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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[REVIEW] LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask with Apple Stem Cells

Hi guys!
I'll be reviewing this mask from Livyoung , sponsored by
They sent me a box of Livyoung masks containing 10 pcs of masks which is quite a lot!

Livyoung is formulated in France and a box of this mask cost RM149.00 at HiShop!

A little bit about LivYoung Facial Mask,

"Nourishes your skin with intense essential nutrients as well as deeply hydrates your skin and leaving your skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear."
This facial mask is a focused facial treatment that:
  • Offers superb moisture to skin to give a lustre you have never known before.
  • Brightens your skin and reduce pigmentation.
  • Maintain the power of skin regeneration
  • Protect longevity of skin stem cells.
  • Decrease in wrinkles and promote anti-aging of skin.

It suits all skin types.

Ingredients up close. I don't think I saw any paraben in it or did I miss it?

Just a bit of this mask, usually the mask liquid will be runny but this isn't, even if I tilt it around (I think probably of the xanthan gum ingredient that makes it looks more like a gel)

So here's me with the mask!
ke ke ke...I know this picture is funny so laugh anyway or it isn't? (。・//ε//・。)
It's night and I'm quite lazy to wear proper clothes so I did this (^_^;)

This is the first time I ever wear a mask that has a thick liquid. Usually the other mask would be just runny but this isn't. It almost like a gel to me (I mean the liquid)

The sheet fits perfectly on my face except the forehead, there's a little bit that's touched my hair but it's fine to me. I usually likes the mask that touches my under eye better and not just a a large hole and this does it. However, it's quite short on my nose since it doesn't properly cover it all and a weird smile lip shape to it. Does people wear mask smiling? I wonder XD

Usually mask is advisable to be worn about 15-30 minutes, however it's quite a waste to take off this mask even after 30 minutes because it was heavy with liquid. I feel like I could use the other remaining for my second time of mask..haha

So far this mask doesn't break me out and I notice that my face have brightens up after each wear which makes me really happy. There's a little bit of apple fragrance too which smells quite nice :D
I definitely recommend this for you to try!

I rate this

Visit HERE to purchase!
and you can use my coupon : AMIRAHD for 15% rebate!

All thanks to HiShop for sending me this wonderful product!

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