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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Althea Korea Haul : Innisfree & Laneige

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing with you about my latest haul with Althea Korea.

Althea Korea is the latest Malaysia online shopping sites featuring Korean beauty products. It is based in Korea but basically it was targeting mostly Malaysian and Singapore! They have lots of popular brands and trendy products that you might like :)

It arrives to me in this pink package! How cute is that?

I love the details of this box, never gonna throw it out ;P

Take a look closely, there's no shipping charge because every RM150 spent, you got free shipping!

Every product is packaged individually in bubble wraps with Althea stickers!

The first item! I've been wanting this for so long and because it is expensive so I wanted to swatch on the counter first before buying but since Althea sells it for a cheaper price, I just HAVE to get it!lol

I know this serum was raved everywhere and I haven't got chance to try this out because always distracted with newer released and finally I have it!yeay~

Bought these two just for fun, lol but it was RM5 each, so why not? It's CHEAP!

I'm a part of the Beta Testers for Althea website and we were given RM150 each to spend on the site before the launch (July 1st) and I'm so excited yet so confuse which to buy coz I want all of them! But I finally made decision to buy all above 4 items after a week, haha

Althea's website is so simple and had the modern touch to it. You can simply navigate to any sections listed which they had broken down to makeup, skincare, cleanser, pack & mask, whitening and new arrivals.

As far as I know, the payment system available for now is Paypal but I think they're currently in the process of adding bank transfer as one of the payment, which is would be easier for me as well.
Update: They added MOLpay which is a payment channel for online banking in Malaysia.

They offered a quite reasonable price! I've tried adding the same items on testerkorea added with k-packet shipping options and althea definitely offered a cheaper price! The reason I tried it with K-packet instead of normal Korean Registered Mail is because althea offered pretty similar delivery to K-Packet which I got my parcel exactly in 5 days after I ordered. How fast is that?! And compared to K-Packet which will take over by Pos Malaysia after it entered Malaysia, the service that althea used was either using Ta.Q.Bin or Skynet after it entered Malaysia which from my experience with Skynet, they take care of my parcel carefully and even called me before the delivery (though they called in the morning and delivered it in the evening =.=)

One exciting note is when you shop with althea, they will sent your orders in the above Althea Box! I'm super happy that they put much thoughts in that because who wouldn't be happy to received a well packaged parcel right? They even wrapped each products individually with bubble wraps and althea stickers on each as well as pink paper to protect the product. The box is also bubble wrap to protect the shape :D

For now, there is only a few products in the website which is the top picks and bestseller products. Hopefully they'll take request later coz I'm definitely going back to purchase more!

Current promotion, Every RM100 spent, you can get free shipping! Use this code ATA150 for RM20 off RM150 order!


Thank you for reading, I shall review all of these soon!

Monday, July 6, 2015

[REVIEW] ephyra Skin Bar [Before & After] Part.2

If you think you're having a deja-vu, I would want to clarify that this is my second part of my review for this skin bar. You're welcome to read the first part here. I would also do bilingual language review today so just pray I can do it?haha

Assalamualaikum, untuk review kali ni Mizu akan tulis dalam dua bahasa sebab kebanyakan pengguna ephyra berasal dari Malaysia jadi mungkin ini akan membantu sedikit sebanyak. Ini merupakan review kedua Mizu untuk ephyra skin bar ni. Bagi yang ingin membaca bahagian 1, boleh tekan link ni untuk pergi ke post pertama.

Since it's launched, ephyra skin bar have been receiving a lot of positive feedback from its user and that's including me [as you can see in the part.1 post] because it's cheap (RM39) per bar and it can be used all over the body.

Selepas pelancaran sabun ephyra ni, ramai pengguna telah memberi feedback yang sangat positif dan itu termasuklah Mizu sendiri. [boleh tengok review tu di link tadi]. Harga sabun ephyra ini sangat berpatutan iaitu RM39 dan ia boleh digunakan pada seluruh badan.

From the two pictures above, you can see clearly on how much my skin has improved by using this skin bar. I don't have a strict skincare routine so based on that I can see on how much this soap has impacted my skin.

Daripada dua gambar di atas, memang jelas sangat yang sabun ephyra ni memang sangat membantu kulit Mizu  untuk pulih. Mizu tiada skincare routine yang sangat ketat jadi bila perubahan macam ni berlaku dekat kulit Mizu sendiri, memang nampak sangat kesannya.

What I love about this soap is that it smells really good and the ingredients used is very skin friendly. It instantly cleaned my skin from the oil and dirt and leave my pores tight after each wash. As you might know, my skin is acne-prone and oily so this soap has been a major help to keep away those nasty things on my face.

Apa yang membuatkan Mizu suka sangat dengan sabun ini adalah sebab penggunaan bahan-bahan di dalam sabun ni yang tidak membahayakan kulit selain daripada baunya yang sangat harum. Kulit Mizu sangat berminyak dan mudah berjerawat jadi sabun ni memang telah banyak membantu Mizu untuk mengelak dari jerawat-jerawat baru timbul dan juga mengurangkan pengeluaran minyak yang boleh menyebabkan jerawat dan blackhead/whitehead.

Another than that, this soap also have made my skin much brighter than it used to be. The weather in Malaysia is really hot nowadays and it's quite hard to maintain a lighter skin and I'm glad that this soap can also brighten the skin with the Gluthathione ingredient.

Selain itu, kulit Mizu juga telah banyak berubah dari segi kecerahannya. Sangat susah nak maintain warna kulit supaya jadi cerah sentiasa disebabkan cuaca Malaysia yang sangat panas. Jadi, dengan adanya sabun ephyra yang juga mempunyai bahan Gluthathione untuk mencerahkan kulit, Mizu dapat maintain kulit untuk jadi cerah walaupun dalam cuaca yang panas.

I really recommend for you to try this soap because I had no breakout nor itchiness while using this and it certainly have made my skin brighter. It also can be used through out the body.

Mizu sangat rekomen sabun ni terutamanya yang mempunyai masalah kulit yang sama dengan Mizu. Setakat ini, Mizu memang tiada masalah dengan peggunaan sabun ni. Harga pun sangat berpatutan dan satu biji sabun boleh bertahan selama 3 minggu hingga satu bulan mengikut cara penggunaan.

ephyra had recently launched a "selfie" contest, before & after photo on instagram. Do follow them to join! I myself not excluded to join for sure since my phone broke the other day *sigh* finger crossing!

ephyra sekarang ni sedang membuat kontes "selfie" before & after dekat instagram dan hadiahnya ialah iPhone6! Anda semua memang digalakkan untuk menyertai kontes yang sangat mudah ni. Hanya upload gamba selfie di instagram dan hastag ephyra. Kontest berakhir pada 31 July 2015.
Bagi sesiapa yang ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut tentang sabun ephyra ni boleh melayari link di bawah.

I rate this:

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