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I'm Mizu and a beauty blogger from Malaysia since 2010. I'm very passionate in beauty and addicted to Korea Cosmetics. I love making friends all over the world besides enjoying mangas and animes.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Korea Hallyu BB Cream giveaway by Jaebumfangirl

Jaebumfangirl held a new giveaway and guess what?
The Prize is  Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream!!!

So don't miss your chance to get this upgrade version of BB Cream!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway HERE!

*In collaboration with Korea Hallyu

Marvelika Life First Mini Giveaway~!

Hey guys!First of all I would like to apologize for delaying this post for about 2 weeks!!I'm so sorry!I don't know I could have been that busy after I post about the announcement of giveaway T^T

Anyway,as promised,I will held a mini giveaway for my readers...
Unfortunately,this is only open to Malaysians because I can't afford any international shipping at the moment..So sorry guys BUT they will be international giveaway in the coming months!Please wait~

Here is the prizes!It's the Beauty Friends' Masks!
I know maybe some of you never heard of this brand but it's quite popular and easier to get in Korea.
This masks were given by my friend from Korea.She always inserts this masks in any package she sends me so don't worry about me,I wear tons of this already..kkk..
I saw this last time in the fridge and I said I should do a giveaway for this since I have so many other masks!

Some notes before entering ;
 - There might be some changes in prizes which I might added more prizes!
 - Following via GFC is mandatory.Other entries are optional.
 - Please read the terms and conditions on the rafflecopter widget.I wrote most of it there.
 - Just fill your entries in the Rafflecopter form.It's easy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Amusing Korea

Korea..I think most people would know this country because of their music and never-seen-before idols group style.In addition to that,the all over hit romance/comedy drama spreading to Asian's countries and all over the world.

Well,that was only on to my perspective judging on how people around me talking about Korea and their related.I didn't deny that I am also one of humble person that have been starstruck over that as well.

Although I agree that I love Korean music so much but what actually makes me awed about Korean was their culture.I agree different countries have their own traditions and cultures but I would say that Korean people really have a very nice traditions and politeness and the thing that caught me was they 'bow to all people' no matter what age they're in.
(cr :

We Malaysian also have kind of similar traditions which is a way of handshake style but we kiss the 
person's hand after.It may sound weird if I just explain in words but this picture tells everything.It pictures
 the politeness of our culture.

(cr :

The Korean culture is somehow kind of similar to Japanese people too.It was  understandable when 
the countries are sitting next to each other.Just like few countries around mine,there are few similarities 
that connects us.~~~ヾ(^∇^)

In addition to that,seeing such a beautiful country as Korea dedicates myself to be such a person 
who love a beautiful lifestyle.Just watch any program that relates to Korea,every places were portrayed
 as a clean and fresh which could attract visitors to come to their places and it wasn't such a 
talk whereas it's all true.

(cr : flickr)

Another thing that makes their country is beautiful is on how the elders spend their daily lives 
with exercising as a day starter.I never seen such elders which take care of their bodies so much with
 such a healthy lifestyle. They do a lot of exercise and eat a lot of fresh vegetable which is lettuce,a
 type of vegetable that really represents Korea in most of their dramas.I really admire them for having 
such thought in those ages because this doesn't only a healthy lifestyles that they create but also a 
healthy environment which they meet friends and fellow neighbors almost everyday~

(cr : tumblr)

Despite of growing country,Korea also still used their traditional clothes to be wear in some occasions
 like wedding,new year celebrations and more and it is a proof that they never forget their cultures. 
Hanbok, a widely used traditional clothes i still in used till now no matter in villages nor in the big 

It's been my dream to step in Korea one day and I'm preparing myself with lots of info about 
some places that I need to visit in Korea!

(cr :

My first in list was Jeju Island(Jeju do) which also known as Asian Hawaii by some foreigners.
I watch a lot of Korean documentary and Korean variety shows about this Island and I would say 
that I did fell in love with this island when 'Goong' a.k.a Princess Hours drama were aired.They really
 makes the scenery was the best ever seen by me and there are so many places they shown which really
 caught my heart~

(cr :

Busan making way to my second place to visit.Although I rarely heard people said Busan is a place
 to go but this 2nd biggest city in Korea captured my heart with the prettiest beach!Busan is also known 
as the best beach places to visit which is one of the attractions is Korea when it came to Summer season.
So yeah,I'm tick this in!

(cr :

Among all islands and beaches,you'll wonder why I choose this place as my third but if you search lotte world on internet,you'll know why I choose this place as the best!I love theme park and I could say that Lotte World can fulfill all the things that I want to play and ride!I think I could never leave this place once
 I go in!

(cr :

The 4th place goes to Nami Island which was really known all over the world from the hit drama series,
Winter Sonata.This place could be the best romantic place ever for couples and to those who loves a 
panoramic sightseeing like me~

(cr :

and final goes to Myeongdong!Okay,who doesn't love shopping?Myeongdong is described as a 
shopping heaven from the people that visited there!Opened till morning,this place could be the 
crowded places not only among the locals but also foreigners!I wouldn't ever missed such a place!

If you ever step into Korea,the interesting part would be their food delicacies!Korean dramas and 
shows never failed ti include food in one of their scene because Korean food is that good!I've tasted 
some of them,that's why I'm confident in saying!But I still wanted the real taste of these delicacies in Korea.Maybe it wouldn't be the same as eaten locally~There are a lot of tasty food there but these 
are surely my top 5 and maybe some other people too!

~Kimchi (김치)~
(cr : wikipedia)

~Bibimbap (비빔밥)~

~Bulgogi (불고기)~
(cr :

~Tteokkbokki (떡복기)~
(cr :

~Jajangmyeon (짜장면)~
(cr :

There are a lot of things I didn't discover yet and I really hope I could explore this beautiful 

This post is entirely for the Touch Korea Tour Blog Contest and the reason why I should be selected 
as the one to join Touch Korea Tour is I want to know more about this splendid country and let me feel 
how the true Korea was~!I love Korea and everything about them so give me a chance to go to this
 magnificent country.

Before I end this post,this video entirely said why I really love Korea all my heart~

(cr : lumicx@YT)

*All pictures and video used in this post is not for profit.These belongs to respective users who've 
been credited and permission asked.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

[REVIEW]Innisfree Natural Essential Rice Mask Vs Sophie Monk Mask

Hi there guys!
Opps..still waiting for my giveaway post?I'm taking so long am I?So sorry~T^T

Anyway,I'll do a short review on masks today,because I'm too lazy to do a double post,so I compiled these 2 types of masks then.The Innisfree Mask is the one that I bought recently and the Sophie Monk Mask was the one that I bought in my Guardian haul.

Before I review about these 2 masks,here are some information about these 2 brands.
Innisfree(Korea) : The brand name originated from the William B. Yeats poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree." As the name itself implies, INNISFREE pursues beauty in its most natural form. Using select botanical extracts formulated to suit diverse skin types, INNISFREE provides rich botanical energy to your skin to keep it healthy.
Sophie Monk(Japan) : Contains of Professional active ingredient to effectively achieve the excellent skin refining and whitening effect . Incredible instant revitalizing and whitening effect , repair skin mildly without any irritation , suitable for all skin type even sensitive skin . Effectively solve skin problems , now , everyone can enjoy fair and translucent skin
So basically they used mostly the botanical ingredients in their product which is not harmful to skin.

I wore these 2 masks in 2 consecutive days so let's see what I thought about them.

Sophie Monk Mask(Black - Moisturizing)

When I saw this mask in Guardian last time,I already fell in love with the packaging~~
 I thought it was girly enough to make me grab it!

I was in hurry so I only manage to grab this that time and I don't even know what was the function of this mask until I arrive home and saw a cute English note on the backside of the packaging.Well,it is from Japan so I didn't expect it to be all in English though.But hey,my first thought is the mask came from Taiwan!Until my recent search that it was actually from Japan,lol

Most of larger Guardian got this brand on shelves and if you manage to see it,it was all in pink,I mean their packaging and shelves.True that it was so pretty but it wasn't so 'pretty' on the price side..*sigh*
This cost about RM6.90?If I wasn't mistaken.

So my thought about this mask..hmm..nothing much except that it did the moisturizing function as I noticed it.I didn't have any break outs too so plus point there and another one is I noticed my skin somehow becoming more brighter.Yeah,I thought so but I might be wrong too.This mask got a shallow smell which you wouldn't notice it much.Owh,another thing is the mask did have a sticky feeling but it wasn't much on the sticky side as I can bear it and it doesn't bother because it was only a little less.

But the thing that was really bothered me was the shape of the mask.You see the picture at the bottom,it got 4 hole which can be used to cling the mask on your ear.This type of sheet really bother me as I don't like the hole function.If I cling this on my ear,the mask would be so tight and my the nose part sheet won't even touch the side of my nose.Hate it!The mask suppose to touch all over my face but If I do that,it won't.So,I didn't do that when I wore this mask because the sheet was already super small and look,the distance between the eye is lesser too!I can't even imagine what size did the maker used because the mask almost closed my eyes and mouth.I don't have any picture to show you at the time I wore this mask coz I looks ugly wtf.Maybe I should cut the parts off but It was too much of work so i just let it be..

Innisfree Natural Essential Mask(Rice)

[DescriptionThis rice mask targets dull and rough skin to present clear and vibrant appearance.
[Directions] Open the package and spread evenly over entire face avoiding the eye and lip area.
[Ingredients] Water,Cetyl Ethylhexanoate,Butylene Glycol,Glycerin,Dimethicone,Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract,Glyceryl Strearate,PEG-100 Strearate,Phenoxyethanol,Oryza Sativa (Rice) Extract,Carbomer,Triethanolamine,Disodium EDTA,Hydrxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer,Fragrance,Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract,Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract,Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract,Camellia Japonica Leaf Extract,Orchid Extract.

Although I'm not really care about the ingredients but as what have I learned that rice isn't the main ingredients of the mask because of its position in the ingredients section.

There are few type of this mask like soy and etc. but I choose rice because rice have lots of whitening and anti-wrinkles function.Although they didn't said that on the mask description but I only guess it based on my beauty knowledge.

When I wore this mask,the results that I saw was very unique.I never wore this kind of mask before since the results was my skin looks shiny(?).I can describe well how it was but my skin looks shiny.I did touch it and it doesn't feel oily but it was rather smooth.I'm not good describing something but that was what I really felt.Maybe this is what they called vibrant and clear appearance(?)..I think so...hehe :D
I would not say that it bothers me because it wasn't sticky or greasy just because I'm too I bother

The mask shape was okay,it fit my face and it doesn't have the (hole) thingy on it..
but I dislikes the part of the mask is dripping..I really hate that..I thought at first maybe it would drip a drop or 2 but when I wore this about few minutes after,the water from the mask drips all over my neck and I have to wipe it to not to wet my clothes.

Overall,it worth the functions and but not the dripping part.
I bought this about RM10(?) looks kinda pricey but hey,I got another one of this mask free!
That was worth it!

Anyway,thanks for reading.I actually forgot to take the ingredients for the Sophie Monk mask because i already trashed the packet..if you want to know,I suggest you to go to Guardian to see it.
This may be my longest review of masks..hahaxD

Monday, April 23, 2012

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care {Eye Serum} Giveaway by Jaebumfangirl

Jaebumfangirl blog always my favorite all the time.Although I haven't won any actually but I'll try my best to enter!So why don't you too?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Cosmetics Arrived! #Skin Mal:Gem,Dear My Blooming Lips Talk,Innisfree

Hello guys!First of all I would apologize for the delay of my giveaway.I've been thinking since few days ago about the prize and I still didn't satisfied enough with it so please give me a bit of time to settle that and I'll do it fast!

Anyway,this post isn't much but I just wanna say that my cosmetics orders were arrived from Korea today!Nope,this isn't the one that I bought with a local seller last time as I asked for refund from them because it was nearly 2 months since the order and they haven't settle it yet with the custom.As far as I know,if the items got detained with customs after several times,there's no way you could let it go even with tax.Instead they'll just seized the items eternally and they'll take that home and gave it to their wife and children.Ok,it was a lie at the end of the sentence and I don't know what they actually do with the items but I'm pretty sure they took that home..that would happen considering my experience in living my life from the people lived around me.

I ordered this last Thursday and it took 3 days for paypal to settle the payment and today it was safely arrived.So total up days should be a week!It wasn't that long though..instead it was super fast considering this is not EMS but flat shipping rate which I chose.It was free shipping!!And I'm super happy!lol

P/S : This is the reason why I broke at the

Actually I'm wondering what are these when I first open the box but it was some kind of replacing a lot of wrap bubbles into this super light

Took that little balloon out and tadaaaaaaa!

 Took out all of them!Every items wrapped with bubbles!

 Extract the items from the bubble wraps!Total of six items!

 I got a Kiss Note and Etude House play was so cute!!!!!!!

 Lots of samples given!!

 A Skin Mal:Gem and 2 Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Lipstick!!

 2 pieces of Innisfree masks which one of them were given free! and an Etude House tint and Tony Moly tint..Unfortunately,I choose the wrong color of the tony tint T_______T .I suppose to buy the pink one not the red since I have the red in color..oh mistake...T^T..So I have two tony tint of the same color..

Anyway,I'll be reviewing them stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Make Up Tutorial by TheFaceShop Korea

Well,it seems like the Spring approached some countries already~ Although my country doesn't have those 4 seasons but the trend is always coming through here by any means~

The Orange trend make-up somehow started by Etude House last year's spring and there are a lot of companies seems to follow the trend in the year's spring!

TheFaceShop Korea released a new tutorial for Orange lovers!

Every picture was inserted with the steps on how to do the makeup and it was so simple!~

P/S : Sorry for those who waited for my giveaway,it seems like I have to delay the post because of some matter but don't worry,it won't be long ^_^

Friday, April 13, 2012

Touched Moment and Announcement for Giveaway~

I don't know how I'm supposed to start this but to inform you that I was so happy these days because of my blog readers~!I know,to be compared to other beauty blogs or any blogs,mine was simply top 10 from the bottom.I'm no one plus my blog isn't that great either..just a small blog with a big dream..

From the past week,for the first time there were some comments made by blog readers under my post(I mean some does before but the comments wasn't in big amount) and even sent me a message on facebook only wanted to say that they loves reading my blog!Can you imagine how HAPPPY I were??*teared* 

So I actually start thinking of a giveaway!Do you see the poll in right sidebar?Actually it has been some time but the votes came in before wasn't that great until I thought that no one even wanted to join my blog giveaway T^T..So I almost forgot about it until recent invites from some other beauty blogger to collaborate together and I realize that it was so nice if I can join too!But as I said in my last post,it was too sudden and I left most of my cosmetics(new one!) in my rented house and to support for the new products,to be honest,I'm seriously broke at the moment to buy those cosmetics even though you can say I shouldn't really bought the expensive one..but it does matter to me since it will be my first ever giveaway!(ahh..I actually do a giveaway before which I want to give a pair of ticket to the Daegu World Championship that will be held in Korea coz I had problem on the date so I can't go..sadly,even for the tickets,no one actually joined!) *falls*

Now it doesn't matter anymore,coz I will held a mini giveaway for my readers and it will be posted tomorrow!It was a mini one so I can't promise you the products given will be expensive or great..just a small gift from me for all the support you guys gave!

Conclusion,makes me HAPPY everyday and I might do a giveaway everyday too!lol

Want to know what it is?Stay tuned for tomorrow!

(pic cr to google)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Marvelika Life x Blogger Giveaway~!

Well,this is not another post of giveaway that I join,instead this was a good deed from me for my friend.She invites me to collaborate with her for a giveaway but unfortunately I don't even prepared anything becoz it was too sudden so I can't made it to join her..yea..that was bad T_T

but P/S : I will have a HUGE GIVEAWAY by myself this December for my blog or maybe earlier!So please vote the poll on the right sidebar!Choose Korean Cosmetics,Japanese Cosmetics etc..etc that you interested to OWN!(Yeap,INTERNATIONALLY!!)

Michelle and Lyka prepared some gifts that will be given to 3 winners!yeayyyy!
Update : Michelle just told me that it is international!So my local readers also can join!It was pretty tempting right?So yea,don't wait and please join,it is super easy!

You guys don't really have to give me any entries but please head on HERE to submit your entries!It's easy,just do everything by your facebook account by filling the Rafflecopter form!

Here is the pictures for the prize!Click the link to see more prize!

Good luck!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meet with Damya Hanna and Aleeya Anessa

I start to read my first novel(Malay) when I'm 14 years old..yea,that time it was sorta a trend?Coz at least everybody would own a novel themselves in hostel plus books or something similar is the only entertainment that we can have at the time since no computer,electronic devices are allowed in boarding schools.

In 2007,means 3 years after that,I stopped reading the novels because I involved in this new world called Kpop..coz I love music more than reading lol..
Plus,new trend is coming which everybody would own a MP3 or MP4 so i'm one of them..hehe :D

So last time,I want to finish up my university book voucher which is given by the government.I had finish my previous semester so I don't think it wouldn't be needed to buy any educational books since it only can be used up till this month.I decide to go the nearest bookstores since they have a huge book sales and my mom wants me to buy her a cooking/knitting book.

Coincidentally I saw this large sums of novels,some are in sales and some were the newest released so instead of wandering around,I decide to pick a newest book written by Damya Hanna.Well,I'm a big fan of hers since I read her 'Bicara Hati' and others..I think most of my fav were from her though..haha..
I were told by a staff there that she recommends me to buy the novel in the following week because Damya Hanna is coming to the town!Oh gosh..I got pretty excited that time..So yea,to shorten the story,I went back in the following week and meet her with Aleeya Anessa.I've heard Aleeya Anessa before but I'm not sure which novel of hers that I read previously..Instead of buying Damya Hanna's book,my mom ask me to include the Aleeya Anessa book to in the list and I was okay..since I'm using the voucher,not my

Both novels got 20% off so I think I was very lucky though.. ^_^

Anyway,here I am with the novelist!Damya Hanna looks friendly but Aleeya Anessa looks too shy..If I were looking back at the photos,it seems like it was me whom the 'featured' artists here..lololol

 me(pink) with Aleeya Anessa

me with Damya Hanna

the novelist wrote down something for me~~

I'm using my phone camera,that's why this is crappy one..aigoo..I forgot to bring the camera..*sigh*
anyway,none of the pictures were edited except I only put my copyrights down there.

Owh..I forgot the novels pictures..but don't worry,I'll update this post soon~
and thanks to the novelist for the sweet note and pictures~!

Monday, April 9, 2012

[REVIEW]Biore Cleansing Oil

Just to cover back my past few days that I haven't blog anything,today I'm going to post a lot!

This product is from my March haul which I almost forgot to review..oh my..

My Hada Labo Cleansing Oil is finished I'm looking for a new cleansing oil(in case that I suddenly wore my BB cream back) and I think of this one which I really wanted to buy this for so long.Sorry,my Hada Labo pictures was way clearer than this but I hope it is okay..heehe

the safety cap ^_^

 i don't know if you can actually sees the liquid(?) because it was very translucent.

It dissolves easily with water just like Hada Labo Cleansing oil coz the liquid turns white after dissolving with water.

Ingredients :
Mineral oil, PEG-12 Laurate, Isododecane, Isopropyl Palmitate, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polygryceryl-2 Isostearate, Decyl Glucoside, Polysorbate 85, Glyceryl Oleate, Isostearic Acid, Isostearyl Glyceryl Ether, Mysristyl Alcohol, Isostearyl Glyceryl Pentaerythtyl Ether, Alcohol, BHT, Fragrance, Citric Acid, Tocopherol, Phosporic Acid.

How to use :
1 - Make sure your face and hand is dry.After that put some amount of the liquid that you want.I suggest you won't put a lot.Two pumps were okay for all over the face.
2 -  Spread the liquid all over your face and massage a bit especially on your waterproof mascara.
3 - After that you can wash off your face like normal till the white liquid disappear.

My verdict :
This cleansing oil really does a very great smell like raspberry+blueberry+strawberry smell which was really good!I love the smell so much!It somehow makes me happy to have this smell while cleaning my face ^_^

I would say that this really cleanse my face well especially BB cream and my waterproof mascara!Yeay,even Hada Labo cleansing oil can't remove the waterproof mascara~

I don't even have to wash my face again because this products doesn't leave any oily or sticky feeling on my face plus it was very moisturizing!No wonder this is the No.1 Makeup Remover in Japan!

But the one that may be the downside of this product that it contains MINERAL OIL,ALCOHOL AND FRAGRANCE. T^T

Anyway,it was stated in the description that this won't clog your pores so I think the mineral oil in the ingredients wouldn't be so bad.

Thanks for reading,anything you wanna ask,feel free to leave a comment. ^_^

[REVIEW] Zamian Premium Magic Black Cacao Chocolate Pack/Mask

Hey guys!I know I've been inactive since the past week.It is because I've done the testing for the products that I will reviewed today..^_^

It's the Zamian Magic Black Cacao Mask!I know there are a lot of reviews before me and there are a lot of raves about this product.Last 2 weeks,"SHOPSHOP" is having a promo on mysale(?)<--I forgot which site it was but I think it is mysale.The usual price for a 150g mask is about RM69-RM80 but this time I got it for RM39.90 with free shipping which a lot cheaper..I've been wanting to try this for sometime and finally I got my hands on it!

You can can check that shop.It's almost in Chinese and I can't understand Chinese..T^T..but hey,they have quite lots of products and what have been attract me is they send mine from Johor to Selangor which was very fast!They even put the mask in a box and they include receipts and ways to wear the mask!How convenient!
You can check their website and just google that name..

Actually I only tried this once but I think it was enough..

Description : 
It is ideal for tired skin.It leaves the skin supple and velvet-soft and makes the skin healthy.All skin types.

How to use the mask :
1 - Apply the mask after applying toner.It is because after applying toner,our cuticle will be more moisturized and thus the following application of skincare products will be more efficient.
2 - Apply the mask and stay on for around 15 minutes before it gets dry.After that,simply use tap water to wash it away. To clean it thoroughly, you are recommended to use a a cotton pad with some toner and wipe your face gently.You can then check your cotton pad to see whether your face has been cleaned clearly.
3 - You can now continue your skincare procedure like applying moisturizer/lotion/emulsion/cream.This mask can be used up to 5 times a week.Use with accordance to your skin problem.

My verdict :
 Firstly I wanna say that the chocolate smell was so good!!!I almost tried to lick it!lol
The mask is very glossy which means it is very easy to spread!I thought it kinda of drying one but it is not!
I have a very bad day skin nowadays so when my first apply this,it was kinda hurt at some parts especially the part that was affected with pimples.So I suggest you to calm your pimples first(doesn't mean you have to completely remove it first) with some medication or traditional ways before applying this mask because basically,this is not really specific for acne-prone skin.I can feel my skin were much smoother after washing it off and yeah,the chocolate smell is still on my face for few minutes..haha..Overall,this is good for daily wash-off mask which I think it wouldn't hurt the skin. ^_^