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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear Darling Neon Tint #Neon Orange #Neon Magenta #Neon Pink

Hey guys!I don't have classes at the moment so I think I'll do another review!

Well I think about 2 weeks ago,I bought a lot of Korea Cosmetics/Skincare and most of them arrived to me last week!It was pretty fast!hehe :D

The haul post will be later since I missed some photos of the items but I'll review the Dear Darling Neon Tint first!

As you might know,I'm a lip tint sucker and I love lip tints because the lasting powder they had~!

This Dear Darling Neon Tint is the new Etude House products and I spotted this items on Etude House website couple of weeks ago and didn't hesitate to buy all these three colors right away.

There are previous Dear Darling Tint produced by Etude House so don't confuse this with the previous one which they had color like #Berry Red  #Real Red and #Orange Red.

Description :
Milky Smooth texture in cherry tinted to accentuate lips with a naturally blushed and moist look.

Concept :
Fruit Extract + Neon Tint

Contents :

Color Option :
# Neon Pink    #Neon Magenta   #Neon Orange

Three lovely colors collection!
The Neon Magenta wasn't purple in color..
I don't know why but the camera shows purple..sorry,my bad..

Look at the slanted applicator~~

From left :
Neon Magenta.....Neon Orange.....Neon Pink

Left Picture :
From Bottom ; Neon Pink...Neon Magenta....Neon Orange

Right Picture :
From Left ; Neon Pink....Neon Magenta....Neon Orange

I swatch on my hand and let it dry.Then I wipe the excess and the picture above is the tint color.

I also used Biore Cleansing Oil to remove the tints on my hand and the result shown that Neon Magenta is the first tint disappear followed by Neon Orange and Neon Pink still have tints left after washed with the cleansing oil~yeayy~

 From Left :
Neon Pink.....Neon Magenta.....Neon Orange

The actual color look more pigmented than shown in picture.
Neon Pink : Sakura-pink color.
Neon Magenta : Lilac-pink color.
Neon Orange : Citrus-orange color.

The color may differs based on the lip color of the person..

My thoughts ;

The lip tints have candy-like smell.The smell is will disappear not long after you apply on your lip.

Not runny and the texture was't creamy like Etude House Fresh Cherry tint.It was in the middle of that and I'm quite like it because it gives cooling sensation and plus point,it doesn't leak~

Because the name of the tints is Neon,so I can't expect it to be natural in color.All of them is quite pigmented with just one swipe!Even Tony Moly tints,I have to apply few times to get the vampire like

However,the three of differs in each way;
Neon Pink : So far,this is my favorite color of all!It's has the longest staying power and the undertone tint is very pigmented and the color suits me very well~ ❤ (。◕‿◕。)
Neon Magenta : This color is the least staying power because this may disappear really fast if you drink or eat and this also the least pigmented among the three but the color is nice =)
Neon Orange : Just the right color I'm looking for all this time which is citrus-like color!Last time,the fresh cherry tint had the red undertone but this one is the real orange undertone~yeay~~and the color is very pigmented and stays long too~ ❤ 

I tried licking this lip tints after I apply this onto my lips and it have a acid-candy
I don't like it of course so my advice,don't lick i until it dry.The taste different..because after it dries,the taste wasn't strong like before.

Staying Power,4/5
Stays on very long!yeayyy~~
Neon Pink and Neon Orange are the longest while Neon Magenta may disappear if you drink and eat.

Very reasonable!
I got the Neon Pink and Neon Orange for RM29 and Neon Magenta for RM31.It differs in price because I bought from different seller.

At the moment,I don't think this lip tints arrive in Malaysia just yet..maybe have to wait for at least 2 month for this to arrive.But if it does,you can grab it now!( I don't check the stock with EH Msia yet)

Re-purchase ;
Of course!I hope they'll released more colors on the future!

Send your questions to or just leave the comments in this post!I would like to hear from you~Thanks~


Fie said...

Hi , you beli nie kat kedai etude house or online
Because i beli online just RM16.80 include shipping

Mizu said...

hi dear, sy beli tint ni on9 mase baru keluar so maybe price time tu still mahal lagi..
now i saw a lot of shop even sell this for RM13 ..^_^
Thank you for your comment anyway :)

Lyn said...

akak beli online kat ner?? ebay ker?

Mizu said...

yg ni beli kat ebay tp skrg if you nak beli, better beli kat murah :)

ivoypearles said...

wow the orange one seems to stain pretty well, and so does the magenta one! definitely
PINKIVORYS- click for korean beauty and kpop~ ^^

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