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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50 PA++

Hey lovelies!I'm back for another Etude House product reviews! ^_^

This time I'll be reviewing a new product from Etude House names Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream or simple as Sun BB~

I think this products hasn't been launched to overseas countries yet and that's why I bought this from Korea. I said in my last post that haven't arrived after 3 weeks of order and finally this arrives last week,specifically Friday and I was really excited!I used this for 4 consecutive days and I would say that I love this so much!like like like!haha

By the way,this is not the new improvement for the Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream because them both are new but this had higher SPF!

This BB Cream Properties ;
1 - Water holding system which keeps skin cool and moist.
2 - 3 in 1 function : Coverage,sunscreen,waterproof effect which help BB Cream to last longer.
3 - Attached sponge helps easy make-up application
4 - No paraben and tar color and contains 5% pearl ingredients(used to whiten the skin)
5 - High SPF!(SPF50 PA++) which protects the skin from the UV rays.
6 - Cool fix properties which keep the skin cool under the sun.
7 - 3 shades available :
   (a) N0 2 Light Beige
   (b) W13 Natural Beige
   (c) W15 Sand Beige

Other than that,they also stated that this BB Cream can be used while playing sports!Just like the ads for this BB Cream,both SHINee and Dara are playing sports while wearing this BB Cream and won all the competition they enter..I think this applies to people who really care about their face while sweating and

Watch the ads at the end of this post~~kkk

and now onto the reviews!

 The BB Cream and samples that I got!Yeay~~~!
This shade is the third shade which is 'Sand Beige'.
I only guess the shade I was and luckily this match me perfectly!

Cool fix properties to keep your skin cool under the sun~

Two-way application.You can use the sponge or just unattached the sponge and use fingers~ was so cute!Unfortunately,it was very small~>_< only 35g~~
Note : Don't let this BB Cream fall like this picture,just keep it standing because if you let it fall,the BB Cream will be hard to go out even if you squeeze hard.That happens to

 The BB Cream messed up a bit when it arrives,maybe the tube squeezed a bit while shipping to Malaysia~

The sponge~

You can actually take off the sponge and you'll see a narrow hole to squeeze the BB Cream.

The difference onto my hand~It looks pretty awesome isn't it?

now onto the waterproof test!look,the water doesn't budget the BB Cream at all!Waterproof approved!
and my hand looks flawless!Love!

Update : This BB Cream had a pink-yellowish undertone and it match so well with my yellow undertone skin ^_^
 For the sake of this review,I present you my horrible skin! >_< I had a major break out and both my cheeks are infected so bad T^T...but now its recovering and no red bumps as I'm not sure if the BB Cream helps my skin? ^_^

The photo was taken 3 days ago and I saw my skin is improving in many ways.The BB Cream does whitens and clear my red bumps.Although this BB Cream doesn't have the anti-pimples/acne properties but I think this really help me in that way =)

There are a bit different of color exposure in the picture.Sorry for that..>_<
I haven't manage to buy a new camera..maybe soon~~~

In the first picture,you can see red bumps and scar..etc..
and in the second picture,with Sun BB and powder,it does cover my face really well and I would say that this have medium coverage(it does cover a bit of dark circle!) since there are still little scar still visible but it's not a biggie!
In the third picture,that day I was walking,doing heavy work all the day in the hot weather outside and I would say that the BB Cream doesn't budget much!

(Although the this picture is my left cheek than first and second picture but I had the same break out on both cheeks)You can see only a bit of red bumps visible after the hot day for 9 hours!I had a very oily face and this BB Cream is very long lasting.Although in the middle of the day,the oil starts to appear and the weather is really hot, I'm really worried that it will melt my BB Cream and makes some parts visible,but it didn't!I only blot the oil on my face with tissue and it doesn't wipe away my BB Cream along!Maybe the thing that visible after 9 hours is the shine because of my oily face.

Plus point,this BB Cream doesn't cake..but if you apply a lot,of course it do so only apply needed amount only and if you want to a bit more coverage,use concealer.

One more thing,this BB Cream really makes my skin matte with a bit of moisture.Because if it's too matte,the production of oil is more that it is now.For the cool fix,I don't know what did they mean by cool but I can feel my face doesn't sweating much under the sun,so maybe that was the 'cool' means.

Update!!(Oil test)

As I promised,here is the oil test for the BB Cream.Before I continue,let me tell you which is which.

1 - Etude House Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream SPF50 PA++ in #3 Sand Beige
2 - Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20 PA++ in #2 Natural Beige
3 - Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream SPF30 PA++ in Sheer Silky Skin
4 - Etude House Precious Mineral All Day Strong BB Cream SPF30 PA++ in #3 Sheer Flawless Skin
5 - Nature Republic Collagen BB Cream : Age Slick SPF25 PA++
6 - Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ in #23 Natural Yellow Beige

As you can see,Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream(No.1) amount of oil is the same with Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream(No.3) although No.3 produce the oil way faster than No.1.

My thoughts ;

Coverage : 4/5
It does a good coverage!Although it didn't cover all the flaws perfectly but this do the work very good!I got a compliments today saying that my skin looks glowy and pretty~Everybody are asking of what product did I use!What a great impact!

Oil Control : 4/5
Because it lasts very long,the oil control is good because my oily skin will become oilier few hours late than usual~

Price : 4/5(very reasonable!)
Although it is very small but it's worth it!Anti-wrinkle,anti-darkening,whitening properties and high SPF!What else could you look for? ^_^

Texture : 4/5(Spreadable since its not really matte in texture)
The texture is so nice!I thought it will be the same like the older Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream but it isn't!The previous BB cream is a bit hard to spread because it's too thick and matte but this is so easy to apply with sponge or fingers~

Finish : 5/5
Glowy,moist and matte!This is the BB Cream that I'm looking for!
It doesn't makes you feel like you putting oil on your face and it doesn't dry up your skin either!
Although it is moist,it's also matte in one side which keep your skin healthy and beautiful~

If you have any questions,send me an email to
or just comment under this post!

have a good day!


LauraLeia said...

Wow! I love Etude Hose BB creams, and i hope this one will be launched in Malaysia soon! The sponge is a great idea, no need to get all messy when applying the BB cream. :D

Mizu said...

Yes,soon they will launched this in Malaysia,probably next month but I expect the price is expensive~ >_<

Yup,using sponge is very easy but it absorb too much of the BB Cream.Use it to your liking~ ^_^

The Girl Can Rock said...

I'm using no.2 shade of Skinfood Peach Sake BB cream :X
Which shade of this Etude BB Cream is the same as no.2 shade of Peach Sake BB Cream? for yellow undertone?

Mizu said...

I never tried the Skin food Peach Sake BB Cream but I do tried the Skin Food Aloe BB Cream No.2.

However the Skinfood Aloe BB Cream No.2 had a grey undertone and this BB cream have a bit pink,yellow undertone.

Have you tried the Missha Real Signature BB Cream?the no.3 shade is yellow,while the no.2 is pinkish.
It is between that.This BB Cream isn't much yellow for the no.3 shades but a bit more on pinkish side.

I also had a yellow undertone for my skin and this match me so well.

If you decide to try no.2,i think it is more yellowish but it is a bit bright in color like the previous Etude House precious Mineral BB Cream.

Sorry if my explanation is confusing you..I tried to compare to the nearest BB Cream I've tried and test.thank you~

Mia said...

mia mia mia :) syok pulak panggil diri sendiri haha. dear, how much sun bb cream tu ea?

Mia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
soyah said...

omg i think i should buy this! thanks for the review it helps, alot ^_^

Mizu said...

you're welcome..:)

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