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Friday, March 20, 2015

Introduction to Ephyra Skin Bar

Hi there.
For today's post, I'm going to introduce you to the new product from Oceanlife and that is the Ephyra Skin Bar! I was sent two bars of this newest product of Oceanlife to try out and today, I will introduce to you this new skin bar and result post will be up later :)

Name : Ephyra Skin Bar
Production : Made in Malaysia
Price : RM39 per bar

What is Ephyra Skin Bar?
Ephyra Skin Bar is a premium facial & body soap contains Gluthathione & Bearberry Alpha Arbutin A Extract that even out skin tone and reduce appearance of dark & aging spots, pimple marks & freckles. It has Collagen that plump skin cells to make it firm looking. It also helps to fight acne and has anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

Ephyra Skin Bar can also lightens dark underarms, revives the suppleness of the skin, while moisturising and nourishing it.

Two bars for me to try :)

Most of people are very concious of this right now and yeay for not tested on animals :D

Ingredients up close.

Ephyra Skin Bar is formulated from 100% natural ingredients without illegal chemical ingredients that is bad for the skin. It is safe for all skin types, male or female for all ages.

The soap bar wrapped with a translucent plastic.

How pretty is that? Like the colour of a clear ocean :)

The white thing is the remaining suds that I lather up :)

A few of the successful user of this bar.

Benefits of Ephyra Skin Bar;
1 - Moisturise the skin
2 - Brighten and soften the skin
3 - Get rid of the dirt, oil and dead skin cells
4 - Heal pimples
5 - Reduce the appearance of pimples or acne scars
6 - Clean up the blackheads
7 -  Help to improve the body odour
8 - Suitable to be used all over the body.

Hopefully this bar can help to clear up my skin and reduce my circles :D

Do visit Oceanlife accounts to see more information and temonials :D
Instagram : @ephyraskin

Stay tuned for my "result" post~!

Thank you for reading.


Saturday, March 7, 2015

[REVIEW] Too Cool For School Milk Tint

This tint were bought together with the previous lipnicure and etude lipstick. I'm a huge tint lovers and I used them for pretty much everyday. I usually tried the Etude's Cherry Tint but since I still have some of them left, so I thought I want to try this tint from Too Cool for School. ha, that's a long name for a brand tho.

Product Info:
Brand : Too Cool for School
Production : Made in Korea
Price : 4,200 won

Sorry for different lighting, lip color altered to best match the real ones.

I'm quite surprised that I'm liking this tint so much. True to its name, the texture of the liquid is milky and can be smoothly applied to the lips.

Unlike Etude House, this tint doesn't have a taste to it but I do think that the smell of this tint is quite similar to Clio Lipnicure. I thought that I'm wrong but after trying it for a few times, it does smell the same. The smell does disappear after a while.

For the color, it is a red color, my full lip swatches might not be the most correct but it's quite similar. In real, the tint is suppose to be red, a normal warm red. For the light swatch, it's quite similar to the real swatch.

The tint last quite long for me and leave a red hint on the lip after drink/eat. Other than that, I really love the thing that it absorbs to my lips well and doesn't leave any uneven color like other tints do.

The finish is glossy and my lips looks moisturise but the moisture wouldn't last long so I would recommend a lip balm on top.

Overall, I like it and would repurchase, maybe to try another colors :)

I rate this:

Thank you for reading :)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

[REVIEW] Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure #Revenge Pink & Mini Set

Since I got some more time to blog, so here you go.
The mini set and the full sized one was bought from Testerkorea. I think it's a good deal of the mini set since I wanted the top coat but not too sure how it will perform on me so I saw the mini set and they have another colours as well, and it's cheap so I bought it along. However, the mini set is no longer available. Not sure if it is sold out or not available anymore.

Brand : Clio
Capacity : 4.7g
Price : 11,200 won
Purchase from : Testerkorea

How cute the mini set is? >_<

Obviously the mini set applicator is different but I find it performs quite well.

Update : I really forgot about this picture.

No.5 Revenge Pink
1 - Gradient lip
2 - Gradient lip with top coat
3 - Full lip
4 - Full lip with top coat

Both full lip with top coat.

First of all, I'm not bias toward the No.5 Revenge Pink colour because I did more swatches for the other two colours as well but it looks so horrible as the two did not have the same consistency as the Revenge Pink >_<"

All of them dries really fast and No.10 and No.11 makes my lips sticky and it stucks to each other O.O I can't open my mouth because of it lol But the top coat really helps coz it makes the texture much better.

Revenge pink is a hot pinky red colour and it is just gorgeous! I never liked red alike lipsticks before coz it makes me looks old but this one got a hint of hot pink and it look so nice on me.

While No.10 is more to neon coral colour, No.11 looks a bit purple to me, almost like the Etude House Limited Edition (purple) cherry tint and it doesn't look much of neon. The consistency of No.11 is the worst but No.11 is tolerable and I find it more glossier when apply but the downward of No.11 color is that the application  won't look nice because it's blotchy on some parts as you can see above.

This lipnicure have the matte finish compared to the glass lipnicure but  this lasts way longer than the glass version because it is so hard to remove. I regret that I didn't buy the remover as well coz my Biore cleansing oil doesn't work well to remove them as I have to use the cleansing oil about 2 to 3 times to be able to remove this lipnicure completely.

There is a slight scent to it but I can't still detect of what it is. It's not pleasant nor unpleasant for me.

For the top coat, the texture is not oily as I thought. It is thick in texture but it is not sticky nor too glossy.I find it just right for me for someone who doesn't like lip gloss.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my choice of colour and the performance of No.5. Would recommend this color and No.11 to use but not No.10.

Thank you for reading :)

I rate this:


[REVIEW] Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk

Awh, finally I be able to blog again. This time it is from my recent testerkorea haul, not much of recent coz I bought this at 31 Dec 2014. Not that the package arrives late, but the date it arrive clashes with my have-to-come-back-to-college date so I had to wait for short break to be able to try them out.

Before I forgot, Xinnian Kuaile to all that celebrates the Chinese New Year :) I got a shock yesterday coz the firecrackers starts sounding like about 6.00 a.m while I'm still sleeping ;;;

Anyway, I only owned one of this lipstick and the other one was my sister(OR202) but it turns out that the colour was too bright and it didn't suit her so I'm not sure what I gonna do about this coz OR202 is definitely not my fav colour.

Brand : Etude House
Price : 6,650 won
Capacity : 3.5g
Purchase from : Testerkorea

It looks so much like the Blooming ones but slightly different on the shape.

I have the Beige color lipstick from Etude House like a two years ago and love it . I choose Beige again this time coz I really want to have another beige colour in my collection.

See how bright the OR202 is? o.o

I lurveee BE102 so much! It's not a pale beige and it is a perfect colour for me. While OR202 is actually brighter than the picture, almost like neon I would say and it's definitely not my type.

I've heard that this lipstick is really moisturising on the lips so I pick one to try and it turns out that it is wonderfully moisturising! Wohoo, I'm definitely gonna check out another colours and purchase them!

It glides smoothly on the lips and the moisture last pretty long for me and it'll leave a hint of red after the lipstick wears out.

There is also a slight scent like Etoinette lipstick and the lipstick doesn't taste weird butI find it sweet? Coz I went out today using the BE102 and eat pizza and went shopping after but I found that the lipstick is sweet when I licked it..haha

Since it is a moisture lipstick, the colour can wears off when drink or eat but it last much better than other lipstick I've tried. Other than that, because of the texture is so smooth, it might melted when it is too hot.

I had no complains about this lipstick coz it's one of the best I've tried.

I rate it:

Thank you for reading :)


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

[REVIEW] Kanebo Lavshuca Liquid Rouge in RD-2

Hello~ This post was drafted back before when I had free time and intentionally dragged it until today to post XD

While I was cleaning up my makeup stacks, I found this liquid rouge which I received as a gift sometimes ago. I had no idea that I did have this in my drawer XD

I swatched it on my hand and surprised me because the colour is so pretty! I don't like lip gloss much and try to avoid them as possible but this is really caught me. :)

Name : Lavshuca Liquid Rouge
Colour : RD-2
Origin : Made in Japan
Content : 4.0g

Just like most of Japanese brand that I tried, the packaging is simple with lots of Japanese words.

Love the class cap tho :D

Doe applicator.

Look how pretty it is :D

^^ Definitely the true colour of the rouge :D

I never thought that I would like this so much. The colour is pretty which is more like a light pink and the gloss is very easy to apply with the doe applicator.

The texture, of course like a gloss, a bit sticky and is pretty hard to remove too. I tried cleaning it with my face wash but it won't clean all, so I opted for cleansing oil to remove this completely.

The gloss have a little sparkle, white sparkle with them and it really reminds me of the gyaru look..haha..Though from the photo looks like the gloss sink into my lip lines but it actually not obvious in real. I only can see a nice smooth glossy lip :D

As other Japanese products, I don't detect any smell with this gloss nor any weird taste with it.
For lasting hours, I think this could last for a long hours on the lips.

I think that's all. Ask me questions if you need. Thank you for reading.

I rate this :