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Saturday, October 20, 2012

KATE Cosmetics Japan I ❤ Sexy Lips Gift Set

Halooo..finally I'm home!tadaima~
Those dreadful weeks of exam have passed and I'm super free right now!
However, I didn't intend to do any part time jobs this semester

But the saddest thing is I can't online much as I used to back in my campus and also can't wake up late..T^T
I already used to my type of sleep time and I never used to reverse it back to forever(?)

My parents is so strict regarding the waking up time and also limited my time to sucks that I can't even online at night!gyaaaah!It would be better if my broadband can be used at times like this so that I can sneaked out in my room the whole night BUT the signal is not very strong and the broadband is useless..>_<

Anyway, I received some lovely gifts from different kind of places and here is the KATE Japan gift set I won from SaSa Malaysia ~hehe :D
My friend used to say that I'm always lucky regarding entering giveaways but actually the usual giveaways which I really wanted to win, I never won any but the one that I join just for fun,I did won that..oh lol..XD

The contest stated that RM50 gift set and RM10 voucher will be given away in set but after I saw the full gift set I got,I wonder if this is really RM50?I think if calculated from the SaSa store roughly,this set almost reached RM200! or more maybe(?)

There is the cute bag from KATE and the masks I bought from
The seller of the masks is here.

It's the masks from baviphat. I never tried this before but aren't they cute?
I got this for RM0.40@0.13USD per piece.Super cheap right?!
But sad the limited quantity to buy a day is 5 and the time they got sales,I only managed to get 10 of this..Of course with different brand and flavors(?)..because the usual price you'll see this mask in store is like multiples times of the price I stated..

Back to KATE again,they gave me almost the full make-up for face.
The first thing I saw in the bag is that palette!omg..I actually saw that palette a lot.
From youtube gurus and other Japan make-up lovers blog but never grab any of this on KATE stands in Watsons because it is too expensive *sob*sob*

For the KATE theme and products packaging,they are targeting this brand for mature young woman/glamorous type or working woman type.That is what I thought when I watched the CF..hehe.
Although some of the packaging looks really plain/dull but I think they wanted to show the purity and edgy style of the brand.

Just for a larger view?lol
They also gave me the nail set which is nail polish in pink-red color and nail color remover(such a big bottle)
Since it is wrong for me to use any of nail polishes,I intend to sell this..anyone interested?

Anyway,review coming up since I've tried most of these products!
Wanted to know what I'm saying?Please wait for next post~

and here is the samples I got from the seller(qoo10).Pretty a lot right? I don't even got this much when I bought few hundreds stuff with other seller.

Till next time..jaa~


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