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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

[REVIEW] Peripera Peri's Ink Lip Tint #02

Hello again!
I still have a few to review from my haul and also from my previous haul so bare with me.
Today I'll be reviewing a lippy again coz it's the easiest to review, lol

As you might know, I'm a HUGE lip tint fan and I don't think I can ever live without it. Ever since a few months back I thought I want to widen my favourite so I've been trying a few tints from different brand.

Peripera is always known for their tints which started with kinda benefit dupe tint, the Peripera Water Tint and the latest is they're releasing this new Ink Tint. So I choose No.2 Draw Attention which I'm not sure why, probably I was aiming for the pink color.

I didn't know the tint was leaking! But please read my kind of thoughts when I saw this kind of "ink" design to the box.

 The tint won't even reached the "washed" colors because the color won't be remove that easily.

The real color is actually brighter than this.

The story behind the leaking box. When the first I open the box, I already noticed there is some discoloration to packaging but I didn't open it because I wasn't too excited by it like I did with VOV lip and Missha lip I reviewed the other day XD A few days ago, my family went out for shopping and dinner so I thought a tint would be best if I want the color to stay long so I opened up the package for the first time and it was leaking sideways and all over my palm. I was quite shocked but then I thought that ''ahh,,this is what the discoloration is about" and I originally thought the discoloration was kind of "ink" design so I thought they actually go for the theme on the box! lol
But no worries about the leaking. I don't think it leaks out that much(probably)

Anyway back to the review, on the first application , I noticed something off with the smell, it was a chemical, medicinal orange smell to it which I really hate about it! geez, these kind of smell were so old already and I wish they put a stop to it. =="

The liquid is very watery and  it is easily absorb to the lips. The color is incredibly opaque that with only 1 application, it really gives a super bright color and I didn't hate it coz I thought it looks great! 

In terms of the applicator, it has an average function to it and because the tint is watery and it easily dried so if you mistakenly put uneven color or apply an uneven color to the lips, it'll dry off like that. Usually I'll apply again so that I can adjust the color however, it will be super super bright!lol

Since it is watery, of course I didn't expect them to be moisturizing so in case the lips are too dry, apply lip balm on top or glosses to make it up the loss moisture.

The tint sure are hard to remove and Peripera even released a special remover for this tint. However, if you want to wash it off with normal water, it should be gone after a few washed. Just rubbed running water over the lips and the color will be gone soon. So if you're going for dinner or eating, this is great because the color would stay!

Overall, I have the love-hate relationship with this tint, but since the stain is incredible, I surely recommend for you to try to see if you like it.

I rate this : 



Frl Schnee said...

Wow! The stain for this sounds incredible! But I can understand your love/hate relationship here. I hate chenical smells on lip products. Nevertheless, because of the lasting stain I' m tempted to try it.

Mizu said...

Surely! You'll be amaze on how powerful the stain is :D

Nyacchan said...

I always see periperas extremely cute packaging but never buy anything from them ;A; this lip tint looks sooo cute *___* and the lasting power sounds incredibe, i have tried other tints similar to this, i can kind of understand your love-hate relationship with it!
But the color pay off looks so great i'm really tempted to give it a try (and the cute packaging is also irresistible)


Sarah Fortu said...

I couldn't agree with your review! I have one of these tints as well and I totally understand the love-hate relationship you have with it ~ but since it's so opaque and stains very well I can't help but like it >_< haha

Mizu said...

Um but I didn't say that I don't like it .. I only said that I hate the smell because it's very medicinal to me. If you read it again, I actually recommended people to try it because of the amazing stain..

XiaoVee said...

wow this lip tint's staying power is incredible o_o
thanks for reviewing, Mizu! :)

Mizu said...

If you love strong stain, you should really try this! :D

Mizu said...

Yes it is! It even came with a remover and that means that it's actually so hard to remove :D

You're much welcome :)

Sarah Fortu said...

Oh my bad ~ When I read the last part of your review, I thought I understood the part how you still liked the product overall... so I was trying to agree with you of how I too, liked it even though I have a love-hate relationship with it myself. But anyways ~ Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Mizu said...

No worries, I probably written the review in the wrong way. My love-stain is stronger than the hate-smell relationship is what I actually trying to say. Apologies on my behalf too :)

Sarah Fortu said...

oh no, no need to apologise! n_n

aisyahdecullen said...

I almost bought this at Watsons One Utama. But I put it back on the shelf because it needed a 'special remover' to remove it. Like, who got time & budget for that? xD I don't want an actual ink stain on my lips though.. haha.. But the packaging is kinda cute. It's just scary a tad bit scary on the removing part.

Mizu said...


Mizu said...

It's actually wasn't that scary tho..haha you can remove it normally with water of course.

Vanity Rex said...

Too bad about the smell! The color looks incredible, though.

Mizu said...

yes, too bad for the smell but the stain is really amazing :D

Kim said...

If only it was moisturizing, I would have bought one. I have dry lips, too.

Mizu said...

It's too bad about that isn't it? :(

Mizu said...

That's too bad...;(

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