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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

[REVIEW] Cloud 9 Blanc de Whitening Cream

Hi guys! Today is my last day at home and I'm pretty sad, I seriously don't want to start a new semester and back to study again after a month break T_T

But I'm still excited to blog today and I'll be reviewing this Cloud 9 Whitening cream that has been featured in Get It Beauty, 2 years back I think?

The brand also released the serum under the same line but it was a bit pricey for me to get it on my haul last time so I didn't buy it ;(

The content should be 90% full of the jar but since I've already used a part of it so it left this much.

The texture is really like a pudding, it looks crumbly but it spread like water.

Not sure if you notice, but my hand were brighter after I blended it out and there is a little bit of glow too.

I didn't follow every episode of Get It Beauty but I stumble upon the video about this cream before I made my haul and I just fell in love right away. Basically, they gave a box of this cream as well as capsicum to a few testers to see whether their skin made an improvement in decreasing in melanin after a while. The testers are all succeed in the test which the staff used a specific machine to test that. However, I didn't consume capsicum since I'm not a fan nor I had the proper machine to test out my skin.

Have you heard about the instant whitening product which is the Snow White Milky Pack? If you do then this cream gave the same effect of instant whitening to the skin and a little bit of glow except that you don't have to wash the cream after you applied it on. 

I like the instant whitening so much that I usually go out just with the cream on and people still asked what type of cream that I used because it looked great. Another plus point is that the cream won't leave a white residue even if I'm sweating. Usually this type of cream would smears off while sweating and leave an ugly white residue on the face but this is not.

I also love the fresh fragrance. Not too sure if it is flowery or else but it sure smells good :)

If you ask, did my skin became whiter? I'm still not too sure about that because I don't use this regularly but what I do notice is even after I washed off the cream, my skin still look bright and fresh.

Another great thing about that the cream is that its a great base to my makeup. I tried several times by putting this cream before I apply primer or just straight to foundation and it made my makeup sets in pretty well, extending the hours that my foundation will start to cake up. 

The only negative about this is this doesn't provide moisture. It absorbs really fast on the skin and would dry off like nothing have been applied to the skin. So if you're under the dry skin category, you will need a proper moisturizer that will avoid your skin of becoming too dry. For an oily skin like me, I still feel that it was a bit too dry but it doesn't bother me much after a while.

Overall, I'm in love with this cream. The instant brightening that it gives really make my whole complexion different from the usual dull skin.

I rate this:

Thank you for reading :)



Evelyn Vidal said...

I was looking for a review of this cream. I've seen that episode and since then wanted to try it. I'm so afraid because my skin is complicated (combination) so, I'll try with samples first and crossing fingers haha.
Thank you!

Mizu said...

Hope it works for you! :D

Vanity Rex said...

The texture is very interesting! I saw the episode and have been curious about this item!

Jessica Liani Suwitro said...

So I think it's not for daily moisturizer use right. A bit like cc cream

Frl Schnee said...

The packaging of the Cloud cream looks very beautiful! And the consitency looks really unique from the pictures, too. I loved using the Snowwhite cream (not pack), and if this is similar like that I want to give it a try for sure :D

Mizu said...

I know right!

Mizu said...

Yeah, quite similar but unlike cc cream, this is skincara which can be used even at night before sleeping

Mizu said...

Yes, it was very similar in terms of instant whitening :D

Dany chan said...

I really like the packaging, it makes me think that its price is somewhat high heheh.
Its texture itself that is interesting and unique, as I have not seen much products like this.

Hope you are having a really nice day, Mizu!♥

Dreamy sakura ~

Mizu said...

Agreed! The packaging looks luxurious. You should have try this cream. It works wonders :)

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