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Saturday, January 30, 2016


It can be seen that since last year the harem pants have been getting a huge attention among the ladies and the fashion industry. Ladies from different age groups are rocking the women harem pants style everywhere they go in their own creative fashion appearance. For the ladies who want to try a different fashion appearance, switch those jeans away with some stylish harem pants and hit it off with confidence. Take a look at these three awesome looks you can recreate wearing the harem pants everywhere you go.

1.   Casual Chic

Harem pants are known for its bagginess cutting which makes it the perfect simple yet trendy pants to wear on your casual days. Instead of wearing sweatpants, harem pants is definitely the perfect substitute that can make you feel comfortable and still appear trendy in without much effort. Match the harem pants with a loose tee or a drape tunic for that complete comfortable casual outfit. 

1.    Trendy Elegance

Turn the harem pants into focus by wearing the high waist design and match it with a nice fit top. Accessorize the look with a nice statement necklace for that cute touch and show off your elegance every time you step out of the house. This look is perfect to pull together if you are going out on a casual date or a girl’s day out.

1.    Business Stylish

Harem pants are definitely a timeless fashion piece to add into your closet at home due to its versatility. Dress them up with blouses, shirts and blazers which can make it appropriate for work. Add a skinny belt to accentuate your waist for that sophisticated business chic appeal and feel that boost of confidence at the office in front of everyone.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

[REVIEW] Dwi Dara Collagen Complex

Hi sweeties! 

Beauty supplements are not a rare scene in Malaysia and it was a big deal here since everyone wanted to look young on the outside and at the same time benefit the inside. The collagen is mostly extracted from the fruits making it safe and halal to consume.

So today, I'll be reviewing this "Collagen Complex" from Dwi Dara Resources which is extracted from fruits that are good for both skin and body. The collagen are in liquid form which is separated in 20 sachets per box. Unlike the other collagen that need to be added water before it can be consume, this collagen doesn't require that step because it's just tear and drink, making it easy to bring anywhere and be consume at any time.

Brand : Dwi Dara
Company : Dwi Dara Resources
Price : RM130(WM) / RM140(EM) / BRD 75 / SGD 75
Quantity per box : 20ml x 20 sachets

Visit these links to purchase!

INSTAGRAM : @dwidaraauthorized

HOTLINE : 018-219 5350

Main ingredients.

Benefits in Bahasa.

Functions of the collagen.

I took a sachet everyday in the morning or sometime at night before consuming any food because based on the direction, it is better consumed before any meal. It's better not to skip even a day of consuming the collagen for better result.

The collagen taste good and one thing that I notice about the taste is that date has the dominant taste of the collagen followed by honey and a little bit of lemon for the aftertaste. 

The fact that the collagen itself came in a sachet that doesn't require adding water makes it is perfect for travel and be consumed at any time. The sachet itself is very light and suit to be kept in bags :D
Pregnant or lactating mothers can also consumed this collagen and it is suitable for 16 years old and above including men who are concern about health and beauty :)

20 sachets can last about less than a month(if you're taking it daily) and about less than a month I tried this, I could say that it does lessen my breakout. To actually see the result such as lessening in pimple scars, wrinkles, big pores and those big matters, a box might be a little for that so I can't really tell. However, lessening breakout is actually a big deal for me. To actually experienced less breakout makes my older pimples heal faster, making my face clean and looks nice when putting on makeup :D

Overall, I recommend this for you to try and see what it did especially to those who had the problems above :)

Me after consuming a box of this collagen :D

Thank you for reading :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

[REVIEW] Lalavesi Akma Cushion "AKCU X-MAS" Special Limited Edition + F.W/Y6 2016 Classic

I don't believe that I finally fell for this cushion. I saw lots of blog reviews and raves about this especially for it's case designs. Lalavesi released this X-Mas Limited Edition last year and this year, they made a little change on the design and I found this new version sold in testerkorea. Since I did purchase this quite late, which is a week before Christmas celebration, I didn't expect this to be arrive this year, since testerkorea usually will take time to ship parcels but I'm glad that I be able to see this arrived before I move to another state to work.

Initially I can't decide if I should choose either this or the "Ice Cute" edition since it is in pink and this one is red. Both are my favourite colors but then I go for the new one, of course. Lalavesi even sent an X-Mas bag filled with this X-Mas Special Limited case and my chosen base, F.W/Y6 2016 Classic!

If you aren't familiar with the formula of these Akma Cushions (SS, SF & FW) in Classic or Natural, I suggest you to go here since she talk in details about those three formulas. I was confused about those things and with her help, I finally decided to go for FW (For Winter) in Classic in the shade Y6. It's because my skin is pretty dry lately and I'm looking for mostly super moisturizing formula for my skin because of that. Currently, this design is sold out in the Lalavesi page.

Renew version of 2014, "AKCU X-MAS" Special Limited Edition
Formula : F.W (For Winter)
Type : Classic
Color : Y6
Content : 20g
Production : Made in Korea
Price : 24,000 won @ testerkorea [for case and cream]

I was given samples for all of the formula which I'm not sure what color it is. The case and my chosen formula came in a different box.

The formula in summary and there are Classic/Natural that you can choose. Classic had more coverage and Natural has less coverage and more natural looking.

Even the box itself is super pretty :)

Anti-bacteria puff <3

With little pamphlet explaining about the designs for the cushion.

Just how cute is that? It's all red on the sides! :D

New formula, improved version.

How to change refill.

There is LALAVESI word printed on it, not sure if its visible in this picture.

So much of the devil inside XD

I just HAVE to compare with my Laneige BB Cushion since it is my perfect match. Clearly Y6 is still lighter than my skin. It's even lighter than HERA Age Reverse Cushion, review here.

It's a bit watery in texture compared to a few cushions that I have which included the Laneige cushion.

It has a dewy finish as you can see in the picture above.

Oil control:
I had expected that this won't have the best oil control out there since the finish itself is dewy and would not suit oily skin the best. However, since I said that my skin is really dry since last month, I still like the fact that it gives me moisture.

Y6/FW is supposed to be the darkest color for the cushion and it still too light for me. However, I heard that there are a bit difference in color if compared to SS, SF or FW and it seems that in one of these types do have a darker Y6 color. So, there is inconsistency in colors according to the type that you chose.

Y6/FW has a medium to high coverage even with just one application. It builds up well too and since the coverage is quite good so it won't look as natural on the face. It still have the "you-wear-something-on-the-face" thing.

Color transfer:
The finish is dewy and it has high color transfer compared to cushion that is matte in finish which means that if you touches your skin or just wanted to blot the extra shine/oil, the color transfer or traces will be much visible.

It will oxidizes a little but it doesn't completely disappear after a long day especially on my nose because any foundation/cushion or BB/CC that disappear from the nose is a huge issue for me! XD

Didn't notice any after a few times of trying.

Just a little bit but I can't figure out what smell it is but it will disappears after a while.

I like it so much since it save me from my current dry/flaky skin. It has up and down and I probably be using this daily since it might be too heavy for daily use because of the coverage and hot weather here.

I rate this:

Thank you for reading, I'm sorry that there is no before/after picture for this review since I don't have my camera with me right now T_T

Leave a comment of e-mail me if you have any questions! :D

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

[REVIEW] VIVANTSKINCARE, for acne skin and rosacea safe

I always trusted dermatologist since they knew better about the skin more than me myself. So last 2-3 months, a representative from VivantSkincare would like me to review their skincare line and I leave up all the products choosing to them after I said that my skin is oily, dull, rough and a little red on cheeks. Although it might be hard to actually imagine that in reality without some photos of me without makeup, they decided to sent me this skincare products that is rosacea safe.

A little bit about VivantSkincare,
"Founded in 1990 in California by the late Dr. James E. Fulton, Jr., M.D., Ph.D., co-developer of Retin-A®, and his wife Sara Fulton, Vivant Skin Care is a clinical skin care line rooted in Fulton’s patented vitamin A therapies. The line was inspired by Dr. Fulton’s personal struggle with acne and life-long study of and research in skin care. The resulting 35 + formulations comprise our skin care products designed to treat skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation and aged skin.
Vivant Skin Care’s products successfully treat resistant skin conditions found in ethnic skin types such as hyperpigmentation (melasma) and acne, giving them a natural acceptability rate in the Latin American and Caribbean marketplaces. An estimated 45-50 million women worldwide live with melasma, a condition that presents itself as unattractive brown patches or uneven skin color. The Vivant Skin Care line provides a non-surgical alternative to achieving even and clear skin."

The products consist of VS Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Wash, VS 3% Mandelic Acid 3-in-1 Toner and VS Rejuv Rx Peptide Concentrate. The VS Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser were sent as a complimentary since they read a post of mine where I said that I'm obsessed with Green Tea so they sent me one! :D They asked me to try all of these products for at least 30 days and dropping all the other products which I did as per asked.

The two cleansers. The cleansers can be used all over the body :D

The toner words are rubbed of the bottle since I used it a lot.

The cleanser came in this convenient packaging.

The green tea had green color tint and the mandelic acid wash had an orange tint to it.


It is formulated to dissolve oil, dirt and make up while preserving the skin's natiral acid mantle. Great for all skin types including rosacea.

The first step in the skincare steps. I mostly alternate this cleanser with the mandelic acid wash for the first step.

Water as the first ingredient followed by Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, a cleansing agent. This cleanser contain Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance and colorant (Blue 1, Yellow 5). Honestly, I'm not a fan of the colorants since the color stains my pore brush.

This cleanser does clean my skin very well and after cleansing, there is a "film" feel on the skin which is should be remove by the Mandelic Acid toner in the next step.

I like that it cleanse very well however, I have to watch out for the amount that I used every time since this would cause my skin to peel off especially in the mouth area. It also leaves the skin quite dry after cleansing.

MANDELIC ACID 3-in-1 WASH - $31.00, here.

This unique face and body wash helps suppress acne bacteria and restrains the formation of Melanin that causes blotchy pigmentation. Helps prevent ingrown hairs.

I used this alternately with the Green Tea Antioxidant Wash for the first step in skincare. Can also be used as shampoo on scalp to control dandruff and acne.

Contain Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Fragrance and Colorants (Red 36). Same opinion with the Green Tea cleanser.

Surprisingly this cleanser doesn't cause me peeling off around the mouth like the Green Tea cleanser does. It does leave a "film" on the surface of the skin after washing. By the way, the "film" cause tightening feels on the skin.

I like the fact that it cleanse well although the color stain my pore brush. Does leave the skin feels a little dry after washing.

3% MANDELIC ACID 3-in-1 TONER - $44.00, here.

It refines the surface of the skin and penetrate deep into pores to remove dirt, oil, makeup, and pore-clogging dead skin cells. It suppresses acne bacteria, lifts of hyper pigmentation and stimulates new collagen production.

Second step in the skincare.

Key ingredients are Witch Hazel and Mandelic Acid.

It does sting my skin when I applied it to the skin. Probably because of the Witch Hazel ingredient since that ingredient do sting my skin but it doesn't do harm like increase the redness. Once, I may have applied this near to my eyes and it stings my eye so I asked for an advice from the director, Susan about that and she said it probably because of the evaporation of the product. Regarding the sting feel on the skin, she said it maybe prior to the skincare that I've used before I started this regime. It also shows that the product is working in exfoliating the skin so that Rejuv Rx can penetrate the skin.

My skin is quite supple after using this toner. It does feel like it removes the "film" created by the cleansers.


This silky peptide serum helps enhance firmness and elasticity as well as prevent future signs of aging. Smoothes lines around mouth, eyes and forehead. Also ideal for alleviating inflammation and redness associated with rosacea and irritated skin.

This is the last step in the skincare. I did not used this on the first week of skincare regime since they advice me not to use this earlier until the skin adapted to the skincare.

I'm quite okay with fragrance as long as it doesn't irritate my skin nor have strong smell.

This is the most comfortable step out of the three since it doesn't irritate my skin. The watery liquid also absorbs really fast to the skin and leave it supple.

I'm not sure about the wrinkles improvements since I don't have wrinkles myself except for the under eye. However, I could say that it does lessen my redness on my cheeks.

Although the products might be a little harsh on me, as a lot of acne products do this, it actually works for my skin. I see that the redness on my cheeks are lessen and pimples and acne breakouts doesn't occur that much either.

I do have breakouts in the month of using it so it doesn't mean that the products can stop it from happening. However, I do believe that hygiene and food intake are a very important role in making the whole steps works. 

Below is the before and after picture of my skin after 1 month and half of using all these products. I highly recommend you to do consultation first before trying these products. 

Note: This picture is not altered in any way, not even the lighting. The two pictures lighting is different because I took them at different place and different time.

Thank you for reading.

If you would like to see more, visit VIVANT SKINCARE website;