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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

[Fan account]Korean Music Wave in Malaysia 2011, AWESOME attempt!~

Annyeonghaseyo!!Hello guys,as I promised, I'll a do a fan account about the recent Korean Music Wave in Malaysia concert.I'm sure there are a lot of fan accounts have been posted before me and most of it were awesome as I read some of it too!Because of my not-so-good English,I hope you don't expect much from me!LOLXD

Ah, most of pictures that will be posted here is not mine coz camera wasn't allowed in the concert T_T How sad..My friend already bring her DSLR special for the concert and I already book those pictures that she will took during the concert..but anyway,heheh,,I bring my own camera, which is old...err.. but then I managed to get it passed the security!lol..I'm so sorry but what is the use going to concert without a camera?It is the only way that we can keep the memory anyway...To go to such concert is very hard and have to spend a lot for ticket and transport!But never mind..all that have passed already now we head on to my experience there..

Located at Stadium Merdeka,Kuala Lumpur which is far far far away from my place so me and my friend(yeah,just the two of us went to KL in the morning).First plan is to take off at 9.00am then my friend get up late..grrr..I was expected so..but then its okay,I forced her to finish up in short we take off at 9.45am and get on taxi to Kuala Pilah,take the bus to Seremban and ride the KTM to KL.It was a long journey..We arrived at KL at 12.30pm..Because we both wanted to eat Korean food so we stop at Mid Valley first.Unfortunately the Korean food was not 'HALAL' so  we cancelled that and ride on the KTM again to KL Sentral.We took the monorail then to get to Berjaya Times Square coz I told my friend that there are food court(Taste of Asia) which also sell Korean Food but then I forgot where it was located in the Times Square but luckily we found a Korean Restaurantbeforehand there..I didn't remember much about the name but it is called Sopoong?Yeah,its kinda like that and it was HALAL!Oh yeah!

The restaurant was very pretty,kinda like garden style with all KPOP decoration..wohoo..We both took the same set which contains ramyun,tteokbokki,kimchi,salad,pickles and green tea.Becoz we don't fan green tea  so we ordered other drink.I took Yujacha and my friend took Orange juice.Ahah, to those who didn't know what drink Yujacha is,read my review here.The ramyun taste ok..just like maggi coz it was not spicy at all and the most delicious one is the tteokbokki!I love the chewy-ness of then the Kimchi was so only take a bite and stop because it was so salty!!xP

This is,yeah..with yellow scarf,just for BIGBANG~!
Update : Hey,I just realize that my face looks bloated here!!nooo!ugly wtf!

My friend,Fatin.

Then, we went shopping and I do spend a lot of money buying those things that wasn't planned!omo..omo..haha..Around 6.00pm,we stop and wanna go ahead to the stadium for the concert since it start at 7.00pm but how unlucky we are when both of use forgot where should we head to the monorail..OMG.Its not my first time went to Times Square but numerous times already but then I went here by car not monorail so that's why I didn't know the road much.I look into the map at the shopping mall but still we lost and lost..and I started to get mad when all of the road I have remember myself but not my friend.She didn't do anything to help me..finally I manage to find the monorail way and I rushed to get there since it is 6.45pm already..When I enter the monorail,I didn't saw my friend and the door closed.I received call from her saying that she still at ticket counter..OMG..but when I look at her before,she already bought the ticket.She asked me to go out from the monorail and how should I?This is her first time went here and she didn't even know the road..I start to worried.We SPLIT!

Thank god I already told her the place so she could went there herself but then she lost again..I gave her the instruction but she hardly understand and I can't go out to find her since I entered the security pass already..We fought again on the phone and after about 13 mins,she arrived we don't even look at each other.I was still really mad at her coz she won't listen to me at all..That's why she lost..But then,again unluckiness when food and camera can't enter the stadium..(I bought McD for a member at home) and I ask a friend of my friend to take care those stuff coz she lost her ticket and she couldn't go in..poor her..

The door almost closed when I'm about to enter,thank god...I made it..fuhhh~!I entered there and find my another friend of mine coz she's waiting inside..I found her at the center of the walking ask her,why you are here?and she said my sit and yours was split so I ask the staff whether I can move the chair to you was really center you know but I glad that our seats are 'that type' coz I want the idols to stare at us!!lol!..

Finally around 7.30pm,the concert starts with a singer and beat boxer..I was like eh??Who are they??..One of the guy was beatboxing and another one is singing..I was like..?..?.??..
then finally..finally..finally,the MC went out..yehaaaaaa..Kevin and Dongho with another two guys,one is a Msia Chinese radio DJ and one is an Arirang DJ.the crowd was so happy to see Kevin and Dongho as MC..hurr..hurr..I was like..Kevin!Kevin!Kevin! on my seat..hahah!But then the Msia chinese DL talk too much and I start to get annoy with him.It was Kevin that should talk in english and Dongho in chinese but that guys took all Dongho lines and Dongho hardly say anything..Lol..I hate him..(P/S:If you read this,i'm so sorry but I was annoyed you know)but then it was all the same,everytime I went to fan meet or concert,the Msian DJ will talk too much as like we fans wanted to see them..Not you la..we want to see that KPOP IDOLS..!!

First idols that performing was FT Island..I have to say that Hongki's voice and vocal was VERY GOOD!!He sang live PERFECTLY!OMG!Although I'm not PRIMADONNA but then I know their fact I listen to all KPOP IDOLS but then my BIAS is still BIGBANG!fo sho'!The stadium started to get HOT with the performance..oh yeah!!and Hongki start to be a bit crazy when he shake his butt on stage!!OMG..

(Photos courtesy of Galaxy Group)

Then,Teen Top appeared and sang No More Perfume(Sorry for not listing all the songs since I don't remember much the title since I only focus at their performance!haha..I was screaming..Chunji!!Chunji!!Chunji!Niel!Niel since I only remembered those 2 names only..hehe.It was a great performance!They sang ballads too!hoho but sorry I never heard those ballads songs before..hehe(but then it sounds good!)Although I was not a fan to ballad but then it was okay to chill up after getting HOT..haha....Teen Top also prepared a remix song which is good!They dance so energetically!ohoh!

My Chunji!!hahahahaxD

(Photos courtesy of Galaxy Group)

They're sweating badly!But then why they are so beautiful although they're sweating??ENVY!Next is 4Minute!They're the only girl group that attend to the concert and everyone singing the songs perfectly!haha..we should do fanchants but the all the fans were like knowing every single lines..hahah..
I was a fan of Ji she are not that popular in shows but I like her charisma on stage with her awesome vocal!(I'm usually tempted to idols who have great vocal.Dunno why but I think they got charisma)I was cheering for her the whole time!haha..4Minute sang a lot of songs like Heart to Heart,Mirror Mirror,Muzik,Hot Issue..etc..I love their songs so much!

(Photos courtesy of Galaxy Group)

4Minute ends their performace and continued by U-Kiss!!omo..Kevin and Dongho were prepared too.They sang Neverland as opening song and I was too happy since I'm a fan of theirs especially Kevin!I would never forget his smile when I went to their fan meeting last time..He gave me their CD and he smile widely while said thanks to me!Oh my god..if I had a heart attack,I could be dead that time! much??Forget me..Among them,Kevin dance so excitedly!!OMG!!The dance was fast and they sang perfectly!!Gosh..we fans also cheer louder and louder!!ahah..but sad,right after their performance end,they went straight back to sad..even the MCs(Dongho and Kevin) also 'quit' their job and went to Korea because they have to film for Inkigayo..bubbye..hukhuk >_<

Oh my Kevin XD XD XD XD

(Photos courtesy of Galaxy Group)

Fuh!I almost lose my voice because I was screaming through out the concert..but then that tall guy appear,Park Jung Min!!At first I wasn't expecting much but then he went out and sang Not Alone.I was devastated,,he's so COOL!!I was like...OMG,he's so good looking and TALL TOO!!I fell in love with him like seriously..He sang a lot of ballads but then in my eyes he looks even cooler!!He was smiling through out his performance and that was so SWEET!He even prepared a full letter in our language too while singing and he was supposed to read that letter but he was too shy till he can't say anything but laugh..then the MCs( like before every idols last songs,the MCs will go out and interviewed them)ask him to read the letter and he pronounce our language words so goooooddd..we scream to hear that at the same time touched because he prepared for the letter although he was so busy without proper rehearsal before the concert.Park Jung Min also one of the idols that addicted to butt dance.I was like..omo..omo..he shake his butt!!lol..that was so sexy!!!!~~.P/S : You are so handsome Park Jung Min,come back next time!)

(Photo courtesy of Galaxy Group)

Then,,it was the time..the time that we have waited for so been ages already...It was Seungri from BIGBANG!!!Oh my god..if you were at the concert and you'll saw like almost everyone there were VIPs!!Everybody, include we the sitting one get up and cheer!!All the crowns light stick were waved by thousands of us!!You could imagine what it was like!!Everyone transform to one although it was nearly at the end of the concert!!I thought everyone was tired already but then i felt like a sudden earthquake becoz of the aura!!Seungri performed VVIP first and everyone start jump off!and because we sit at the front,my and my friends were hesitated,'Should we stand?Should we??We are afraid to bother the fans behind us but then I decided to stand!And surprisingly EVERYONE in my section were stand up too!!Amazing!And then focus back to Seungri..Yeah..I said,at last..I were able to see him..T_T..It was crazier than ever!You guys know what?We in the seats section get off from seats and went forward.It was first started by a few fans behind me include some foreigners and then everyone followed them and stand behind the gate!!!!I was like OMG!!!!!!It was everybody were rushing there and include me too..Although I was sitting at the front but then they passed meXD haha and I was pushed backward..I would never thought that it can be like that!!

He ask us to scream!It was loud!!Everyone was screaming like hell!haha..including me lol
He was so cute!!!hahaha...
(Photo courtesy of Galaxy Group/8TV Channel and MY FM:my)

While he was interviewed by the MCs,the MC ask him what you thought about Malaysian fans?and he straightly said BAGUSSSSSHHH!!LOL..(Bagus means good in our language)and he gave us thumbs up!Haha..Everyone was screaming hysterically!!That was unexpected!!hahaXD..I read a reporter fan account about GD,TOP and Seungri and while she interviewed them,she said that the three of them wanted to know what is good in our language and they keep mentioning the words through out the interview and laugh was cute!!XD I wish I can meet them that NEAR as well!And yeah..The Msia DJ then taught him on the stage another word that is SANGAT BAGUS and he asked Seungri to said that..Without hesitation,he said that to us!haha..and he laugh he ask the DJ back..what..what that's mean?The DJ said to him,it means VERY GOOD or VERY BAGUS..and Seungri said AWESOME?yeeeeeexD ahah..and then he said again..SANGAT BAGUS everyone!Everyone was laughing and screaming his name for that!!The Arirang DJ ask him after that,Malaysian fans expected to see you more often and he answered,I'm gonna see you soon like concert..then the DJ continued,(said to the fans)you guys have a lot of concerts that you can go to like U-Kiss,Park Jung Min..etc..etc but then maybe Seungri doesn't wanna lose by all those concerts mention and he said..ahh..I think ahh..I don't..I don't like a concert..just like aa..I want..I want..I WANNA LIVE HERE!hahaa.....Seungri-yah!!
See the interview video here : was funny isn't it??

While everyone was so high,Seungri sang Strong Baby and the end of the song that he would say 'Bye Ladies' was so COOL!and it was continued by the appearance of another Idol highlight,GD&TOP!!!!!Everyone were screaming down to their throat after the sounds ppeogigayo~~ppeogigayo~~ starts!!and that was the time man..SURE IT WAS when everybody GIVE ALL THEIR STRENGTH to SCREAM,wave the light stick and those banner as well!!GD&TOP appear with that colorful fashion styles!In fact they're true fashionista!!Although it was the same outfit they wore on the Singapore Grand Prix yesterday but then..I don't care since they always looks so good!!We fans should do the fanchants as been passed by several fans a week before the concerts on twitter and facebook but then we changed to be their background singer when everyone does the singing with them the WHOLE SONGS!Man..everyone knows it every single line!!!After performing Knock Out,they continued with Oh Yeah!Because Park Bom wasn't here to sing the chorus so GD&TOP take turns to sing the lines and it was great!!and us the 'background singer' also sang for Bom for the chorus!!lol...then they stop for an interviews...the Arirang DJ(DJ Young) said ahah..let the fans snap those pictures and GD&TOP and GD&TOP was voluntarily pose for the fans like always they do!!It was GOOD!and the DJ Young ask them 'How do you like Malaysia?and GD said 'It was amazing and he was surprised because everybody knows about BIGBANG and it was like in Korea and he continued by saying I LOVE YOU to the fans and the DJ continued  by telling a story when BIG BANG was in Singapore last time,a fangirl ask him,You're DJ Young right?and he said yes I am..The girl replied back saying 'Where's TOP?' The DJ replied back 'I don't know where TOP is..'(GD&TOP was laughing) and TOP said 'RIGHT HERE!' was unexpected replies my


(Photo courtesy of MY FM:my/8TV Channel)

The DJ Young ask again to TOP,'What do you feel when the whole world is cheering for you guys?..He replied in Korean so I don't understand much but then what I understand he said it was his first time coming to Malaysia and he was so thankful for the fans support!!
The Msian DJ then take turns by asking ' Is there a plan for Malaysian concert for BIGBANG?' then both of them didn't say anything..then the DJ said they was agreed because they didn't say anything and GD was like..errr..OKAY..LMAO!(I'm gonna copied this sentence from a fan account : JUST COME HERE AGAIN DAMMIT!!)
There was time when they said LAGI KUAT(means more stronger),but then I think no one captured that..Anyway,I include the video to the interview I told just now :

It was really loud there coz the fans was so crazy!
and the last song starts that was HIGH HIGH song!Everyone was jumping to the MAX!Me and my friends and some other fans as well climb up the chairs and JUMP THERE!~!Lol..even the guards also can't do anything since everyone was too FOCUS on them!I'm so happy when the peak my banner sometimes since I do it with bigger words!lol..Everyone was drown with their performance and yeah!It was the best concert and the BEST REACTION from fans that I ever seen!!The organizer also gave them the most fireworks there and that encourage us to be more excited!The aura that BIGBANG have is like the BEST at the concert!I'm not be bias here just becoz they was my bias but then it WAS TRUE when you can see HUGE DIFFERENCE from the reaction gave before by the fans!
I didn't found the full videos for the concert but then I found a recap for the concert for every idols..
Watch here :

Then the concert ended..we fans screamed for an encore but then there wasn't any since every idols have to rushed back~..It was sad and disappointed but then we couldn't expect any either..The concert ended wonderfully~~It was 10.35pm and it was a bit late than was supposed to ends at 9.30pm..The fans that took the monorail rushed back to get the train before it stops and thank god we are able to get it before the time..We head back to Seremban by KTM and I arrived there for about 12.30am.Thank god I already book a taxi before I went there and the uncle was so kind to wait us there..By the time 1.30pm,I arrived home and get a bath coz the next day I HAVE PHYSIC FINAL EXAM!Can you believe it?I sacrifice my whole day before the concert just wanted to study the subject..LOL..

and that was the end of my fan account.This is my first time wrote something like this so If you would like to take out the pictures,please credit the people accordingly..Thanks for reading~!Love ya xoxo

P/S : To those who are curious about us that fought before the concert, we cheer happily together for BIGBANG!aha..we don't take it heart to heart..Seriously~hahaXD