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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

[REVIEW] Innisfree Green Tea Mineral Mist

Hey guys! I felt so guilty for not blogging for so long! I haven't made any new post on September too. I apologize that I'm too busy especially this semester where all those big assignments that I have which lessen my time to blog. Anyway, since I'm on holiday now and classes doesn't hindrance the time I needed so it's fine to blog.

I made a small haul like a month ago which I bought three items including this mist. There's a big coupon event on Qoo10 at that time which I got RM30 off for this haul and an extra sale from the seller, which is SweetboxSG. It was the beginning of summer there in Korea so they're having the summer sales for this mist. I don't remember what's the price I got for this since they've changed the price on the website but maybe around RM30+ something?

I've been obsessed with green tea products after the serum that I tried and I've been wanting to get a mist for so long that I bought this. There is a smaller version of this mist, about 50ml and this is the bigger size 150ml. Do check this out on SweetboxSG on Qoo10 if you want to get this mist.

Trying to do the spray thing but it's so windy outside that I had to retake and waste my mist..haha

I always wanted a spray type skincare to be my toner or to prep my skin because it is easier that way. Since there aren't many toners that come out in a spray type so I just have to look for mist instead to be my toner. I know some maybe says that it wouldn't enough or it's not good but it's just my preference. I don't like overly-moisturized toner just to prep my skin because it will be a mess later with sebum problem since my skin is oily after all.

I find that this mist is good enough for my skin since it was light, gives a little cooling on the skin and it lightly moisturize my face. I felt that is enough for starter before I put on the moisturizer later. I find it is also controls my sebum excretion later on the day because my skin is not usually as oily as it would be. As you can see from the picture above, the nozzle sprays a really fine mist out. I almost feel nothing when spraying because it is a really fine mist.

It doesn't leave the skin sticky nor tight feeling and it does have a little fragrance in it which I find not too overpowering for me and it smells nice. I don't have any break out while using this and will definitely repurchase if I got the chance again.

Overall, it's a very nice fine mist and suit every skin types. It might sting a little if it does goes into the eyes but just avoid that part. I'm clumsy so that's why it goes into my eyes every time, lol

Thank you for reading :)

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