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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

[TUTORIAL] How to Shop at Testerkorea

I received so many requests on "how to shop at testerkorea" so I made this tutorial with pictures to help you guys. Believe me, it's not hard at all :D

Please note that the website doesn't provide automatic currency change so you just have to use converter to convert the website currency to your preferred currency. However, the converter sometimes can't be trusted since currency do change frequently. 

The amount would not be that far if you ever used the online converter (it is only about +/- RM15) from the amount that you convert.

 The pictures here looks small but do click on each picture to view the larger size.


 First, go to


Click the top left "Hello Guest Log On" button to register an account or to log in to your existing account.



You will be directed to this page after clicking the "Hello Guest Log On" button.


Click the register button if you don't have an existing account.

 If you do have an existing account, feel free to log in to your account in the returning customer section by filling in login email and password and click log on.

In this tutorial, I assumed that you don't have an existing account so please go to the next step.


You will be shown this registration page after clicking the "Register" button on the previous step.

Fill in your details as per required and click " Registrate"

After clicking the "Registrate" button, you're done in registering and you can shop now!

There's no confirmation e-mail will be sent to your e-mail so you don't have to worry about the account confirmation before you can start shopping. So let's shop now.


After registering, you will be directed back to the homepage.

The highlight red box that I did is the menu where you can choose any section you preferred.

Sample Shop - where you can see the samples that available to buy. 
Beauty - All beauty products are here. From perfume, face makeup, skincare, beauty tools, body care etc.
Fashion/ Accessory - Handbags, accessories, fashion items.
Food/Etc - Varieties of things here, food, neck strap, essential oil etc.
Event - Product on sale. This is a must check section as you can get some of the bestsellers on sale!
Wants - Products that are requested by the customer in the forum.
Brand - All the products brands listed numbered/alphabetically


So let's say I clicked on the "Beauty" menu, I will be directed to this page. 

The left red highlight box is the sub menu in the "Beauty" section.

Click any sub menu OR just browse through the pages.


Here I clicked on "Make-Up" sub menu but you're free to choose any that you want.

1) I clicked on the "Make-Up" menu on the left and the page shows all the make up products.
2) Let's say I wanted to buy this item, MEMEBOX Make up 5 items set, so I clicked on the picture.


After you're directed to this page;

1) Choose an option.
2) Choose a quantity.
3) Add to cart.

There will be a little green box of the bottom right you'll see saying that the product is successfully add to the cart. You may do so to other products until you finished choosing the product that you want and then you go to the next step.


After finished adding your items, click the "Sub-total ..... Shopping Cart"


After clicking, there will be a hover where you can choose "Go to cart" or "Checkout". I advised you to "Go to Cart" first because the "Checkout" button does not work on me so I don't recommend that.


1) Check your order.
2) After confirming the products, click the "Checkout" button.


Fill up your billing details. Usually my billing address and shipping address is the same. I advised you put the same as well not to get confused.


In the shipping address section, if you want your billing address to be the same with your shipping address, then click the green button.

But if you want to choose another shipping address, then fill up the details again and click "Continue"


Choose any of your preferred shipping method.

DHL or Registered Air Mail or K-Packet or EMS or Air Parcel.

My top two is usually Registered Air Mail or K-Packet because it was way cheaper than others. Carefully read the details at the bottom so you can choose suitable service according to your preference.

Shipping fee varies with the weight of your products. So don't be shocked if the amount isn't the same every time you add products or remove products.

Click one option and then click "Continue"


Choose any of your preferred payment channel. 

Paypal - You have to had a Paypal account. Go register if you don't have one. Once you have a Paypal account, you can never turn back (I mean from shopping, lol)

Qiwi, Sofort, IDEAL, Alipay, Tenpay, Unionpay - I never used this so if you have any of this account, feel free to choose.

VISA, MasterCard, JCB - If you have any of these account linked to your bank, then feel free to choose this.

I usually used Paypal because I myself don't have credit card. Paypal can both accept credit card and debit card so it's great for me.  Else, they had a buyer protection which you can file for refund, etc.


I selected Paypal here so there will be a Paypal menu shown at the bottom. Choose one of your preferred currency, US dollar or Thai Baht. 

I can say that I have used both. Just see which currency is the cheapest when converting to your currency on the day.

Then click "Continue"


Check your order and click "CONFIRM"


Since I choose Paypal so I was directed to Paypal page. 
Choose to log in to Paypal account OR Pay with credit card or debit card.

After that, click CONFIRM and you're done!

Then you will be directed to testerkorea page to see that you have successfully paid for your order.


You could cancel your order at this stage by clicking Cancel and returns to TESTERKOREA.

Now you're done shopping. 

If you would like to know on how to go to the forum or have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Thank you and have a good day! I'm in the middle of my final exam so do pray for me :D

Monday, October 19, 2015

[Kbeauty] Althea Beauty Ambassador Finalists!

Hi guys!

This is just a short post but here I want to announce that I made into the Althea Beauty Ambassador Finalists <3

To be honest, I don't really know on how did I manage to be one since I didn't do anything and as extravagant like the other bloggers did but gosh, this is just a happy news for me and I can't stop smiling :D :D :D (I'm so easy to please, lol)

I'm what you say "unsocial blogger" as I never attended any events, launching and other related blogger activities which blogger usually met and know each other so it sadden me that I don't have anybody to share the news with so I'm announcing it on my blog instead for all my readers out there..#sadlife XD

If any of you didn't know ALTHEA, then go check out my post about them HERE. Basically they're a newly established online Korean beauty shop that offer a super affordable price and free fast shipping! YAAAS!

From their description, it says that they already picked the ambassador from the five of us but they want YOU to guess which one of us is the true beauty ambassador for Althea (Don't ask me coz I didn't know either) Of course you're not doing this for nothing since 10 lucky voters will received RM20 credit to use at

The voting thing is EASY! Just click HERE and write VOTE under any ambassador picture in the album. Of course you must like ALTHEA MALAYSIA FACEBOOK PAGE too. 

This is OPEN TO ALL. I mean all, seriously. (Althea fb likers)

Thank you and good luck to you guys! 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A package from Stylekorean - An online Kbeauty & Kfood shop

Hey guys! This time I will be sharing a package sent to me by

As some of you might have known, Stylekorean, which is previously known as Honestskin is an online Korean beauty and food shop. You can find tons of Korean beauty brands in their shop as well as the Korean food and the shop is using USD currency. They shipped internationally and you can choose your preferred shipping company. Currently, they are accepting payments in the form of Paypal, VISA, Mastercard and amex.

I have tried purchasing with them (Honestskin) before this and they shipped your parcel promptly and full with safety bubbles inside. In fact, in this package they sent me, they tripled the safety bubbles inside which amused me so much! Your purchase is guaranteed to be safe from all that tossing in the delivery :)

So, let head on to individual products;

The first item is It's Skin Prestige Serum D'Escargot which contain the serum for face and eye serum. Ever since it arrives, I've been using this every night and love it! It smells so so good and it keep my face so moisturized! Definitely recommending this product to all types of skin :D 

Price : 24.36 USD                Product link : HERE.

The second item they sent me is Innisfree Long Wear Cushion SPF50+ PA+++. I haven't got the chance to try this yet but the packaging is really simple and lighter than any other cushion I have. I have heard a lot of positive things about this cushion and find the chance to try this and share with you guys of what I think about it :)

Price : 14.65 USD                Product link : HERE.

Third item is banila co. Primer Primer Photo Layer Power in Naked Peach. omg, just look at that packaging! As far as I know, this collection is released with Jessica as the collection model. banila co. always had this pretty packaging and their products are pretty good too! I love their Prime Primer the best! I myself haven't try this powder yet but from outside, the powder looks like pink to me and not sure how this is called peach. Maybe after it was applied to face?

Price : 15.39 USD                Product link : HERE.

Fourth item is It's Skin Power 10 Formula GF Effector. This series have a lot of types and I have tried the YE (yeast) before and it is good! I even bought the limited jumbo size for that. I'm kind of curious on how this perform on me and I hope I like it.

Price : 7.69 USD                Product link : HERE.

Fifth item is VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot. There are four colors for this tint and I got the #201 Triple Candy color. They're basically a triple color combined into a tint to create the gradient lip style as you might have seen Laneige released the similar tint to this. This tint is one of VDL Bestseller and honestly I have a high expectations to this. I've tried this once and it doesn't look like I have putting a triple color at all, must be because of my pigmented lip T_T However I planned to give it another chance later and see if it works for my lip.

Price : 8.93 USD                Product link : HERE.

Sixth item is IOPE Moistgen Special Gift Set. This is a sample sized set by IOPE and it looks like my skin gonna love it since Stylekorean have sent me a gift set similar to this before and I love it.

Price : 5.86 USD                Product link : HERE

Seventh item is Holika Holika Pig-nose Clear Blackhead. I actually thought that this product was created by including the "pig" ingredients so I never really try them before because I was afraid of that! When I saw Stylekorean offered this product, I take a look at its ingredients and gosh, they're mostly originate from plants haha. Anyway, plan to try this later to see whether it is good as I've heard about it :)

Price : 1.28 USD each              Product link : HERE.

Last items is masks from Vital Medica and MediHeal. I have tried MediHeal masks before and they're sooo nice!! I'm definitely recommend this brand to everyone :D
The Vital Medica mask is not available in the shop currently and only the Ampoule mask by MediHeal is available to be purchase as a single mask and bulk form. Link HERE.

These are samples given by Stylekorean. The left is Hair Cleansing Treatment by [not so sure brand] and the right one is Su:m37 Secret Programming Essence which is a known as a high-end brand that specializes in skincare, mostly. I don't think the hair treatment is available in the website but you can check out Ryoe brand for hair products and you can buy the sample for the Su:m37 using the link HERE.

 Overall, I'm loving the items in this package. They're just a bit of everything, makeup and skincare. I will be doing an individual review for these products later so make sure to check it out!

Visit Stylekorean website;

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

W2Beauty Haul - A personal online Kbeauty with super positive reviews!

Hi guys! Today I'll be sharing with you the haul that I made with Alive from W2Beauty. Some of you might have known W2Beauty, an online Korean beauty shop owned by Alice. Alice herself manage the shop and she is the one that done all the buying in case there is order request came in. You can find a lot of Korean beauty products that is hard to get on the other shops especially if it was only sold by limited edition. Go check out or @alicew2beauty on Instagram and W2beauty on facebook. By the way, I intended to review all these items individually later in different posts.

These are basically the products that I chose and the rest of them are samples :)

First item : Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence Rich (Price: 20.48 GBP)

I read the interview with Alice and she said "sparkling" products were quite popular this year so I saw this essence by Innisfree and think that I wanted to try this. It surprises me since this is a mousse-like essence and it's very moisturising!

Second item: HERA Age Reverse Cushion SPF 38/PA++ (Price: 45.62 GBP)

This cushion is like the most expensive item in this haul and it is priced at US71.80. I like the 'high-end' feels it gives and the packaging itself is very sleek. I actually have been eyeing this since I watched urbanwit's video and she says that this is a very good cushion in terms of coverage since most cushion doesn't provide much cover. However, because of some reason, I'm unable to use this and I'm planning to sell it T_T If anyone interested in buying this, please let me know. The condition is 100% good and I haven't open it yet. Do mail me at ;)

I think this is one of the newest released from Missha. I saw the advertisement poster where it was applied as the eyeliner and smudged to get the smoky brown look and I thought it was very pretty. The thing that surprised me is that I didn't notice that it came with a smudge brush at the other end which is quite cool to me.

Fourth item: Tony Moly Liptone Get It Tint in 01 Pink Ming (Price : 7.13 GBP)

The name itself  is quite funny since "Get It Beauty" programs is like popular all over, a lot of of company is trying to use the "get it" name, lol. Anyway, I've watched a review of this tint on youtube, a Thai review if I'm not mistaken and she swatches all the colors of this tint. One thing that I remembered she said that this tint is a combination of Peripera Ink Tint + Aritaum Color Lasting Tint which made me put this on the cart right away. However,  a disappointment when I tried it myself that this is doesn't even close to Peripera's Ink Tint at all T_T. Did I got tricked? haha...

Fifth item: Clio Tinted Tattoo Kill Brow #01 (Price: 16.02 GBP)

This tattoo brow is quite popular here nowadays and everyone seems to be promoting it as a good item and I actually didn't want to try it because of the tattoo thing. I preferred the color to be washed away after all but after a while, maybe I should give this a shot to see if I like it. The package came to me with the two small size of Clio Lipnicure Glass. Tried the brow tattoo the other day but was not so sure if I wear it wrong or else since it doesn't leave any color behind when I washed my face (???)

These are all the samples that Alice sent me! Actually there is an A'pieu Marker Tint as well which I forgot to include in this picture as the samples she sent me. I never ever received this much samples with the other shops that I usually bought with. She is soooo generous, omg! <3

Anyway, that's all with my short haul + review. Make sure to check out w2beauty website, w2beauty facebook and @alicew2beauty on instagram for offers, events and more!

Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

[REVIEW] Bourjois Nude Sensation Blur Effect Foundation & Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara

Hey guys!
Well, it's been sometime isn't it? Anyway, I'll be reviewing this two Bourjois products that have been sent to me by Go check them out as I'm one of the contributor there :)

This is my first time trying Bourjois products that I've heard a lot about them, both postitive and negative, so what say me?

The first item is this Nude Sensation Blue Effect Foundation. My first impression, oh, this is so cute and the colour might suit me well. The colour did and it blends into my skin really well and the texture is really smooth. However, what bothers me is that the foundation blends so well that it did nothing? I know the "blur" word is not like it will do a total coverage however this is almost function like nothing like to cover even a tiny bit. A bit disappointed at that since I'm not sure what's the function of this foundation, lol

The foundation itself is close to oily and it would suit dry skin than my oily skin because my face would totally looks like I dip my face into the oil (okay, exaggerating, however it's close to that). There is a little bit of fragrance as well but it was not too overpowering.

I did try not to blend it so much and it somehow work a little in "blurring" (refer at the bottom for full face picture)

The second item is this Push Up Volume Glamour Mascara. They had another one that is for length too. I choose the volume one since I like my lashes to look more bushy(is this the right word tho?XD)

My first impression is that this mascara gonna do great and it did! I was surprised on how big the wand is because I don't think it will reach all the way to my near-end eyes. It might a bit hard to reach but it wasn't that bad, just need patience. 

The mascara itself doesn't cause any clumps no matter how much I coat my lashes! How amazing is that? I thought it will but it is not. Since the mascara would not clump, it takes me a little more time to make my lashes looks bushy. As I said, it needs patience for the my desired looking lashes.

The mascara claims that it is waterproof and yes it is because the liquid dries into a rubber-like thing so it resist water. However it is really easy to remove.

The mascara feels very light on my lashes however it weigh down my curls. My eyelashes is naturally straight and I usually curls them before applying mascara but using this mascara weigh them down and it turns straight again.

Luckily I didn't have any breakout at this day so my pimples didn't show much however you can spot redness on top of my eyebrow.  This picture is taken like 20 minutes after I finished doing my makeup and look how oily it is...haha. By the way, I'm wearing both of the product mention in this picture.

Overall, the mascara is my favourite but not so much for the foundation. Anyone tries the foundation and what say you?

Thank you for reading :)

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