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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where to buy Korean/Japanese Cosmetics ≧◠◡◠≦✌

Hello hello~I thought I'm going to take a nap or so
 but it is too hot right now and probably it's because I took 4 sachets of coffee last night..hehe :D
I don't sleep for the whole night because my 2nd final paper this morning..*hello eyebags*

So you would probably know of what I'm going to blog this time~
I've been receiving a lot of emails and comments regarding where to buy Korean 
cosmetics with a cheaper price..I should really include that in my review post but 
always forgot to wrote that.Anyway, this entire blog post is about where to buy cosmetics 
with cheaper price or online shops that I usually bought from..

1 - Gmarket Malaysia a.k.a Qoo10

Payments channel : ipay88(bank transfer includes maybank,cimb bank,etc), credit card and paypal.

Just recently I found this website which sells a bit about everything. I found that most of the sellers are from Korea and Hong Kong. The website is basically more like ebay in my opinion but they had
coupons for grab everyday which you could get further discount in any products you choose to buy.
Most of the cosmetics sellers offers free shipping(yeay!) and their products is a lot cheaper than ebay or any local outlets. Since then I've been ordering almost all my make-up from this site.
But, you have to be clever in finding sellers. Choose the seller that have good review from the customers and those who clearly stated their price and shipping details. A lot of sellers(or maybe qoo10) usually listed the products as in sale but they actually hide the original price in the selection area so be careful okay~? 
You are not from Malaysia?Then don't worry,Qoo10 had global page too!Just click the link above and you'll see the country listed at the bottom and find your country.I believe those that are from western would had to choose Qoo10 Global.

2 -

Payments channel : paypal and credit card.

Before I found Qoo10, this is my most favorite website of all to buy Korea Cosmetics. Although they didn't have a large range of products at first but now you can see that they added a lot of brand and products. One reason why I love this website so much is they offer free shipping no matter how much you bought and they also giving free samples!(yeay! again). There is once which my parcel is no where to be found or maybe missing in delivery but I can't track it since the parcel is normal mail which no tracking number is given. The seller kindly refund me after that without much questions and reasons. Their price is cheaper compared to ebay and local outlets. So yeah, a plus point given! One more thing, keep watching the sales going on their website because I got my Kiss Note from them last time..hehe :D

3 - ebay

Payment channel : Paypal.

This is my first ever website I used to shop my make-up. That time there wasn't much online seller you can find that sells Korea Cosmetics so only by this site I can get my,my preferred seller would be RubyRubyshop, cosmetic-love(yes, they're ebay seller from the start but they open a website which customers can get their product without had to pay for paypal fees) and more. Rubyrubyshop always do sales and auction but after I found cosmetic-love website, I'm no longer purchase from them(RubyRubyshop) since although they do sales,sometimes the price is higher than the products without sales but there are always seller that sells cheaper than Qoo10 and cosmetic-love. You only have to be clever about this.Find trusted seller(which got good feedback and scores) and research the items that they sell(to prevent fakes)

4 - Japanese Cosmetics sellers
There are various seller I found so these are some of them which I 
bought my Japanese cosmetics previously.

Any questions?Leave a comment down below or email me here
I moderate and check it daily~!
Thank you for reading,hope this helps~Jaaa~


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