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Thursday, June 14, 2012

[REVIEW]Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint #3 Peach

Actually this was last spring haul but I haven't review it yet..Although there are tons of reviews out there already but I still want to make my

I targeted a pink and orange lip tints last spring and failed..

First,I bought the wrong color of Tony Moly Lip Tint.I choose the #cherry pink shade of I thought it would be pink!Then it turns out it was the red one and #apple red is the pink one..T^T..
Korean name products are just so confusing..and now I have two Tony Moly tint in red coz I had one before fault who didn't read the name of the tint that I had first...sheessshhh...

Second,I expect this Etude House Fresh Cherry #3 Peach to be in peachy-orange-tangerine in color but the color turns to be pinky-red undertone =( 
I mean like it is orange but with pinky-red undertone..

I got these pictures super blur than ever..sigh..when I can get a new camera?T^T

I swatch on my hands,just to show's a creamy type..very different from the Tony Moly tint which is very liquidity~

Spread it on my hands..see the color?maybe you didn't..T^T
Anyway,it is sheer so you had to apply few layers to get a bit of color just like me..
Sheer lippie is not for me..=( but this will get pigmented when you apply a bit of layers =)

Of course people who loves natural color would love this..I love natural colors but my lips just don't suit..TT

My thoughts ;
Color : 3/5
Very sheer for the first applications.If you had a natural pink lips,the color would show up just ok.
But if you had a bit darkpink lips like me,the color won't show up much in the first application.

Long lasting : 3/5
Not lasts very long if you apply one swatch but it does when you apply a bit more but don't apply too much or your lips turns to red 0.0

Texture : 4/5
Creamy.I like how creamy it is makes the tint is easy to applies especially if I only want to focus on the center of the lips.

I forgot where I put the picture of the color on my lips..mian..byebye


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