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Friday, May 29, 2015

[REVIEW] VOV Super Fitting LIPQuid No.7 Roco Red

So I prepared another review today and it was so tiring! I would never ever make a #selfie (joke) but true it was tiring..but I enjoyed it. It feels like I'm giving in all to a review post :D

So this time I will be reviewing this lipstick which is a big hit when it was launch in Korea. Apparently, the company did an event where they set up the booth for this lipstick and people would #selfie in the photo booth and submit their own picture wearing the lipstick. I'm not so sure about the details because I only sees in a few Korean blogs but never mind..haha

The words and design are so hard to capture T_T

Barely captured the Lipquid word but isn't the packaging cute?? :D

I didn't know TheFaceShop was the same as VOV?

The applicator is quite bendable.

Actually no difference, just want to show you guys :)

Captured this by mistake but it turn out to be great!lol

Sorry for the same blouse again, apparently I leave almost all my blouses in my rent house :(

Hi, this is the real me, lol XD 
But if my mom saw this, she would probably call it ugly and forbid me to upload it on the

Actually tried to do a black smoky eyes but it doesn't turn out great in pictures, I'm aiming for a sultry look but resulted in fierce look..failed..haha XD

I really need a tripod! :( It's too tiring to take picture is selfie mood all the time and the dslr camera was a bit heavy too! haha

So, I got No.7 color, no name btw but it is a deep pink red in color. I wanted to get more colors but this is already pricey for me so I can only have one T_T

The first thing that notice before applying is that this lipstick has quite strong of berry smell. Not too strong but it wasn't slight. However, once you applied it on the lips, you can no longer smell it.

The color is just as deep as I expected and yeay, it wasn't matte! It wasn't glossy either and the liquid isn't as thick as the Missha Painting Rouge(Chiffon) because this is really easy to slide on the lip and sometime I thought it was a bit too easy to apply and make it a little bit hard for me to apply a precise line on my outer lip plus the applicator is quite bendable. I would recommend using lip brush the most but on above picture, somehow I made it without using lip brush.

If I drink nor eat, the color will gradually lessen and it would leave a hint of color, like a tint I guess.
The moisture last for quite sometime, not sure for how many hours but adding moisture from lip balm is needed if you plan to wear it for the whole day.

Overall, you should really try this if you love thin light lips. To be honest, I felt almost nothing on the lips after applying it but if the moisture could last for the whole day, I would rate them perfect!
I rate this:

Thank you for reading~ :D



Frl Schnee said...

The color is so pretty! :D I love the starshaped form of the liptint packaging. It must look lovely when you have a collection of these.

aisyahdecullen said...

The packaging is so cute! At first I thought it was a lipstick bullet. Gorgeous color as well :) I can see, based from your reviews on why it's such a rave in Korea.

Mizu said...

Yes it is! No 6 is red in color and it looks so pretty too! If you want to look more at the colors, looks for Lamuqe at youtube, she swatched almost all colors :D

Mizu said...

hahah i know, it would be interesting if the shape of the lipstick is star-shaped.
If you would like to see more swatches of colors, looks for "Lamuqe" on youtube. She swatches almost all the colors :)

Bethany said...

Haha, I thought that was a lipstick bullet too. How inconvenient would that be? Anyway, nice to see you again after long hiatus. =.=

Mizu said...

Oh hi Bethany!It's been sometime! I hope you're back to blog :D

Miss Animanga said...

Lovvvveee that colour its so rich and the packaging too is cute. The tint suits you very well .

Mizu said...

I know right! Love the color too!

Thank you 😘😘

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