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Saturday, July 27, 2013

[REVIEW] Etude House Dear Darling Tint #1 Berry Red

Hey guys, miss me? lol
Sorry that there are very little post on reviews but I still trying to make more >_<
Anyway, it would be a start of mid sem holiday next week and Raya holiday so I would posted lots of review in the 2 weeks!yeay~

So today I'll be reviewing this Dear Darling Tint which is not a new stuff from Etude because it's been around for quite some time. It's just my berry red craze isn't over yet until last month so I keep buying lip colors with a lot of same colors..haha

The packaging is exactly the same as Dear Darling Neon Tint.

The packaging is exactly the same as Dear Darling Neon Tint or should I say that the Dear Darling Neon Tint copying this Dear Darling Tint packaging because it was out later than this.

The texture of this tint is a bit jelly-like which glides smoothly on lips. However, because of the texture, the color looks uneven and makes some spots seems to bright while some parts looks like it's not even applied correctly.

There are 4 colors in this collection, berry red, real red, orange red and vampire red(the newest one which the one that I wanna buy instead of this but not available that time) and personally I think this Berry Red color really looks the same with Etude House Dear Girls Tint & Lip Balm which I reviewed last time.

The color pigmentation is quite good as it really shows a bright berry red with just a few swipes and it can even turns red if I swipes for a lot of times.

Since the texture is a bit jelly-like, I guess the tint is quite moisturising but not comparable with Etude House Fresh Cherry tint as it doesn't last long.

This tint last quite long for me and it disappear reasonably by hours and a few drinks or eating is okay but you have to re-apply to add the color pigmentation.

For the price, it is a very cheap tint I ever found. The quality is not that bad considering the price and I think I bought this about RM11 at that time.

Lastly, the tint is quite good on my side but I just don't like how it turns red when I apply more swipes.

Thank you for reading :D


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