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Saturday, September 7, 2013

[REVIEW] The Face Shop Clean Face Acne Solution Foam Cleansing & Oil-Free Control Essence

Hey there guys! I think I neglect this blog too much lately..sorry for that but I will blog more interesting post this coming weekend.. :)

Well, just to fill up the empty dates, I decided to post the review for this two products which I actually used up both of them for some time. This has been sitting in my draft for so long..o.o

As you might know, I don't have this super clean face because I'm acne-prone. One of the reason probably I don't really took care of my diet in terms of controlling oily food since I had this type of skin. Well, I can't really do anything about that since there are a lot of Malaysian food which are fried-based food..;(

So I bought these two items as my previous skincare(before these two) ran out. I usually switch my skincare after I finish up my current one..A lot of people will said that this is totally wrong which it can cause trouble skin but to be honest, my skin isn't like that. One person knows her skin the best right?

I can't stay with one skincare at a time because my skin is kind of creating this immune to one specific ingredients so they would not work for second time for me except the Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser. I didn't actually review this cleanser because I'm too lazy to review a single cleansing foam..haha but I actually bought this cleanser for three times after each tube finished up. It works great controlling pimples on my face until the third tube. I can see that on the third tube, my face became invulnerable towards the foam :(

Anyway, let's head on to the review :D

I know they may be a lot of you out there would be like.."oh god..why they have Paraben..." haha..
To be honest, I was shocked too but since I don't really google up ingredients before buying anything, well of course a part of it was my fault too..

Forget about the ingredients, just focus how it performs on me. Sorry that I don't have the picture of before and after for skincare because I lack of experience to review skincare better than make-up ..hehe..

The foam is really smooth, it lathers up quickly and it doesn't leave my face feels too dry or tighten up. In terms of performance, I can see that it controls my pimples well. I don't know how to say it specifically but I liked this cleanser very much. Of course my pimples still came out like usual but at least this helps me lessen them. For deep cleansing, I don't really sure because I don't have much problems with blackhead since I used the pore brush and the grits mostly came out when I used the Biore Cleansing Oil.

I never tried any essence before this one and this is probably the first and the last one I ever tried..Because there are too many skincare steps to follow and I'm just too lazy to follow the correct one.

My first try with this essence is the essence feels very minty though the 'Menthol' ingredient is not the first listed ingredient. My face feels a bit itchy when I apply this after I cleanse my face with the Clean Face Acne Solution Cleansing Foam. It is really hurt T_T

I thought I gonna stop wearing the Essence after that but to think that I actually spent a lot for these two and the essence is not that cheap either so I decided to keep trying. I tried this for second time on the next day and it's still hurt..;( So I thought maybe I scrub my face too hard during the cleansing time so the next day I try lessening the scrubbing work and face doesn't feel hurt at all when I apply the essence. It feels less minty too. Not sure if it is actually became more adapted to my face or......?

During the two months I try these Essence, it doesn't do much in terms on 'clean face'.
I can see the pimples popping out the next day after I start to use the Essence and it's not that normal small pimples either, it is those bigger one that hurts real bad...haha

Though I said that, that big pimples doesn't really came out everyday...(trying to make the essence name doesn't looks too bad) XD
It doesn't even lessening the bigger pimples from the previous day so I think this doesn't work on me. Probably it will to those who don't really have a serious pimples/acne problems.

Lastly, I have love-hate relationship with these too and this is totally my own opinion. It may works great on others so get the samples first and try them put before actually judging :D

Thanks for reading XD
I think I will prepare the giveaway next!Hope you guys will love it!


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