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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[REVIEW] Tony Moly Trust Me Relaxing Eye Patch

Hey guys~
So today I'll be reviewing this eye patch from Tony Moly. My dark circles have been tremendously bad recently and I need something with moisture that could at least help out my under eye so that I won't be looking too old compared to my age.

So I came across this eye patch while I'm shopping at testerkorea and right away bought it without a second thought because I just knew it would work well with me(coz I "Trust" them!lol)

A simple blue packaging. Looks very 'medicinal' to

Alcohol is the fourth ingredient o.o

Just a very few liquid left.

Basically it cover your entire eyes - that means you should have a nap!haha

I didn't expect that the patch actually covers the entire eyes. Well of course you can opted to open up the hole but I suggest you not. It was full with essence and you don't want to lose that.

Surprisingly I really did feel calm while using this because I can even hear my heart
The fragrance wasn't overpowering and I think it is just right.

The liquid is not thick and not so thin either. It is just nice because although the patch is packed with essence, it wasn't dripping out from the sheet. The essence is easily absorbed  into my skin and it does take quite long to dry up. Like the sheet says, take it off between 20-30 minutes which means it last that long.

I did see my under eye became moisturized and look supple after each use and definitely lessen up the wrinkles on my under eyes and by the way, the aftermath isn't sticky and I like the way it is.

I really recommend this to those who would like to find an instant moisture to your under eye - or maybe the whole are of your eye :D

Thank you for reading~

I rate this :



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