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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

[REVIEW] Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Hello guys,
here is another review for today..I thought I just want to combine both review but I think I just make a short simple one coz it feels like people will get bored easily with all the would be great if I said straight to the point isn't it?

I bought this along with the MJ blush last time I drop by the Nature Republic at Berjaya Times Square.
FYI,this is the improvement gel from the previous aloe vera soothing gel..which previously only contain 90% of the aloe vera ingredient.

Contains 92% of aloe vera gel~

Look, all the chemicals are not in this product like the old from harsh chemicals, eco type.

It is gel type~It got a nice aloe smell too~

I think I put too much..teheee :D

This gel is very good to treat scars, wound,burn healing and minor skin infections..
I heard most beauty blogger that used this said that it works for scars the most but with frequent use.

The gel dries quickly after you massage it a bit.
Don't wear too much on a small scars coz it is a spread out don't waste the gel :D

I don't really have much scars so I gave this to my brother. He really used this generously and it seems that he likes this gel so much. The smells is heavenly I tell you and I would never get tired of this.

It comes in a BIG tube so I think this will last very long for me and value for money too..
The price in Malaysia is very reasonable for such a big tube!But I don't really remember how much did I bought this.

So why don't try it yourself?It's a good try for sure :D


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