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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[REVIEW]OXY Acne Wash n OXY Powder Lotion

Hello there guys.. =D

As you may know(maybe?) I got an acne-prone skin/oily skin since a year ago..hmm..maybe because of the hormone change?coz I used not to have any acne nor oily face before..sad..T_T now it change and need a quality care~

So recently I bought this skin care which Oxy(a brand specific for problematic skin by Rohto Metholatum)

I thought the price was cheap and it might works for me so I bought the cleanser and powder lotion which I choose the acne wash and powder lotion which suits my skin condition,

Now,it's been almost the third I used this especially the powder lotion to control the oil on my face.

Truthfully it works~!!I only used the powder lotion frequently n only 2 times for the acne wash since i had another cleanser at the time.

The powder lotion really control my oil and didn't dry my face at can feel the toing-toing feel after applying the powder lotion..loves it~teheee..

My mom also said that my acne is reducing *thumbs up* although she didn't know what exactly I wore after my acne medicine is finish up a week before...

This is the cleanser texture was..this type of cleanser doesn't dry your face like other creamy texture cleanser.

and this is the powder lotion looks like after mix together.Originally,the powder and water inside the bottle will separate and you have to shake the bottle to let them mix.Th purpose of the powder is for oil control and the water is for moisturizing.Although I'm not sure that it was it,but I think that was the purpose.

I used to like the powder lotion because of faster absorption and the moisturizing characteristic that last longer.

For the ingredients,the cleanser have the Perfume 9271(Fragrance).Although this ingredients is not very suits the sensitive skin but I think it doesn't effect much on me.

While there is no ingredients of perfume in the powder lotion.

The smell is okay..not stinky nor to fragrance..

P/S : we call it toner in Malaysia where Japanese called it lotion,so that's why the name is powder lotion.

If you have tried the other skincare on OXY,you can share it here~


Angela said...

I like the oxy range! the oxy mentholatum tinted sunscreen is good and I also recently try the face powder is also very good! I used the face wash for 1 year but changed now, still used the powder lotion, good for people sensitive to sting toner :)

Mizu said...

Yeah..I admit Oxy range was quite good for a reasonable price products!So far..I only tried this and their acne cream...none of them gave me breakouts and it heals a bit too~

i would like to try the face powder too~thank you for sharing!

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

yeah i also buy that range last week
totally i really love with the powder lotion
it has cooling effect too

Mizu said...

oh,that's good!!
yeah..the powder lotion had the cooling effect right?it was pleasing =)

silvia jacinto said...

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