensive but it is worth my money.I don't even wear BB Cream because this concealer alone is enough. ^_^

I also got a Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner in #08 light pink for under eye and  a Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lip Liner in real rose(my first lip liner!)

Next would be Clio Professional Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Black! it's Lee Hyori~~woot!
That's why I bought nothing at the Stardust booth becoz I bought this earlier. Although I'm targeting the Twisturn eyeliner at the booth but it was so expensive!Even ebay sells them for RM39 and the booth sells them for RM69.90!gosh...I didn't bought it online because only black in color available while I wanted to have the purple. T^T
You had to google the name if you don't really understand what I'm talking about..haha

oh..and there are also NYX Cosmetics Round Lipsticks I bought last week from local seller.It is very cheap in US which you get it from Ulta(?)for 1 buck if I'm not mistaken..

I got three colors ; Tea Rose, Doll and Fig. It is very hard to choose the color online since different blogger had a different swatches color..but I do a great job because these 3 colors is pretty much as a I expected. Like these was highly raved, the lipstick is very moisturizing and super pigmented in color.

I bought more last night and it probably arrived tomorrow that is B52 and Tea Rose since I wanted to give those to my mom and sister. They are asking me for my lipstick last time but the colors I had is so bright and I think that it won't suit them because my sis is darker than me and my mom almost  had the same skin color with me but bright pink won't suit her age right?So I'm thinking B52 might suit my mom(although I'm not pretty sure the real color will turn to(coz the pictures show that it might be nude-red-pink color) and tea rose for my sister since the color is not really's a nude-purple-pink in my opinion.

The Missha concealer packaging!Gorgeous isn't it?

Pretty good eyeliner in my opinion especially for the beginner user.

These are the sponsored review products that arrived 2 weeks ago sent by Korea Cosmetics for me to review~ love the blue packaging and there is pandas!haha..they are referring on how the panda eyes can turn bright using their eye cute!

The eye cream is pretty great when I first used it..Absorbs really fast and non-sticky!yeay~
and there is Catalinageo Auto Eye Brow Pencil~

The samples from Re-Cell two types but I haven't tried this yet..

The accessories I bought from Fashion Letter@fb
These two are from Neon lines and it was really pretty!The seller is very nice..I'm not saying this because this is sponsored or anything.I purely bought this myself.Just wanted to share with everyone because this is cheap!It's neon and will be bright in the dark light..:D

oh and here this is me..I'm pretty sure I never did took a full photo of me since I look ugly in like I don't know how to pose properly in front of cam..T^T

Having a lunch on coz just got chance to eat after the Jung Il Woo tired and sleepy..I don't know why my sides had so many guys at the fanmeet..and they're so tall I don't even see oppa properly..T^T

sorry for my sleepy eyes..haha
and i wore the neon bracelet too!hehe :D

these are pictures from the Korea booth festivals~ *Baviphat and I-Myss*

Lee Hyori unni!kkkk...
She had a pretty sexy pose stands near the Peripera products but the guy from the Nature Republic booth always stare at us while taking pic..*sigh* I'm so embarrassed till don't even taking pictures properly T_T All is that guy's fault.!grrr...haha

Below are some pictures I took from my instagram..hehe..follow me @ashihana

The twisturn I'm talking about!

Korea traditional royal food..gosh..these all looks good!!

Jung Il Woo fanmeet..oppa did not arrived yet atm..

Anyway,that's all..I think that's a lot of pictures..although it is really low in quality but I'll do the reviews soon with the better cam!next time~jaaaa~

Miss ya! ≥^.^≤

Helloooo guyssss!
I know it's been 2 weeks since my last post T^T
I even had few draft posts that I haven't post it yet..(╥﹏╥)

It's because maybe I start using the new cam for last few posts and I'm here in campus without the cam so I feel bad to make a post with lower quality pictures..and the draft post?(Pictures are done but because it is skincare posts so I delayed that for a moment..

Anyway, I'm having my finals right now but I'm not going to make that as 
excuse coz I don't even study..lolol ( I loveeeee last minute and that's me)

So I had few more days(exactly 3 days for my next paper) 
and I don't even touch or see anything related to that..haha..
I've been reading something for the past few days..I know it's shameless to tell but it is BL..
If you don't know what is BL then it would be better but if you know then it's shameless for (but don't misunderstood, it's not a real life thing..haha)

That's all my friend's fault..she loves BL so much that I don't even understand when
I start reading that, I understand her completely..*it's a fangirl thing, you know*
Ok..enough about that..I'm going mad if I talked anymore about that..*giggling*

So, for my make-up desires, I actually lose again last 2 week when I went to meet Jung Il Woo(A Korean Actor)..*oh yeah* he came to Malaysia last time (and I actually wasn't pretty interested at first because it is too far from my place and the fares are expensive! lmao) but then my friend begged me to go and I fell for tempted huh?

So we did meet him(omg,his skin is so flawless without any single flaw *drool*)
and it's a shame for me since I'm a beauty blogger but far compared to his skin..haha
Coincidentally, Etude House, TheFaceShop, Nature Republic, Holika Holika did have promotions on the day..*sigh*
Etude House even had some kind of road show? should I say this..I probably wrong on the terms *road show but anyway, it's an event which they're giving freebies to anyone that came yeah...I did get it~~A SHINee handfan and new EH products samples
*no pics but i'll update this tomorrow*

There are also Korea booth festival happened at Fahrenheit88( but I missed the Korean traditional dance becoz  il woo oppa came really late to the fanmeet >_<)
and there is a booth dedicated to Peripera and Clio Professional from Stardust Studio.
The brand just introduced recently in Malaysia and I'm soooo excited!Like finally..
It would be great if they had a personal outlets..hmmm
I spent a lot at the Peripera mostly since I bought Clio product online previously..*opps..I told that..

I have so many things to tell but I think I stop's not gonna be fun if I told everything is this dull post pics and boring..don't read this
but if you had arrived till here then arigato..ehehe :D

I leave you with my ultimate bias jpop girl group..
I've been their fangirl before I even know about Big Bang back then but since their merch are so hard to find so maybe I haven't really said anything about them..(but u know,my google+ pics from the first I started this blog,always been their faces..*if you noticed*)..haha

I actually wanted to put their Japan Rock festival performance but the video search is annoying..they don't even search the exact title *pfft*
so if you would like to see the live ver, search *S 2012 Perfume !!* on youtube..ureshii desu!

till next post!(tomorrow..zzztt)