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Saturday, September 21, 2013

[REVIEW] HiShop - Crazy Rumors & Yes! Nurse

Hey guys! So this time I'll be reviewing the monthly HiShop box I got. I supposed to be posted this on September 11 but I got too busy and I only got to prepared a few post in my short holiday.

HiShop box's color is a bit different this time as it's more to mature pink!lol..I love them! In fact, everyone in the house were fussing about the box!haha

Anyway, I'll be reviewing these two products which is Crazy Rumors Lip Color in HibiKiss and Yes!Nurse Hand Cream - the name are so extravagant.

I believe these two were not from Malaysia as I never really heard about them before!

I'm very excited to see this box!I wonder what's in it?


 I captured every single thing of the box! Love love this type of fun-note box coz it's thrilling..

See those awesome ingredients?

So first, review for the hand cream!

I'm so happy when I open the box because there are so many cute note written on every part!hehe..So I decided to capture all those notes..keke

I've tried the hand cream and the first I notice is the strong medicinal smells of the hand cream. Sorry to say that I dislike the smell so much because it makes me feel uncomfortable. Though the packaging is cute but a good smell also would be among my most important criteria.
BUT..the smell won't linger that long or if it does, it won't be as strong as the first applies.

Second, does it moisturise? Oh yes.!It is so light that I almost can't fell anything.. :D
Restore/Repair? I'm not sure because I don't really have anything on my hand to

Though I said that, I still will love this! Who knows later if I got scars? It might works :D pops out the second I use it..*sigh*

Now let's go to the lip color!
I thought it was a normal lip balm but it turn out to had a nice smell.
I believe HibiKiss is - Hibiscus Kiss?lol
I don't really know how did hibiscus smells like because I already found a lot of hibiscus here but none of them actually had a smell..haha..except the leafy smell..

Anyway, this lip color really smells sweet :)
It moisturise my lips pretty good and it gives a little hint of light pink.
The lip balm also had these sparkly shimmer in them which is not really my cup of tea.

But overall, it is cute, slim(which I rarely found),100% natural and good for a quick apply :D

Currently Hishop do have promotion and discount so please check them out 

If you have any questions, let me know!


Arya De Guzman said...

happy hands? i need that cream :)

Mizu said...

haha..indeed :D

Bethany said...

The hand cream looks nice. Mine are perpetually dry. I try to use hand creams, but I can only use ones that absorb super quickly.

Mizu said...

oh i see..but why?because it would cause too much trouble if it takes time?

aisyah said...

If it wasn't for the fact that I have bottles and bottles of hand creams that needed attention, I would totally try this! The whole presentation is just attractive.

Mizu said...

true enough! i love how the way they present the only hand cream! :D

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