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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

[REVIEW] Aritaum World Glam Coating Tint in #Seoul

Hello guys!
Today, I'm going to review another lip products which I got together with the Etude House Rose collection. I just love collecting and trying new lip products so I can't resist to include this too!

The colors that available :D

I choose "Seoul" because it looks like it has a hint of pink which is not too bright compared to "London"..but it turns out that "Seoul" is actually a light red in color..;( 

The first time I saw this tint was from a Korean beauty blogger and I knew straight away that I need to get this. The color swatches are very pretty so I think this would look good on me :D

So I tried to search for this from a few online shops but it is nowhere to be found. Some websites listed them as sold out so I had to put this in my wishlist. Then I tried requesting this from testerkorea to add this in the list and they do! 

 I only bought one color because I only wanted to test it first and it turn out that I really like this tint.
The color is very pretty although it does not turn out as I expected. Blame the swatches poster >3<
The color for "Seoul" is a nice light peachy-red. It is not too bright and it shows up nicely on lips. (Even my friend, for the first time she said that my lip color looks nice!lol)

Second, the texture. Since the name of this tint is coating which usually referred to glossy type of tint, I thought it would be similar to a gloss in texture but it does not. It is non-sticky and very light on lips.

Third, I love the way that it gives moisture to my lips and makes it looks plumpier. The tint lasts about 3-4 hours on me.

The slanted furry applicator makes the application of the tint precise and easy. The furry applicator is really soft and took a good amount of product to apply.

The tint has a noticeable smell which is not too strong. It smells like a cake!I don't know which cake should I say but this do smell delicious!lol (and I actually do try licking them and it tastes sweet..kkk)

First, of course, the color does not turn out like in the poster.The poster shows more pigmented color and "Seoul" supposed to be a fushcia-pink in color but the real color is more to light peachy-red which I consider too far away from promo poster.

Second, the tint would not leave any traces of color after drink/eat. Tint usually leaves a hint of color if I do drink/eat but this does not. I did not consider this as a bad thing coz sometimes, I prefer them not to leave any because it would be easier to re-apply without looking messy..haha

I should say that the negatives actually is not that bad. The positives of this products already covered them up and that's why I like this tint. The most thing I liked for this tint is of course the smell!haha..
I can't get enough of nice-smelling products because it gives me a happy mood..:D

I rate this ;

Thank you for reading ~
If you have any questions, let me know :)

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Hey guys!

I'm not going to review any products today so I want to introduce you to MOOTTA.
I know some of you might have heard of this name from a few beauty bloggers/fashion bloggers blog before this.

So for the start up, let me tell a little bit of them ;
"MOOTTA" is the English transliteration of the Korean word "ask". The name related to what they do and ask : what's new, what's stylish, who and what are setting the trends because MOOTTA  believe everyone is different and that's make every one of us special.

They're based in Seoul and their store represents South Korean fashion designers and brands of clothes, shoes, accessories and bags, some whom were Project Runway Korea finalists. So rest assured as all the quality are top notched as the products are design and produced in South Korea.

Recently, they just added the new section which is Korean Beauty products. You can see the highly raved products from "Get It Beauty" show which is the top show for Korean beauty products in Korea and the results were chosen based on blind tests.

If you would like to know in briefs, read more here ;

(click the picture for large view)

A screenshot of their website :D

Aside from that, they're regularly updated the MOOTTA BLOG, which features the latest trend in Korea like we saw now - Burgundy lips on most collections from various brands :D ( giveaways are held regularly too!)

Visit their website ;

MOOTTA ships INTERNATIONALLY. No matter where you live!
You may wanted to follow these pages as a giveaway coming up soon!

And of course, SIGN UP NOW! at MOOTTA.

Lastly, a coupon for you to use at their website!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

[REVIEW]GEO Xtra Flower WFL-A37 Pink

Hi! I'll be reviewing my first contact lens post ever which is sent to me by

I'm so excited for my first post and I really hope it turns well :)

Last time they asked me to choose one contact from their site and I originally choose a grey contacts because it looks so pretty but it ended up as the last stocked which will be discontinued..OTL
So, I finally decided to choose pink because it is so unique though I might afraid that I'll look weird in it.

GlassesOnline manager, Marica sent me an email that they've sent the parcel and it arrives 2 days after her email :D
Though I'm not be able to receive it myself but when I'm back home to see this super huge plastic bag parcel from GDEX. My mom is curious what's in it because she said it's too light compared to the large bag!lol
I opened and found this contacts are wrapped with bubble wrapper in a bag which also contain bubble wrapper..haha..It is so nice of her to make sure the contact safely arrived to me without any damage :D

Name : GEO Xtra Flower WFL-A37 Pink
Material : HEMA
Frequency : Monthly Wear
Water Content : 42%
Diameter : 15mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Power : 0.00

Certified original :)

Firstly, that eyeliner is totally coincidence as I originally forgot which color did I ask for while I took these pictures!lol ..I only realize it when editing the pictures together..XD 

So here I wanted to show the before and after my eyes with the contact.
My iris looks so big after I put the contact in!

p/s : I don't know why but I look so dark with flash on.. O.O

Color : 

I actually can't really tell if the contact is actually pink in color because it looks more to light purple.
But I'm pretty relieved that the color isn't as bright as I thought( must be seeing cosplays a lot, I guess)
It has a nice color, not too obvious and suit many types of make-up :D

Comfort :

I did tried a few contact lens before this, not sure if it is from GEO or not but the three contacts that I ever tried previously is super uncomfortable and I can feel there are something in my eyes but it is different with this. Though I had a hard time putting them in my eyes(becoz my eye is so small..OTL) and I had a bit of discomfort once it goes into my eyes but the lenses adapted very well and the next thing I know that I don't feel anything in my eyes even the contacts are in :D

Design : 

Other than that, the design on the contacts are so beautiful. In promo pictures, the design looks a bit obvious but when worn, it almost looks natural :) But I'm not sure why the left and right design looks different?

Water Content : 

The water content is high too! I'm always dry eyes because I stare at the computer for too long.
It's nice that this had a good water content to it.

Enlargement : 

If you look at the pictures, you can see that my iris looks bigger than my natural iris. I actually wanted to admit that I don't know the exact diameter until I wrote this review..haha. I always thought that bigger diameter would cause my discomfort but this doesn't and I'm so glad!

Overall, I really really love this contacts! It's cute, pretty in design and comfortable too.
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 Use GOBLOG20 coupon code for purchase above RM100 for RM20 off!

If you have any questions, just let me know :D

*This product is sponsored by and it does not affect my review for this product.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

[REVIEW] HiShop - Crazy Rumors & Yes! Nurse

Hey guys! So this time I'll be reviewing the monthly HiShop box I got. I supposed to be posted this on September 11 but I got too busy and I only got to prepared a few post in my short holiday.

HiShop box's color is a bit different this time as it's more to mature pink!lol..I love them! In fact, everyone in the house were fussing about the box!haha

Anyway, I'll be reviewing these two products which is Crazy Rumors Lip Color in HibiKiss and Yes!Nurse Hand Cream - the name are so extravagant.

I believe these two were not from Malaysia as I never really heard about them before!

I'm very excited to see this box!I wonder what's in it?


 I captured every single thing of the box! Love love this type of fun-note box coz it's thrilling..

See those awesome ingredients?

So first, review for the hand cream!

I'm so happy when I open the box because there are so many cute note written on every part!hehe..So I decided to capture all those notes..keke

I've tried the hand cream and the first I notice is the strong medicinal smells of the hand cream. Sorry to say that I dislike the smell so much because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Though the packaging is cute but a good smell also would be among my most important criteria.
BUT..the smell won't linger that long or if it does, it won't be as strong as the first applies.

Second, does it moisturise? Oh yes.!It is so light that I almost can't fell anything.. :D
Restore/Repair? I'm not sure because I don't really have anything on my hand to

Though I said that, I still will love this! Who knows later if I got scars? It might works :D pops out the second I use it..*sigh*

Now let's go to the lip color!
I thought it was a normal lip balm but it turn out to had a nice smell.
I believe HibiKiss is - Hibiscus Kiss?lol
I don't really know how did hibiscus smells like because I already found a lot of hibiscus here but none of them actually had a smell..haha..except the leafy smell..

Anyway, this lip color really smells sweet :)
It moisturise my lips pretty good and it gives a little hint of light pink.
The lip balm also had these sparkly shimmer in them which is not really my cup of tea.

But overall, it is cute, slim(which I rarely found),100% natural and good for a quick apply :D

Currently Hishop do have promotion and discount so please check them out 

If you have any questions, let me know!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House &Rose Flowering Eyes

Hola guys~~
Finally the part.3 of the Rose Collection by Etude House. Doing a three days straight of blog posts is really tiring..but because of you readers, I'm willing to tire myself out..haha

This palette is the final one that I more..
time to save money for other

You may actually see that the palette looks really big in picture but in real, it is really small about 
5.2cm x 15cm. I'm actually pretty surprised when I saw a small box arrived in my mailbox..coz it looks really small..haha

 Just how cute the lace is?

I love the sponge applicator because it took good amount of product and work well for applying shadows :)

I actually wanted to show the shimmery eyeshadows between flash on and flash off picture. It would be more obvious if you click the photo for larger view. :D

Every of the eyeshadows has its name :D
Personally I like Blossom, Petal, Gloomy, Poison and Falling the most! Other colors are a great companion to there colors I mentioned.

The above picture is one time swatch and the below one is few swatches to show the color. The eyeshadows are really pigmented except for the subtle colors like Fade and Petal.

Below are the close-up palette and swatches! :D

From left : Blossom, Petal, Gloomy and Poison.
From left : Innocent, Delight, Pure, Romance
From left : Falling, Fade

Gosh, I can never get tired of complimenting this entire collection. The packaging are just too cute and pretty!I really don't wanna touch or ruin this collection ever..haha(but it's not good to leave it until it expires)

I wanted to show my imitation of Sulli's makeup from the "Rose" promo ads but since I don't make it so I just review this as usual. Hopefully I be able to do them later and update this post :D

I had a tons of positives reviews for this palette. The colors are really beautiful which suits their theme "Rose"
The swatches in photos came out exactly like that and it compliments each other in terms of creating a romantic look or you can even go for natural or mystery :)

The texture of the shadows are really soft. I don't even press too hard to get the pigmented shadows. Since I don't really wear eyeshadow on daily basis, I think I'm more to natural look person which don't need much pigmentation for my eyeshadow colors.

To compare the price, about RM78 excluding shipping with a total 10 colors in a palette, it is a worthy purchase.Though it is still not that cheap in my perspective considering I'm now a student, I think I don't regret on spending a lot for this.

I saw many people hate to use the applicator the most but for me, I used every applicator given in every palette I bought because most of them works great on me. Maybe a lot of users wanted a precise application so they prefer to use different types of brush and since I'm not too diligent in terms of precision, that won't matters as long as it looks good..haha
The applicator is really soft and grab a nice color of shadows to apply :)

The packaging is really slim and small so I think it's nice for travel. I'm not really sure if the eyeshadows can be detachable as I think it can't be detachable from the palette.

The palette also had a negative, for example, the color "Pure" is very shimmery which cause a lot of fallouts. I sometimes use this color to underline the waterline or at the corner of the eye to give effect of larger eyes but since it is easily fallout, I had to wipe the fallouts. The other shimmery colors doesn't cause this problem.

Overall, I don't have much complaints to this palette because it is beautiful and great for a different look!
So I rate this as ;

Thank you for reading :D