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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Diary X-Files : I got to HUG Sandara Park(2NE1)!!

Tapi peluk baju je lah...hahaxD 

Ok what?

Actually last time I joined an event on facebook..(identity is a secret) LOL

Because of the new opening page,they started an event..they are giving the Kpop Idols costume to the winners!

There are GD(Big Bang) vest(gosh,I supposed to get this but lucky you Japanese girl,you got that..)

I thought at first maybe they would give a duplicate items(the clothes that are duplicate to sell on flea market)

but then the organizers says that it was the ORIGINAL clothes that the idols wore!(Damn,I'm too happy to describe! >_<)

They sent the clothes UNWASH on purpose because they want the winner keep it the way it was!Means it was the one last Sandara wore last time without being wash..(OMG!)

Ok,thats mean the Japanese girl got GD's smell??She way TOO LUCKY!!

What are the things are more happy than this..(x dapat jumpe pun..baju dpt kire okaylah kan?lucky pe?)

and this dress was exactly arrived a while AGO and I already SPAZZ it right away!hahah!(saje nak nunjuk,x bley?)

As you know Sandara is very small...and this dress was TOO BIG!haha..I don't know how she wear this big dress in her performance..

I saw she wore this on a performance before n I'm sure it was their second song or debut song after Lollipop but I didn't found yet her picture wearing this..still finding the perf~~~

This dress itself have a really subtle fragrance smell mix with fries?hahah..caught you Dara unni eating fries secretly with this dress...kekeke

I think the organizer is one of the YG Entertainment stylist because she always posting about Big Bang and 2NE1 clothes n gifts..and last time I said to her that I cried when GD,TOP n Seungri came to the Korean Music Wave in Malaysia last time because I was too happy to see them in the concert and she said my wish will be told..I didn't suspect anything that saying

Sorry if exaggerated..but anyway,it's my blog isn't it?I'm free to write and exaggerate the way I wanted to..

ah..and if you wonder what the GD's vest like,here it fav color..ahhh..i wanted this..huuuu~ (bersyukurlah dgn ape yg ade..haha)

oh gambar organizer punye..yg atas tu sy ambik sendiri..

and giveaway!Please vote for your liking on the poll beside..I'm going to decide with the best votes!yehaa~!! *hug dress again*


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[REVIEW]OXY Acne Wash n OXY Powder Lotion

Hello there guys.. =D

As you may know(maybe?) I got an acne-prone skin/oily skin since a year ago..hmm..maybe because of the hormone change?coz I used not to have any acne nor oily face before..sad..T_T now it change and need a quality care~

So recently I bought this skin care which Oxy(a brand specific for problematic skin by Rohto Metholatum)

I thought the price was cheap and it might works for me so I bought the cleanser and powder lotion which I choose the acne wash and powder lotion which suits my skin condition,

Now,it's been almost the third I used this especially the powder lotion to control the oil on my face.

Truthfully it works~!!I only used the powder lotion frequently n only 2 times for the acne wash since i had another cleanser at the time.

The powder lotion really control my oil and didn't dry my face at can feel the toing-toing feel after applying the powder lotion..loves it~teheee..

My mom also said that my acne is reducing *thumbs up* although she didn't know what exactly I wore after my acne medicine is finish up a week before...

This is the cleanser texture was..this type of cleanser doesn't dry your face like other creamy texture cleanser.

and this is the powder lotion looks like after mix together.Originally,the powder and water inside the bottle will separate and you have to shake the bottle to let them mix.Th purpose of the powder is for oil control and the water is for moisturizing.Although I'm not sure that it was it,but I think that was the purpose.

I used to like the powder lotion because of faster absorption and the moisturizing characteristic that last longer.

For the ingredients,the cleanser have the Perfume 9271(Fragrance).Although this ingredients is not very suits the sensitive skin but I think it doesn't effect much on me.

While there is no ingredients of perfume in the powder lotion.

The smell is okay..not stinky nor to fragrance..

P/S : we call it toner in Malaysia where Japanese called it lotion,so that's why the name is powder lotion.

If you have tried the other skincare on OXY,you can share it here~

[REVIEW] Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Hello guys,
here is another review for today..I thought I just want to combine both review but I think I just make a short simple one coz it feels like people will get bored easily with all the would be great if I said straight to the point isn't it?

I bought this along with the MJ blush last time I drop by the Nature Republic at Berjaya Times Square.
FYI,this is the improvement gel from the previous aloe vera soothing gel..which previously only contain 90% of the aloe vera ingredient.

Contains 92% of aloe vera gel~

Look, all the chemicals are not in this product like the old from harsh chemicals, eco type.

It is gel type~It got a nice aloe smell too~

I think I put too much..teheee :D

This gel is very good to treat scars, wound,burn healing and minor skin infections..
I heard most beauty blogger that used this said that it works for scars the most but with frequent use.

The gel dries quickly after you massage it a bit.
Don't wear too much on a small scars coz it is a spread out don't waste the gel :D

I don't really have much scars so I gave this to my brother. He really used this generously and it seems that he likes this gel so much. The smells is heavenly I tell you and I would never get tired of this.

It comes in a BIG tube so I think this will last very long for me and value for money too..
The price in Malaysia is very reasonable for such a big tube!But I don't really remember how much did I bought this.

So why don't try it yourself?It's a good try for sure :D

[REVIEW]Majorlica Majorca Cheek Customize Blusher

Hey guys,I have a very good mood to blog today..hehe..

I just change my background was it?I don't know how to use photoshop and I just took my background randomly from google..hehe

Okay,today I'm gonna review this blusher that I got from my visit to KL when I'm attending the KMW concert..yeah..pretty old exactly and I leave this in my draft for too long..

I've posted the picture before in my haul post..

This is the last color in the collection and I choose this color than the pink one since I need a bronzer-like color to contour my face..glad I found this~!

The opening is slide-like type..

The color..

I swatch on my finger to show you the color..there's some of glitter fall outs but it doesn't appear much on your face after because you kinda blend it..

Another swatch on my was a pretty shimmer and this suits me much!
I love the color~!It's like an orange-rosey like color..

This blusher stays long on my face about 4 to 5 hours(i have an oily face)..

It is medium pigmented,not too bright nor too pale..

No scemt..yup..

Suits all types of skin..

I would re-purchase this for sure~!

Thanks for reading~

Addicts for Dramatics : Soap & Glory Giveaway

(Photo credit to Shelly Heart)

Another giveaway for 100+ Followers!She is giving this eyeliner n mascara from the same brand!
You can see her review n join the giveaway here~!I'm truly excited for the mascara..see in her eyes.its amazing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

[REVIEW]Etude House Juicy Pop Tube and Face Color Corset

Hello..finally I'm back with other review this time..I know a lot of bloggers have reviewed this but I just want to make my own..

I went to Etude House last time to see the new line, Aura Nymph.When I saw about the news of this new line,I said to myself,this type were not gonna suit the oily skin or the combination skin people.

and it was perfectly true when I tried it on the have quite shining-like(the volumer) and its quite wet too..

There was no sales at this time so all products were 3x expensive than in Korea.

but then I don't wanna leave with empty hands so I grabbed this two items with me.

This is the Juicy Pop Tube in #Cherryade..

quite small in size cost RM12.90

but I think most of this type of tube glosses have the similar size.

Love the tip coz it makes me easier to swatch on the lip..

got strawberry-cherry smell n a slight taste..feels like I'm going to lick it!

Looks on my lips..its quite sheer and shiny!

I love it!

More verdicts :
Stay long about 4 hours..
Got a nice color,the color won't fade in 5 hours but the glossy look will.
Got 5 colors in total so try it~
I would re-purchase!

This is the Face Color Corset in Pink Lady.

This is the last one in Msia Etude House store in Berjaya Times Square!wohoo!

The design is so cute..I likeee~

the color is not very pigmented,the type that I like because you will never got the extra blush looks with one swatch.

The color show up really well on face with subtle pinky-red.

Stay really long because I still see it on my oily face after the end of the day~

Very recommended!


Ok..I bet you know what was the topic is all about.. make-up reviews now coz I'm gonna post about this kid..yea..Imma new fan of him..

but damn..he was super young from me..*faint*

honestly I'm not into new youtubers new talent coz well not all of them really sang with a really good offence they have talent but it doesn't makes me aww much..

and recently this #greysonchance kid appear in one of our artists award as a performer while he was promoting his album in Malaysia recently..he have a duet with new local youtube talent and know what?He was good!By looking at his face,you would know that he's young guys..and the voice like wasn't suit a kid like him?

he perform live like a pro!

and i bet he was 100x better that the girl he duet with that can compare it that much..seriously..( okay if you're a fan of that girl,don't mad at me,but its the truth.if u don't like don't read)

and of course my fangirling did not ends there..i google-d his bio..albums and it was FANTAZZTIC!LMAO

His total album songs was freaking awesome~!

Ok..let's see his pic..cute right?Ok he's

promote a bit of his album here

ok the album cover is lying..his face is clean...haha


or I'm gonna post about him #likeforever

Friday, November 11, 2011

Latest Haul..I'm a lippies freak!

Yeah!I got my camera back!!Hooorayyyyy~
and this is what I burnt my money to recently..

actually there is another lippes but i don't where I put it...lolxD

need to find that later..

and some skin care and shampoo too since i have a major hair fall recently..

NOOO..!!I freaked out to see those hair fall and I'm using some hair treatment products now..

I'll be reviewing this soon~~ 


Thursday, November 3, 2011


You may not or you may know that I'm one big fan of Big Bang,a South Korea boy band.I'm start to know them when I was in form 3(15 years old-->2007) which that time I got my first MP3 from my parents.Without knowing what songs I click for download,I first listen to a nice Korean songs from the MP3 called 'Lies'

'Lies' is the first song from them that makes Big Bang named was a hit in the whole Korea and overseas at that time when it was released in 2007.I was very thankful to listen to this song for the first I definitely fall in love with it for the first time.I start to find and dig more information about them.Then I declare myself as a VIP(Big Bang Fanclub name) means Very Important Person.That value their fans so much~

This year,after 2 years been quiet from the Korean entertainment industry(they are busy promoting in Japan in the meantime),they're back again with single 'Tonight" which top most of Korean charts,mobile downloads and albums sold..I was very happy coz I missed them so much till I cry my heart out.Recently,3 of the members came to Malaysia for Korean Music Wave 2011 Live in Malaysia which are GD,TOP and Seungri.I said to myself that I must go no matter what!

Now,they are competing for the BELFAST(MTV EMA AWARD in WORLDWIDE ACT Category) for the final results!Are the problems that had after the comebacks and 4th November which is TOP Birthday,I want them to win the award and perform again as 5 members onstage!I really want them to win this awards coz I missed them so much!

Please vote for them in worldwide act!Let them win and perform as 5 again!Good luck!

Today,they were spotted as 5 at the airport to head on to BELFAST!

So it is already 5 years since I've been their fans and will be till forever!