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Monday, July 29, 2013

[REVIEW] Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash-off

Hey guys! I promised on my facebook page that I will be posting a review tonight so here you go :) I got this sugar mask earlier this year  because I really wanted to try this aside of the rice mask wash-off which I never reviewed here. I love the rice mask wash-off version so I think I would like to try this black sugar mask because there are so many good reviews about it.

Flash on.

So here is how my face looks like in the middle of applying and after applying. I don't have the 'before' picture because I forgot to capture my skin before using the mask o.o 
I'm so sorry >_<

But just to tell you that I have some whiteheads and blackhead at the open pores you could see above for the 'before' picture.

The first thing that I would like to say about this wash-off mask is that I dislike the smell. True that there is a lemon-y smell to it but there are also a 'gamat oil'-like smell mix with the lemon according to
I don't know why people love the smell but I simply hate it just because I had to put it on face and have to bear with the smell for a few minutes. That's totally a no-no for me.

That's aside, the performance of this wash-off mask is quite good. The sugar bits are a bit large I guess and that's why my leftover acne/pimples looks redder than usual. The mask  works well removing my blackheads and whiteheads as you can see on the open pores above. The picture was taken right after I wash off the mask from my face.

One thing that I notice, the mask have a warm feels to it as some says that it provides self-heating. I guess it is to open the open the pores and clean all the dirt in it.

To look back at the name, I'm not sure why it is named as mask? Do I have to leave it for a few minutes after rubbing it or just let it stay on my face? The answer is you need to rub it for a few minutes and wash it off. I don't think 'mask' applies anything related to it as I won't leave it that long on my face because of the smell...haha but I'm okay with leaving the rice mask wash off on my face as it smell so good!

Overall, personally I think this is not bad in terms of cleaning away whitehead and blackhead and maybe it is just me who had problems with the smell as I read on other bloggers review, everyone do love it except for me. XD

Anyway, thank you for reading this short review!
I had an extra Skinfood Black Sugar Mask Wash-off to be sell as the seller I bought with sent me the wrong order :(
Anyone interested(especially Malaysian), please e-mail me at or leave a comment under this post :D

Thank you, xoxo


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