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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk #OR204 #BE101

 As I promised last time,I'll do another post for the other two shades of Etude House Dear My Blooming Lip-talk, a gift from Etude House Global@Korea~

If you want to read my previous post about another two shades of this lipstick which are PK004 and RD304,click HERE!

I didn't post much of the lipstick picture here since I've done that for the previous post,you can see the details picture in that post ^_^

As I show you the teaser picture before,here is the full picture of the pinky box sent by Etude House.Don't be mistaken,I'm not one the Etude House Pink Bird.Although I want to be one of them so bad but there's no way I could if they didn't approach
P/S : All the pink bird reviewer is more to cute style and I'm no way cute in any way..haha..

Anyway,here is the pink box!
If they didn't cover the design,the box could be so much better looking T^T

tadaaa~~~everything is pink *love*

Look at the ribbon design!!Isn't that so cute!!kyaaaaaa!I'll treasure this box for sure!lol

Two lovely lipstick~~

 If I'm not mistaken,there are different design of the box which there are plain design without the princess carriage.
Someone said that because maybe it was sub-shades lippies color but I don't see this box design in Etude House Malaysia either or they actually have different package between Korean and other countries?
That's what I think..

This is BE101.
It's a nude-beige color and I think the color is almost the same with Etude House Wannabe Lipstick in Chic Beige.
This doesn't make your lips looks pale but it was a very pretty color with a bit peachy tint.

This is OR204.
Although the lipstick color looks like sweet orange but it has a sweet pink tint on it.
So when I apply this onto my lips,the color is a bit sheer with pink undertone..a bit different from other lipstick I tried in this range which is very pigmented.
Because it is a bit sheer,it settle to fine lines a bit..especially if you apply lip balm before applying this color.

To solve that,I use a bit of pink lip tint to make it looks pretty and didn't show the fine lines much.

Sorry for the unclear swatch.I tried my best to capture it.
It was actually very pigmented in color especially the BE101.

Another swatch using my finger.
You can see a bit of difference here(*I hope you do >_<*)

My thoughts ;
Color :  4/5 
Very pigmented for most of the shades in this range)

Long Lasting : 5/5 
Yes absolutely!I wear this like the whole day without disappearing (It will disappear a bit if I drink or eat but not completely disappear because of the lipstick tint properties)

Shades : 5/5
24 shades available!

Smells : 5/5
OMG..the floral-fruity smell is just awesome!I can live with just smelling this lipstick!hahaxD

Price : Very reasonable for a nice lipstick~

Availability : Available locally in Etude House stores!

*Sorry for no swatch on lips,the camera just won't work right now so I'll try later,okay?

To raise up your jealousy..look at my collection of the shades!lol
It's four and I wish to add more soon~~~teheeeee

Two Kiss Note!!Jelly or not?I got both from Korea since Etude House Malaysia didn't provide this..
Yup,not even with the range came to Malaysia already..
I know some of your must be disappointed..mian~~

Anyway,thanks for reading~I do two reviews post today and I'm extremely worn
Send email to or just comments here for any questions!Thanks


LauraLeia said...

Eeeeeks! Me jelly! All that pinkness, haha~ And the lipstick looks pretty good. :D

Mia said... was realllllyyy pink!!hehehehe :D is good!try it~~!

farah irwani said...

berapa harga lipstik ni dekt malaysia ?

Mia said...

about RM40 kalau x silap. pretty expensive kan?

Enjoy ur life said...

Lebih elok mana menurut awak? or 204 kah atau be101? soal warna lipstik itu favorite saya. mohon bantuannya

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