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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[REVIEW] Kanebo Lavshuca Liquid Rouge in RD-2

Hello~ This post was drafted back before when I had free time and intentionally dragged it until today to post XD

While I was cleaning up my makeup stacks, I found this liquid rouge which I received as a gift sometimes ago. I had no idea that I did have this in my drawer XD

I swatched it on my hand and surprised me because the colour is so pretty! I don't like lip gloss much and try to avoid them as possible but this is really caught me. :)

Name : Lavshuca Liquid Rouge
Colour : RD-2
Origin : Made in Japan
Content : 4.0g

Just like most of Japanese brand that I tried, the packaging is simple with lots of Japanese words.

Love the class cap tho :D

Doe applicator.

Look how pretty it is :D

^^ Definitely the true colour of the rouge :D

I never thought that I would like this so much. The colour is pretty which is more like a light pink and the gloss is very easy to apply with the doe applicator.

The texture, of course like a gloss, a bit sticky and is pretty hard to remove too. I tried cleaning it with my face wash but it won't clean all, so I opted for cleansing oil to remove this completely.

The gloss have a little sparkle, white sparkle with them and it really reminds me of the gyaru look..haha..Though from the photo looks like the gloss sink into my lip lines but it actually not obvious in real. I only can see a nice smooth glossy lip :D

As other Japanese products, I don't detect any smell with this gloss nor any weird taste with it.
For lasting hours, I think this could last for a long hours on the lips.

I think that's all. Ask me questions if you need. Thank you for reading.

I rate this :

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

[REVIEW] K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo

Konnitiha minna~ Sorry it took me so long to post a new review though I'm considered as having too much of free time XD Anyway, since I'm going back to college tomorrow and I might start getting busy again, so I prepared a new review :)

Since long, I really wanted to try the most hype eyeliner on internet which is K-Palette eyeliner. They have lots of eyeliner type but I choose 1 Day tattoo because it sounds like it will stay on throughout the day. 

Name : K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyeliner 1 Day Tattoo
Colour : #DB01 Deep Brown
Origin : Product of Japan

I really have a huge expectation for this eyeliner because it was hype all over the internet for it's amazing stay on the lids however I'm a bit let down at first because it is easily remove with rubbing when I swatch the liner on my hand.

But, the happy finds is that it stays really well on my lids although my lids is very oily after a few hours under the sun. Maybe a little little smudge but it wasn't obvious.

Another thing is that the liquid liner doesn't transfer to my eyelid as 3CE Slim Pen Eyeliner that I reviewed previously. It is totally a huge relief for me because I don't have to worry when I have to wear this for a long time.

The liner looks horrible up close as the eye swatches above but it was obviously on zoom setting of the camera and normal people wouldn't be able to see that XD and I assure you it looks fine on me but makes sure your eyelid is clean and not oily to achieve a perfect line. 

The brush is very soft and it can draw the thinnest line too if you're wondering. The colour is deep brown as it should be and I really love it.

As the package says that it can be remove will warm water but I personally test it out with cold water and it remove easily as well.

Final summary, I like this eyeliner, it is easy to use, the colour is my perfect match and it gives a soft look for daily makeup.

I rate this :

Thank you for reading :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

[REVIEW] HiShop - Heaven on Earth "Sweet Dream" Essential Oil

HiShop sent me this Essential Oil "Sweet Dream Blend" to try. Honestly I don't have the air humidifier at home but if you do, then you can use it with your air humidifier. Otherwise, it's great to apply on body as well.

"Sweet Dream Essential Oil Blend is specially formulated to help soothe and break away from the stress of daily life for an emotionally relaxing body and mind to create a wonderful sleep.

This is a synergy blend containing 5 different 100% pure essential oils: Lavender, Sweet Orange, Sandalwood, Chamomile and Bitter Orange."

Application: Add a few drops into burner/humidifier/diffuser for vapourisation. Can be added into base oil for massage, diluted in the bath, or added in shower gel/cream/lotion.
- Source : HiShop -

Name : Heaven on Earth Sweet Dream Essential Oil Blend
Origin : Product of Australia
Content : 10ml
Price : RM69.00
My Coupon : insert AMIRAHD for 15% rebate!

There are two types to choose. Please visit the website written above :)

It's yellowy orange in colour and have a really strong citrusy smell.

There are two types of this oil from Heaven on Earth. I specifically choose for the "Sweet Dream" version as I thought it might help me in getting a nice sleep. I develop the habit of staying up late because of study coz I think my brain works great at night, lol. 

My first thought of this oil is a bit too strong for my liking and I'm not sure how it would help me get a proper sleep but after trying it on my palm and let it dry, I think it smells great and very calming. The stronger smells is more towards citrus rather than lavender and I guess the lavender is there as the calming ingredients coz I can't smell it at all.

Two or three drops are enough for me but you can use as much to your liking. This oil is safe to be apply onto the skin since it was made from plant. The oil texture was more to watery than oily I could say and it absorbs pretty well on the skin. The fragrance can last for hours.

To those who might not prefer this to be apply onto the skin, I have a little trick to share. Take a damp towel or wet tissues, put a few drop according to your like, and leave it beside you where the wind from fan/air-cond blows through. It definitely works for me coz I get into a deep sleep in short time and at the same time sniffing a really nice smell :)

I rate this :

Thank you so much for reading :)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Before anything else, I would like to give my condolences to the family of QZ8501 airplane as well as the flood victim in Malaysia. Please continue to help and donate to the victims as much as you can.

 I was so surprised receiving this box quite early than expected which is last two weeks. HONESTSKIN, a website that sells Korean Cosmetics held an event for Honestskin member every few weeks and the lucky ones will be receiving a handful products. I was lucky to be chosen for the second event and I did not expect to receive all the products because I expected they'll give only one product to the selected winner :) This is an open event and everyone can enter, as long as you are registered to the website.

For this box, I received a trial kit of IOPE Super Vital Cream, a full size Nature Republic Collagen HD Essencial BB Cream(don't blame me for the Essential mispelling XD) and Etude House Color Lips-fit in OR201 Dream Fit Coral. Among all these products, I am the most excited by the kit by IOPE since I never tried any IOPE skincare before and I'm least excited for the lips-fit because it is just bad. haha (Click here to read my review of the lipsfit in PK002)

IOPE Super Vital Cream

The most left one is the first step.

The first one is the softener and the last one is the eye cream.

The box says that this extra moist skincare is created by using the bio-science formula which "Revitalizes moist and resilient skin with Neo Lipid Carrier(N.L.C)"

This kit is like the most moist skincare I ever used. I did try Hada Labo before but it is totally different. Hada Labo sure is moisturising but it is a bit sticky and doesn't absorb well into my skin whereby this kit by IOPE really absorb well and doesn't leave a sticky feeling.

Since my skin is more to combination-oily so I think this kit a bit too moisturising for me so I don't really wear the full steps and mostly stops until the emulsion because it is enough. I switched the emulsion sometimes with the serum or the cream just to try them out. Every products feels so light on the skin which is great because "moisture" skincare tends to makes the skin feels heavy.

I wear this kit for a few days already especially on the night and I can feel that my skin is still hydrated on the next day. The most exciting thing is that it doesn't break me out like the other "moisture" skincare that I ever used aside from the fact that it is great for travel based on its size. Yeay~


Nature Republic Collagen HD Essencial BB Cream

I was surprised that this picture came out great. The colour is true to the real one.

This BB cream has the same box design as the Super Origin CC that I reviewed here. It says that this BB cream is "Formulated with 502mg Triple Collagen Complex that gives skin a radiant glow"
The main ingredient is the Hawaiian Deep Sea Water(MD 501) which is a pure and clean source of water that is harvested in uncontaminated depths of the ocean and desalinated. It's a mineral-rich water. (ref)

It only came in one shade which I think would be a little light for me but it is not. It matches me perfectly! This BB cream has a yellow undertone which is a bit rare in Korean Beauty products because most of them have a cool undertone and so that's why I think this BB cream matches me.

The texture is smooth and glides on my skin nicely. I would say that the finish is dewy because it gives a glow to the skin. Another thing that I realize that this BB cream feels a bit oily when I rubbed it between my fingers so in terms of cleaning, you definitely need a cleansing oil to remove this completely otherwise, it won't clean much. 

It stays on pretty well on the skin and cover the redness on my face. I would say that the coverage is medium and you can build up the coverage without looking cakey. 

The downwards probably would be that my oily parts of my skin would look shiny if it's oily so I really recommend powdering after applying this.


Etude House Color Lips-fit in OR201 Dream Fit Coral

The colour of the bottle looks disturbing and I received it like the way it is.

Exactly like the colour in the bottle. It is coral orange with a cool tone underneath.

Doing the gradient lip for the first picture and it was hard. The texture is uneven making it hard to make it look pretty. Probably it doesn't look horrible in the picture but it actually does. The colour is neon bright and does not going well with my taste but weirdly, my mom said that it looks pretty coz it got a hint of pink. Probably it does and I found out spreading by fingers would tone down the brightness of the colour and makes it wearable on daily basis(as the photo below) but too bad that this lips-fit is really too dry on the lips. By the way, I think this lips-fit is better suit as blusher than lip colour :)

Read the full review here.


Me wearing all the skincare & makeup above :)
(also wearing the lips-fit as blusher)

I'M NOW ON REDDIT! (Mizu_chan)

Thank you for reading :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

[REVIEW] Clio Lipnicure -Glass- No.3 and No.6

Hi! My blogging skills were kinda rusty because it has been 2 months since my last update. I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. Not my intention, really. I'm glad that I finally came to my sense now, lol

Anyway, I'll be reviewing this Clio Lipnicure -Glass version- that I received few days ago from my little haul with testerkorea. I haven't shopping that much for beauty products lately coz I'm kinda broke after shopping for tons of clothes XD 

This is Clio new improved Lipnicure that claimed to be "specially developed to provide extreme long-lasting effect and high intensity colors with a glass-like smooth finish with a single touch on lips" . I love the the glass-claimed since it provide better moisture than the previous released lipnicure.

I got myself two colours that I like from the promo picture. 

Love the applicator. It's so easy to use and the tip can make precise line around the lip shape :)

 Swatches for both, honestly, this swatches picture is the real colour of the lipnicure in the bottle.

I'm sad to say that both lip swatches doesn't do any justice to the real swatches. I tried capturing several photos of the lip swatches but non seems to portray the nearest colour or the exact one but I assure you, the hand swatches that I made looks like the real one that match colour of the liquid in the bottle.

Having said that, my real lip swatches doesn't looks like the colour in the bottle. Then, I realize that this lip colour changes based on what lip colour you have like most lipstick out there. I have a pale dark pink lip to begin with so the final colour on my lip is red. No.3 looks like a bright red with a hint of orange and the No.6 is a middle dark red with a hint of nude. So I guess the real colour would show up much better on those with the Korean light pink lips(reference)

For the lasting hour, I already expected it to be not really long lasting because I've seen a review on a few Korean blogger before and yup, to those who not know anything, you might have a high expectation on this to be long lasting like the original lipnicure. It might stay really well throughout the day on lips without you drinking or eating but it easily disappear when you do. 

For this glass version, they did not claimed it to be stainless as it didn't. This lipnicure is like a normal lipstick that will leave stain on straws or glass when you drink, so don't expect it to perform the same with the original lipnicure.

There is a slight scent to these lipnicure but it is slightlyyy stronger on the No.3 than No.6. I don't know what to describe the smell and not sure if it pleasant or not but it will disappear later on anyway.

Despite all these negativeness, I really like the fact that it doesn't dry out. My lips were fully moisturised for 2 hours after applying and it gradually went half matte few hours later but I still like it because it doesn't fully dry out my lips for more hours after that considering how dry my lips can be on normal days.

Other than that, I love the finish because it is velvety smooth and the liquid doesn't sink to my lip lines even after it half dry. It is not sticky either.

On final note, I'm kinda disappointed coz it doesn't show the real colour on my lips but that because of my true lip colour, I don't blame the lipnicure. I still like these two especially the No.6 because it matches my skin tone really well and makes my skin looks brighter :D

Thank you for reading! I hope to blog more soon :)

I rate this;