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Monday, April 30, 2012

Amusing Korea

Korea..I think most people would know this country because of their music and never-seen-before idols group style.In addition to that,the all over hit romance/comedy drama spreading to Asian's countries and all over the world.

Well,that was only on to my perspective judging on how people around me talking about Korea and their related.I didn't deny that I am also one of humble person that have been starstruck over that as well.

Although I agree that I love Korean music so much but what actually makes me awed about Korean was their culture.I agree different countries have their own traditions and cultures but I would say that Korean people really have a very nice traditions and politeness and the thing that caught me was they 'bow to all people' no matter what age they're in.
(cr :

We Malaysian also have kind of similar traditions which is a way of handshake style but we kiss the 
person's hand after.It may sound weird if I just explain in words but this picture tells everything.It pictures
 the politeness of our culture.

(cr :

The Korean culture is somehow kind of similar to Japanese people too.It was  understandable when 
the countries are sitting next to each other.Just like few countries around mine,there are few similarities 
that connects us.~~~ヾ(^∇^)

In addition to that,seeing such a beautiful country as Korea dedicates myself to be such a person 
who love a beautiful lifestyle.Just watch any program that relates to Korea,every places were portrayed
 as a clean and fresh which could attract visitors to come to their places and it wasn't such a 
talk whereas it's all true.

(cr : flickr)

Another thing that makes their country is beautiful is on how the elders spend their daily lives 
with exercising as a day starter.I never seen such elders which take care of their bodies so much with
 such a healthy lifestyle. They do a lot of exercise and eat a lot of fresh vegetable which is lettuce,a
 type of vegetable that really represents Korea in most of their dramas.I really admire them for having 
such thought in those ages because this doesn't only a healthy lifestyles that they create but also a 
healthy environment which they meet friends and fellow neighbors almost everyday~

(cr : tumblr)

Despite of growing country,Korea also still used their traditional clothes to be wear in some occasions
 like wedding,new year celebrations and more and it is a proof that they never forget their cultures. 
Hanbok, a widely used traditional clothes i still in used till now no matter in villages nor in the big 

It's been my dream to step in Korea one day and I'm preparing myself with lots of info about 
some places that I need to visit in Korea!

(cr :

My first in list was Jeju Island(Jeju do) which also known as Asian Hawaii by some foreigners.
I watch a lot of Korean documentary and Korean variety shows about this Island and I would say 
that I did fell in love with this island when 'Goong' a.k.a Princess Hours drama were aired.They really
 makes the scenery was the best ever seen by me and there are so many places they shown which really
 caught my heart~

(cr :

Busan making way to my second place to visit.Although I rarely heard people said Busan is a place
 to go but this 2nd biggest city in Korea captured my heart with the prettiest beach!Busan is also known 
as the best beach places to visit which is one of the attractions is Korea when it came to Summer season.
So yeah,I'm tick this in!

(cr :

Among all islands and beaches,you'll wonder why I choose this place as my third but if you search lotte world on internet,you'll know why I choose this place as the best!I love theme park and I could say that Lotte World can fulfill all the things that I want to play and ride!I think I could never leave this place once
 I go in!

(cr :

The 4th place goes to Nami Island which was really known all over the world from the hit drama series,
Winter Sonata.This place could be the best romantic place ever for couples and to those who loves a 
panoramic sightseeing like me~

(cr :

and final goes to Myeongdong!Okay,who doesn't love shopping?Myeongdong is described as a 
shopping heaven from the people that visited there!Opened till morning,this place could be the 
crowded places not only among the locals but also foreigners!I wouldn't ever missed such a place!

If you ever step into Korea,the interesting part would be their food delicacies!Korean dramas and 
shows never failed ti include food in one of their scene because Korean food is that good!I've tasted 
some of them,that's why I'm confident in saying!But I still wanted the real taste of these delicacies in Korea.Maybe it wouldn't be the same as eaten locally~There are a lot of tasty food there but these 
are surely my top 5 and maybe some other people too!

~Kimchi (김치)~
(cr : wikipedia)

~Bibimbap (비빔밥)~

~Bulgogi (불고기)~
(cr :

~Tteokkbokki (떡복기)~
(cr :

~Jajangmyeon (짜장면)~
(cr :

There are a lot of things I didn't discover yet and I really hope I could explore this beautiful 

This post is entirely for the Touch Korea Tour Blog Contest and the reason why I should be selected 
as the one to join Touch Korea Tour is I want to know more about this splendid country and let me feel 
how the true Korea was~!I love Korea and everything about them so give me a chance to go to this
 magnificent country.

Before I end this post,this video entirely said why I really love Korea all my heart~

(cr : lumicx@YT)

*All pictures and video used in this post is not for profit.These belongs to respective users who've 
been credited and permission asked.


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