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Thursday, June 11, 2015

[REVIEW] TheFaceShop Character Mask (Fox,Tiger,Panda)

Hey guys! It's been a week since my last posting. Sorry coz I'm too immersed reading manga and watching animes -_-"  Talking about manga, just recently I started to read shoujo again and do check out Love So Life! The storyline involved a babysitter and a twin! They're so cute! haha

So back to the review, as far as I remembered, I never done any proper mask review before because I was too embarrassed on putting my picture up with mask on but I guess this is exceptional. The masks is so cuteeeeee!

Character mask or animal masks is like all over the place now and also the recent lace mask. The usual mask is kinda plain with no design and I think this is a super brilliant idea :D

Panda :D

Fox :D

Tiger :D
I personally choose The Face Shop brand just because they cost cheaper than the other brand like Berrisom haha..

Taken from cosmetic-love:
The character mask sheet deliver rich moisture to dry and flaky skin with Hyaluronic acid and Collagen. Formulated without 4 additives ( Mineral Oil, Sulfate, Talc, Polyacrylamide)

Different from the other brand, this masks from The Face Shop has only one properties, which to hydrate ( Fox, Tiger, Panda, Otter, Sheep) and I personally think that these mask do a very good job! My skin feels very moist without stickiness and this is a the first time that I feel the extra essence doesn't cause my neck from getting sticky. I usually avoid applying the extra essence from the mask on my neck because it tends to feel uncomfortable and sticky but this mask doesn't do that.
The moisture stay on my skin even on the next day after I woke up from the sleep!

There is a slight honey lemon fragrance which smells really fresh and I loved it! The mask also fits me alright though I preferred it to be a little wider on the sides and shorter on the forehead but it's no big deal.

My favourite design is the panda and tiger coz the fox looks so plain on me...haha

If you want the sheet mask with properties like Brightening, Elasticity or etc, you may check out the new TFS character design ( Puppy, Cow, Pig, Zebra, Monkey)

Overall, I love these masks! I would recommend this to everyone even for oily skin/ acne skin people because it caused me no breakouts and no extra oiliness on the skin :D

I rate this :

Thank you for reading :)



Marsya Jauzi said...

Looks cute on you and I never try TheFaceShop masks before. Great post! xo

LauraLeia said...

OMG That is so cute!! XD Even putting on the mask seems fun, hehe~

Mizu said...

Haha..there are lots of cuter masks! You should try them 😊

Mizu said...

Haha I know right?! There also kind of scary and weird mask available like opera, skull etc 😁

Frl Schnee said...

I do love the idea of the printed animal sheet masks so much. I hope I'll try some of them soon :D

XiaoVee said...

These masks are too cute ^___^
How much are they?

Mizu said...

It's brilliant isn't it? Do try them out! :D

Claudia said...

Awesome!! I would most likely save them up and be too hesitant to use them due to their cuteness :D

Mizu said...

Totally understands you..haha becoz it was too cute so i was hesitant to use them XD

Minae said...

I need to try these out, I first saw them on members of AKB48 and thought they were super cute!

Minae ♥ | Minaekei

itsmeeejennyy said...

Awww they are so extremely adorable c: I cannot chose between them xD Thanks for reviewing them! I will get them!

Mizu said...

Oh yes! These types of masks were widely popular in Japan too! :)

Mizu said...

You're welcome~

aisyahdecullen said...

Did someone proofread your post beforehand? Because it feels easier to read, somehow.. :) which is a good thing! Better grammar.

OOh, sooo cute! :D I actually want to try that! And it fits you perfect too!

Mizu said...'m the only one who manages all the post here. i knew that i'm always bad in

Daniela Costa said...

Great! I must buy it... thank you Mizuchan for the review, I always check your reviews before I buy cosmetics from asia

Mizu said...'re so sweet Daniela. Thank you for always reading my blog :)

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