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Sunday, May 10, 2015

[REVIEW] y.e.t Fill it Up Primer (Special Edition)

Hey guys!
Well, I actually in the middle of final exam but decided to blog as a 'breather' lol
Anyway, this primer is from my previous haul with testerkorea which is quite a long time ago (it's sold out at the moment) 

If you asked, is "y.e.t" / "Yes! Enjoy Time" a korean brand? yep it is, but most probably everyone wasn't very familiar with this brand so do I but I decided to try this out becoz of its packaging, nothing else..hehe
but you may visit to view their products! Most of it were designed adorably and cheerful!

Brand : y.e.t (Yes! Enjoy Time)
Production : Made in Korea
Net weight : 20g
Price : 5,900 won at testerkorea

A few of this product description (found this online) ;
  • Silicon gel covers pores and uneven skin to create smooth skin
  • Controls sebum to create soft skin
  • Keeps hours of not getting hardened or blocking pores
  • Enriched gel type that can cover with little amount

(click the picture to see the circle up close)

Korean primers always came in a very small package aren't they? I always thought that these small primers won't last long because I wanted to put them all over my face, not just the oily spot. However, with this y.e.t primer, I don't think I have to pump that much to spread all over my face because the texture is easy to work with and it glide smoothly on the skin.

I was surprised on how moisturising it feels but still won't make my face looks shiny. If you see closely the picture above you'll see that the primer covers up my pores and makes them looks matte.

I would say that it makes my cushion foundation last about 2 hours longer than usual (my foundation last about 3 hours before it starts caking up) but certainly not the whole day. However compared to my face without the primer, I would say that it lessen the oil secretion on my face.

There might be a little bit fragrance to it but it wasn't noticeable. I'm okay either way as long as it smells good and not chemical, haha

I have no problem with the pump because I'm always unlucky with sort-of-pump-packaging because they usually won't came out after a few times pumping.

The only downward is that I still feel that the "real" amount in the tube were lesser than it suppose to be XD I wish they could make it bigger.

I rate this : 

Thank you for reading!
Should be back to studying I guess T_T



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