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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

[REVIEW] Clio Lipnicure -Glass- No.3 and No.6

Hi! My blogging skills were kinda rusty because it has been 2 months since my last update. I'm so sorry for neglecting this blog for so long. Not my intention, really. I'm glad that I finally came to my sense now, lol

Anyway, I'll be reviewing this Clio Lipnicure -Glass version- that I received few days ago from my little haul with testerkorea. I haven't shopping that much for beauty products lately coz I'm kinda broke after shopping for tons of clothes XD 

This is Clio new improved Lipnicure that claimed to be "specially developed to provide extreme long-lasting effect and high intensity colors with a glass-like smooth finish with a single touch on lips" . I love the the glass-claimed since it provide better moisture than the previous released lipnicure.

I got myself two colours that I like from the promo picture. 

Love the applicator. It's so easy to use and the tip can make precise line around the lip shape :)

 Swatches for both, honestly, this swatches picture is the real colour of the lipnicure in the bottle.

I'm sad to say that both lip swatches doesn't do any justice to the real swatches. I tried capturing several photos of the lip swatches but non seems to portray the nearest colour or the exact one but I assure you, the hand swatches that I made looks like the real one that match colour of the liquid in the bottle.

Having said that, my real lip swatches doesn't looks like the colour in the bottle. Then, I realize that this lip colour changes based on what lip colour you have like most lipstick out there. I have a pale dark pink lip to begin with so the final colour on my lip is red. No.3 looks like a bright red with a hint of orange and the No.6 is a middle dark red with a hint of nude. So I guess the real colour would show up much better on those with the Korean light pink lips(reference)

For the lasting hour, I already expected it to be not really long lasting because I've seen a review on a few Korean blogger before and yup, to those who not know anything, you might have a high expectation on this to be long lasting like the original lipnicure. It might stay really well throughout the day on lips without you drinking or eating but it easily disappear when you do. 

For this glass version, they did not claimed it to be stainless as it didn't. This lipnicure is like a normal lipstick that will leave stain on straws or glass when you drink, so don't expect it to perform the same with the original lipnicure.

There is a slight scent to these lipnicure but it is slightlyyy stronger on the No.3 than No.6. I don't know what to describe the smell and not sure if it pleasant or not but it will disappear later on anyway.

Despite all these negativeness, I really like the fact that it doesn't dry out. My lips were fully moisturised for 2 hours after applying and it gradually went half matte few hours later but I still like it because it doesn't fully dry out my lips for more hours after that considering how dry my lips can be on normal days.

Other than that, I love the finish because it is velvety smooth and the liquid doesn't sink to my lip lines even after it half dry. It is not sticky either.

On final note, I'm kinda disappointed coz it doesn't show the real colour on my lips but that because of my true lip colour, I don't blame the lipnicure. I still like these two especially the No.6 because it matches my skin tone really well and makes my skin looks brighter :D

Thank you for reading! I hope to blog more soon :)

I rate this;

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Princess Happy Ending Jasmine Proof Shockcara

Hello dearies, this is the second item in the Etude House Princess Happy Ending Collection that I bought. The theme this time is Princess Jasmine! Because I really wanted to portray the book-kind-of packaging that this mascara have, I decided to use my stash of mangas. You probably have read my short profile up there, I'm a bit otaku myself so I collect lots of mangas since high school but I don't have any figurine coz my mom would kill me..haha 

Product Information:
Name : Princess Happy Ending Jasmine Lash Perm Proof Shockcara
Brand : Etude House
Production : Made in Korea
Net Weight : 0.35 oz./10g

I want to try to do a gimmick photos and so I did! Those were my old mangas collection, 1/5 of it. XD

Curvy wand with spikes.

A bit different in lighting, sorry..

The name is pretty similar with the original Lash Perm Shockcara and I expected it to perform the same and have the same wand. I wasn't looking much when buying this coz I'm in need of mascara (though I lately using lesser and lesser mascara) because the only one mascara in my storage seems to be running out.

I was totally wrong because it may look the same based on the packaging itself but the other criteria that I thought the same, were not. For example, the wand itself is very different from the original shockcara. The original one looks like a straight comb with spikes but this one is more like curvy comb. Honestly I would prefer the straight comb coz it's thin and easily reach out to the corner of my eyes but the curvy version is not so bad either although I need some time to practice between thin and thicker comb. 

The original shockcara claims that it waterproof but it is actually not coz it simply removed with water so I was expecting this to do the same. The first time I tried the mascara is on the day where I ran out of my makeup remover and I thought the mascara got no problem to remove with water but I was wrong, this shockcara version is super waterproof!It didn't even budge when I try to remove it with soap or water so I got panic for a while,haha. Thank god I got my pure olive oil with me so it helps me to remove the mascara.

The only colour available for this version is only black. The mascara seems to dried on the lashes quite fast too although it might look a bit watery on the tube but it wasn't as wet as it looks when putting on the eyes.

But the downwards of this mascara or maybe I shouldn't call it downwards yet, is that, it doesn't work to add the volume to the lashes although it does the lengthening part well. It doesn't help in curling either but I am not expecting much for the curling part. Like the original shockcara that I've tried, it wasn't too much into my liking at first because it's clumpy and doesn't add much volume to the lashes but later then, it started to perform really well after 4-5 times of trying because I could see the volume starts to add up and it wasn't clumpy as it's first performance.

Overall, I liked the mascara the way it is and still waiting for the day that it will fully works in terms of adding volume..haha but the most plus point for this mascara is that it is super waterproof!Yeay~

My rating :

Thank you for reading! I'm out for the whole day today and just be able to post this. Any questions, let me know in the comment down below or e-mail me.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Princess Happy Ending Lipstick

Hello sweeties!
Today I present you the latest Etude House x Disney Collaboration and that is the Princess Happy Ending lipstick! Well, I have to say that mine is only the purple one and the red one is my friend's. I only borrowed her lipstick just for the picture..hehe :)

In this collection, Etude released about the same colour as the Minnie lipsticks but they included along bb cream, blushers, mascara, glitter eyeshadows and nail colours in this collection. I have to say the first item in the collection that caught my eyes is the glitter eyeshadow and I'm intended to buy it but for some reasons, I only get only two items in the collection which is the mascara and this lipstick. Lately I'm on the saving mood, which I would reveal/never reveal out later..haha..So that's why I didn't shop that much if you're following me on my instagram.

Anyway, as usual, this was purchased from Testerkorea. I know there are some bad reviews about them, but though, those bad things never happened to me and instead I'm always happy with their service, replying e-mail, adding items and such and they never failed to reply me in time. I wish they would continuously serve me in the right way.

Product Information:
Name : Princess Happy Ending Belle Lipstick
Brand : Etude House
Production : Made in Korea
Purchased from : Testerkorea
Price : 9,000 won each

Cute!If I have to choose, the Snow White packaging attract me more than Belle~haha

I want so much more than they've got planned?..?

The ingredient list for Belle. I don't think the varies much in the ingredients list and I have to admit, Etude House ingredients are always so long..haha

The colours looks perfect side by side and I really thought the red colour was actually prettier in real. Should I get one? But I'm afraid that red will make me look old..

The right one is one layer of swipe and the left one is two layers of swipes.

The formula for this lipstick is really moisturising. It doesn't cause tugging while applying and it easily glide on the lips even for dry lips like mine. There is a hint of sweet flowery scent to it but it wasn't strong but still, I love it.

The colour as you can see is very pigmented. With only 1-2 swipes, the colour can turn out pretty bold. I don't always wear bold colours because I'll look old T_T but those who love bold pigmented colours would love this lipstick.

The colour is purplish pink but more to purple or plum. I think this is my first purple lipstick and I think the colour is quite pretty. Maybe I would not wear it full lip next time, just do a gradient lip would be fine I guess.

I also don't think that this lipstick would melt easily like what happened with my Princess Etoinette lipstick. Yeah, in case you didn't know, most of my Etoinette lipsticks have melt and broke..;(
Possibly because Malaysia is too hot..

One more I would like to add, this lipstick is so hard to remove. I tried using water as usual to remove the lipstick but it was resistant compared to other Etude's lipsticks.

Overall, it's a nice lipstick to try. The most appealing part for me would be on how moisturising it was :)

sorry, did I look like a creep?It's the first time my brother is willing to help taking pictures of me so hopefully this doesn't look bad.. (btw, I'm wearing Belle lipstick in this picture )

Thank you for reading :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

[REVIEW] Sundepil Hair Removal

First of all, I want to apologize to my sponsor for this super delay review. I haven't gotten much time to review products when I'm in college so I push a lot of review plan to the semester break. I'll try to post as much as I can coz I'm the middle of semester break now :)

This time, I'll review one of Supermodels Secret bestseller and that is the Sundepil Hair Removal.
At first I was confused on how it should be used because there are hardly any English words on it so I just assume the way it works based on the pictures alone.

There aren't detailed instructions btw..

I was like..wait, is that a sand paper?

The 'sand paper' apparently have stick on side, to stick on the applicator.

This is how it looks like when you stick on the 'sand paper'. This is before and after used.

I hope you can see that the hair on my back hand disappears after used and if you also notice, my skin turn out to be lighter on the after used.

Honestly, it is quite shocking to have the twin of 'sand paper' as hair removal and I thought it gonna be a hell of pain but surprisingly it does not! It don't even have to rub it so hard to make the hair falls and it leaves my skin smooth afterwards.

A piece of the paper can be used many times depending on how much area you want to used at. The paper suited to be used on most parts of the body but I would not recommend on delicate area nor face. That would be bad.

There isn't any weird smell on the paper and also make sure that your skin is dry before using this product to maximise the result.

I did not experience pain, itches or any sort of skin problems while using this products but the results may varies. If you have an overly sensitive skin, I would not recommend you to rubbed it on your skin for a long time nor press really hard on the skin because that would lead to cut or redness.

Overall, it's a nice hair removal. It really helps for an easy and faster hair removal for your special occasion. Plus, it also remove the dead skin cells making the skin colour lighter(based on my experience)

Thank you for reading. Stay tune, I have so much to review this week! Any questions, do let me know :)

Love xoxo

If you would like to purchase this product, head on to;

Sunday, August 31, 2014

[REVIEW] Majolica Majorca Linehunter Eyeliner #BK999

I managed a bit of my time to post a new review. Recently, I wanted to try more Japanese cosmetics than the Korean ones so I made a few purchases on the Japanese cosmetics that I encountered while randomly google-ing. I always wanted to try MM eyeliner (the twist one) but never got chance to do so and I saw these Linehunter collection that were released quite early this year if I'm not mistaken and the seller on ebay got this up on sale so I bought this right away.. :D

I heard that this collection have made it to Malaysia but my recent visit to a few MM counter in Watsons, I didn't saw this yet. Probably the the MM counter in KL or big cities would have this collection. 

MM packaging never fails me, it is mystery yet looks so gorgeous, I'm a packaging sucker and I know it..haha

Mine is black in colour.

Those are manufacturing date and expired date I guess.

This liner pen is super slim! A lot slimmer than my pen, lol

I just love love the design~

Actually I don't realize this before this review but the eyeliner brush have two sides with this, which is the slimmer and wider part. Slimmer part is for thin eyelining and the wider part is for thicker eyeline. I just realize than I used the slim part a lot more than the wider part because the thickness is just right for my eyes. 
If compared to other eyeliner that I had tried, eg; Dolly Wink, Skinfood, 3CE, the brush for this eyeliner is much more thinner than them. The wide part is comparable but the slim part is definitely thin.

Not the prettiest swatch I ever done ;(

Not the best eyeliner I ever done too.. Just to show here that the eyeliner able to draw the thinnest line on eyes.

I know you'll ask this question so I just tell you that I bought this from ebay. The seller name is kelly3316. Priced at RM39.40 exclude postage. Do note that the postage is not that high either (RM9.14) and it only took 1 and half week to arrive to me and I consider that is very fast coz I usually got my package from Japan or Hong Kong about three weeks.

The first time I tested the eyeliner on my hand, I thought the colour is not very black however later then when I try it again my eyes, it looks like very black in colour. The brush able to draw two types of eyeline, very thin to the thickest because of the unique brush that was designed to have two parts.

The brush is soft and so easy to use. Not a twist type this time from MM.
Because the brush have two parts, it ease me up with drawing the inner corner with the thinnest eyeline and also the thin cat eyes eyeline. No glitter and weird smell from this eyeliner.

The liquid dries pretty fast and I don't have to wait until it dries. However the negative side of this eyeliner is that it is not waterproof. I've read the other blogger review and they said that it is waterproof but how it is not the same as mine? I rubbed it right away after it dries and it smudges and under water it disappears. But although it smudges when I rubbed it, I'm pretty surprised that it don't smudges on my eyes after a whole day. Just it disappears on some part because it is not waterproof.

Overall, aside from the eyeline is not waterproof, I like everything about it. It's so easy to hold and use because it is small and it's perfect to bring anywhere with.

Thank you for reading :)
See you next time for another review coming up!