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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Friday, May 29, 2015

[REVIEW] VOV Super Fitting LIPQuid No.7 Roco Red

So I prepared another review today and it was so tiring! I would never ever make a #selfie (joke) but true it was tiring..but I enjoyed it. It feels like I'm giving in all to a review post :D

So this time I will be reviewing this lipstick which is a big hit when it was launch in Korea. Apparently, the company did an event where they set up the booth for this lipstick and people would #selfie in the photo booth and submit their own picture wearing the lipstick. I'm not so sure about the details because I only sees in a few Korean blogs but never mind..haha

The words and design are so hard to capture T_T

Barely captured the Lipquid word but isn't the packaging cute?? :D

I didn't know TheFaceShop was the same as VOV?

The applicator is quite bendable.

Actually no difference, just want to show you guys :)

Captured this by mistake but it turn out to be great!lol

Sorry for the same blouse again, apparently I leave almost all my blouses in my rent house :(

Hi, this is the real me, lol XD 
But if my mom saw this, she would probably call it ugly and forbid me to upload it on the

Actually tried to do a black smoky eyes but it doesn't turn out great in pictures, I'm aiming for a sultry look but resulted in fierce look..failed..haha XD

I really need a tripod! :( It's too tiring to take picture is selfie mood all the time and the dslr camera was a bit heavy too! haha

So, I got No.7 color, no name btw but it is a deep pink red in color. I wanted to get more colors but this is already pricey for me so I can only have one T_T

The first thing that notice before applying is that this lipstick has quite strong of berry smell. Not too strong but it wasn't slight. However, once you applied it on the lips, you can no longer smell it.

The color is just as deep as I expected and yeay, it wasn't matte! It wasn't glossy either and the liquid isn't as thick as the Missha Painting Rouge(Chiffon) because this is really easy to slide on the lip and sometime I thought it was a bit too easy to apply and make it a little bit hard for me to apply a precise line on my outer lip plus the applicator is quite bendable. I would recommend using lip brush the most but on above picture, somehow I made it without using lip brush.

If I drink nor eat, the color will gradually lessen and it would leave a hint of color, like a tint I guess.
The moisture last for quite sometime, not sure for how many hours but adding moisture from lip balm is needed if you plan to wear it for the whole day.

Overall, you should really try this if you love thin light lips. To be honest, I felt almost nothing on the lips after applying it but if the moisture could last for the whole day, I would rate them perfect!
I rate this:

Thank you for reading~ :D


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[REVIEW] Tony Moly Trust Me Relaxing Eye Patch

Hey guys~
So today I'll be reviewing this eye patch from Tony Moly. My dark circles have been tremendously bad recently and I need something with moisture that could at least help out my under eye so that I won't be looking too old compared to my age.

So I came across this eye patch while I'm shopping at testerkorea and right away bought it without a second thought because I just knew it would work well with me(coz I "Trust" them!lol)

A simple blue packaging. Looks very 'medicinal' to

Alcohol is the fourth ingredient o.o

Just a very few liquid left.

Basically it cover your entire eyes - that means you should have a nap!haha

I didn't expect that the patch actually covers the entire eyes. Well of course you can opted to open up the hole but I suggest you not. It was full with essence and you don't want to lose that.

Surprisingly I really did feel calm while using this because I can even hear my heart
The fragrance wasn't overpowering and I think it is just right.

The liquid is not thick and not so thin either. It is just nice because although the patch is packed with essence, it wasn't dripping out from the sheet. The essence is easily absorbed  into my skin and it does take quite long to dry up. Like the sheet says, take it off between 20-30 minutes which means it last that long.

I did see my under eye became moisturized and look supple after each use and definitely lessen up the wrinkles on my under eyes and by the way, the aftermath isn't sticky and I like the way it is.

I really recommend this to those who would like to find an instant moisture to your under eye - or maybe the whole are of your eye :D

Thank you for reading~

I rate this :


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

[REVIEW] Missha Painting Rouge (Chiffon & Syrup)

Hello! Nope, it's not your screen that's dirty, it's the snow layout of the picture. XD If that's what you're thinking about. Anyway, sorry that this is not posted on last weekends because my parents are home they might think I'm crazy to dress up for a picture. So I did it today where I'm home alone and my parents went to work, but they knew what I did anyway lol

Because this is a highly requested review so I'm reviewing this first! A few weeks back, I saw Missha is releasing quite a collection of makeup and one of them is this Painting Rouge that caught my attention so much. Look how vibrant below ad is! That is enough to make me purchase them.haha
Originally I wanted to go with the only Chiffon version becoz Syrup might be too glossy for my liking but I ended up buying both becoz they're irresistable.

Two different colors. Beige and red.

The syrup cap has a slick feel on it while the chiffon cap is matte.

I like the tip becoz it helps me doing a precise line on my outer lip lines.

The red swatch is similar but some screen may seen the beige/nude one as more to pink than beige.

Sorry for a bit different in lighting. I forgot to open up the door of my room for the beige lip picture because my room is a little bit dark and the camera lights is a bit strong but fret not, the lip color is genuine.

 I want to try doing gyaru eye makeup today and the fake lashes agree with me. I did used concealer after so long! Never thought it would hide my dark circles that well <3

Sorry that I didn't do any close-up picture this time because I think full picture is enough to describe how the color would be on the lips.

The texture of Chiffon wasn't as matte as I thought!I guess it would be in a matte finish but it was actually a thick liquid and feels really moisturizing on the lips. The colous is very pigmented and just the red that I wanted :)

The Syrup version is more on the glossy side. I usually don't like gloss but maybe because I choose a natural color this time, it actually looks great on me. It isn't the usually runny gloss, more to thicker side.

Both have a nice flowery scent to it and it smells great! Like some sort of luxury brand..haha
Both of them are also easy to remove so yes, either your drink nor eat, it would disappear and leaving no hint of color.

Another thing that I notice is that, the liquid didn't dry out my lips even after hours of application. I think it is a great thing because the color stays on well because of that.

I rate them:

I think that's all? Thank you for reading!


Thursday, May 21, 2015

Recent Haul with Testerkorea ♥ & How to shop at testerkorea

Hi! I promised that I would do haul post so here it is! As usual, this were bought from testerkorea :)

I do get these questions often, "where do you shop for Korean cosmetics?" or "what is testerkorea?" or "where do you shop [certain] products" so let me tell you here in details. Not that I dislike this kind of questions but I think I mentioned about these in my reviews post almost all the time but yeah, not in details. Details will be in the end of this post, make sure to read it okay! :D

So regarding my haul this time, it doesn't look much isn't it? But it cost me about RM360! 0.0
Sorry that I'm a poor student blogger, I can't afford to buy a lot..haha. The original budget is RM500 but you know, temptations everywhere and it ended with me with some money to do haul.

So here's the list of my haul this time:
1 - CLAIRES Cloud 9 Blane de White Cream (featured in Get it Beauty) - 15,000 won
2 - Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer - 8,000 won
3 - Tony Moly Relaxing Eye Patch (2 pieces) - 1,200 won each
4 - Etude House Precious Mineral Moist Any Cushion Re-fill - 8,000 won
5 - Missha Velour Flat Pen Tint - 5,440 won
6 -  Missha Painting Rouge (Chiffon) - 5,440 won
7 - Missha Painting Rouge (Syrup) - 5,440 won
8 - VOV Super Fitting LIPQuid - 17,500 won
9 - Skinfood Tomato Cool Jelly Tint - 2,800 won
10 -  Peripera Peri's Lip Tint Water Ink - 7,200 won
11 - Etude House Styling Eyeliner - 2,500 won
12 - TheFaceShop Lovely Me:ex Design My Eyebrow (Auto) - 2,900 won
13 - TheFaceShop Character Mask ( Fox,Tiger,Panda) - 2,500 won each

Almost everything is the newest released from the brands, except the eyeliner and eyebrow, claires white cream and maybe the tomato tint?

I specifically requested testerkorea to add the VOV LIPQuid, Missha Painting Rouge and the characters mask from various brand(but ended up choosing TheFaceShop becoz it was cheaper!lol). Since I'm poor, I only can get one color of the LIPQuid becoz I've eyeing that for sometime! I even fell extra in love with it when Lamuqe (a Korean blogger and youtuber) made a tutorial with it.
For the Missha Painting Rouge, initially I only wanted to buy the Chiffon ver but ended up buying both syrup and chiffon version in different shades.

Recently I've seen lots and lots of animal/character masks and I really wanted to try them once! I saw lots of brands like Berrisom, SNP, Rainbow-something brands are releasing their own and even the scarier characters like skull, opera, clown and etc 0.0 I don't dare to try the scarier ones XD

Some of the current favourite, which could consider that I've been purchasing it a few times is the Etude House Any Cushion and TheFaceShop eyebrow. Well, actually I bought the wrong any cushion, it supposedly the original one but I clicked the moist ver!This is why I shouldn't shop while I'm sleepy XD You could say that I'm terrified when I found out that I paid for the moist one instead the original but after reading reviews, I think it wasn't that bad for oily skin like mine(just prayed that it wasn't!lol)

Wanna know more about what colours that I've selected?Please wait for the full reviews! heeeee :D

I've been shopping with testerkorea for so long, even before they changed website. Basically testerkorea is just everything Korea Cosmetics, Korean food/snacks, a little Japanese cosmetics, some luxury brands recently and cute accessories or maybe clothes. You can request almost everything in their website and they'll add the item if they found it for you. I never requested anything other than Korean cosmetics so I don't know how much is their limit.

They changed the shop policy quite a few times and the most recent is everyone get 20% to 10% off on roadsite brands(Etude House, TheFaceShop, Innisfree, etc) and a lot of them are the same price or even cheaper than what the original Korean store offered (I checked this by comparing the Korean websites and their store)

Shipping are available in four types, Registered Air Mail(the cheapest with tracking), K-Packet (it's cheap for people who want a service like EMS but don't wanna pay for EMS-2kg and below only), EMS (The most expensive and fast service), Air Parcel (no comment on this). I usually only used the Registered Air Mail but if I can't wait for two whole weeks, then I'll choose K-Packet becoz it is only a slight pricier than Registered Air Mail. To date, my parcel was never went missing because every service got tracking number. The tricky part is the shipping fee is according to the weight of your item so I can't specifically write on what fee they charged for every service.

Payments can be made through 3 channels.EXIMBAY(credit card,etc), Paypal and Bank transfer. I never used the EXIMBAY and Bank transfer so I can't comment on that. I usually used Paypal. If you're from Malaysia or Thailand, I usually checkout by using Thai Baht because it was cheaper than USD. But be alert. Sometimes USD can be cheaper than Thai Baht. If you want to see which one is cheaper, try checking out with both currencies but don't pay. This is what I do for almost all the time. haha

They speaks English although not perfect but everything in the website is in English except for the currency. You may have to convert the item price by yourself to your country's currency. I don't recommend using the googled converter because it wasn't exact. If you wanted to use the googled money converter then you might have to add about RM2-RM4 for each item so that it wouldn't exceed your budget after checking out :D

Well, I think that's all? I hope you'll find them helpful~ I'll be posting reviews soon coz my semester break just begin <3

Thank you for reading :)


Sunday, May 10, 2015

[REVIEW] y.e.t Fill it Up Primer (Special Edition)

Hey guys!
Well, I actually in the middle of final exam but decided to blog as a 'breather' lol
Anyway, this primer is from my previous haul with testerkorea which is quite a long time ago (it's sold out at the moment) 

If you asked, is "y.e.t" / "Yes! Enjoy Time" a korean brand? yep it is, but most probably everyone wasn't very familiar with this brand so do I but I decided to try this out becoz of its packaging, nothing else..hehe
but you may visit to view their products! Most of it were designed adorably and cheerful!

Brand : y.e.t (Yes! Enjoy Time)
Production : Made in Korea
Net weight : 20g
Price : 5,900 won at testerkorea

A few of this product description (found this online) ;
  • Silicon gel covers pores and uneven skin to create smooth skin
  • Controls sebum to create soft skin
  • Keeps hours of not getting hardened or blocking pores
  • Enriched gel type that can cover with little amount

(click the picture to see the circle up close)

Korean primers always came in a very small package aren't they? I always thought that these small primers won't last long because I wanted to put them all over my face, not just the oily spot. However, with this y.e.t primer, I don't think I have to pump that much to spread all over my face because the texture is easy to work with and it glide smoothly on the skin.

I was surprised on how moisturising it feels but still won't make my face looks shiny. If you see closely the picture above you'll see that the primer covers up my pores and makes them looks matte.

I would say that it makes my cushion foundation last about 2 hours longer than usual (my foundation last about 3 hours before it starts caking up) but certainly not the whole day. However compared to my face without the primer, I would say that it lessen the oil secretion on my face.

There might be a little bit fragrance to it but it wasn't noticeable. I'm okay either way as long as it smells good and not chemical, haha

I have no problem with the pump because I'm always unlucky with sort-of-pump-packaging because they usually won't came out after a few times pumping.

The only downward is that I still feel that the "real" amount in the tube were lesser than it suppose to be XD I wish they could make it bigger.

I rate this : 

Thank you for reading!
Should be back to studying I guess T_T


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

[REVIEW] LivYoung Intense Brightening Facial Mask with Apple Stem Cells

Hi guys!
I'll be reviewing this mask from Livyoung , sponsored by
They sent me a box of Livyoung masks containing 10 pcs of masks which is quite a lot!

Livyoung is formulated in France and a box of this mask cost RM149.00 at HiShop!

A little bit about LivYoung Facial Mask,

"Nourishes your skin with intense essential nutrients as well as deeply hydrates your skin and leaving your skin noticeably radiant, soft and crystal clear."
This facial mask is a focused facial treatment that:
  • Offers superb moisture to skin to give a lustre you have never known before.
  • Brightens your skin and reduce pigmentation.
  • Maintain the power of skin regeneration
  • Protect longevity of skin stem cells.
  • Decrease in wrinkles and promote anti-aging of skin.

It suits all skin types.

Ingredients up close. I don't think I saw any paraben in it or did I miss it?

Just a bit of this mask, usually the mask liquid will be runny but this isn't, even if I tilt it around (I think probably of the xanthan gum ingredient that makes it looks more like a gel)

So here's me with the mask!
ke ke ke...I know this picture is funny so laugh anyway or it isn't? (。・//ε//・。)
It's night and I'm quite lazy to wear proper clothes so I did this (^_^;)

This is the first time I ever wear a mask that has a thick liquid. Usually the other mask would be just runny but this isn't. It almost like a gel to me (I mean the liquid)

The sheet fits perfectly on my face except the forehead, there's a little bit that's touched my hair but it's fine to me. I usually likes the mask that touches my under eye better and not just a a large hole and this does it. However, it's quite short on my nose since it doesn't properly cover it all and a weird smile lip shape to it. Does people wear mask smiling? I wonder XD

Usually mask is advisable to be worn about 15-30 minutes, however it's quite a waste to take off this mask even after 30 minutes because it was heavy with liquid. I feel like I could use the other remaining for my second time of mask..haha

So far this mask doesn't break me out and I notice that my face have brightens up after each wear which makes me really happy. There's a little bit of apple fragrance too which smells quite nice :D
I definitely recommend this for you to try!

I rate this

Visit HERE to purchase!
and you can use my coupon : AMIRAHD for 15% rebate!

All thanks to HiShop for sending me this wonderful product!

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